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Annex D: Standard Reporting Template

Birmingham Solihull & Black Country
2014/15 Patient Participation Enhanced Service – Reporting Template

Practice Name: ST Clements Surgery

Practice Code: M85053

Signed on behalf of practice: Date: 30th March 2015

Signed on behalf of PPG: Date: 30th March 2015

1. Prerequisite of Enhanced Service – Develop/Maintain a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Does the Practice have a PPG? YES

Method of engagement with PPG: Face to face, Email, Telephone Engagement

Number of members of PPG: 15 Members

Detail the gender mix of practice population and PPG:

% Male Female
Practice 49.5% 50.43%
PRG – –

Detail of age mix of practice population and PPG:

% 75
Practice 30% 11% 17% 14% 11% 7% 4% 4%
PRG – – – – – – – –

Detail the ethnic background of your practice population and PRG:

White Mixed/ multiple ethnic groups
British Irish Gypsy or Irish traveller Other white White &black Caribbean White &black African White &Asian Other mixed
Practice 787 52 12 37 104 64 27 35
PRG – – – – – – – –

Asian/Asian British Black/African/Caribbean/Black British Other
Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Other
Asian African Caribbean Other Black Arab Any other
Practice 63 1622 166 28 234 597 398 96 28 1299
PRG – – – – – – – – –

Describe steps taken to ensure that the PPG is representative of the practice population in terms of gender, age and ethnic background and other members of the practice population:

Are there any specific characteristics of your practice population which means that other groups should be included in the PPG?
E.G. a large student population, significant number of jobseekers, large numbers of nursing homes, or a LGBT community?


If you have answered yes, please outline measures taken to include those specific groups and whether those measures were successful:

2. Review of patient feedback

Outline the sources of feedback that were reviewed during the year:
Reviewed patient access online,
Patient Complaints VS recommendation of change/improvements
Friends Family Test
I Want Care
Anti-Coagulant Services
Ace Excellence
Ace Foundation
Unplanned Admissions
Patient Confidentiality
Patient Questionnaires
Care Quality Commissioning
PPG Notice Board
Patient Recruitment for the clinical commissioning group
Practice Leaflet
Clinical Commissioning
Patient Feedback Surgery website, And suggestion box

How frequently were these reviewed with the PRG?


3. Action plan priority areas and implementation

Priority area 1

Description of priority area:

Access Online

What actions were taken to address the priority?

The PPG agreed it was important for the practice to move and embrace access online as many patients had not signed up.
The practice signed up to patient online appointments, Prescriptions, Change of Address, registrations, and view care records

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

Put posters on board, advertise on website, TV screen, newsletters. The practice team promote to patients when seeing them. Local pharmacies and our community team to discuss and promote. PPG to promote.

Priority area 2

Description of priority area:

I Want Care & FFT

What actions were taken to address the priority?

Promoted via website, Reception staff, TV, Newsletters, Noticeboards and the PPG,

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

The practice has actively been collecting data at the front desk, by Post and via our surgery website.

Priority area 3

Description of priority area:

Patient Appointment Access

What actions were taken to address the priority?

More GP sessions/ appointments, review of ext hours and increased availability, The partners reviewed their sessions following an appointment capacity exercise.

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

Following the review it was decided that doctors would offer open surgery, and more appointments.

Progress on previous years

If you have participated in this scheme for more than one year, outline progress made on issues raised in the previous year(s):

4. PPG Sign Off

Report signed off by PPG: YES

Date of sign off: 31st March 2015