Apr 20, 2021
Oliver's Story
Posted by Erich Segal

Oliver Barrett IV found his true soulmate when he met and fell in love with Jenny Cavilleri Their love was magical, exhilarating and though heartbreakingly brief, it was enough to last a lifetime Or so Oliver told himself.Two years have passed since Jenny was taken from him, and Oliver truly believes he will never love again Then one day, Marcie beautiful and mystOliver Barrett IV found his true soulmate when he met and fell in love with Jenny Cavilleri Their love was magical, exhilarating and though heartbreakingly brief, it was enough to last a lifetime Or so Oliver told himself.Two years have passed since Jenny was taken from him, and Oliver truly believes he will never love again Then one day, Marcie beautiful and mysterious enters his world and suddenly the future holds a golden new promise.The poignant and unforgettable sequel to the beloved classic Love Story is a beautiful tale of one man s journey out of the lonely darkness of grief and back into love s warm embrace a story that will capture your heart as only Erich Segal can.

  • Title: Oliver's Story
  • Author: Erich Segal
  • ISBN: 9780380018444
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oliver s Story Oliver Barrett IV found his true soulmate when he met and fell in love with Jenny Cavilleri Their love was magical exhilarating and though heartbreakingly brief it was enough to last a lifetime Or s

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Oliver, whose true love Jenny died in Love Story, goes through the motions here But since True Love can only come once in one s life and one must be permanently scarred when it s lost, he will be miserable forever The end.


    Some people will disagree with me, but I thought there never should have been a sequel to LOVE STORY That novel was a perfect entity unto itself Sure there were unanswered questions, but that was part of its charm OLIVER S STORY in my opinion does a disservice to the overly romantic Love Story Some time has passed since the reader has last heard from Oliver His life has moved on, sort of He still dreams about his late wife, who wouldn t Right But when Oliver does meet a woman, and does have a to [...]


    Love Story took me by surprise I didn t know it would end just LIKE THAT But then, I was actually satisfied with that ending and I found the book so amazingly perfect And then, this book came out I wasn t aware that there would be a sequel to Love Story And since I loved Love Story, no one could stop me from reading this one, even if I know that Jenny wouldn t be in it Contains a FEW SPOILERS from this point onwards.And so I read I wasn t sure what to expect, just that Oliver s still here, griev [...]


    Let me start by saying I did like Love Story So you really can t hold this against me.I hated this book HATED it And I very rarely hate a book Sure, some books fail to live up to my expectations, some are just disappointing after being hyped up and receiving rave reviews, and some just aren t my kind of books With Oliver s Story, the problem was this it was plain terrible.I m reviewing this book a week after reading it in the hope that some of the anger would have subsided I can t say that it s [...]


    As Cher said Do you believe in life after love Oliver believes in existing, but he s not living any without Jenny Will he be able to love again Will he be able to overcome the grieve of losing his true love


    Seperti yang sudah gue prediksikan, buku kedua ini jauh lebih berkesan di gue daripada buku pertamanya Sayang, gue masih cinta sama gaya bahasa terjemahan Bapak Hendarto Setiadi di buku pertama angkat topi Mari kita mulai spoilernya disini view spoiler Buku kedua ini menceritakan bagaimana patah hati berkepanjangan yang dialami oleh Ollie setelah kematian istrinya.Oh I can relate to that Bener deh.Mungkin karena itu juga, gue merasa buku ini lebih berkesan daripada buku pertama Gue udah dalam fa [...]


    True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights If you hear bells, get your ears checked Erich Segal, Love Story.Yes Love Story ended off with Jenny s death leaving Oliver miserable and lonely for the rest of his life In Love Story, we saw how perfectly Oliver and Jennifer fell in love with each other, and even perfect when they started living together But not for very long, Oliver s soul mate, Jenny was taken away from him This book was in very possible way amazing and way too emot [...]

    Sandra Bašić

    Jo jedan od onih bespotrebnih nastavaka Kad sam pro itala Ljubavnu pri u Love Story uop e me nije vuklo da dalje saznam to je bilo s Oliverom Postojali su jednom Oliver i Jenny i ona je oti la Meni je to bilo dovoljno.


    Baca buku ini verasa muda banget gw Berhubung ngga ngerti kek gimana maksud kejadian kejadian internasional yang mengiringi ceritanya

    Seema Khan

    If it wasn t for this last line sometimes I ask myself what I would be if Jenny were alive And I answer I would be alive I wasn t planning to rate this book I think I should not have read this one, because it honestly destroyed the image I had of Oliver Was thinking of leaving it off midway, but good I did struggle through because the last line did earn the book it s undeserved 2 I may sound harsh, but it was just not to my liking Tip to future readers Refrain from perusing this and be content w [...]


    Things I liked about this book Can t say I liked any thing so I am just giving my views I wanted to like this book , I really did I had absolutely loved Love Story ya,ya I know , the tear jerking romantic story I knew this book couldn t be as phenomenal as Love Story Some books have that kind of impact but I had definitely expected something atleast close to the first book.I was throughly disappointed.The book fell short on reasoning and realism As a reader I just couldn t identify with Oliver s [...]


    I inevitably had to read the sequel to Love Story after I wiped up the last snot bubble from reading the first book It s two years later and Oliver has met someone else And she s another WASP this time Hooray But this isn t a callow attempt to write a belated fairy tale ending for Oliver, and I admire Segal for making that choice I ll just leave it at that I never saw the movie version of this Why do I feel like my streaming video plans for this evening were just decided 30 seconds laterAvailabl [...]

    Camille Eugenio

    I ve been putting off this book for awhile now Just because I d love Jenny and Oliver so much from the first book, and I believed they ve had this one great true love, that, reading a journey to love again for Oliver after that, feels like too much of a betrayal to Jenny However I just needed to read it See my dilemma You want to read a book, but you re just to afraid to read it You know what I mean And so now, after having read the book, here I am, just contemplating everything It s 1 am and I [...]


    I wonder why Segal wrote a sequel to Love Story since the first book was just perfect by itself Having said that comparing this with Love Story would not be right since this book is not a love story While it is romantic in a way, I do not think it is about love While Oliver s Story was annoying to a great extent, I kind of understood his journey of trying to overcome his grief and loss and finding acceptance PS I DID NOT see that end coming Still trying to make up my end if I liked the book or n [...]


    This was an excellent sequel to Love Story Oliver is now on his own must find meaning to his life without his great love, Jenny It s well done, especially his relationship with his father It especially meant a lot to me, having raised a couple of boys myself It s amazing how my intelligence worth have varied in their eyes as they ve grown.


    The characters in the sequel to love story are deeper, darker and interesting Also because it s mostly a book about loneliness, it won t make you feel so good in the end For all those reasons and others, I liked it oh, and it took two days to read that s also an advantage in comparison to LS which took only about 2 hours.

    Sulis Peri Hutan

    Lanjutan dari buku Love Story Review ini sedikit banyak berbau pribadi, berbau curhat, subjektif banget karena saya pernah melihat kisah cinta yang mirip seperti Jenny Oliver walau nggak sama persis plek Kesamaannya adalah ditinggal orang yang dicintai untuk selama lamanya Jadi jangan berharap mendapatkan review yang objektif, emang kayak apa sih review yang objektif itu Persetan Saya akui, tidak mudah move on dari orang yang sudah bertahun tahun menemani kita, dan ketika membaca buku ini saya n [...]

    Sundeep Supertramp

    First of all, I ask all the readers to complete erase the expectations you have on this book This one is good the way it is Don t, don t and don t even try to compare this one with the first one Love Story.Let me start with a praise for Erich Segal He is a very rare story teller To be frank, the best thing about his books atleast for me is the lesser words density per page I, being slow reader, can complete a page in about 30 seconds Thats the good thing about the print.About the story As far as [...]

    Tiara D. A. Purnomo

    Karena baca buku pertamanya sudah cukup lama, aku agak susah masuk ke dalam cerita ini pada awalnya Tapi setelah pemanasan pada 2 bab pertama, aku bisa membiasakan diri lagi.Aku benar benar terharu ketika Oliver datang menemui Dr London, dia merasa tidak setia pada Jenny, karena dia hampir menyukai wanita lain.It was sad, but it was also so sweet of him.Ini bagian yang paling aku sukai Dengar, aku tidak membutuhkan ahli dekorasi Atau sinar lampu yang romantis Tak bisakah dia mengerti semua itu J [...]

    Monicka.k.j Jayachandran

    Its true that, not all true love ends in, They live happily ever after sequence.Even in fairy tales or fiction stories there are love stories that didnt end in a gracious or grandiose wedding.Just like the book,Love Story Romeo and Juliet didnt end in a wedding ceremony but end their lives together to continue their love in till death though they partSometimes, our true love is with us only for a while and no matter how much we wander and look around to start living all over again with an open m [...]


    Was expecting something different from Oliver s Story by Erich Segal.As far as the book went, I was expecting that the main character would re marry but instead it let me believe he was all alone for 5 years or maybe And maybe some gal whom he had no idea where it would go with her.Didn t cry with book, however but definitely it was different in a good way I suppose that it wasn t a happy cliche story.Well I don t know if this sums it, but I guess it does, it s my opinion for fucks sake If I fe [...]


    Liked it and hated it But was I happy to learn that Oliver s story was out No, not really cause sometimes you don t want to move on after reading all about Jenny Yet sometimes you have to let go to move on So this is basically two years after Jenny.The story is or less told about his journey and him moving on Was I expecting a happy ending No But trust me you will need to find out the rest cause I never expected this I love the characters that made appearances Jenny s dad, Oliver s parents and [...]

    tinette sarra

    i wasn t much into Oliver s story i read it because i wanted to know what happened to Oliver after Jenny left but i was having mixed emotions i know i wanted Oliver to have a good life because he deserved to move forward but a part of me doesn t want him to get involved with someone else and forget Jenny Love Story was a sad one with a lot of happy, memorable moments i was still stuck with Jenny and Oliver even when i started reading book 2 In the middle of the book, it was getting boring and i [...]


    By the time you finnish the last page and most significantly the last line, you will have grown a hatred for Oliver and Erich Segal that I am sure of because I did too But I also guarantee that by the time you finnish the last page of this book you will have forgotten everything.when you read the book, from the very beginning there is nothing to prove the absence of jenny cavilleri, or nothing rather emphasised but the last line is really worth remembering This is oliver barrett IV writing his d [...]

    Abby Weisberg

    I don t know why people did not like this I think that the author did a fantastic job of making the reader feel what the hero of the story feels I think it was honest and real I was left feeling that Oliver was in a much better place at the end of the story than at the beginning and that maybe, one day, Oliver will be able to find someone else.


    The majority of sequels never live up to the expectations of a great first story and this was no exception I read Oliver s Story shortly after it originally came out but recently re read it to see if it brought back any good memories It didn t.

    Rizki Widya Nur

    lagi gak mood review cuma bisa bilang lebih suka sekuel dari buku pertamanya lebih bikin penasaran dan jadi suka sama oliver yang dulu pas buku pertama kelihatan sangat menjengkelkan mungkin karena kehilangan jenny membuat dia semakin dewasa dan berpikiran luas.


    I was thrilled to see that there was a continuation to Love Story Oliver fell for a woman of his stature, to find that no one could be like Jenny I love that he told her off and walked away from her at the end of the book.


    Buku kedua ini ternyata lebih bagus menurut aku dibanding dengan buku pertama.Belum pernah baca karya Erich Segal sebelumnya membuat aku tertegunbukan cerita cinta biasa Menarik,tak terduga dan mengesankan Cinta Jenny dan Oliver yang singkat namun abadi


    Didn t enjoy it Could be coz Jenny wasn t in it I found myself missing her immensely.

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