Dec 03, 2021
Speak Swahili, Dammit !
Posted by James Penhaligon

☆ Speak Swahili, Dammit ! ô James Penhaligon - Speak Swahili, Dammit !, Speak Swahili Dammit Born in Africa and raised on a remote gold mine near Lake Victoria James grew up wild and spoke Swahili before English He gained a unique gaze on life death sadness and humour With a family tragica

  • Title: Speak Swahili, Dammit !
  • Author: James Penhaligon
  • ISBN: 9781449023737
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • ☆ Speak Swahili, Dammit ! ô James Penhaligon - Speak Swahili, Dammit !, Speak Swahili Dammit Born in Africa and raised on a remote gold mine near Lake Victoria James grew up wild and spoke Swahili before English He gained a unique gaze on life death sadness and humour With a family tragica


    1951 Francis James Penhaligon, also known as Jimu , the Piri Piri , or Chilli Pepper, was born in Kwazulu Natal formerly known as the Natal province of South Africa Due to his British dad s unfortunate health situation, the family was in dire straights The situation forced his dad to apply for a job at a remote mine in Tanganyika Tanzanya , near Lake Victoria His dad died eight months after they arrived there It resulted in Jimu shooting God with his dad s rifle by pointing it heavenwards and pu [...]

    Gina Baratono

    I really, really enjoyed this book It revolves around the author s life growing up in what was then Tanganyika and Kenya There are a lot of light hearted moments, and quite a few sad ones too As you might expect for a nonfiction book written about countries in Africa in this earlier time period, the author becomes quite comfortable with the idea that there will be illnesses, there will be deaths, there will be any number of things that can get you, from wildlife to severe illnesses and accidents [...]

    Lance Greenfield

    I found that I was able to relate to so much in this autobiographical account of Jimu s childhood Being about five years younger than the author and having learned outside of the classroom than inside and having traveled and run away a lot during my formative years, the chords were striking and the bells were ringing all the way through.The description of the book gives you a very good idea of what goes on in Jimu s life, but you have to read it to make the full discovery I guarantee that you w [...]


    Speak Swahili Dammit is a thoroughly enjoyable,amusing and absorbing read,and I would have no reservations about recommending it, not only to anybody interested in the culture, experiences and history of colonial Africa, but to anybody looking for an enjoyable novel with interesting characters and an intrguing plot The book is as addictive as it enthralling,and can only be described in superlatives.This book deserves to be made into a movie Read this book


    OK, this book is not for everyone, but for those who have lived in, traveled in or are just interested in East Africa, this is a really fascinating and funny memoir of growing up in very rural northwestern Tanganika now Tanzania in the 1950s and 1960s James Penhaligon s war wounded English father and South African mother moved a few months after he was born in 1951 to a gold mine five hours by Land Rover and ferry from the nearest town Mwanza As both of his parents are working, he is raised larg [...]


    You will love the Jimu Stories The peeping on Gretchen while she showered was one of my favorites I mean, I might have been born a girl, but in a band of four brothers, I was bound to get ruined and discover that boys get to do all the fun stuff That s the thing about Speak Swahili, Dammit You will love the book, and enjoy your own childhood memories when you read it.

    Susie Kelly

    Loved everything about this book Funny, sad, informative, beautifully written The best book I have read about East Africa, where I grew up and I ve read most of them It s the heartwarming account of a small white boy growing up in a remote gold mining town in Tanganyika Jimu captures the essence of Africa and the African psyche This is one I shall read again and again.


    Curious coming of age story The Swahili was a little off in some places, but it was an interesting read.


    I enjoyed the adventures of Jimu s African childhood, but this particular edition badly needs a new proofreader I found multiple mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, in addition to the wrong word being used Plantiff and plaintive are two different words It was extremely distracting.I would probably would rated it four stars had there not been so many long, irrelevant stories about passing characters.


    A boisterous book, full of raw humour, delivered in a blend of Swahili and broken English, which traces the young life of a British boy brought up or rather let loose in the wilds of Tanganyika What fun.But behind the banter, a very real world unfolds for an Africanised boy during the latter half of the Twentieth Century With smatterings of World War history, and the natural thoughts and emotions of any youth anywhere.Life, and death when Jimu tries to shoot God for letting his father die , pran [...]

    Gerold Whittaker

    If you were born in Africa, or have any African roots, you will throughly enjoy this book But even if you do not have African roots you will still enjoy this well written memoir of life in Tanganika in the 1950 s 60 s.Born in South Africa, James Penhaligon s is brought up in Geita, a mining community in the middle of Nothing and Nowhere in Colonial Tanganika now Tanzania Being raised by the local community, James or Jimu as he is known to the locals speaks swahili before he learns to speak engli [...]

    Darren Worrow

    Truly an inspirational masterpiece, an autobiographical tale deep in detailed descriptions and accounts relay both gritty and romantic aspects to life in East Africa seen through the eyes of a young English born boy that knows no other world, which in turn adds an element of well placed and very amusing humour This was a brilliant read, rated, in my opinion above the likes of Henri Charriere s Papillon, not so much in its action as Speak Swahili holds a steady pace, but purely for the intelligen [...]

    Per Bressendorff

    I really really liked that book I am not surprised that every single review on has given it 5 stars Normally you look at the remaining pages to get to the end of a book to discover the conclusion This however is a book you do not want to come to an end.


    Very funny I loved the style and and actually started to use some of the words I learned too


    Loved this book


    It took a few chapters to get into this book but, once I did, I loved it.

    Miss Eilis

    I love this book so much I bought it as I wanted to read a book based in Tanzania It s funny, heartwarming and gives you such a sense of the time and location If you re travelling through Tanzania or living there for a while you ll really enjoy it.


    Francis James Penhaligon Jim wird 1951 als f nftes Kind seiner Familie in der s dafrikanischen Provinz Kwa Zulu geboren Zwei Br der sind fast 20 Jahre lter als er und leben nicht mehr in der Familie Jims Vater rettete sich w hrend des Zweiten Weltkriegs schwer verletzt aus einem sinkenden U Boot der Royal Navy Wegen seiner Kriegsverletzungen w rde er keine Einstellungsuntersuchung mehr bestehen und bewirbt sich deshalb an einen Arbeitsplatz, an dem niemand nach Gesundheitszeugnissen fragt eine G [...]

    Sophie Edwards

    You must read this book This is one of those books that you simply cannot put down It is a gripping and compelling story, beautifully written The author Jimu is the son of a British family driven by necessity to migrate into the deepest East African bush so that his father, a WWII veteran can try to earn a living managing a mechanical ropeway on a gold mine As a very young child Jimu is looked after by the local Ayahs or woman nannys Jimu grows up with the local children and goes native learning [...]


    Don t let the title put you off or mislead you This is an amazing, brilliant and trust me, I don t throw words like that around casually book has little to do with sex and everything to do with the human heart and longing Told as a serious of journal excepts, the story chronicles Michael Thorne as he moves from disaffected twenty something searching for meaning in his life, to man in love, to accidental murderer, to the if not inevitable, seemingly obvious conclusion of his life Lucid dreaming t [...]


    C2011 FWFTB Upbringing, Africa, goldmine, Tanganyika, tribal It was a Kindle freebie that goes against the norm ie it was really a good read I think that anyone growing up anywhere in Africa during roughly the same time period will finds loads and loads to connect with This does make it a richer read but I think that most people would be able to find some sort of empathy with a young lad growing up without his Dad There was also mention of the MS Windsor Castle that I also had the privilege of t [...]

    AJ P

    3.5 starsI m so torn with this one On one hand I loved it, and couldn t put it down The stories fascinated and entertained me throughout On the other hand, the writing style was so poor, the timeline so confusing, and the ability of the author to remember everything from his very earliest days were confusing at best, and very difficult to read and outright fabrications at worst So, I remain torn So I give it a 3.5 stars If it weren t for my diehard interest in reading memoirs of Africa I probabl [...]


    This was a fascinating memoir of an ex pat boy growing up in a mining town 40 miles from Lake Victoria, Africa The author is now a medical doctor in Cornwall, Great Britain NOT ENGLAND , where his parents were originally from before moving to Africa to look for employment The author did an excellent job of telling the story from a child s point of view and this really brought the story alive for me The joys, sorrows and disappointments are real I would have given this five stars except the book [...]

    Lyra Bennett

    I m really enjoying this book Haven t finished yet, so I can t comment on the ending but several reviews mentioned it left off somewhat abruptly I already hope that means a second book I m a sucker for any memoir especially of those who grew up in different countries cultures And Jimu definitely did just that His descriptions of Geita in the 50 s 60 s are spellbinding He does an excellent job of bringing his childhood to life I cried when his father died I laugh when he uses inappropriate words [...]


    Unatombwa Unafirwa.Thsi story takes place in an idyllic backdrop.Kumamayo, Mavi, MapumbuIt s about a young white boy who grows up native than European.Nenda Kukutomba BasherHe thinks Swahili, speaks Swahili and lives the local lifestyle He is so fluent at Swahili that he nonchalantly insults people to their faces when they don t understand him It s really quite funny Mama yako ananyonya mboo ya farasiThis book documents his struggle and coming to terms with living in both worlds Hawa mavi ya pu [...]

    Kenneth McLennan

    Brought back many memories of my childhood growing up on a coffee farm outside Nairobi, Kenya.I thought it was well written and I really enjoyed the Swahili words and phrases peppered into the story The descriptions of the places, the travel, the night skies are excellent.I am encouraging my Canadian wife and children to read this in order to get a better understanding of the place I came out of.


    This is a long book, and it took me a very long time to read it This autobiography does take one to a different time and place, and for that I appreciated it I liked how it wrapped up, though an epilogue or even followup book about what happened in the author s life afterward would be appreciated I think this could have been edited to tighten up the storytelling without losing any of the effect.

    Lucy Lang

    I absolutely loved this book It was so funny and well written It portrayed an African childhood so excellently The author suffered trauma when he lost his father at a young age, but despite this he was a very positive person who lived life to the full The way the author describes his last months in Africa is very touching and poignant A wonderful read.


    Sorry I just cannot finish this book, I have REALLY tried I imagine it was a lovely experience for the author to write maybe people who lived in similar times in very similar places will enjoy relating to his storiesBut for me the antics of a seven year old in any country are just not interesting enough to warrant pages and pages.


    Loved reading this book about a boys childhood among the watu in Tanzania Vivid, colorful, funny and intimate The author described his childhood and made Geita and it s people come to life You learn some Swahili on the side.

    • ☆ Speak Swahili, Dammit ! ô James Penhaligon
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    Speak Swahili, Dammit !