Apr 20, 2021
Alma Mater
Posted by Rita Mae Brown

Sex makes monkeys out of all of us If you don t give in to it, you wind up a cold, unfeeling bastard If you do, you spend the rest of your life picking up the pieces At the start of senior year at William Mary, the six foot tall, raven haired beauty Victoria Vic Savedge finds her future mapped out in detail She will marry Charly Harrison, the son of oneSex makes monkeys out of all of us If you don t give in to it, you wind up a cold, unfeeling bastard If you do, you spend the rest of your life picking up the pieces At the start of senior year at William Mary, the six foot tall, raven haired beauty Victoria Vic Savedge finds her future mapped out in detail She will marry Charly Harrison, the son of one of Virginia s most prominent families Though branded by a fiery streak of independence, Vic hasn t really considered any other options Until she meets a woman named Chris A transfer from Vermont, Chris is new to Southern s and attitudes Though instantly captivated by Vic, she is also drawn to the entire quirky but charming Savedge family But the young women s friendship is not your basic college girl variety For neither can resist their mutual attraction an attraction that erupts into a passion that will forever change the course of both their lives.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Title: Alma Mater
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alma Mater Sex makes monkeys out of all of us If you don t give in to it you wind up a cold unfeeling bastard If you do you spend the rest of your life picking up the pieces At the start of senior year at Wil


    What a frustrating book The characters are portrayed with such life that they remain memorable, despite a rather large cast of characters for a novel of this genre Brown has problems with the prose, especially with being clear about who and what people, animals, and places are when they are introduced I could forgive those problems, however, and truly did until the last 80 pages This charming romantic comedy begins a slow decay into melodrama around page 180, and continues to slide downhill unti [...]


    Tough to rate Some parts felt so forced, yet other parts felt very real For example, a lot of the dialogue, especially at the beginning, caused me lots of eye rolling But the character building made me like and invest in the trio at the center of the story Some characters felt extraneous, like the old guy with the middle aged daughters, though I admit I liked the bit with the cow A real mix of good points and bad, so I ll stick right in the middle with 3 stars though it s really a 2.5.


    I don t know what happened to RMB on this one It was just awful The writing, the story, all of itblech


    Started this book but could not get over the poor style of writing, the immediate cliches, boring story and weak characters Finally had to put it down, planning on returning it to the bookstore.


    I wanted to like this than it turned out I did It ends kind of abruptly and though it had it s moments, overall it never quite clicked with me.

    R.E. Bradshaw

    Liked it, but not my fav Rita Mae

    Ann Boytim

    Starting her senior year at William Mary college Victoria Vic finds her future mapped out for her by her family and friends but this is not to be after meeting a transfer student Chris Vic is supposed to marry Charly Harrison and finds herself in love with two very different people.


    Did not finish.

    Cindy Bellomy

    I loved Six of One, which I read a million years ago, so I expected to love this too There are moments of humor, but there is way too much preaching telling me how to feel.


    I guess there s still a place for poorly written trashy lesbian novels in my life.

    Mariellen Defort

    Usually like RMB.but could have left this one at the used bookstorery datedke a history lesson.i did like the epilogue tho.wrap up the characters

    Nancy Wilson

    The best thing about this particular novel was all the crazy southern ladies and their antics maybe the worst part was Charly and his role.


    I m a Rita Mae Brown fan, but this one, this one fought meoh well.


    I m pretty sure it s been over a decade since I read a Rita Mae Brown novel Talking animals are just not my thing, I guess.I must say I ve enjoyed delving back into her Southern world The people are funny and definitely unique without being looked down on , the women are strong and independent mostly only the men aren t portrayed quite as positively but still lovable And although I m not a fan of coming out stories, this one was refreshing and nicely undramatic It just was what it was.If you ve [...]

    Amy Scissors

    Well, I enjoyed all of the sexytimes scenes in this book, but not a whole lot else, unfortunately The characters were not well developed and there were way too many characters to possibly keep track of by the last page I still had no idea who Sissy, Frank, and Georgia were and I really did try to pay attention The comic scenes felt forced into a book that is heavy handed with drama the last fifty or so pages are so dramatic that it feels like a parody of itself I really wish I liked this I abso [...]

    Meredith Mc

    My favorite Rita Mae Brown book so far I haven t followed her mystery series, but I ve read pretty much everything else she s written and this book is great The main characters are likeable, the story is both a timeless love story and a tale of the time in which it s set 1980 A time with freedom and hope for acceptance then that of Molly Bolt in Rubyfruit Jungle, but still much less accepting than now or 2001, when it was published If it s not yet a classic of queer literature, then it damn wel [...]

    Ellen Moore

    This was not a favorite book of mine I had read others by this author some of her Mrs Murphy mystery series but did not like them because I don t like books with animals that talk Unfortunately, this book also disappointed There was some humor in the book, and I suppose the book demonstrated well the confusion experienced by many college students Other than that, I can t think of much positive about it I won t try other books by this author.


    This was actually my second time reading Alma Mater I had read it back in high school when I was first looking for LGBT books I remembered being torn but now I kind of wish I never re read it I WANTED TO LOVE IT SOOOOO BAD I LOVE Rita Mae Brown and some of her other books have such a special place in my heart There was hope for this one, I feel like it could have been really good but UGH it just wasn t for me I m sad about it.

    Ruby Hollyberry

    This was a pleasant enough read but it is basically a weak reworking of material from Rubyfruit Jungle mixed with the off screen implied ending of Venus Envy The only character in the book that I don t recognize from another book of hers is Mignon, the protagonist s younger sister, but some of the family dynamics here appear to be reworked from Riding Shotgun I think I am suffering from having reread some of her books too many times.

    Melody Wolfe

    Main character was independent and strong Love interest was smart and sweet Other characters were heart warmingly real and frustrating in turn Well written all around, and an incredibly enjoyable read If you want some unconventional romance, a happy healthy realistic romance, or a nice lesbian with strong bisexual themed tones romance this is the book for you.

    J. Ewbank

    TLhis is a romance novel and I am used to the cat series by Rita Mae Brown, which I really enjoy.This story has just enough, sex, humor, love, and pace to make it an interesting and enjoyable read.Would read others of this type from this author.J Robert Ewbank, anthor John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms


    Very entertaining I enjoyed Vic, Chris, and Jinx as well as Vic s family I could imagine them easily and they seem like a fun crowd to hang with.About halfway through the book, I thought it was going to have a very predictable ending However, there was a twist I wasn t expecting that led to a much better conclusion than I had anticipated That made me very happy.


    This is a lesbian romance novel The plot was decent enough with a few twists I didn t see coming I found the characters and dialogue a bit one dimensional though It just felt like it could have been meatier and the characters fleshed out I m finding this to be the case with all the things I read by Rita Mae Brown so maybe we re just not clicking.


    Con questo libro ho fatto pace con Rita Mae Brown Non so se il finale troppo ottimistico ed edulcorato, tinto di rosa come una favoletta, ma certe storie non possono sempre essere tragiche e disperate Spunti comici e surreali, un america che mi domando sempre se sia romanzata o sia proprio cos Romanzo piacevole e scorrevole che mi tenta col proseguire con la stessa autrice.

    Laura Brown

    I have never read a story like this I loved the characters They are southern and twisted in that Virginia kind of way The romantic triangle of Vic and Charly and Chris unfolded thoughtfully Everything turned out so perfectly, but that is just not how most stories like this are likely to end.


    Only Rita Mae Brown book I have read, but it is certainly well written My friend had me read it because it was very similar to what she was going through Moral Do not encourage your secret lesbian lover to sleep with your boyfriend or vice versa.


    It s really hit or miss with me with her books This one was OK, although I don t think I recommend it to anyone A university student from the South is expected to marry the all American boy, but then discovers the love of her life is a woman.


    A few of RMBs books became favorites when I read them years ago Bingo, Six of One, Rubyfruit Jungle I realized recently that I hadn t read one of her books since Venus Envy, so I decided to remedy that chose this one off the library shelf What a huge disappointment I m sorry I even bothered.


    Oh, I wanted to love this book, but it reads like Sweet Valley High the gay, college years Was Ruby Fruit really that much better or was I just so desperate for lesbo literature Rita Mae is as cute as kitten, but Jeanette Winterson, she is not Damn it.


    I m a fan of Rita Mae Brown, but this was definitely my least favorite book of hers I ve read I liked the characters but the story seemed a bit too much for my liking Spoiler I also didn t care for how everything ended well for everyone in the Epilogue.

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