Apr 20, 2021
A Minha Prima Rachel
Posted by Daphne du Maurier Manuela Madureira

Sem sequer nunca se terem encontrado, Philip odeia Rachel, com quem Ambrose, seu primo, casou durante uma estadia em It lia e quando este lhe escreve e lhe transmite a suspeita de que a mulher o quer envenenar, Philip n o sente quaisquer d vidas Ambrose morre em circunst ncias pouco claras e Philip jura vingar a sua morte Semanas depois, Rachel visita o na sua propriedaSem sequer nunca se terem encontrado, Philip odeia Rachel, com quem Ambrose, seu primo, casou durante uma estadia em It lia e quando este lhe escreve e lhe transmite a suspeita de que a mulher o quer envenenar, Philip n o sente quaisquer d vidas Ambrose morre em circunst ncias pouco claras e Philip jura vingar a sua morte Semanas depois, Rachel visita o na sua propriedade da Cornualha, e a animosidade que Philip sentia por ela vai dando lugar a um fasc nio incontrol vel Quem Rachel afinal Uma mulher realmente apaixonada Ou movida por interesses pessoais Daphne du Maurier confirma nesta obra o seu enorme talento para escrever hist rias com uma grande riqueza narrativa, suspense e intriga permanentes e uma apurada caracteriza o das personagens Um romance cl ssico, cativante, com uma escrita bel ssima.

  • Title: A Minha Prima Rachel
  • Author: Daphne du Maurier Manuela Madureira
  • ISBN: 9789722360463
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Minha Prima Rachel Sem sequer nunca se terem encontrado Philip odeia Rachel com quem Ambrose seu primo casou durante uma estadia em It lia e quando este lhe escreve e lhe transmite a suspeita de que a mulher o quer


    WOW I liked MY COUSIN RACHEL even better than REBECCA This dark old fashioned style mystery gives the reader plenty of clues to contemplate, some suspicious evil characters to dissect and others who s na vety and impulsive acts will make you want to scream with frustrationor it did me.As for the ending.I loved it, but you ll have to decide for yourself if Rachel is innocent or guilty of a crime s but IMHO view spoiler she is absolutely, positively 100% guilty, guilty, guilty And I still cannot b [...]


    I started reading Daphne du Maurier just this yeara 2017 du Maurier newbie The first book I read was The Scapegoat , then Rebecca , then The Flight of the Falcon.d this morning I finished My Cousin Rachel My Cousin Rachel , is Daphne du Maurier s 3rd highest rated book Rebecca is rated as the 1 popular favorite followed by Jamaica Inn as the 2 most popular I won t be surprised with a new movie of My Cousin Rachel , soon, if this book takes the 2 popular spot soon Regardless which Daphne du Mauri [...]


    Philip Ashley, the narrator of this story, reminds me of a big, sulkily pouting baby who is always ready to throw his toys out of the cot Tall and good looking he might be, but he is thoroughly unlikeable He is self centred, peevish and jealous And Philip is na ve and foolish Mine, mine mine is the order of the day Even when he gives handsomely it is for an ulterior motive He frequently behaves boorishly, and he has a cavalier attitude towards his childhood friend, Louise When he forgets an appo [...]


    I loved this story It reminded me so much of Rebecca, both have that gothic atmosphere, the bit of romance, the slow moving story that builds such tension, and the dimwitted main character I thought briefly this might even surpass Rebecca as my favorite, but how can you top Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again Though not too shabby here with They used to hang men at Four Tunings in the old days.My Cousin Rachel tells the story of obsession Philip is a young gent, who is grieving over t [...]

    Hannah Greendale

    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Du Maurier wields her audience like puppets, deftly stringing readers from truths to untruths in ways both delightful and maddening.


    My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication This version is the 2013 Little, Brown and Company publication A scathingly wicked masterpiece This book has a very heavy atmospheric quality that drew me in right from the start In fact, I was so transfixed, I put aside everything else and gave myself over to its allure Phillip Ashley was raised by his cousin, Ambrose, a confirmed bachelor They are content with their arrangement, and with Phillip s role as heir to Ambrose s legacy Howe [...]


    My Cousin Rachelwas published in 1951, and is a gripping story of suspense It very much recalls the feel and style of her earlier mystery novel Rebecca of 1938.The novel s narrator is Philip Ashley, a young man who had been orphaned at the early age of seven He was raised by his bachelor uncle Ambrose, the owner of a large country estate on the Cornish coast In the first chapter, we learn Philip s life story up to the age of 24 Ambrose had been a very unconventional guardian, teaching Philip his [...]

    Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    She has done for me at last, Rachel my torment This line should be as well known as Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again this novel is every bit as good as Rebecca As a reader you twist and turn unable to decide view spoiler was Rachel innocent or guilty hide spoiler Today I m thinking view spoiler Rachel was a heartless gold digger who poisoned the two men hide spoiler Tomorrow I may think differently, but I know I will still find this book an amazing work of fiction the best I have re [...]

    Iris P

    My Cousin Rachel 3 StarsIf you haven t read this novel yet here s a short synopsis from the book blurb Orphaned at an early age, Philip Ashley is raised by his benevolent older cousin, Ambrose Resolutely single, Ambrose delights in Philip as his heir, a man who will love his grand home as much as he does himself But the cozy world the two construct is shattered when Ambrose sets off on a trip to Florence There he falls in love and marries and there he dies suddenly.Jealous of his marriage, racke [...]


    This was a buddy read with James Jay , and I m so happy we read this I d rate it 4.5 just to distinguish it from Rebecca, which gets the full five.The book actually began a little slowly for me, and it felt almost discombobulated, as if DuMaurier were shuffling toward the storyline But then Rachel appears and everything clicks masterfully into gear DuMaurier expertly conjures a brooding, ambiguous atmosphere, and from the very beginning we wonder about this bewitching woman who seizes our narrat [...]

    Diane Barnes

    Wow, did Daphne du Maurier ever know how to tell a story I read Rebecca a couple of years ago, to fill in a gap in my reading history than for any other reason, but it was a riveting gothic suspense novel, and worthy of it s classic status I bought My Cousin Rachel at the same used book sale, and just now got around to it My word, I think it s even better It combines a naive and arrogant young man with a worldly cousin , who had been married to his uncle for a short time, until his untimely dea [...]


    Rachel, mi tormentoSi me pidiesen que hablase sobre la ambig edad, este libro ser a un pilar fundamental La compleja relaci n entre Philip y Rachel, el ritmo, la atm sfera asfixiante y la tisana hacen de este libro algo fascinante y perturbador view spoiler Lo hizo Supongo que nunca lo sabr , aunque no soy amiga de las casualidades Y si Philip se hubiese guiado por sus instintos, quiz s tampoco lo ser a Rachel mat a sus ex maridos Su adicci n al dinero y el despilfarro la hicieron capaz de asesi [...]


    3.5 Stars Having loved Rebecca I wanted to read another novel by Daphne Du Maurier and My Cousin Rachel was next on my list and delighted to say that it doesn t disappoint and has a certain , je ne sais quoi about it that had me intrigued.Written in 1951 this novel is a mystey romance style novel that is as compelling today as it was back 65 years ago.Anbrose and Philip run a country estate on the Cornish coast and live a harmonious bachelor lifestyle in an all male household Ambrose develops a [...]


    Did she or didn t she That is the question that will keep readers on the edge of their seat until the final twists on the very last pages Phillip Ashley was orphaned at a young age and raised in 19C Cornwall by his older cousin Ambrose Health issues force Ambrose to spend time in warmer climates and he meets and marries a distant cousin Rachel, the widowed Countess Sangaletti A cryptic note arrives from Ambrose hinting at being poisoned and Phillip heads to Florence to find Ambrose dead of a bra [...]

    Marilyn C.

    She has done for me at last, Rachel my torment The question that you will be asking yourself when you finish this book Did sheor didn t she My Cousin Rachel was my first book by Daphne du Maurier and I thought it was brilliant Written over 75 years ago, this story has such a timeless feel to it The way du Maurier slowly builds the suspense and mystery was masterful, layer upon layer right up until those final shocking chapters The characters of the mysterious Rachel and the spoiled and pompous P [...]


    To think that just a few short months ago, I was under the impression that Daphne du Maurier only wrote one novel worth reading, the splendid Rebecca I could not have been wrong My Cousin Rachel is a wonderful read A psychological thriller, the novel is set in 19th Century Cornwall and in Florence The narrator, Philip Ashley, falls in love with or rather, becomes obsessed with his cousin s widow, Rachel, who may or may not be a murderess The development and consequences of Philip s obsession ar [...]


    My first reading of this book and unfortunately I did not like it as much as I like Jamaica Inn and Rebecca I found it to be much too long drawn out and I was never able to become attached to either Philip or Rachel Consequently I was indifferent to the eventual outcome, not being worried about what happened to either of them.I was intrigued by the ending though It is left totally to the reader to decide whether Rachel did it or not, an unusual way of concluding a book Obviously the book is well [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    There is a mystery at the heart of this story, but it s mostly about unrequited puppy love in the extreme I spent almost the entire book thinking don t do it, Philip, don t do it , but he s a lovesick fool, and hardheaded to boot I felt so sorry for Louise Kendall throughout the story She s such a dear girl and loyal friend, and too decent to butt in when she ought to I don t really know how to feel about Rachel If I had a younger man gaga over me like that, I can t say I wouldn t take advantage [...]

    Enchantressdebbicat ☮

    Incredibly good Full review to follow Going on my top 10 list today Wow My Review May 30, 2017 This is now my favorite Daphne book so far It does come quite close to Rebecca, which was my fave DM book until this one Like Rebecca, it is a mystery romance and first published in 1951 I read this as a buddy read and enjoyed the discussion, which likely enhanced my reading pleasure I can hardly wait to see the movie June 9, 2017 A little wiki note I found interesting is that the story has it s origin [...]


    3.5Rebecca is on a booklist that my real life reading buddy and I are using as inspiration I felt no desire to reread Rebecca, so we decided on this because I ve been seeing it everywhere I didn t realize everyone has been reading it because of a new film version The novel is ripe for filmic interpretation and not only because Du Maurier writes cinematically, with rich descriptions of lights, shadows and close ups I haven t seen any of the movies based on the book, yet I can imagine the film ver [...]


    I read Daphne Du Maurier s book Rebecca and fell in love with it I read online that My Cousin Rachel had a similar feel as Rebecca So I decided this was the one to buy I didn t think it would live up to Rebecca, but I was mistaken It has the same dark, mysterious atmosphere to it, the same kind of wonderfully developed characters and a great storyline that captivated me from beginning to end I read somewhere that the Kindle version which I read, was shorter than the original version I haven t ch [...]

    Daniel Balici

    My Cousin Rachel is the third novel written by Daphne du Maurier which I chose to read following my experiences of reading Jamaica Inn and Rebecca about three years ago One thing I truly appreciate about this author is her outstanding ability to combine romance with mystery in a beautifully written literary work In My Cousin Rachel the mystery derives from the complicated eponymous female character Du Maurier masterfully crafted It lingers from beginning to end I have constantly doubted Rachel s [...]


    There are some women, good women very possibly, who through no fault of their own impel disaster Whatever they touch somehow turns to tragedy Rachel, it seems, is one of those women.Set in England in the early nineteenth century, My Cousin Rachel is a master work of gothic romantic mystery Young Philip Ashley has been raised by his cousin Ambrose since infancy Their household is entirely free of female influence not even a cook or maid is there to intrude on their days of peaceful manly pursuits [...]


    My like for this novel was muted because of my dislike for Philip Ashley, the young protagonist He was an immature 24 year old with a perceived arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and a jealous streak to top it off Granted, his isolated upbringing contributed to this, but still it was a little tiring after 350 pages.Rachel, the novel s namesake and the center of attention for young Philip, has her share of faults as well which helped drive Philip to distraction The famous movie line, What we have [...]


    My Cousin Rachel is a mystery psychological thriller novel written in 1951 by Daphne du Maurier It s dark, mysterious, suspenseful, psychological, snarky, funny, and will likely leave you with lingering confliction about what all has transpired This is not a who done it per se, but rather a story about whether there was a crime committed in the first place This character driven plot has plenty of reason for suspicion, along with an ending that left me jaw dropped, but outside of the entertainmen [...]

    Natalie Richards

    I finally finished Life just kept getting in the way of my precious reading time This book is sheer perfection from the gorgeous writing to the slow, almost unbearable building of tension I m left with questions and unusually for me, as someone who likes all the ends tied up, I really don t mind I loved it.


    4 and a half stars.Daphne Du Maurier had an incredible gift for writing an atmospheric, brooding tale Reading My Cousin Rachel feels like reading on a balcony while big, menacing clouds gather nearby you can tell the storm is coming, and you know it s going to be a nasty one, but the clouds just sit there, waiting and getting bigger as you turn the pages It s a wonderfully chilling reading experience Philip was raised by his older cousin Ambrose, a man with set bachelor ways and an eccentric sen [...]


    Actual rating 3.5 starsHow soft and gentle her name sounds when I whisper it It lingers on the tongue, insidious and slow, almost like poison, which is apt indeed It passes from the tongue to the parched lips, and from the lips back to the heart And the heart controls the body, and the mind also Shall I be free of it one day In forty, in fifty years Or will some lingering trace of matter in the brain stay pallid and diseased Some minuscule cell in the bloodstream fail to race with its fellows to [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    My Cousin Rachel, Daphne du MaurierMy Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951 1986 1363 217 9649067973 20 1364 501 1377 501 9646631002 1389 455 9786005912012

    Tudor Vlad

    My Cousin Rachel is a mystery book that actually manages to keep its mystery hidden from start to finish without resorting to cheap tricks in order to fool the reader by giving him false or misleading pieces of information only to shock him later when the truth is revealed No, the answer to the mystery is left on to the reader, there isn t a clear answer because the book wants the reader to create their own idea of who Cousin Rachel is and what her intentions are This is what kept the book gripp [...]

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