Mar 08, 2021
Covent Garden in the Snow
Posted by Jules Wake

A delicious Christmas delight Sunday Times bestseller Katie Fforde The perfect Christmas romance for fans of Karen Swan Tilly Hunter has fabulous friends, her dream job as a make up artist with a prestigious opera company and Felix, her kind and caring husband to be It looks set to be the most perfect Christmas yet But when a monumental blunder forces her to work c A delicious Christmas delight Sunday Times bestseller Katie Fforde The perfect Christmas romance for fans of Karen Swan.Tilly Hunter has fabulous friends, her dream job as a make up artist with a prestigious opera company and Felix, her kind and caring husband to be It looks set to be the most perfect Christmas yet But when a monumental blunder forces her to work closely with new IT director Marcus Walker, it s not only the roast chestnut stalls on the cobbles of her beloved Covent Garden that cause sparks to fly Super serious and brooding, Marcus hasn t got a creative bone in his sharp suited body For technophobe Tilly, it s a match made in hell.And yet, when Tilly discovers her fianc isn t at all what he seems, it s Marcus who s there for her with a hot chocolate and a surprisingly strong shoulder to cry on He might just be the best Christmas present she s ever had.Everyone is raving about Covent Garden in the Snow Had me laughing from the first page Rachel s Random Reads Buy this book, put up a do not disturb sign and enjoy indulging in every page you won t be disappointed Gem s Quiet Corner A romantic and hilarious novel with a beautiful and snowy Christmas atmosphere Chicklit Club Oh I absolutely loved Tilly What a fun, festive book, and a beautiful cover LoveReading

  • Title: Covent Garden in the Snow
  • Author: Jules Wake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Covent Garden in the Snow A delicious Christmas delight Sunday Times bestseller Katie Fforde The perfect Christmas romance for fans of Karen Swan Tilly Hunter has fabulous friends her dream job as a make up artist with a pres

    Karen Mace

    This was a fun and easy to read book that made an afternoon fly by Loved Tilly and the chaos she found in after an email incident She s a make up artist and by her own admission not the most tech savvy in the world, so when she is sent to have IT lessons with the new managing director she isn t too keen He is the complete opposite of her and her creative friends, although he is rather easy on the eye There was lots of humour throughout especially contained in the emails that Tilly found herself [...]


    I started this book not knowing what to expect,I had never read any previous books by the author and being honest it was not my usual genre choice quickly became a very pleasant surprise,,the story is playful yet intriguing and draws you in,it takes a special kind of author to bring alive a Opera House where most of the story is set and by the end of the book feel you have learnt about something you had previously no knowledge of,its quirky,exciting and fune charcters are immediately likeable an [...]


    Even though Christmas has come and gone, just, this is still a wonderful read to warm your heart on these cold day evenings Tilly has a fabulous job working in an opera house doing everyone s make up Where she may be a pro when it comes to make up, she certainly isn t when it comes to computers If I was good at either it would be be a miracle but I certainly had every sympathy when it comes to computers Marcus just oozes sex appeal Even though he comes across as being quite stern, that just melt [...]


    Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Covent Garden in the Snow drew me in from the start First of all, I love the title and the cover Secondly, it s set in Covent Garden Thirdly, it follows Tilly Hunter, who is a make up artist with a prestigious opera company I have never really been into operas, but we sang songs from them before and it s close to musicals, so it was really interesting to read all this background information.Tilly is engaged to Felix He is very easy [...]

    Deanne Patterson

    This is my first read by Jules Wake I especially liked main character Tilly Hunter She has a dream job as a make up artist with a prestigious opera company and is engaged to Felix This is a quick read and a laugh a page You re going to love reading about fiasco s Tilly gets herself into starting with the accidental email getting sent Romantic book with just the right amount of Christmas atmosphere,mince pies and tea included Pub Date 20 Oct 2017 Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, Harpe [...]


    A nice, escapist, one afternoon read Sufficiently fluffy, with engaging, quirky characters I also loved the settings our protagonists work in an opera house, so the whole world here is artistic, a little bohemian and occasionally crazy True, I figured out the major plot twists by the end of chapter 2 or 3, but such predictability did not diminish my enjoyment in reading The crackling attraction between the main characters, and a fair amount of Mr Darcy ness about there hero certainly helped here [...]

    Nancy (NE)

    SO not me, a relentless whiner about romance novels and chick lit I will defend myself by saying the lure of this book was the setting, in London, in Covent Garden Plus the author was assisted by friends in the Royal Opera House and the BBC Symphony Orchestra The first time I was in London was a late December, early January decades ago Five blissful weeks taking in classes at the Royal Academy of Music, set up by my advisor who happened to be a graduate A dozen captivated American college music [...]


    greatreadsandtealeavesspI am a fan of Jules Wake s books and this one is right up there with the best of them Always up for a Christmas read this time of year, this one was loads of fun without being over the top in any area I like that this book incorporated of a holiday feel, especially the wonderful Covent Garden descriptions and traditions, rather than full on commercialism It was very relatable with all the family traditions, looking for gifts and sharing a meal comfort reading at this tim [...]

    Paula Sealey

    Tilly works in an Opera House and adores her job, she s cosy at home with her fiance Felix and life is fine But when she accidentally causes a major disruption at work, she is forced to work with new IT Director, Marcus A technophobe, Tilly resists Marcus s attempts to help her become IT efficient, until sparks begin to fly between them and a personal crisis brings them closer together.I sometimes forget how much I enjoy a well written chick lit romance I picked this as an antidote to some rath [...]


    I don t read many contemporary romances as I usually don t care for them However, this one was outstanding and had a definite Bridget Jones vibe to it which I LOVED It was just about the perfect holiday readTE The main character talks about her negative electrical force field and how she has dodgy biospheres Mobile phones give up the ghost on a regular basis and she and technology are a disaster I find this so interesting because I have crashed every computer I have ever touched even an Ipad at [...]

    Noemi Proietti

    Tilly works as a make up artist for the London Metropolitan Opera Company and she loves her job and the people she works with Until she meets Marcus, the new IT director She hates everything he stands for namely computers and he doesn t seem to like her very much, especially after she accidentally infects the entire theatre computer system with a virus Unfortunately, if she wants to keep her job, Tilly has to learn to use computers without causing mayhem, so she finds herself spending and time [...]


    I really loved this book Perfect Christmas story, great characters, wonderful London setting One aspect of the story confused me though, but I won t go into detail because that would be a major spoiler, it didn t confuse me enough to hamper how much I enjoyed this book Really great holiday read.


    I ve been a big fan of this author since her With Love series I was over the moon earlier in the year when I heard there was a new book coming out, as it has felt so long since the last I was even delighted when I saw it was another Christmas book From Paris with Love currently stood at being my favourite BUT this one has knocked it off that Number 1 position Covent Garden in the Snow is Jules Wake s BEST book to date Tilly works at the London Metropolitan Opera Company in the make up departmen [...]

    Lynn Brown

    I must admit the cover of this book had a lot with me wanting to read it, I just wanted to step right inside that scene Once I was inside I wasn t disappointed either.We meet Tilly just as she opens an email which it turns out has a virus attached to it being a complete technophobe she manages to get into quite a scrape over it all Plus a new IT Director, Marcus Walker, just happens to have taken up his new post and is not happy with her at all.Despite not really understanding people like Till t [...]


    Not quite.Barely festive and quite boring, couldn t get into it and it was extremely predictable I love a cheesy Christmas read but this just didn t make it for me.


    I knew after the first chapter that I was going to simply love this book The setting, a fictional Opera House in Covent Garden, a main protagonist who is very definitely a scatter brained, technology hating creative and a supporting cast of very unusual people as you would hope to find in a theatre Sadly, I suspect fiction is much better than fact in this regard as it is with the amount of snowfall London seems to get in December.Okay, so it is pretty clear exactly who Tilly s mystery e mail man [...]

    Ailish Fitzgerald

    First, I would like to thank both Netgalley and Harper Impulse for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.I was delighted to read the latest from Jules Wake as I really enjoyed From Paris with Love and even better Covent Garden in the Snow is based around Christmas and is now my new favourite Here we meet Tilly Hunter who works at the London Metropolitan Opera Company in the make up department Tilly loves working here and is really passionate about her work The only thing [...]

    Rachel Gilbey

    Had me laughing from the first page There was something about Tilly s utter uselessness with computers that had me interested in her character almost instantly It may have had something to do with her clicking on an attachment called Santa Baby or that yanking a plug out is her way of rebooting a computer, but she endeared herself to me very fast The other thing that struck me very quickly in this story is just obviously it was set in Covent Garden and how well either the author knows the area o [...]

    Petra "Pippa" Q

    Well, I have discovered another author whose books I ll be devouring from now on Covent Garden in the Snow has the ingredients of a perfect winter romance with appealing and lovable characters, engaging and flawless plotline that will make you dive into the book and not come out until you have read the last word and a glamorous and sparkly setting of London s Covent Garden It was very refreshing to read about a leading character who worked as a makeup artist in an opera house Tilly has a wonderf [...]


    Originally posted on albainbookland 2017 12Covent Garden in the Snow is a really fun and festive read It it is set in an opera house in Convent Garden, which I found fascinating I know nothing about opera but the author has clearly done a lot of research and she shares with us everything that goes on behind curtains I found it especially interesting, to read about how everyone researches everything for the productions, and how attentive they are with the little details Everything needs to be on [...]

    Katherine Sunderland

    Do you know what This is also a gorgeous read and I really enjoyed this It is so full of colour despite the snowy wintery setting It is full of love, life, heartache and happy endings I highly recommend it as a perfect bit of escapism over the festive season Tilly is a make up artist at an opera company and the story has everything you need for a great, engaging read I loved reading all about behind the scenes of the shows and was entertained by the characters and fully caught up in all the rela [...]


    Covent Garden In The Snow The Most Gorgeous and Heartwarming Christmas Romance of 2017 is by Jules Wake She was inspired by friends who worked with the Royal Opera House and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and their passion for their work Her choice of having the story told from Tilly s point of view is interesting as a makeup and hair person would definitely have insight into the various stars of the operas as well as a wide range of secrets which would have been told to her The book is different be [...]

    Angela Mellor

    Covent Garden in the snow is a great christmassy read that made me laugh a lot Tilly is the main character in this book she works at the London Metropolitan Opera Company as a make up artist spending her time applying make up and constructing wigs and she loves her job I didn t realise until reading this how much work goes into an operatic production but have total respect for how much work and planning goes into this Tilly reminds me a bit of me with computers, she did make me laugh when her an [...]

    Jasmine (SparksSky122)

    I really liked this This was fun and hooking and interesting and it reminded me of I ve Got Your Number at parts I really enjoyed it I did see everything coming so it was predictable which is why this 5 stars but it didn t make it less enjoyable I liked the characters, the setting and the fact that it was about the THEATRE I don t think I ve ever read a book set in the theatre industry before and this made the book unique and IT WAS A COOL SETTING I couldn t put it down and really, really liked [...]

    Tee Bridgeland

    Well where do i start with this book I was initially drawn by the lovely cover and my love of snow, it was also suggested that if you are a fan of Karen Swan you will love Jules Wake, CORRECT The authors writing style is great, the characters amazing i just loved pretty much everything about this book and its story line, firstly Tilly the main character, bless her and computer misshaps had me chuckling away, but her creative job, WOW it was so interesting and being creative myself i couldn t sto [...]

    Jane Hunt

    A lovely, festive romantic comedy.Tilly is a make up artist whose creativity is often at odds with life s practicalities The story starts with email disaster that is full of humour and necessitates a cute meet with Marcus the new super, efficient director of IT The theatre setting is unusual and adds additional interest to a smooth plot The outcome is not surprising but in this genre, working out what is going to happen before it does is part of the enjoyment.Tilly is a likeable, quirky romantic [...]


    I am reviewing this book for Harper Impulse and Netgallery who gave me a copy of their book for an honest review Christmas is fast approaching and when asked to review a book set during the festive season, how could I refuse Throughout the year I enjoy a wide range of books but as Christmas approaches I love reading books relating to the season.Tilly is facing yet another perfect Christmas but then everything goes wrong She s forced to work with a man she d never chose as a work partner and then [...]


    I received an eARC copy of this book from the publisher Here is my honest review.This is a light hearted contemporary romance that is perfect to read during the Christmas season Tilly is a heroine that has just enough quirks and faults to be relatable and lovable I enjoyed the daily operations and behind the scenes look we were given to a opera company it added so much interest to the story and the cast of supporting characters really added so much to the book Marcus was a genuine good guy that [...]


    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review This was such a lovely read, with an intelligent and witty touch that I ve really enjoyed It s a sweet and easy to read romance, with an interesting plotline and multi layered and complex characters And set in London, wonderful The heroine is a great character, her lack of computer literacy is very well done, I think many of us will identify with herThe hero, His Royal ITness, The Prince of Darkness, is an awesome character too, hands [...]

    Grace Harwood

    This is a pretty enjoyable rom com which is quite readable and reasonably entertaining if you need to pass a few hours It filled a boring train journey quite nicely for me There s nothing very literary or clever about this book it is pretty much what it sets out to be a bit of vicarious escapism for readers The main character is reasonably likeable, has something which a lot of women might aspire to a quirky career and a wardrobe full of vintage tea dresses It s 474 pages long on the kindle vers [...]

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