Apr 20, 2021
Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-tide Mystery
Posted by Val Andrews

December, early 1890s Christmas is fast approaching but for Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr Watson, a sudden visitor is to change what little plans they had made James Harding, owner of a Guildford antique business, has travelled to 221B Baker Street armed with an intriguing proposition for the ever dutiful detective He has received an invitation from a Mr GeraDecember, early 1890s Christmas is fast approaching but for Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr Watson, a sudden visitor is to change what little plans they had made James Harding, owner of a Guildford antique business, has travelled to 221B Baker Street armed with an intriguing proposition for the ever dutiful detective He has received an invitation from a Mr Gerald MacMillan to assemble some friends and spend the festive period with him at his stately home in Sussex A bizarre proposal considering Harding had only just met MacMillian Holmes, who swiftly recognises MacMillan as a former confidence man, together with Watson shall form the rest of the travelling party Whilst there, the famous duo try to uncover the intentions of the seemingly hospitable host who has chosen to spend Christmas with a stranger True to form, the festivities are disturbed by an incident so shocking it threatens to ruin Christmas, but for Holmes it s just the beginning Sherlock Holmes and the Yule tide Mystery promises to be one Holmes most baffling cases yet Praise for Val Andrews A treat for any fan of the master detective Tom Kasey, best selling author of Cold Kill Val Andrews 15 February 1926 12 December 2006 was a music hall artist, ventriloquist and writer Andrews was a prolific writer on magic, having published over 1000 books and booklets from 1952 He also authored Sherlock Holmes pastiches and Houdini s novels Endeavour P

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-tide Mystery
  • Author: Val Andrews
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  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Yule tide Mystery December early s Christmas is fast approaching but for Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson a sudden visitor is to change what little plans they had made James Harding owner of a Guildf


    We have here a right Christmas pud of a story here, with both pound coins and plastic farthings whisked into the mixture On the one hand we have the two main characters beautifully captured, while the Christmas mystery in the old manor house is frequently quite charming However the turkey of the story feels all eaten up and digested by the mid way point, with the rest of the tale being a chewing away on increasingly tasteless bones whilst praying for the meal to end.I m inclined to be generous t [...]


    Next to A Christmas Carol I can t think of better literary treat than a Sherlock Holmes Christmas story While this isn t that greatest Holmes mystery, it fits the bill for Christmas Holmes and Watson are really up to snuff on this, though the plot is a bit weak I d sure like to spend a Christmas holiday at Shaw Manor It beats bland and boring Columbus, Ohio

    Aviar Savijon

    SherlockA grand adventure in this Sherlock Holmes mystery I truly enjoyed even though it wasn t penned by sir Doyle himself


    One day just before Christmas, Holmes and Watson are called upon by James Harding as he is suspicious about an invitation from a gentleman previously unknown to him to attend a Christmas gathering at a manor house Of course an incident happens but can Holmes solves the case.A story I enjoyed.

    Pamela Hunt

    Great book.Excellent read However these documents tell me that another has the right Oh well, guess I ll figure it soon Stay safe and warm and each your be sure to ask yourself Oh that bag of sheet, we all can use


    Well, Holmes and Watson are largely Holmes and Watson, but the mystery Well, it s kinda blah It s not bad, it s just okay and bit too romantic.


    Desperately needs editing


    Sherlock Holmes and the Yuletide Mystery by Val AndrewsIt is Christmas season late in the 1890 s Watson is visiting Baker Street as his wife is away celebrating the season with her family Mr James Harding comes to Holmes with an interesting problem.He has been selected by a random person he met at the theatre, a Mr Gerald MacMillan, to come to his estate, Shaw Manor for the Yule Tide holiday He has been told that he can bring two friends of his own choosing.Something doesn t quite ring true for [...]

    Karen B.

    I was really impressed with this book It s the first book by Val Andrews that I have read and I have no doubt I will be reading other of his Sherlock Holmes stories He pays a great tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his descriptions of Holmes and Watson their mannerisms and speech Holmes investigation delves into the means, method and background of why We clearly know who the villain is from the beginning but the mystery for the reader is just what is this guy up to I would strongly recommend [...]

    Colin Murtagh

    I ve read quite a few of the Holmes pastiche novels This isn t the best, but it s a long way from being the worst It s Christmas time and an antiques seller, James Harding appears at Holmes door He s been invited to a Christmas party by a man he s met only once, and he s sure there s something odd at the bottom of it Given he s been told to bring some friends along, Holmes and Watson come along to see what is going on The feel of the book is just about right, it is really a Christmas story and i [...]

    Nancy Oakes

    It s Christmas time, and a man comes to see Holmes at 221 B with a strange story It seems that a man he has never met before has invited him to his home in Sussex for a party to celebrate the holidays He wants to know whether or not he should go and Holmes tells him to do whatever he d like to do The man then invites Holmes and Watson whose wife is away with relatives for the holidays to join him, and off they go, meeting several other people who have never met their host before It s not long un [...]

    Bob Cantrell

    Holmes and Watson what could you ask forI got this story for free so I wasn t expecting all that much from it I have been a fan of Holmes and Watson since I was a kid Although this story is not a true Conan Doyle story the feel of it, the tempo of it and the happy ending are in the style of Conan Doyle As I read this story images of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce were going through my mind along with the sounds of their voices that is how good a story this was Now if you pay attention to the st [...]


    I love stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.This was special indeed being a Christmas gathering murder mystery It was all one expects to encounter in a Holmes mystery, and I was not,disappointed It is,always delightful to read an adventure during Christmas, and this one filled the bill Every nuance of the book was original ,to the times,and to the personality, and so each of Sherlock, and Watson It is my favorite story by far for the yule tide

    Hemantkumar Jain

    A nice little Sherlockian novella The author, Val Andrews, preserves the original Conanian style and elements and offers a nice read The story itself was not very remarkable and the author looks for than necessary opportunities to flaunt Sherlock s power of deduction at times, with no consequence The story on the other hand was nice and easy A couple of minor twists in the story and a nice ending


    I ve had this one sitting on the shelf and decided to give it a run as Tis the season.It is the first Val Andrews Holmes pastiche that I have read and thought it a nice introduction I found it well written, and contrary to the only other review that I see on GR, certainly not skippable.4 STARSd has me looking for Val Andrews


    I enjoyed this book It kept with the style of the original Sherlock Holmes with all the twists expected from Arthur Conan Doyle Holmes was his typical intelligent self with Dr Watson and Inspector Lestrade trying to keep up I would recommend this for anyone that enjoys Sherlock Holmes or mysteries

    Robert D Wyant

    Nice read for the HolidaysI choose this to read before the Holidays and found it to be a quick and fun read not totally in the Holmes regular genre but with feel good ending you could see coming and feel good with it.

    Manikanth Devarakonda

    Even though Doyle didn t write this book I still loved the way Andrews brought the story engaging Despite, at few points, twists plotted in the story turned out as per my expectations Andrews carried the suspense making it interesting.


    OkayQuick read I liked it well enough to finish I love the character Sherlock Holmes, but there were points of the story where I became bored I ll definitely try another story and see how I feel about it.


    Yule tide mystery of the year I rated it a 5 because it intrigued me What I like about this book is the fact that you had a mystery with in another mystery, etc, I would recommend this book to anyone who does love mysteries,


    i enjoy anything regarding Holmes or this time period I was not disappointed if you are looking for explosions or violence as seen on tv you won t find it here These stories make for a pleasant old fashion read Two thumbs up


    A short novella with some intriguing characters The question really is wby does Dr Watson spend the holidays with Holmes rather than going visiting with his wife However, if his wife doesn t object, why should the reader


    An enjoyable Christmas read Great to catch up with Holmes and Watson although this story lacked a certain level of clever ingenuity usually associated with these writings An enjoyable read nonetheless.


    written with the proper tone,and enjoy able for Holmes fans I did get a kick from Andrew s description of a parlour magic act by Prof Herclat since I have Herclat s treatise on sleight of hand on my other e reader Watson,as usual,is a detailed narrator.


    Although it s been a long time since I read the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries, this feels authentic, and it was a great mystery on top of that.


    Nicely done.Good story Captures Holmes and Watson well If you are a Holmes fan, you will enjoy it, I believe Cheers.

    Richard Mellon

    Good BookLike this one and will read by this author Sound effort to keep in the Spirit of Holmes Good job doing it.

    Robert Lewter


    Richard Brylczyk

    Catching a con manPretty good Holmes story Although the reader can guess the superficial aspects of the mystery, the story underlying the events depicted come as some surprise.

    Pat Christie

    EbookNot a fan of Holmes but love Christmas stories with a happy ending so I enjoyed this story very much.

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