Jan 19, 2021
What Does It Mean To Be Kind?
Posted by Rana DiOrio Stéphane Jorisch

In the newest addition to Rana DiOrio s What Does It Mean To Be series, DiOrio shows that every act of kindness is also an act of courage, and how small gestures can make a big difference to other people, animals, the planet, and even oneself.

  • Title: What Does It Mean To Be Kind?
  • Author: Rana DiOrio Stéphane Jorisch
  • ISBN: 9781939775092
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Does It Mean To Be Kind In the newest addition to Rana DiOrio s What Does It Mean To Be series DiOrio shows that every act of kindness is also an act of courage and how small gestures can make a big difference to other peo


    A surprisingly practical book with lots of good and simple suggestions for showing kindness It is very young kid friendly, and the illustrations keep things light and happy My three kids like the book, and it has helped us talk about how to treat other people, animals, and the earth with kindness I like the message that small acts make a difference, even when sometimes it feels like they don t.

    Emerson and Theodore

    In bed reading on vacationTheodore and me Very nice book Theodore noticed the cat and dog on each page and also pointed out letters o mostly.


    A great book for kids in grades K 2 It can start a discussion on being kind and what we can do to be kind.

    Stephanie K.

    Great READ Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be kind The children in this book ask a series of questions about what does it mean to be kind Being able to Go ABOVE and BEYOND is the key to being kind And not being rude to others The book is a great reminder that we should treat others the way we want to be treated YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS I would use this book during the first week of school as a reminder that we should be kind and respectful to our peers and teacher [...]


    Great book Really a good starting point to have good conversation with your kids about your values and teaching them to be a good person.

    Shakea Althea Conyers

    After reading the picture book titled What Does It Mean To Be Kind I feel this is one good animated way of bringing students and communities together This book was written by author Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Stephane Jorisch What Does It Mean To Be Kind has won no awards.This book is suitable for children of all ages.The book shows animated characters who are children in the classroom and community The characters in this book show what to do in different situations to be kind to one another [...]

    Hailey Paul

    This book is all about examples of what it means to be kind The book s theme is to tell children how to be kind to others, their environment, and how to forgive others by showing them kindness The illustrations are important in this book because one child will do something unkind in the photo and words help show how they could be kind in that situation The illustrations are also important because those same children who did something unkind on one page are shown forgiveness and kindness from oth [...]

    Maddi Holmes

    I would recommend this for the primary grades, second through third grade I would categorize this book as contemporary realistic fiction.I don t think teachers can have enough books about being kind I love how this book gives explicit examples of being kind It also illustrates people from different ethnicities, and illustrates a character in a wheel chair I like the examples, and the illustrations, but I m not sure how I feel about the sentence structure Many of the pages begin with an ellipses [...]


    A simple, straightforward reminder of what it means to be kind to one another What is kind and what it is not important concepts for not only young readers, but for all of us The illustrations are gorgeously colorful and convey the meaning that each page is meant to say A great read aloud for all.

    Tamara Markovich

    Fun kid s book that helps conceptualize kindness for younger children It gives some basic examples of kindness and helps open the dialogue about what it means and doesn t mean to be kind and show kindness to others My boys, ages 2 and 4, enjoy it and it can be interactive.


    Simple book with 1 2 lines of text on each page Big, colorful watercolor illustrations take up the pages This book simply teaches how to be kind Even to bullies.It has a bit of a Pollyanna ending, but we could all use a little of that right now.


    I had such high hopes for this book, but found the beginning really disappointing The second half, the part about what kind actually means, is wonderful The first half, about what kind is not, is really confusing and strange Bummed.

    Miss Sarah

    Simple enough for toddlers this book explains all sorts of ways we can be kind to one other like picking up trash.


    What Does It Mean To Be Kind Hardcover by Rana DiOrio teaches little ways that children can be kind, and accepting of others.


    There s no real subtlety in this story and it kind of hits you over the head with how didactic it is.


    A short and to the point book, What Does It Mean To Be Kind is probably one of my favorite books for giving kids small but very powerful tools to bring kindness into the world Tools like smiling at the new kid in class or using manners Little acts that can change a person s day, week, or life if they encounter them enough Little acts that we all too often forget and malign and shun because they re not a grab sweeping gesture I will certainly be reading my son this book often and doing my best t [...]

    Eliana Jaroch

    This was a cute book, but I wasn t too crazy about the beginning or the end It had a great message and showed awesome examples of what it is to be kind, but I felt like it could have had a stronger opening and closing I loved the art style, though I think that the images go well with the text The pages were very flimsy but this would be fine for a read aloud I would read this to my class anytime throughout the year, but maybe especially on World Kindness Day, which is actually this upcoming Mond [...]


    What Does It Mean to Be Kind is the latest in the What Does It Mean To Be series This series all follow a similar formula but each title addresses a different aspect of life giving examples of how a child can be a better global citizen What Does It Mean to Be Kind starts out with examples of different definitions for the word kind Kind can mean category, sort of as in kind of , etc But this book makes it clear that it is addressing acts of kindness and includes a myriad of examples Some are comm [...]

    Hannah Hart

    This book talks about all the different ways you can be kind Treating others the way you would like to be treated is the theme of this book It also talks about helping the environment and animals My favorite part of this book was the diversity in the characters It didn t specifically talk about people of other races or different abilities but the pictures had different types of people in the pictures I love the emphasis on being kind to everyone This would be a great book to read with children w [...]


    Being kind means having the courage to treat others the way you like to be treated.This book is sweet, inspiring, and a wonderful resource for humane education curriculums and elementary school classrooms I was very heartened to see that kindness in this book encompasses not just treating other people with respect, but also caring for animals and keeping the environment we share clean Dogs and cats romp throughout the pages, along with a wide variety of children that will reflect kids own experi [...]

    Lexi Beaver

    This picture book provides examples for kids of what it truly means to be kind when you are living your daily life I love books like these they really make you feel so good inside It lets the children know exactly what kindness means without ever spelling it out for them or giving a direct definition.It is also a great book due to the illustrations that involve handicapped people, as well as people of all kinds of different races It shows how kindness can unite a lot of different people, and how [...]


    This feels like a very timely book With so much sadness and hatred flowing through our world, this book shows kids and adults how simple it is to be kind, culminating with the idea that if we re kind to each other, our world will be loving, caring, and harmonious Who can argue with that This will be a great book to read aloud to kids of all ages to exemplify the need for peace and kindness.

    Abby Pooch

    Although I prefer when books don t start with how NOT to be something, this was a great depiction of simple ways that you can show kindness in everyday life ways that many people have forgotten or abandoned They are ways to connect to people in gentler ways than how most people connect now.

    Livvie Esslinger

    This book examines different examples of what kindness is It also encourages kindness because it takes courage and makes a difference in the world This book is super cute, sweet, and informative.I would definitely use this in my classroom It would be good if I was having behavioral issues.

    Kate Hastings

    Grades 1 4 A great book to kick off a discussion about kindness and building a classroom school culture Students will be able to talk with each other about situations where kindness is called for and what kindness isn t used to gain an advantage get something out of someone.


    I suppose this has its place For a preachy book, it s not terrible Being kind certainly is important.


    This is a good book Great concept, definitely one that s needed The illustrations are lovely Best for younger children.

    Robin Rousu

    Sweet, simple, straightforward Good for classroom use Ages 3 6.

    Chris Hays

    This is a simple book for Primary students The drawings are a great addition to compliment the text and ideas which go with it This is a great book to have in the classroom.

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