Jun 23, 2021
City of Rose
Posted by Rob Hart

As an amateur PI with a bent moral compass, Ash McKenna is good at finding people but not at staying out of trouble Between his own violent tendencies, the shadow cast by his father s death, and a self destructive revenge quest, he made a mess of his life in NYC Figuring it was time for a change of scenery Ash relocated to Portland, taking a job as a bouncer in a vegan sAs an amateur PI with a bent moral compass, Ash McKenna is good at finding people but not at staying out of trouble Between his own violent tendencies, the shadow cast by his father s death, and a self destructive revenge quest, he made a mess of his life in NYC Figuring it was time for a change of scenery Ash relocated to Portland, taking a job as a bouncer in a vegan strip club And he hasn t had to hit anyone in six months.So when one of the club s dancers asks Ash for help finding her daughter, he declines, content to keep the darkness in his past But soon Ash is held at gunpoint by a man in a chicken mask, and told to keep away from the girls Unfortunately Ash isn t good at following directions either.As Ash navigates an unfamiliar city, he finds himself embroiled in a labyrinthine plot involving a ruthless drug cartel and a scandal that could reach one of the most powerful men in Portland Ash is dead set on finding the missing girl, but realizes that in order to deliver her safely he may have to cross the one line he promised himself he never would.

  • Title: City of Rose
  • Author: Rob Hart
  • ISBN: 9781940610511
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • City of Rose As an amateur PI with a bent moral compass Ash McKenna is good at finding people but not at staying out of trouble Between his own violent tendencies the shadow cast by his father s death and a sel

    Benoit Lelièvre

    I ll say this the first fifty page of this novel or so exploded in my face like a stick of TNT Jesus, Rob Hart can write Better than you most likely Better than me too His action scenes are lean and mean and seamlessly flowing into one another The book slows down considerably afterwards and becomes problematic to me, but I d take an entire novel of Rob Hart doing the angry Comanche on the keyboard.I ve never had a relationship to a fictional character like I do with Hart s Ash McKenna I can t s [...]


    A lot of authors struggle when they get out of their setting comfort zone Hart s NEW YORKED was such a perfect picture of the Big Apple, that when I saw CITY OF ROSE was set in Portland, I wondered how Hart would handle changing locales The answer Perfectly.Hart brings back his sorta PI Ash McKenna, a blunt instrument struggling to be himself Working in a vegan strip joint as a bouncer, McKenna is hired by one of the strippers to find her daughter What follows is a tense, brutal trip through Por [...]


    I liked Rob Hart s NEW YORKED a lot I like this one even better Ashley Ash McKenna, Hart s troubled knight errant in a cheap straw cowboy hat, is a great character In this installment, he s out of his native New York and definitely out of his element as he tries to leave behind his violent past and make a new life in Portland, Oregon Ash s job in a vegan strip club yes, you read that right puts him in contact with a beautiful and troubled young woman who asks him to help her find her missing chi [...]

    Nik Korpon

    I really enjoyed NEW YORKED and had high expectations for this book It surpassed themTY OF ROSE has everything that made NEW YORKED a fantastic read, but Hart stepped up his game in a big way The plot is focused and writing refined, but still retains that off kilter worldview that made NEW YORKED so enjoyable What really affected me was the emotional aspects of the novel Previously, Ash had been a barely controlled ball of rage, fueled by Jameson and grief But in ROSE, Ash has matured and is a [...]

    Suz Jay

    In Rob Hart s followup to NEW YORKED, Ash McKenna leaves the Big Apple to escape his troubles He longs to become than the blunt instrument that he believes himself to be He finds work at a vegan strip club with a double entendre for a name Naturals One of the strippers asks him to find her daughter who was kidnapped by kid s junkie father Hart raises the stakes again and again, making Ash s good deed seem like an impossible task Ash is left with no option but to embrace his anger in order to re [...]


    Ash is the bomb Rob Hart has joined that elite group of authors who manage to create an original and one of a kind character that is so addictive to those of us who love modern day noir.Ash is back in this second book in the series in a new town and right in the middle of a new chaotic situation, trying to do the right thing and taking it all very personally as he does Great follow up to New Yorked and maybe even better Ready for the next chapter in this flawed but oh so likeable amateur detecti [...]


    Really enjoying this series Looking forward to starting the next one


    Short summary We meet back up with Ash McKenna outside Naturals, a Portland based vegan strip club as he s doing half of what he s good at getting hit He s working on keeping the other half, hitting back, tucked deep down inside and far away from the surface Portland is just the latest stop in a tour of US cities Ash has been through lately, all of them following his departure from New York in the wake of a self destructive quest to find a friend s killer He s doing his best to turn over a new l [...]

    Elizabeth A.

    When readers last saw Staten Island born and bred bouncer amateur private investigator Ash McKenna New Yorked , he d been through the ringer trying to get to the bottom of the murder of his longtime friend and unrequited love, Chell Along the way things got rough and people, including Ash, got roughed up.Having burned a few bridges and ruffled than a few feathers, Ash decides it s time to take a leave of absence from his beloved New York City He ends up in Portland, Oregon, working as a bouncer [...]

    Leah Rhyne

    Who was your first book crush when you were a kid Mine was Calvin O Keefe from A Wrinkle In Time I loved him so hard He was a ginger And sweet He took care of Charles Wallace, and loved nerdy Meg He was and still is a perfect guy.Since reading A Wrinkle In Time for the first time, I ve had many MANY other book crushes Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird Richie Tozier in It So many , I can t even think of them.Now I have a new one I trust that the author s wife is going to forgive me for this In New Yor [...]

    John McKenna

    Mysterious Book Report No 251by John Dwaine McKennaIs there anyplace on earth after you ve grown up living in New York City or anyplace you d rather be after growing up and living in New York City It s a conundrum for Ash McKenna, the self described human wrecking ball and unskilled, but productive private investigator who s damned good at finding people, then messing it up after that because of his bent moral compass, which allows him to stomp the bad guys into piles of blood and broken bones [...]

    George Lichman

    Fans of Rob Hart s NEW YORKED won t be disappointed by the return of Ashley Ash McKenna, the good hearted but admittedly damaged, sometimes dangerous, clever but not always smart private investigator sort of who always controls his anger, except when it controls him CITY OF ROSE is set in Portland, Oregon, where Ash has relocated after leaving New York in search of new beginnings, and away from those who may feel New York City isn t big enough for their peaceful coexistence In Portland, Ash is a [...]


    Ash McKenna is one of the most engaging, flawed heroes to come into creation in who knows how long In City of Rose, Rob Hart paints him with an artist s eye and shows us his toughness and his vulnerability, and his quest to reconcile the two in a manner that proves Hart has his eye on becoming a master noir writer.McKenna, who we initially met in Hart s first novel, New Yorked, is tasked with attempting to help a stripper locate her lost daughter, Rose Rose s father has disappeared with her and [...]

    Kelliann Gomez

    I ordered this at the library before finding out it was a sequel I figured I may as well read it even if the first one was annoying so that maybe the author could redeem himself He did an okay job, and the writing was still interesting.If you are reading this before New Yorked, you ll do fine There s not too much of the first book that bleeds into this one, and you may save yourself annoying redundancy because any relevant details are explained exactly the same way I don t have the first book to [...]


    I absolutely loved NEW YORKED Ash McKenna is a badass hero with a lot of attitude that leaps off the page Yet he s not a superhero or the typical tough guy He s got depth and is surprisingly introspective He s self deprecating The writing is stellar Hart describes things in a way that I d never think of.So when it was time to read the sequel, I had really high expectations I was afraid I wouldn t like it as much as the first one But definitely not the case here Ash is still a badass and still da [...]

    Dan Fiore

    Rob Hart s City of Rose than lives up to the promise of Hart s debut novel New Yorked The second in his Ash McKenna series, Hart keeps the momentum rolling, diving right into a new tangled web of lies, love, loss and good ol fashioned noir intrigue within the first few pages Set in Portland, OR, Hart manages to bring to life a new setting just as vividly as he did his hometown of NYC in New Yorked Most impressive, however, is the way this second outing manages to dig even deeper into Ash McKenn [...]

    Brandon White

    Goddammit The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it had to end I wanted to live in Ash McKenna s world for the rest of my days Rob Hart s writing makes this book breathe in your hand and remain alive, and begging for you to pick it back up, when you set it down The complexity of every character somehow makes them relatable I enjoy each individual scene so much that I need to remind myself there is an actual story happening And the story itself is crisp and fresh, snapping like the [...]

    Christopher Irvin

    Ash McKenna is back and he s grown up Hart tackles his follow up to NEW YORKED in exactly the way a writer needs to in order to keep a reader glued to a series with a character s who continues to grow change, and carries the history of the series with him her McKenna is still haunted by the events of the first book, and it s clear that they affect his every move I really enjoyed City of Rose the new setting and characters are great, and the plot no spoilers if you don t think too hard is well ti [...]

    Rory Costello

    Pace is one of this story s prime assets City of Rose is engaging and easy to read it took me just over two days but could easily have gone down in one sitting Rob Hart also makes very good use of his Portland setting Plus, he s got ambition with his Ash McKenna series, showing the development of Ash s personality and battles with his personal demons However, he avoids getting gloomy or mopey One of the enjoyable little dimensions of the McKenna series is the humorous potshots at bad food and co [...]


    I loved Rob Hart s debut novel, NEW YORKED, and was pleased to discover that CITY OF ROSE was even better which is high praise Pulled out of NYC, protagonist is forced to settle into a new place namely, Portland Hart deftly shifts to the new backdrop and shows readers an evolved and thoughtful Ash but you know the bit about best intentions, right This book pulls no punches and serves as a strong follow up to one of the strongest PI novel debuts I ve read in a long time If you enjoyed NEW YORKED [...]


    I thought City of Rose was a fantastic follow up to New Yorked I enjoyed the slow burn character build up during the first two thirds of the novel, and the last third of the book was really rewarding with a few key twists I wasn t expecting I don t normally read crime novels, but the follow up to the first Ash McKenna novel was great In some ways Ash McKenna is growing up, but also creating hassle for himself I look forward to future novels to see how this plays out.

    Brendan Johnston

    Much like the first Ash McKenna novel, City of Rose was impossible to put down Hart has a masterful grasp of the noir voice and of how to make a setting into a character as important and vital as any of the people in the story I m somewhat familiar with Portland, and Hart nails the atmosphere and idiosyncrasies of the place perfectly I m eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.


    Another solid story It flew by and I was in from the start It was fun to see Ash in a new city and I liked the character interactions once again Looking forward to the next in the series.


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    Steph Post

    A killer second installment in the Ash McKenna series

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