Apr 20, 2021
Betty Goes Bananas
Posted by Steve Antony

Like Molly Bang s When Sophie Gets Angry Really, Really Angry, this book offers families a perfect opportunity to openly discuss emotions and behavior Meet Betty, a gorilla She wants to eat a banana, but try as she might, she can t open it Poor Betty she just can t cope, and her frustration quickly becomes a great BIG tantrum She cries and sniffles, kicks and scrLike Molly Bang s When Sophie Gets Angry Really, Really Angry, this book offers families a perfect opportunity to openly discuss emotions and behavior Meet Betty, a gorilla She wants to eat a banana, but try as she might, she can t open it Poor Betty she just can t cope, and her frustration quickly becomes a great BIG tantrum She cries and sniffles, kicks and screams Luckily, Mr Toucan is at hand to peel the banana and help Betty calm down But what will happen when Betty spots another banana Both preschoolers and parents will laugh out loud at this simple, utterly hilarious picture book about tantrums.

  • Title: Betty Goes Bananas
  • Author: Steve Antony
  • ISBN: 9780553507614
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Betty Goes Bananas Like Molly Bang s When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry this book offers families a perfect opportunity to openly discuss emotions and behavior Meet Betty a gorilla She wants to eat a banana

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    Sometimes we just have to slow down to solve a problemBetty is trying to unpeel her first banana but it is frustrating her and taking away from the joy of the banananess she will soon experience A great lesson for children.

    Leilah Skelton

    This book jacket is beautiful and inviting, isn t it Just look at that cheeky face But be warned this book illustrates, with bold, expressive simplicity, the roly poly forward tumble nature of the dreaded TANTRUM That is to say, when a tantrum has begun, it must often be rolled with , and once in motion, they are difficult to stop It is a roly poly book in many ways, and this is exemplified by Steve Antony s trick of concluding some sentences on a page turn The story keeps tucking and rolling al [...]


    Betty is a gorilla and being a gorilla, she loves bananas So when she finds one on the ground, she wants to eat it so much But she can t open it, even with her teeth, or her feet So what is a little gorilla to do Well, Betty throws a fit and cries and screams Then she calms down and Mr Toucan tells her that there is no need to act like that, he will show her how to peel the banana And he does But Betty had wanted to peel it herself And she starts once again to cry and scream and kick Mr Toucan s [...]

    Once Upon a Twilight

    Every time I get a quick little picture book to read, I turn from being Deitre the book reviewer, to Deitre the mom, or Deitre the teacher suddenly imagining little eager eyes waiting for animated words to flow from my mouth Even if I m reading out loud to myself Such was the case for Better goes Bananas by Steve Antony I allowed my youngest soon to be middle schooler to read it first to get his impression His response, it s great for a much younger reader So then it was my turn Yeah, it was th [...]


    A toddler gorilla throws an epic tantrum because she can t open her banana This one s hilarious But I kind of think it s for parents and older pre schoolers than Betty the Gorilla s age group At the library, the parents really appreciated such an accurate description of a toddler tantrum, and the 4 and 5 year olds with younger siblings laughed too But the 2 and 3 year olds didn t get it They didn t understand that this book is supposed to be making fun of how they react to little problems, whic [...]


    What a hoot this is I laughed the minute I saw the cover and all through this very funny book about a hum dinger of a temper tantrum I can t wait to read this to the 4 year old critic in my life


    I am Mr Toucan.


    Just like being a toddler, being a gorilla can be hard.


    This is a spot on book about tantrums With a gorilla Yeah


    I much prefer the gorillas of Anthony Browne.If we think of Betty as a child, and the book as a sort of bibliotherapy, well, I m still not crazy about it I think it might do harm than good, at least, based on my memories of my sons and their temper tantrums.


    This would make a great read aloud story My four year old loved it he also has problems opening bananas.The story centers around a baby gorilla named Betty who pitches a fit at not being able to peel her banana Luckily or not so Mr Toucan is patiently trying to teach Betty how to peel it, without much success When the banana breaks after it s peeledwell anyone with kids knows where the story goes from there.cially when Mr Toucan says he ll eat it if she won t The illustrations are simple but ado [...]


    I suppose I shouldn t find this funny but I think every parent has experienced this with their kids The major freak out over something they can t do, helping them only for them to freak out because they wanted to do it for themselves And then there is that broken banana Oh, how many times has one of my kids refused to eat it because it s broken I m the toucan I m done, I m outta here, I m not going through this whole thing AGAIN Until the next kid anyway.

    Sara Grochowski

    It only takes a small obstacle for Betty to throw a BIG tantrum There is crying, sniffling, kicking, and screaming galore good thing Mr Toucan is there to give Betty a little perspective This humorous story about a little gorilla who just can t handle things not going her way is sure to entertain kids and parents alike.


    Do you have an overly emotional and dramatic little one This may be the perfect book to share with them showing what other people, or gorillas, look like when throwing a fit Steve Anthony s simple yet expressive illustrations greatly add to this oober fun read aloud Even if your kiddo isn t melodramatic they will still love it.


    Funny and SO relateable Betty goes bananas because 1 she can t peel the banana 2 she didn t get to peel the banana herself after Toucan helps and 3 the banana broke Toddlers get upset for equally irrational things all the time maybe this will help them understand that, as Toucan says, there s no need for that.


    Age 1 year old preschoolAnimals Gorilla, ToucanEmotions Frustration, possession Betty just wants to eat her banana her way but she s having a hard time crossing certain barriers like how to open it A great look at dealing with frustration and somewhat cathartic for parents dealing with stubbornly independent toddlers that still need help.


    This is fantastic Betty has a problem she found a banana, but she cannot figure out how to peel it so she can eat it The story takes us through Betty throwing a tantrum, and her bird friend helping her learn that each obstacle is not necessarily as big and difficult as she is making it out to be.


    Un livre qui explique aux enfants pourquoi faire une grosse col re quand on n arrive pas faire quelque chose ne sert rien Rien ne vaut un peu de patience et de pratique Tr s dr le lire, les parents se reconna tront ais ment.


    A very cute story about a melodramatic ape who loses it over a banana What was fun about reading it to my friend s toddler was the chance to be silly and dramatic while reading it He enjoyed my performance enough he asked to read it again.


    Themes Baby gorilla Bananas ToucanThis is a bit too long for storytime Meet Betty, a baby gorilla When Betty finds a banana that just won t open Betty goes Bananas Families everywhere will laugh out loud at Betty s brilliantly observed tantrums in this hilarious picture book inside left jacket flap

    Samuel Tyler

    Most of us have probably seen a toddler have a tantrum and it is not a fun experience, but wait a while and they normally burn themselves out If this toddler happens to be a Gorilla named Betty, you may just find your fixtures and fittings take a battering as she bangs her feet Betty Goes Bananas by Steve Antony is a book all about one such gorilla She gets frustrated when she cannot peel the banana and even when it breaks To be honest this is one gorilla who just likes to have a strop Betty is [...]

    Kat B

    What can Betty possible be going bananas about A BANANA you say That s right Betty is throwing tantrums because she cannot get the banana to do what she wants it to do At first it won t open for her Haven t we all had that problem I know I have She tries four different ways to open it and still it won t budge Betty does what some little apes would do and she throws a crying screaming tantrum As she is calling herself down a toucan appears and assists in her struggle with the banana.To find out [...]

    Melissa Rochelle

    Patience is hard, ya ll Betty wants her banana, she wants it NOW, and she doesn t want any help Luckily, nice Mr Toucan was around to help her out Let s hope she learned her lesson with the first one and doesn t keep up the tantrums when the next banana doesn t do what she wants it to do Of Steven Antony books, Please, Mr Panda is my FAVORITE Go find a copy right now You ll love it

    Tina Harden

    I, along with a small group of adults, did not seem to appreciate this title as much as everyone else on Neither of us liked the basic and simplistic illustrations We did agree that toddlers would possibly like the artwork, but it is the adult that buys the book, so we aren t sure if other adults would be bothered by the artwork No one in the group liked the story and, yes, it does deal with tantrums on a pretty large scale I don t recall being a fussy child and that may be why this story didn t [...]


    Betty wants to eat a banana, but doesn t know how to open the open, so she throws a tantrum instead A toucan comes along, which strangely resembles the banana, and shows her how to peel the banana This should please Betty, but instead she throws another temper tantrum because she didn t get to peel the banana herselfd on it goes I thought this books was fair and could be used as a tool for teaching young children about self control however, since Betty does not ever seem to learn this herself, I [...]


    Betty loves bananas They are a delicious treat for this pint sized gorilla There is only one problem Betty can t get the banana to open Betty cries, screams, and kicks through a series of victories and defeats A small toucan tries to help Betty learn the important lesson of perseverance and remaining calm Great story for parents with preschoolers who are still prone to throwing temper tantrums.


    Betty Goes Bananas can be positioned for a fun read aloud since it features a very emotional gorilla who over reacts with a lot of sounds trying to deal with her frustrations with a banana First frustrated by not being able to peal it, then disappointed someone else does, sad when it breaks but finally happy when it is consumed Lots of fun words to share with kids to add a layer of sounds to the simple story The ending sets up an automatic what do you think will happen next scene.


    If you are having a bad day, this book could possibly cheer you up by reminding you that sometimes life is absurd, and sometimes you just have to laugh about it Or throw a tantrum Or stay away from bananas if they cause you distress.The illustrations were rendered using soft pencil and graphite sticks on cartridge paper, banana paper for texture , and Adobe Photoshop.Banana Paper Who knew ecopaper


    This is a fun read aloud book for kids and caregivers about tantrums Kids will enjoy making the tantrum noises along with Betty the gorilla, and caregivers will appreciate how the craziest little things will set off tantrums The illustrations are adorable, and Betty s expressions are perfect Fun and cute.


    Betty has a little trouble controlling her emotions when she finds a banana and stresses over peeling it and eating it A friendly toucan helps her and the story leaves readers with a bit of cliffhanger with Betty finding another banana.Pencil illustrations are ripe with emotion and the refrain featuring Betty going bananas makes this a good read aloud about feelings for PreK 2.

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