Apr 20, 2021
Posted by Grace Cavendish Patricia Finney

WHEN MARGARET CAVENDISH, one of Elizabeth I s Gentlewomen of the Bedchamber, lost her life in a bungled attempt to kill the Queen, her daughter, Lady Grace, became a prot g e to the monarch, who takes Grace under her wing Now Grace, a spunky girl who romps through the gardens with the laundry maids and court tumblers and rolls her eyes at her fellow ladies, chronicles theWHEN MARGARET CAVENDISH, one of Elizabeth I s Gentlewomen of the Bedchamber, lost her life in a bungled attempt to kill the Queen, her daughter, Lady Grace, became a prot g e to the monarch, who takes Grace under her wing Now Grace, a spunky girl who romps through the gardens with the laundry maids and court tumblers and rolls her eyes at her fellow ladies, chronicles the court intrigues that swirl around her It s the spring of 1569 and 13 year old Lady Grace, the youngest lady in waiting to the Queen, finds herself at a glittering ball choosing amongst three suitors But the Queen s generosity turns deadly as threats, dark secrets, and even murder descend on the Tudor court And it is up to Grace to use her intelligence, stealth, and curious nature to solve the mystery that threatens the very lifeblood of England.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Title: Assassin
  • Author: Grace Cavendish Patricia Finney
  • ISBN: 9780385901895
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Assassin WHEN MARGARET CAVENDISH one of Elizabeth I s Gentlewomen of the Bedchamber lost her life in a bungled attempt to kill the Queen her daughter Lady Grace became a prot g e to the monarch who takes

    Nicola Mansfield

    Reason for Reading This is another book from the Random Bookshelf that I am reading from this year This book interested me because of its similarity to the Dear Canada Royal Diaries books with the added bonus of being a mystery.Lady Grace Cavendish is 13 years old and one of Queen Elizabeth I s Maids of Honour a step below a Lady in Waiting She writes in her daybooke as if it were a diary about her day to day adventures which become quite exciting Since the Queen is her godmother and promised he [...]


    Eh not that great of a story.


    I actually read an edition with the first two Grace Mysteries printed together, but I want to review them separately This was even a faster read than I thought Grace is a spunky Maid of Honour who is 13 or 14, but I can t quite figure it out to Queen Elizabeth who solves a murder mystery amidst the very strict limitations of her gender and station in the 1600 s In the process, she also resolves her mother s dying wish that she be engaged soon and married at 16.Grace s independent thinking may be [...]

    Sandra Strange

    If you need a historical novel that teaches about the court and times of Queen Elizabeth I, this series will provide you with delightful reading, purportedly from the daybook of Lady Grace Cavendish, 13 year old at the beginning of the series maid of honor to the queen This plucky modern seeming heiress, orphaned and raised in the court, along with her friends, a young court acrobat juggler and one of the laundry girls, investigate mysteries to aid their monarch, reveal the villains, and aid the [...]

    Valerie Watson Scheg

    In 1569, Lady Grace Cavendish is thirteen and a lady in waiting at the court of Queen Elizabeth I As she prepares to choose a husband from her trio of suitors, Lady Grace discovers that one of them has been found murdered in his bed Ever inquisitive, Lady Grace becomes determined to find out the truth of the murder, who is responsible, and how the guilty might be brought to justice Lady Grace s propensity for breaking the rules in her quest to solve the crime makes this a lighthearted, amusing m [...]

    Lady Knight

    What a great novel This is a fantastic book to introduce those under ten to the world of mysteries and historical fiction The story is intriguing while keeping the dialogue fairly simple There is a handy glossary in the back for any words that are out of the ordinary Lady Grace is spunky and likable and her deductions seem completely age appropriate and logical Definitely one I d recommend At the age of thirteen Lady Grace Cavendish is a maid of honour to Elizabeth I of England She also happens [...]


    A good, light book that s a good start to a light series It s staged in Elizabethan England, in the palace of Queen Elizabeth Thirteen year old Lady Grace, one of Queen Elizabeth s maid of honors, and apparently her favorite, is supposed to choose a suitor for herself at a ball One of her suitors ends up dead, and Lady Grace takes it upon herself to find out who did it The author did a good job of capturing a thirteen year old girl of back then, who was not yet grown but no longer a child Howeve [...]


    I liked it because it reminded me of a Philippa Gregory type historical fiction I didn t guess the twist, but after the first twist, it seemed to get far fetched with another By the end, I felt like it was a Scooby Doo episode because the villan practically said, And I would ve gotten away with it too if it wasn t for that pesky kid I highly doubt I will continue with the series, because it just got too cheesy for me by the end.


    4.5 5This is the kind of book that I would have adored as an elementary school kid it s how you grow little girls into big Elizabethan literary nerds Ahem.


    I absolutely loved this series It combined everything I was into at the time a royal mystery, a witty character, information about Queen Elizabeth who I have always been interested in , with humor sprinkled in, and believable characters and events I thank my library for displaying this on an endcap for as long as I can remember, which led to me eventually reading it Really good diary style with a bit of history 10 10

    Blabby Gabi

    I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH I found it at the library last summer and read as many of them as I could find idk why it appealed to me so much but I loooove the time period and the writing I like how the mysteries are not outlandish and have fun, unexpected endings READ THESE

    Aimee Brown

    loved it as a kid


    Great for a kids book simple enough for younger minds but not patronising in any way so works well for an adult reader in a slow slump like myself.


    This was such a great book I can t believe that Lord Worthy was the murder and stole all of lady Graces estates

    An Odd1

    In a smaller book size 9x5 and a minimum of scratchy quill pen lines, the dayebook of Grace Cavendish 13 p 64, is believable Her dying mother s letter from the previous year is in italics p 64 The same yellow crusting p 96 on her mother s mouth, the dusty bitter odor p 96 of fictional poison darkwort, are familiar Her uncle is the royal physician, so she knows facts like blood does not flow after death, and fiction like the killer s image appears in the corpse s eyeballs Lord Robert is found dea [...]


    Enjoyable series with lead protagonist a 13 year old girl in Elizabethan era solving crimes

    Samantha Arnold

    Assassin, the first in the Lady Grace Mysteries, is an exciting tale of murder, lies, and mysteries I couldn t figure out who did the crime until just before they announced who the murderer was There were just so many suspects view spoiler I hadn t expected it to be Lord Worthy though Out of all people He killed his own son He could have stopped him from drinking it This just proves what a coward Lord Worthy is And what he did to Lady Grace is unthinkable Sir Charles is such a kind man Lady Grac [...]


    Edit After I bought this book I decided to reread it Let me just say its just as good the second time around as the first was I love the mystery and intrigue Grace is an enjoyable narrator and she s quite clever The setting is amazing Elizabeth while being hot tempered at times is shown in these books as still having a softer side and caring for her charges The rest of the characters are very interesting As I had read this before, I knew who the culpret was This time I noticed the clues that wer [...]


    This is the first book in the Lady Grace Mysteries series, about Lady Grace Cavendish, a thirteen year old Maid of Honour at the court of Queen Elizabeth I Lady Grace Cavendish grew up at the court of Queen Elizabeth I When her mother died after accidentally drinking poison meant for the queen, Elizabeth took the responsibility of securing Grace s future upon herself Now thirteen years old in the spring of 1569, Grace is a Maid of Honor to the queen, and the time has come for her betrothal Even [...]


    flinch The Tutor Court Uh, I suppose Elizabeth was a Tutor but I m not used to hearing her reign thrown in like with the rest of the Tutors If I do end up reading this, I ll have to tip toe carefully I tend to avoid historical fiction like this becaues of how irritated I get with historical inacuracy Thank you, Assassin for reminding me why I don t read historical fiction at the court of Queen Elizabeth I spend to much time analyzing the historical accuracy and too little time attending to the p [...]


    Interesting set up This story or mystery is written as if it were a journal.Lady Grace is a Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I One of her suitors is killed and her favorite suitor is arrested as the main suspect Lady Grace to the rescue Her detective work is pretty good She is observant and intelligent The climax and resolution were well received.So why only three stars Well, I m all for literary license, but there were so many historical inaccuracies with regards to Grace s behavior and abilit [...]


    Lady Grace Cavendish is the Kinsey Milhone of Renaissance tweens, inasmuch as the titles of her mystery solving exploits all start with letters of the alphabet Besides that, her first book written as a diary is funny, smart, and probably historically accurate than a lot of stuff out there I particularly liked that Grace is not the standard historical fiction heroine who doesn t want an arranged marriage, wants to go to school, likes wearing pants better than skirts, hates sewing, etc etc Sure, [...]


    At a time where I had gotten into period mysteries, this series was an interesting read, and I was continually waiting for the next book to come out It was a thrilling little read, full of murder and mystery I loved the pre tense of Grace s mother being a maid of the Queen and that Queen Elizabeth almost adopted her as a daughter and felt obliged to find her a suitor I found the figuring out of the murder very hidden and I couldn t guess the murderer until it was told I just didn t like the whol [...]

    Sarah Richards

    This series of books is very cleverly constructed The titles progress by the letters of the alphabet as well as by theme Another feature i found fantastic and have noted in a few other books is the glossary at the end of each book I think this is a great way for a book to be educational and entertaining I cannot recall how many times I question what a word means and then never get around to looking it up Whereas, these books are classified as children s literature, I found them to be very entert [...]

    (A) Archers at KIPP

    This book is one of my favorite because it talks about how a girl who is shy and timid but very adventures has to solve a mystery before she gets married But then there is a bigger problem, she has to marry her soon to be husband who is suspected to have committed the murder.After I read this story I started to get interested in reading mystery story I would rate this story a 10 because this story makes you think about different options to solve a mystery I think this story is fiction mystery.I [...]


    Le d but de la saga me donne d j envie de lire la suite Lady Grace, demoiselle d honneur aupr s d Elisabeth I re, va se retrouver face au meurtre de l un de ses pr tendants A force de pugnacit , elle va r soudre l affaire qui est moins facile qu elle n en a l air.Un meurtre, du poison, un rang tenir, tout est r uni pour faire un bon policier historique pour les 9 11 ans.Muni d un glossaire et d une note de fin de volume explicative sur la cour elisab thaine, le lecteur apprend beaucoup de choses [...]


    I was first given this book as a Christmas present when I was younger, and I have to admit I wasn t particularly excited about reading it But I am so glad I did This story was so cleverly written it had me on the edge of my seat following the adventures of Lady Grace as she tried to solve the crimes in Queen Elizabeth s palace Assassin was such a clever and creative idea, and gave you great insight into the lives of people in 1500 s England IThis was my first proper look at murder mystery novel, [...]


    A young lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth investigates the mysterious and violent death of one of her suitors Grace Cavendish is a young heiress, and at age 13, she is preparing to be engaged Her fortune makes her attractive, and the queen selects three suitors for her But no sooner has Grace made her choice when one ends up dead and the another finds himself imprisoned for the crime.I would have loved reading this as a kid As an adult, I found it a bit slight and the mystery too transparent It [...]

    Lady Entropy

    So, I decided this month it s going to be Young Adult month I have a pile of books to read waiting for a year or two now, and I decided to just go at it.I m starting with the Grace Cavendish mysteries I ordered a batch of them from Awesome Books after I bought the third one on Hay on Wye, and I m loving this, in the I wish I had read this when I was a little girl kind of way.There s historical background to be learned, as well as a lot of cultural information, and oh, it is so much fun to read T [...]


    This is a really fast read and probably benefit a lot from my having no preconceived notions about it It s written in the first person by a girl who is one of Queen Elizabeth s ladies in waiting Grace Cavendish is precocious perhaps, but not so much as to sound preternaturally sophisticated She s got to pick a husband from among three suitors that the Queen and chosen for her, but right after she makes her choice, one of the suitors is found dead and another is accused of the murder Grace and he [...]

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