Mar 07, 2021
When the Sun Goes Down
Posted by Erin Noelle

Trina is a quiet, reserved music teacher at an inner city elementary school Because of the traumatic events of her childhood, she s skittish of people in general, but men especially frighten her However, when Lucca Ellis appears in her life, he refuses to take no for an answer Will he be able to help her overcome the past that has kept her a prisoner for over eight yearTrina is a quiet, reserved music teacher at an inner city elementary school Because of the traumatic events of her childhood, she s skittish of people in general, but men especially frighten her However, when Lucca Ellis appears in her life, he refuses to take no for an answer Will he be able to help her overcome the past that has kept her a prisoner for over eight years Kat is a woman scorned and out for revenge Wronged by the men in her life, she thrives on belittling and dominating all men that she comes in contact with Her end goal is to make the one man, the one who stole her life away as a child, pay for his actions, and she doesn t care who she has to destroy to get there.These two lives that both thrive on control, were never supposed to overlap, but anything can happen When the Sun Goes Down.

  • Title: When the Sun Goes Down
  • Author: Erin Noelle
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  • Page: 248
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  • When the Sun Goes Down Trina is a quiet reserved music teacher at an inner city elementary school Because of the traumatic events of her childhood she s skittish of people in general but men especially frighten her Howev

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    1.5 Stars Um.what was that For real This book made absolutely no sense to me what so ever None Zero Zilch Nada.Seriously, the whole bookFrom the plot to the dialogue to the MCs EYE ROLL INDUCING.Warning This WILL contain spoilers If you plan to read this book, ABORT NOW Do not continue reading my review It s impossible to give an honest review and explain what I didn t like without spoiling the story.Let s start with the twistHell, maybe it wasn t even supposed to be a twist because it s PAINFUL [...]

    Jennifer Kyle

    I m so sorry but the writing and the story line just wasn t very good.I have read the author s other series and I may have had issues with the ending of that series but her writing was decent throughout all three of those books I m not sure if the author went for the mysterious feel but this story just didn t work for me and was of a painful read.The main characters were weak and their dialogue was cheesy at times and the storyline just dumb Honestly, Lucca was such a lacking character and his [...]

    Sammy ⭐️

    I absolutely bloody loved this book Told from 2 POVs we get an daily look into the lives of Kat and Trina.Trina is a straight laced Elementary School Music teacher, who Keeps herself to herself She s no interest in men or relationships till she has a run in with the Hot new teacher Mr Lucca Ellis Kat well what can I say about Kat, She has her own scale of Crazy and I loved her from the beginning She s a man hater and out for revenge any way she can get it, with the help of her Bodyguard Driver L [...]

    Arabella ~♡AB♡~

    I loved this book Told from 2 POV s we learn about the 2 very different lives of Trina and Kat Trina is a very introverted and reserved woman who works at an Elementary school teaching music which is where she meets Lucca, oh the lovely Lucca.Then we have Kat who is, how do I put itTotally bat shit crazy, but such a great character I loved her A bit OCD, man hating, loves to dominate and out for revenge She has a strange relationship with her driver Leo, oh the lovely Leo.You need to read this b [...]


    I seriously couldn t wait to read this book, as soon as I got the chance I dropped everything to start it, and honestly, the world could have crashed down around me and I wouldn t have noticed, I was dragged into the book right from the prologue Meeting the two women in this story was exciting, they are totally different Trina is a nice woman, she s an elementary school teacher, but she s very reserved I was curious about why she was happy living her life with not much interest in socialising, a [...]


    5 amazing interwoven stars As soon as I started reading this novel, my brain was in complete overdrive on how the story and characters were going to play out Wow We have Trina Foster, an elementary school music teacher She is a loner, preferring to do her job and not connect or have any relationships with her co workers She has no close friends at all except a distant friendship based at school only with Laura, a fellow teacher.Then we get to meet Mr Lucca Ellis, a fill in substitute teacher Fro [...]

    Toski Covey

    I couldn t wait to read and review this book I have LOVED Erin from the moment I read her Metamorphosis book Jan of 2013 Do not be fooled by the fact that she is known for her book boyfriend series She has outdone herself on so many levels with When the Sun goes Down I couldn t be prouder.This story follows two girls stories POV Trina and Kat One Trina is the good girl Teacher, quiet, recluse with no plans to change.The other Kat is anything but those things She s a Strong, beautiful, bold, domi [...]

    Anne OK

    Erin Noelle is a new to me author and one I will keep my eyes on This is not a completely new plot line but the way in which the author builds the momentum and challenges readers to keep guessing is well crafted and unique Although I did figure out the main big reveal before it happened, the author continues with the plot on a second level that didn t hit me until very near the end The characters were fascinating and cleverly portrayed The story gave me several really wow moments that genuinely [...]

    Jen O'grady

    This is an excellent story told in the POV of Trina and Kat, I ll say no about them because I don t want to give away the plot, let s just say it keeps you guessing about how s these women s lives are intertwined.Trina is the reclusive music teacher whilst Kat is a predator on the male species, seemingly intending to damage as many as she can.It s an interesting story but I have to say I guessed a lot of the twists in it before I got to them.Great author certainly one to read for something a li [...]


    ARC provided by author for an honest review It is always a bit nerve wracking before starting a new book by one of your favorite authors What if you don t love it as much as their previous work What if the story or the characters don t grab you the way the ones who came before did But I had nothing to worry about with When the Sun Goes Down Is it different than Erin s previous series Yes I promise you though, that is a VERY good thing.This book is told from dual POV s We hear from Trina, who is [...]


    Ever since I read Erin Noelle s Book Boyfriend series, I became a HUGE FAN of hers, and have been looking forward to her next book When I read When the Sun Goes Down, I was happily surprised how different it was compared to the the BB series, but no less incredible This is a story told by 2 different women s POV, Trina Foster, and Kat Green Trina is a music teacher, and enjoys teaching the kids, but her social life is non existent She has no need or want to have friends, let alone a man in her l [...]

    Mags-- Who Picked This?

    ARC was provided by author for an honest review Trina is a woman hiding something deep and dark Something she doesn t want anyone to know Trina was perfectly okay with being alone, because being alone meant keeping her secret and her heart safe Kat is pissed and angry She loves nothing than taking strong willed men and brining them to their knees Trina s whole world is come upside down the minute she slammed the door into a fellow coworker Lucca came into her world and everything around her sta [...]

    Sofie Hartley

    So, I bet you think you know what you re going to get when you finally get your hands on this little beauty, huh Eh, no No, you re not.What was I expecting after I squealed like a teenager once this ARC hit my Kindle Honestly, I had no idea, but it wasn t that Erin has this uncanny ability to produce story lines that are gripping, different, and hold a sense of realism And my god, she did it again.When The Sun Goes Down is one of my favorite reads of this year, and also one of my favorite reads [...]


    One reason I enjoy Erin Noelle s books so much is because she s not afraid to go against the norm Her stories take her in the direction they want her to go, challenging her to stay true to the storyline and message they want her to tell When the Sun Goes Down is a much darker read than her Book Boyfriend Series It s a unique story told through two very different women s point of views It s an intriguing read because it keeps readers guessing throughout the text as to how these two women are conn [...]

    Juliana Cabrera

    Wow thats all I can say right now This was not the story I expected to read but it was wonderful journey.Ok so here we go.We start with Trina Trina is a 22 yr old music teacher in NYC inner school She is quiet and sheltered with castle walls around her heart Everything changes when Lucca comes crashing into her world and turns it upside down Lucca is instantly attracted to her and determined to find a way in He wants to get to know her come hell or high water Will Trina finally break down the wa [...]

    April Epley

    Well first things first, this book is for 18 readers only please I was introduced to the writings of this author through my very dear friend and I could not be happy that she turned me on to this This was an awesome book and I enjoyed it all at one time I just could not help myself Yeah maybe I should have set it down here and there and made it last longer but that just did not work that way This book starts out in a courtroom setting with a murderer getting a not guilty verdict The young girl [...]

    Sugar and Spice Book Reviews

    Wow This story was woven together perfectly When I started reading, I wasn t sure how this book would play out It has POVs from Kat Trina I got to meet Trina Foster, an elementary school music teacher, who doesn t let anyone get close to her She keeps to herself and doesn t have any close friends, but she does have a female co worker at school that she talks to She doesn t have any relationship with her outside of school While at work one day, she meets Lucca Ellis, who s filling in as a substit [...]


    I loved the concept of this story and the main character This was a very different story for Erin Noelle from her Book Boyfriend series Although from fairly early on in the story you figure out what the main character is up to, the idea behind it is fun and seductive The dual POV is insightful and pulls out interesting character traits Erin Noelle always does a great job of creating book boyfriends that are easy to get wrapped up in Lucca is no different He is sweet, thoughtful, understanding an [...]

    Pearl Reads

    Erin Noelle has done it again She has blown my mind Simply amazing This book was stunning, gripping, sexy, and just WOW I loved all the twists and turns Erin has an amazing way of capturing a readers attention and not letting go until the very end I highly recommend this amazing book



    Dianne Reodique

    I don t wanna sound like a hypocrite and write a stellar review about this book despite my 4 stars rating because there really are some points that made me think like i don t get it, and for several times, it made me want to back down Erin Noelle s BBF series completely captured my heart and it still does until now, but this book was written in a way that did not really stunned me immediately although the plot could have been really interesting to delve into I gave it a high rating however becau [...]


    ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review So, I ve read the first two books in Erin Noelle s Book Boyfriends series But, this book is completely different than that series Just a friendly warning Don t get me wrong, this book has its fair share of swooning and it does have a bit of a love triangle However, When the Sun Goes Down is of a suspense romance I figured out all the plot twists early on, but I ve heard other people were very shocked by the plot twist that was a little after [...]

    Michelle Grad

    I am a great big, for life fan of Erin Noelle Her Book Boyfriend series is one of my favorite series I have ever readke ever,ever This woman could write a book about tax laws and I would probably read it That is how much I love her work So when I heard she had a new book coming out and it was completely different than her other books, I was definitely intrigued and couldn t wait to read it Now that I have, all I can say is holy HELL, WTF and sweet baby Jesus was that an amazing book When the Sun [...]

    Lustful Literature

    JODIE S REVIEW When The Sun Goes Down is told from alternating POV s between Trina and Kat and I will admit at the beginning I literally thought I was reading two different books at one time I kept saying what in the hell is going on I knew Erin had to have a reason for this and I knew from the synopsis I was in for something My brain was going a million miles an hour and I was forming theories while reading I admit it wasn t pretty However, my body isn t on the same page as my brain because the [...]


    WhitezinbookendsFall s ReviewRating 4 Glasses of Wine ARC provided for Honest Review I personally am a HUGE fan of Erin Noelle s I bought her first book Metamorphosis on a whim and quickly fell in love I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to read and review the second two books in the Book Boyfriend series When I heard that Erin had a new book coming out and it was darker and different from the others, I was eager to get a copy As luck would have it I had the chance to receive an ARC for Wh [...]


    You are the light that keeps me from being afraid of the dark Quotes from books stand out to me when they completely encompass the message of entire work That quote comes from the protagonist remembering her mother saying that to her which baffled her in that moment She was a little girl All she could think was how could she be the thing that made her mother feel safe when it was her mother who protected her All the way through the book, there s this sense of vague schizophrenia to it where the [...]

    Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

    Erin Noelle is a go to Author for me I will read any book of hers anytime and know that i will always be satisfied This was no exception to that but WOW it was so different than her norm and WOW just blew me away and she got me good with this book We have Trina and Kat s POV alternating by chapters through the whole book These two girls could not be any different You will find out how their totally different lives merge together and cross paths that almost destroy all they have worked so hard t [...]

    Jennifer Greeff

    Holy crap, where to start this was a completely unexpected book From the synopsis, it sounded sexy and something screamed, sign up for this one Man am I glad that I did When the Sun Goes Down was sultry, sexy, snarky, sad at times and absolutely fun to read Trina is an elementary school music teacher, she is a recluse who keeps the world at arms length during the day At night, Trina turns into Kat, a sultry, sexy, ambitious woman with a dominant confidence about her that grabs men by the balls a [...]

    Tbird London

    I feel like I just came from one of the most delusional planets ever after reading this book The author not only gives us a twisted and confused story about life, she did it with such expertise I sometimes forgot I wasn t in that world while I was reading This book kept me up very late and I cursed the sleep that was demanding my attention because I just needed to figure out who this character was Trina is a quiet music teacher at an elementary school It is clear that her family has scared her a [...]

    FMR Book Grind

    MICHELLE S REVIEW I am a HUGE fan of the Book Boyfriend Series by Erin Noelle From the second I heard about When The Sun Goes Down I knew I had to get my hands on this book I didn t waste any time reading the blurb, I didn t need to read reviews or research this one at all I didn t have to I was starved for Erin Noelle and I was ecstatic to read something, anything, from her again To say I had high hopes for this book would be putting it lightly and I was in no way disappointed So completely di [...]

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