Jan 19, 2021
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The prey becomes the predator.Love That cursed four letter word no longer belongs in Bryna s vocabulary The only four letter word she knows now is gold and fuck.She s well acquainted with that one And that s exactly what she plans to do She s no longer the golden girl, and when she meets a businessman who promises everything she could ever want from the arrangement, sThe prey becomes the predator.Love That cursed four letter word no longer belongs in Bryna s vocabulary The only four letter word she knows now is gold and fuck.She s well acquainted with that one And that s exactly what she plans to do She s no longer the golden girl, and when she meets a businessman who promises everything she could ever want from the arrangement, she intends to get her money s worth.Follow the conclusion to Bryna s gold digging story in this scandalizing, duplicitous second book to the USA Today bestselling author K.A Linde s All That Glitters series.

  • Title: Gold
  • Author: K.A. Linde
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gold The prey becomes the predator Love That cursed four letter word no longer belongs in Bryna s vocabulary The only four letter word she knows now is gold and fuck She s well acquainted with that one And


    5 stars When I start a book by K.A Linde, I expect the angst to be high, there to than likely be than one love interest, for there to be drama, and for it to be high in the steam department Gold lived up to it s expectations And I loved every second of it It s the conclusion of Bryna s story and I was just as captivated reading it as I had been with Diamonds Bryna is not an easy character to love, but my bet is by the end she will win you over like she did me Bryna s a girl who knows who she i [...]

    Jennifer Kyle

    3.5 Seeing, digging whatever Same thing StarsI m a huge K.A Linde fan and have read all her series and for several reasons book one had me interested in reading how things turn out for Byrna and her assortment of possible true loves Sadly, this book although was well written was just too drama rama and young for me Young, selfish, and stupid Byrna s immaturity was only rivaled by her two idiot best friends I m happy that her journey through men landed her in a good place with her family, her car [...]


    4 STARS This wasn t about love This was about lust and diamonds The longer he lusted, the diamonds My first reaction after putting down this book was somewhere between holy cannolis batman and thank gawd I survived this read Honestly, I should have known better by now that KA Linde books should preface with a warning that says Caution Will cause serious heart palpitations and induce ragey feelings that would provoke you to set Kindle on fire Seriously Kyla, you drive me ABSOLUTE nuts with all y [...]


    Gold is the sequel and conclusion to Bryna s story When I read Diamonds I wasn t sure I was going to love this character Honestly, she is pretty easy to hate However, the I got to know her the I felt sorry for her She is just a teenager, abandoned and seeking attention from any source she can find This is who I am I m the queen bitch I accept my crown and title Take it, or leave it I ve never pretended to be anyone else and I never will Bryna s story picks up with her in college in Las Vegas T [...]


    4.5 Golden stars In this instalment we follow Bri on her college year as a freshman After the disaster she had endured at Diamonds, Bryna has decided that she s going to be a gold digger Not because she doesn t have already money, but because the situation with Jude had left her powerless and she needs to get back the control She s queen Bee after all We can notice a change in Bryna, in this journey, while she s trying to piece back herself She has made friends, something she wasn t so good at h [...]


    Bryna s story concludes in Gold, the follow up to Diamonds After Jude showed her just the kind of guy he was, Bryna is starting over In college and ready to take the lessons Jude taught her and land herself her own sugar daddy But this time, she s the one in control There is no chance of heartbreak because love is not the four letter word that Bryna is interested in.You can t read a K.A Linde book without taking certain precautions, it s a lesson you only have to learn once Booze and a safety st [...]


    arc provided by author for honest review Only Kyla can write a book where I hate the main character for 80% of the book and yet I still like the story The end was worth the ride

    Jessica(Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)

    3.5 STARSGold is the epitome of pure decadence, sensual indulgence and sinful guilty pleasures Fraught with angst and sex and a seemingly vapid heroine with a blackened heart of gold, K.A Linde s Gold is everything we re conditioned to hate in a story, yet we can t help but fall deeply in love with This story took me on a ride of frustration and dread, longing and lust, dismay and surprise.If you read Diamonds, you know that Bryna had her hands full juggling the men in her life in high school Ga [...]


    DNF I ve tried to finish this book two times now But I just can t get past Bryna s ridiculous actions Diamonds was a good setup for Gold, but Bryna s character seemed to go downhill I m sure she has some character growth eventually at least I hope so but I just can t make myself read to the end It s all just over the top silliness P.S I m still a big fan of K.A Linde, but this series is not for me.

    Christine (Shh Moms Reading)

    3.5 stars i loved where this story went and how it all came together.Kyla writes characters that at times make you want to tear your hair out lol but that s what makes her stories work for so manyher ability to captivate her audience and to draw us into her stories.Bryna showed a lot of growth in Gold growth within herself, in her love life and in her family dynamic and at the end of this story, it left a smile on my face

    Spoiler Whore of Pettysburg

    And so Gold concludes the story of Bryna and her antics on finding what she thought was missing all along.LOVE Who she finds it with was the best choice she could make The person that was there for her, the person who put up with her silliness, the person who saw past the person she tried to portray Bryna s calculating ways is immature and that put me off of her character but then I realized she is only eighteen so I give some leeway for that and hopefully with her choice in love, it can mature [...]

    Christy P

    After Diamonds ended, I was rooting for Bryna to wreak major havoc in this story I wanted her to rip out hearts and take names later But after starting Gold I decided Bri deserved so much Bri hides behind her stone heart She needs love BUT she doesn t believe in love She likes using and being used because it makes her feel wanted, something she s never really felt before As she tries to push back her feelings, someone is trying desperately to bring them out This story was like watching a puzzle [...]

    Tough Critic Book Reviews

    Diamonds All That Glitters, Book 1 was met with mixed emotions readers were suffocated by their own ambivalence and frustration These emotions fueled intense feelings, both negative and positive I personally thrive on any emotion a book can create, even if that feeling strongly resembles hate For others though, these emotions can alienate them from truly connecting to a story or most importantly, the characters In this case, it was the heroine, Bryna, who was the trigger The loaded gun She was a [...]

    Anne OK

    A solid ending to what I considered to be a bit of an outrageous cry for love by Brynna I did, however, love THE ONE she finally chose He was a stand up guy holding back some vital information of his own one being the answer to a shocker Brynna received in the first book There were lots of interesting secondary characters, some we met in Book 1, along with a few new ones, and enough angst and fashion statements to choke a gorilla Yeah, this series is a bit over the top but still fun to read


    Holy shit that preview is hot I want this now

    Karen Mc

    Gold, the sensational sequel to Diamonds, is one great gem of a masterpiece where K.A Linde definitely strikes gold with her magnificent Midas touch Like Diamonds, Gold is different, decadent, a bit dangerous, and oh so divine I breezed through Gold with lightning speed and did not want to stop devouring the conclusion to the Diamonds saga and could hardly put these pages of pure pleasure down My emotions when reading were a merry go round of feelings that spun around quite a bit angst, madness, [...]

    Donna Book Passion for Life

    Gold is the stunning follow up to Diamonds by author K.A Linde and what a fantastic read it was Bryna s had her heart broken once and she s determined not to let it happen again She s decided to become the very thing Jude accused her of being a gold digger and now Bryna has set her sights a guy she s just met who loves plashing cash about Buy Bryna knows she needs to play this one cool if she wants the results she s looking for So let the game begin I didn t know what to expect before heading in [...]


    Title GoldSeries All That Glitter, 2Author K.A LindeSource Purchased eBookGenre ContemporaryAge Group New AdultPoint of View ThirdHappily Ever After view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Release Date July 7th, 2015Date Read July 8th, 2015Overall Rating 5 StarsK.A Linde took me on a ride with her All that Glitter Series and I seriously fallin in love with her writing Ever since I read Diamonds I ve been completely hooked And this was on top of my list to read, none of K.A Linde books need an introduction [...]


    The problem with jumping is that you re as likely to end up broken as you are to being saved Oh my freaking god This woman and her amazing talent with words never cease to amaze me I fell in love with Bri in Diamonds and haven t stopped falling since She is just so freaking fun She owns her bitch like a model owns the runway and isn t ashamed of it She makes no apologies for who she is and I absolutely love how forward she is She has such a big heart, but she guards it out of fear She dances on [...]


    5 GOLDEN, GLITTERY STARS Review Before the release of the book I kept checking out the reviews hoping for a small clue There was none I felt like everyone was teasing me Now, I felt great knowing how the book turned out the wait was truly worth it.I ve finished it and could I just say to K.A Linde THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS BOOK WITH US.I love Bri, love her bitchiness love the way she protects herself and her heart I can t say much that may spoil the book I love that it was one hell of a rollerc [...]


    It s a good thing I read K.A Linde s books at home People would probably think I am insane if they saw my reactions That is all for now It was brilliant She is always brilliant


    4.5 entertaining stars.


    I am really very happy about this book, I read it before it was released and, rest assured, it was hard to contain my excitement Minor spoiler We have a continuation of Bryna and her gold digging ways, however it s set in the future when she has started college As you know, life slammed her down at the end of diamonds Well, life didn t start off so hot for our dear bitchy Bryna in Gold either Things happen, or should I say men happen, in this book as well but there is one that could possibly tur [...]

    Smut Fanatics

    Click here to read my entire review What I Loved I think the better question is what didn t I love This was what I was waiting for in Bryna s story Of course it was a long windy road but it just made the ending all the sweet The story had all the elements I love when I m reading, it had drama, love, sex, happiness, sadness, hate, anger and so much We meet Bryna in her freshman year of college, with one goal in mind other than cheer and football of course and that s gold digging Bryna has once [...]


    K.A nailed the conclusion to Bryna s story in Gold Now, technically, you could read this one as a standalone however, I do think you ll understand Bryna s motivations better if you read Diamonds first You ll also be able to appreciate the TREMENDOUS growth in her character throughout this book if you start with Diamonds I finished this about a week ago in one sitting, wishing I was able to speed read I loved watching Bryna learn, the hard way, that maybe gold digging wasn t all fun and games The [...]


    WOW I think this review may be short and sweet.Not what I was expectingAT ALL Bryna, our gold digging, lost little girl from Diamonds, is now in college What you are expecting in this book is not what you will get s even better.KA Linde has is all in this book The HOT football players Andrew, Marshall the entire LV Football team , a multi millionaire Hugh , some bitchy cheerleaders Stacia, Trihn, Maya not a cheerleader but still a bad ass , a boy next door Eric and of course Bryna.How will our g [...]


    4.5 self destructive stars Whew If you re looking for anangsty read, look no further This book delivers everything that you need, especially the first 80% Never have I imagined this book to rouse a lot of emotions from me although most of them were anger and frustrations I didn t know what to expect on how things would turn out after reading Diamonds since we all know that Ms Linde is quite unpredictable Also, I don t know how she did it but even though Bryna was not the heroine one would root f [...]

    A Beautiful Book Blog

    I dove into this book the minute I finished book 1 OMG This book did not disappoint Bri now older Off to a new place Same bitchiness, a little wiser, still holding on to a lot of hurt I can t even start to explain how once again this book was like the best drama field TV show Its like that guilty pleasure you can not put down KA Linde really throw me in a loop with this book I had no idea who or what was going to happen to Bri Her love life was up in the air But I loved seeing her open up, I lo [...]


    Four stars for Bryna and EricThis two book series was different than most I have ever read Book one and book two are mostly two different stories but most of the same characters At first I was mad about this I wanted Jude to get his stuff together, become a better man and to love Bryna like he should I realized though wouldn t I much rather have a character who does some soul searching and truly becomes a better person Probably because before Bryna s personality was just downright ugly After I s [...]


    I was hoping for many things and K.A.Linde did not disappoint After Diamonds, I couldn t wait to see how Bri was going to handle herself I mean she has a lot of bitterness, bitchiness, is a lot mature.In Gold, you get to see Bri change You get of her past story with her parents Of course you get her love life of a roller coaster You get to see Bri open up, you see a softer side of her This book is a perfect follow up and it is a must read.

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