Apr 15, 2021
The Lamb and the Fuhrer: Jesus Talks with Hitler
Posted by Ravi Zacharias

Destruction and Evil Meet Life and Peace Adolf Hitler spilled the blood of millions for his own sake Jesus Christ shed his own blood for the sake of millions Hitler set himself up as a god and the masses succumbed Jesus Christ was God in the form of lowly man Hitler created a living hell for the masses Jesus endured hell to save the masses Hitler s name is synonymousDestruction and Evil Meet Life and Peace Adolf Hitler spilled the blood of millions for his own sake Jesus Christ shed his own blood for the sake of millions Hitler set himself up as a god and the masses succumbed Jesus Christ was God in the form of lowly man Hitler created a living hell for the masses Jesus endured hell to save the masses Hitler s name is synonymous with power, evil, and genocide Jesus name with love, peace, and life Put the two in a room together and you won t believe your ears The third compelling book in Ravi Zacharias Great Conversations series addresses fundamental issues of life and death, the evil of violence in light of the value of human life, and other tough issues in modern society Adolf Hitler Evil Hatred Pride Destruction Jesus Christ Peace Love Humility Life What could they possibly have to talk about In this compelling dialogue, two men of contrasting values meet face to face They address fundamental issues of life and death, the evil of violence in light of the value of human life, and the timeless search for unity in diversity Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor Hitler ordered hanged, joins in and the heat intensifies when the three begin to weigh the value of relationships, love, and forgiveness You won t want to miss this imaginative discourse that will take you inside the mind of one of the most brutal tyrants of all time and the very God who made him The works of Rav

  • Title: The Lamb and the Fuhrer: Jesus Talks with Hitler
  • Author: Ravi Zacharias
  • ISBN: 9781590523940
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Lamb and the Fuhrer Jesus Talks with Hitler Destruction and Evil Meet Life and Peace Adolf Hitler spilled the blood of millions for his own sake Jesus Christ shed his own blood for the sake of millions Hitler set himself up as a god and the mas

    Jesseca Wheaton

    I want this book on my shelf If this hadn t been a library book, it would have been almost totally highlighted Ravi Zacharias s writings never ceases to cause me to stop and think I m literally not even sure what to say about this If you want to see and better understand the huge difference between the religion taught in Nazi Germany and the Gospel of Christ, then you need to read this I m not sure what else to say It s amazing Read it


    I love these books Read this in one day two cups of coffee in different locations Ravi is just about my favorite human being on this planet don t tell my dog he won t understand and i m attempting to read all of his books I m getting there This book is one of the few that i m not sure I totally agree with Ravi has Jesus saying I would like to take you to My Father Adolph He awaits all who will come to Him Just follow Me Would Jesus really say that In a twisty kind of way perhaps, similar to His [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)

    Home time ago I read a book, Between Heaven Hell It is a fictional conversation between Aldous Huxley, John F Kennedy and C.S Lewis just on the other side of death the three all died on the same day It was an insightful read and is one I like and even value.This book is supposed to be a fictional account between Jesus and Hitler with Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a sort of witness Sadly this book wasn t really up to what I d hoped to find While it will to some be an uplifting read at least I suppose it [...]

    Adam Graham

    Peter Kreeft is good at these sort of books containing fictional dialogues between historical people Unfortunately, Ravi Zacharias not so much in this book Zacharias Jesus doesn t really sound anything like Jesus as he rolls off dry apologetics and polemic statements About a third of the way into the book, Dietrich Bonhoeffer joins the conversation and it becomes a double team Of course, the challenge with doing Hitler is that he s so indisputably evil, there s no one to reach through niceties I [...]


    Ravi Zacharias clearly lays out in conversational tone some of the main tenants of the Gospel and scripture What does it mean to be created in the image of God Why is human life important What is the true pursuit of glory What is the purpose of the church What does the separation of church and state look like from a scriptural point of view A great read for an introduction into the philosophical underpinnings of the Bible through conversation with an imposing figure in scripture.The writing itse [...]


    A veces necesitamos de libros como estos para abrir m s nuestros ojos.La historia de lo que pas en Alemania durante la vida de Hitler, es realmente terror fica Este libro, es grandioso, no quiero hacer spoiler, as que no dar detalles, pero s debo decir que debemos de arrepentirnos antes de que seamos llevados al final de la vida y nos encontremos con Aqu l quien nos cre.Abramos nuestro coraz n hacia l y am monos los unos a los otros como Jes s lo hizo.

    Yo Leo Ficción Cristiana

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    Una incre ble historia


    Dull Platitudes that Ignore the Reality of ChristianityRavi introduces his book by comparing Jesus to Adolf Hitler What he forgets to mention is the blood soaked history of Christianity, especially over the thousand years that were the Dark Ages He ignores the true meaning of the word sacrifice a permanent loss given up for the greater good and lumps Jesus in the same category as Bill Gates and Doctors Without Borders They sacrificed far than Ravi s mythological figure, who, according to his ow [...]


    Others have rightly compared this book to the one by Peter Kreeft on a postmortem encounter between Lewis, Huxley, Kennedy, which I have also read It definitely wasn t as good as Kreeft s book and I didn t think that was that great, but it was better than this one So as for this book not terrible not great somewhere in between Zacharias had some good ideas such as working in Bonhoeffer s Who Am I but unfortunately all the characters, including Jesus, still seemed rather flat They all seemed lik [...]

    Wendy Rabe

    This book had some interesting facts about the Third Reich and made solid points about how Hitler s violent actions were totally consistent with a naturalistic worldview It also contrasted God s view of relationship, as demonstrated in the eternal, perfect relationship between the persons of the Trinity, and Hitler s view that relationships, and people created in God s image, were disposable and only a means to self exaltation and achieving his own designs.The book also wrestled with a seeming c [...]


    This is another work by Ravi Zacharias where he writes of an imaginary dialogue between famous people in history In this book, it centers on the conversation between Hitler and Jesus I ve enjoyed other works by the author in the similar vein as this book, but I thought it was not as superb as the one Zacharias wrote on Jesus and Buddha titled, The Lotus and the Cross It is hard to situate a realistic setting of Jesus dialoguing with Hitler, and the beginning of the book begins with an American t [...]

    Rachel N

    I first heard of Ravi Zacharias when I lived in India The Christians there highly esteemed him as a great man of God and could not believe that I had never heard of him Since then I have read several of his books and had an opportunity to hear him speak at University Presbyterian in Seattle He is renown in the field of apologetics worldview and, as an East Indian, brings a unique perspective to the field His teachings and writings are deeply profound In his Great Conversations series, Zacharias [...]


    I ve read the other books in this series, the with Krishna and Buddha have both been good This was an interesting book to read, howeve I feel Mr Zacharias failed to allow Hitler to rebut to Jesus talk about the Old Testament and how God allowed the Israelites to smite whole nations including women and children Though he did a good job of presenting how Jesus can speak to Hitler, and included Bonhoeffer, I think that Ravi did a poor job of presenting a in depth conversation that I really think c [...]

    Becky B

    Normally, I really like Zacharias writing, but the first half of this book did not impress me I felt it was awkward and disjointed All of a sudden you re in the middle of the conversation of two modern day people but there s no introduction to them Eventually you figure out they re setting the scene for the rest of the book, but I really wish Ravi had done it differently Thankfully, the second half of the book is much better When we finally got around to the three way conversation between Jesus, [...]

    Steve Penner

    This very brief book is an imagined conversation following Hitler s death at the judgment seat of Jesus with a few witnesses called, but mostly Dietrich Bonhoeffer Zacharias uses the conversation to expound his version of the Christian role in politics I enjoyed it although some find the whole genre highly suspect It is most reminiscent of Peter Kreeft s Between Heaven and Hell with overtones of C S Lewis The Great Divorce If you don t mind the imaginative and intellectual nature of this politic [...]


    Great bookally captured the mindset of Hitler It also shows what it is to love people reguardless of their ethnicity, race, background, you name it but that we are all made by God and should be treated justly reguardlessd how denying that truth comes from the lack of trusting that God made man Heads into some major issues as to the fallibility in believing in an Evolutionary theory I noticed Ravi points out an important truth for those who don t know about the ever present Hell that awaits those [...]

    Jesus Tarazona

    Vaya c mic Verdaderamente una interesant sima obra sobre c mo ser a la conversaci n entre Hitler y Jesucristo Esto es para aquellos que creen que el cristianismo es s lo una creencia tonta sin fundamentos, se equivocan, todo trae una consecuencia y explicaci n teol gica profunda e interesante que deber amos averiguar en vez de criticar y creernos intelectuales por hacerlo De verdad que Dios habla a trav s de estas obras que despejan muchas dudas metaf sicas y existenciales que se tienen a la hor [...]

    Ken Mullins

    The reconciliation of liberty with law can be accomplished only when the heart is in tune with a higher law than merely man s law When a people who have recognized their sin turn to God s grace, His law is seen a defining for the soul and for the well being of a nation Without redemption the law only serves to condemn them and draw attention to their shortcomings page 80 Well written, easy to read book, but full of deep truths.


    Not knowing what to expect, I found a plausible interpretation of heaven, judgment, and a multitude of other topics from Ravi Zacharias It provides some interesting details from Adolf Hitler s life, particularly during his time as Fuhrer Near the end, the dialogue and reasoning became much clearer than earlier on, talking about power, love, and church state relations Zacharias definitely explains the Scriptures well in this little book about Hitler and Christ.

    Patricia B. Gross

    Awesome evangelizing toolAwesome evangelizing toolThis comic is full of the theology of God s love written in a way that is easy to understand The comic book format lends an entertainment aspect that could get people to read it when they might not initially want to read the Bible and then lead to a thirst for further Bible study and their subsequent salvation.


    Ravi has a way of communicating that resonates with most individuals For me, this dialogue between Jesus and Hitler was what I would imagine it to be in reality It wasn t all that deep in theology or philosophy but it seemed to bring a vivid personal sense that outstripped the academic depth that many apologetic books are known for In my opinion, it was a very enjoyable short book on Ravi s perspective on how Hitler s encounter was when he met Jesus.

    Ashton Herrod

    Wow, Ravi certainly took on a heavy topic, but I felt he did it with truth and sensitivity Of course, we can t know what an actual conversation between these two would look like, but Ravi has given us a picture of a possibility Ravi seems to know who Jesus is in his portrayal of him A great read I am glad to have read it.


    What would it have been likeat first moment Hitler was standing before His Maker a nanosecond after his earthly life was done What might he have said to Jesus Christ What answers might he have received Zacharias a brilliant thinker imagines just that conversationd it brings great issues and ideas to light.


    A very interesting look at what Christ might have said to Hitler when he was judged What s sad is how likely his attitude as portrayed in the book would be to the real one and to other atheists outlooks.

    Patrick Byrd

    I love Ravi His intelligence along with his gift to teach really comes through in this great conversation between two very different characters from history I love the guest appearance of Dietrich Bohoeffer

    Cosmin-Sorin Plesa

    Problema cea mai mare a filozofiei, a culturii si a inimii umane este unitatea in diversitate Vazand tot ce se intampla in jurul nostru, cum putem sa gasim armonia sufletului si armonia dintre oameni

    Jo Ann Mooneyham

    Ravi brings Hitler and Bonhoeffer to life as they converse with Jesus after death True facts of their lives were interwoven to make this dialogue even penetratingly real Have read all Ravi s conversational books and each one was riveting


    I actually learned some interesting facts about Hitler that I didn t know as well as getting an easy to digest philosphical investigation into the conflict between Hitler and the true teachings of Christ Well worth the read.


    Not anywhere near as interesting as the other books in the series.

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