Apr 20, 2021
One Love
Posted by Cedella Marley Bob Marley

Adapted from one of Bob Marley s most beloved songs, One Love brings the joyful spirit and unforgettable lyrics of his music to life for a new generation Readers will delight in dancing to the beat and feeling the positive groove of change when one girl enlists her community to help transform her neighborhood for the better Adapted by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley s first cAdapted from one of Bob Marley s most beloved songs, One Love brings the joyful spirit and unforgettable lyrics of his music to life for a new generation Readers will delight in dancing to the beat and feeling the positive groove of change when one girl enlists her community to help transform her neighborhood for the better Adapted by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley s first child, and gorgeously illustrated by Vanessa Newton, this heartwarming picture book offers an upbeat testament to the amazing things that can happen when we all get together with one love in our hearts.

  • Title: One Love
  • Author: Cedella Marley Bob Marley
  • ISBN: 9781452102245
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One Love Adapted from one of Bob Marley s most beloved songs One Love brings the joyful spirit and unforgettable lyrics of his music to life for a new generation Readers will delight in dancing to the beat an


    Relying on the lyrics of her famous father s song, Cedella Marley celebrates the healing power of love to transform lives and even landscapes I particularly liked how the change comes through the example of a young girl who enlists her family, friends, and neighbors to clean up the community and create a green space which they all can enjoy The storyline shows that anyone can change the world by starting with a small part of it The mixed media and digital illustrations are colorful and filled wi [...]


    This book for very young children is adapted by a daughter of Bob Marley from one of his most popular songs The illustrations by Vanessa Brantley Newton are bright and cheery and show a diverse collection of people celebrating the joys of cooperation and community The song One Love expresses these sentiments, and was named Song Of The Millennium by the British Broadcasting Corporation One love, one heartLet s get together and feel all rightAs it was in the beginning One love So shall it be in th [...]


    Bob Marley s daughter has written a wonderful tribute to her dad with this adaptation of his song, One Love The illustrations are bright and show a diverse neighborhood sharing love Sing the book Read the song for SRP 2015


    A book that would have been better with a CD of the song.


    Originally posted at mrschureads 2011 Cedella Marley, Bob Marley s oldest child, brings her father s well liked song, One Love, to life for a new generation In Cedella s adaptation, a determined little girl shows her family, friends, and neighbors how love and teamwork make a community a better place Vanessa Brantley Newton s colorful illustrations nicely extend the story and almost pop from the page.I was curious about Cedella s process for adapting her father s beloved song Thankfully, she s h [...]


    Sometimes the smiles on an illustration can make your own face light up I found that was definitely the case with One Love Cedella Marley takes the basic lyrics of her father s well known song and put together a short and endearing little book A happy little brown girl with dreadlock pigtails is joining along with her family and neighborhood to build One Love Park , while she remarks on how she find love throughout her world Small nods to Bob Marley are found within the pages as his likeness is [...]

    Anna Squires-Marshall

    I enjoyed this book The book is an adaptation of the song One Love by Bob Marley, a West Indian Musician who helped shape the way the reggae music industry and the Rastafarian movement is viewed across the world The book would be excellent for promoting a family environment inside and outside of the classroom Its vocabulary is simple and the illustrations depict a wide variety of people The book is basically the lyrics to the song, but the illustrations help make the picture You have a Caribbean [...]

    Brianna Lyons

    This was a cute book, written by Bob Marley s daughter and based on his famous song One love The illustrations were lovely, but didn t always match up with the words In fact, much of the story is metaphorical Textually, she talks about how one love gives to many different things Such as the one love her parents give her, or the one love Mother Earth gives to the trees Pictorially, the story is saying one love is community giving back and keeping the earth clean, and planting things, and just enj [...]


    A young girl is determined to bring her friends, family, and community together to clean up the trash and weeds that have taken over an abandoned lot Loved the illustrations, so vibrant and happy, that really highlight the love, happiness, and friendship that is displayed in this book I also loved the diversity of characters in this book It showed how a community can come together despite cultural differences race, age, gender to make a neighborhood an enjoyable place for all The book read like [...]


    As heartwarming and exuberant as one would expect of a book featuring the lyrics to Bob Marley s famous song, One Love falls a bit flat as a picture book for any but the very young The target audience is probably two year olds, and when read with kindergartners, they were clearly putting up with it rather than getting into it I think that the ideal adaptation would include a storyline of a child s day with the lyrics appearing as events occur, perhaps a character or several characters would spea [...]

    Tina ( As Told By Tina )

    I am a huge Bob Marley fan and when I saw one of his children had taken One Love and turned it into a children s book, I immediately bought it I loved how the lyrics transformed into a story I loved how the illustrations made the story come to life Everything was bright and colorful I loved how there were characters of different ethnicities represented throughout the book I thought that was so important especially because Bob Marley really stood for trying to bring everyone together I have seen [...]


    This book is great because it could be taught anywhere from preschool aged to mid elementary students This book s focal point is it s illustrations which carry the story and it goest to the song lyrics of One Love by Bob Marley This is fitting as the author is Bob s oldest daughter The story follows a little girl who is determined to get her neighbors to make their neighborhood a better place by cleaning up garbage and creating a green space for their hood I liked that Bob Marley is shown on the [...]

    Suzanne Moore

    Bob Marley is one of my favorite artists His reggae rhythm creates a relaxing, joyful mood One Love describes a beautiful feeling when hearts join and share the goodness of life with each other Cedella, Bob s daughter adapted this song into a beautifully illustrated children s book The characters in the pictures portray a multicultural mix of children and adults who are working together to clean up a park the One Love Park One guy is wearing a Marley t shirt, which I thought was cool Bob s spiri [...]

    Liza Gilbert

    This is a lovely book based on Bob Marley s iconic song The images show a little girl with her family, friends, and finally her diverse community I greatly appreciated that white characters are the minority in this book instead of having a black girl in the center of a white community This definitely helps fill a void in children s picture books.The illustrations also start small with the little girl and build to encompass an entire neighborhood, just as the song builds This is a welcome additio [...]


    This story was created as an adaption from Bob Marley s song One Love by his daughter Cedella This story travels through this song, with a little girl who invites all her friends and family to help rebuild their community As we further read this story, we see them work together diligently creating One love park This book is so fun loving and enjoyable to read because it promotes social skills and also building community and how we need everyone to create and invoke change Children will see the d [...]


    Marley has adapted her father Bob Marley s famous song into this picture book The book follows the same arc as the song, but is simplified considerably Fans of the song will definitely try to sing along with the words since they are so iconic Children who don t know the song will discover a vibrant picture book where the words give the emotion, but the pictures tell the story It s the story of a community coming together to turn a vacant lot into a park, One Love Park.Read the rest of the review [...]


    Any Bob Marley fan will fall in love with this book based off the infamous song One Love The promotion of community is displayed through out the story and how working together will bring people together and produce positive results and emotions Like her father, Cedella Marley uses words to bring power and meaning Love has power and is expressed in the form of a young girl who encourages her family and friends to clean up her community creating sustainability Vanessa Brantley Newton s illustratio [...]

    Laura Mcclanahan

    Genre Children s Picture BooksFollowing the words of Bob Marley s famous song, Cedella Marley inserts her own themes and phrases teaching children to take care of the planet, to cherish each other, and to show good will The story is designed for the reader to almost sing along, each phrase spread out over multiple pages in order to allow the reader to slow down and see the vivid paintings Though simplistic and predictable, the story has a strong moral and could easily be a come back together or [...]

    Donna Roy

    This is a great book that goes along with song, One Love The children would pick up and sing a long with this song quite naturally The little girl focuses on the community as a whole, making sure that they understood what diversity meant The illustrations are beautiful.Learning Experience The children can do an activity on diversity with learning about each child s culture background The children could have their families to make a dish and bring to class to share to demonstrate that it doesn t [...]

    Amy Lafleur

    This picture book adaptation of Bob Marley s classic song One Love shows families and people of all races and backgrounds working together to make a park The colorful illustrations and song lyrics themselves exude happiness and positivity as it shows love between family members and a love for nature and Mother Earth Lovely adaptation to share from Cedella Marley Bob Marley s daughter that makes the world a little bit better.


    We really enjoyed this wonderful picture book Cedella Marley brought her father s message of love from a song from his lyrics called One Love, to this vivid and amazing children s book of colorful illustrations from the talented Vanessa Brantley Newton The message from One Love brought a community of people together as one, with one girls determination to beautify a neighborhood park for people come together to sing and dance to the lyrics of One Love.

    Christina Davis

    Based on the song by Bob Marley, One Love You can sing or speak this book I would prefer to sing it because it s just fun that way The illustrations show children of different race playing together an interracial family different animals getting along I bought this book at a book fair for my collection It would be fun to play the actual song One Love after reading this to the classroom Maybe have the kids hold hands while they sing, or incorporate some sort of dance to it.


    A beautifully illustrated book that brings to life Bob Marely s song, One Love The pictures are large, yet detailed which are good for young children This would be a really good bedtime story as there s not a lot of text, but enough images to promote discussion I can t wait to read this to my kindergarten students in the new year and get them excited to write about their world and the people and world they love Good for kids aged 2 6.

    Daniella Velasquez

    I had no idea they had this book I love the song And this book is an amazing read for children It has so many different cultures and it can show children that we are all different but that we call still love each other I enjoyed it so much I need to get it as soon as I can Extension We can do a learning experience with different cultures around the world And explain to the children about their different customs, beliefs and much .

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Yes, it s that song and it s been reworked by that songwriter s daughter take a second look at her last name if you think I joke Like some of the popular songs of the Beatles, this one is both trite and profound in its simplicity The illustrations are brilliantly colored and that lifts the song a bit out of its jarring repetition One love, one heart, let s get together and feel all right

    Daniel Riles

    One Love is by Cedella Marley who has adapted a few of her father s songs into children s books One Love is beautiful As the lyrics carry a beautiful message to my kids and dredge up good memories from high school, the art tells the story of a diverse neighborhood coming together to clean up a junked lot and turn it into a gardening and gathering place Lots to love here with age, race, and other diversity well represented Very engaging art by Vanessa Brantley Newton.


    The author did a fabulous job of showing the message of love and community from this moving song by Bob Marley Why is it that the though of a united world seems so unobtainable when the message is so simple This book would be wonderful to read around Earth Day or anytime a town, community, street or school can come together and organize a neighborhood clean up.


    The words from this book are from the famous song by Bob Marley, One Love I think it would be a nice book for children to actually sing the song from the book but the lyrics might be too complex for the younger students to understand For older students, they could interpret the lyrics to try and see what the message the musician was trying to convey.


    One Love by Cedella Marley is based on the song by her father, Bob Marley It is a story of coming together for the benefit of the whole community and for Mother Earth.Learning Extension This is an excellent feel good book for childrens creative, language, and linguistic development Children might like to draw an earth and tell what makes the earth go around.

    Aleisha Pendleton

    I love everything about this book, the pictures, the words, and the meaning I love that there is a song to go with it as well There are so many different ways to use this in the classroom It is a great way to teach the children to work together and what a difference we can make if we all put out love.

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