Apr 15, 2021
الطريق إلى مكة
Posted by Muhammad Asad محمد أسد رفعت السيد علي

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  • Title: الطريق إلى مكة
  • Author: Muhammad Asad محمد أسد رفعت السيد علي
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
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    Ebrahim Abdulla


    أحمد أبازيد Ahmad Abazed

    Alp Eren Topal

    There are enough reviews by other people, which does the justice to the book Yet I just want to add that Leopold Weis Muhammad Asad s life is the testimony to one thing Can a modern secular mind find it way into Islam and appreciate its truth And if so how is this possible As I was born in and raised into a Muslim society, I took it for granted that Islam was the true calling of God Yet after I have started studyin social sciences and Western society, the question above has become increasingly p [...]




    The I try to make sense of my path so far as a Muslim, the the experiences seem to expand themselves in front of me and escape words I cannot pin down what I m living, seeing, realizing into language I can only approximate, and at times try to make sense of it through the writings of others The idea of Islam being a consummation of all primordial divine truth, and therefore not a late religion, but ONE religion is the concept that has spoken to me most as of late In this light, the particular [...]

    Nawal Al-Qussyer



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    Mizo ۞

    , 2016.

    غيث حسن



    When I first read this book it instilled in me a wonderous vision When I read it again it filled me with a critical history When I picked it up a few years later, I read it as a man searching In this, it s great.This book changed the direction of my life It was not because I was lost, for I still am lost today, but it showed me that people do change the worlds in changing themselves.The book is an autobiographical account of an Austrian Jew named Leopold Weiss who through time and experience bec [...]

    Lamia Al-Qahtani


    Asmaa M




    Marmor Owais



    Kitab ilk kez Bibliyofil de Furkan al kan n a z ndan duydum ve M nir st n n de ciddi bir hayranl kla bahsetmesi zerine almaya karar verdim Hayli ilgi ekici bir hik yeydi Koyu bir Yahudi ailesinden gelen bir gencin kendi iste i ve aray lar yla M sl man olmas lk sayfalarda oklukla Bat ile Do u aras nda kar la t rmalar yapan Esed, Bat n n kimi konulardaki ikiy zl l nden, Do ulular hakir g rmelerinden ve benzer konulardan bahsetti i i in mitli ba lam t m kitaba lakin sayfalar ge tik e evkim k r ld l [...]

    Najla Hammad




    Abdullah Abdulrahman

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    Diaa Awawda


    Muhammad Asad Leopold Weiss was an Austrian convert from Judaism to Islam in the early 20th century His life took him across the Muslim world and into the orbit of some of its most important contemporary historical figures This book is part travelogue, part biography, and part exploration of his journey towards Islam.Asad was a personal adviser to King Abdulaziz bin Saud during the period in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed, and his reflections and observations of Arabia before this [...]

    Khalid Albadrani

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    Yassen Gargoom


    The Road to Mecca represents a most interesting exceedingly interior pilgrimage tale of Leopold Weiss, born in 1900 in what is today Lvov, Ukraine previously Lemberg in Galicia, then part of the Austro Hungarian Empire , descendent of a long line of rabbis The book is in fact the autobiography of Muhammad Asad and the story of this most radical transformation is quite stunning, a conversion of faith enmeshed in a long pattern of travel work as a journalist by the erstwhile Weiss, whose rather af [...]


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    Abeer Alamri

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    عبدالرحمن الراشد

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    إيمان عبد المنعم


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