Dec 03, 2021
The House of a Thousand Candles
Posted by Meredith Nicholson

Unlimited The House of a Thousand Candles - by Meredith Nicholson - The House of a Thousand Candles, The House of a Thousand Candles Nicholson lived and traveled extensively in Indiana and it was a rich resource for his writing The House of a Thousand Candles provides readers with the view of an outsider coming to Indiana The

  • Title: The House of a Thousand Candles
  • Author: Meredith Nicholson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unlimited The House of a Thousand Candles - by Meredith Nicholson - The House of a Thousand Candles, The House of a Thousand Candles Nicholson lived and traveled extensively in Indiana and it was a rich resource for his writing The House of a Thousand Candles provides readers with the view of an outsider coming to Indiana The


    I enjoyed reading this novel, it s a mystery with suspense and romance, a good combinationit was written at 1905,a young man who travels a lot around the world,when his grandfather died he left him a will, in order to inherit he must live at his grandfather s house for one year, the house is unfinished mansion, full of secrets and rumors of hidden treasuresmetimes, i pick a place of my own inside the novel and watch it from there while reading,in this novel i was in the house of a thousand candl [...]

    Thom Swennes

    This story of drama and intrigue, written and first published in 1905, isn t anything like the title would suggest Jack Glenarm is a happy go lucky young man touring the world and avoiding the daily drudgery of work and life that he knows that he will have to someday face when he receives a letter informing him of his grandfather s sudden and unexpected death He rushes back to New York and is informed by an old schoolmate and old rival who is now acting as executor to his grandfather s will that [...]

    Larry Piper

    My spouse recently found an old newspaper from 1905 behind a mirror on an old piece of furniture we had bought in Cambridge when we were newly weds, back in the dark ages Interestingly, the paper was from Balti, the city of my birth How it got into a mirror on a bureau in Cambridge, MA is a mystery Anyway, one of its pages listed some books one might buy as Christmas presents The list had little summaries I decided to check a few of them out I could find several of the authors listed, but not th [...]

    Anna Karras

    This book was a donation to the library, and it was an old book, and I have a weakness for old books, and the title sounded gothic and intriguing, so I read it The book I have was published in 1905 and it has color plates in it It tells the story of John Glenarm, who after blowing through his inheritance, gets called back home to the U.S when his grandfather dies He has been left the house and everything in it with one stipulation he must remain in residence at the house for the period of one ye [...]


    I saw this while browsing ebay just after I had finished reading The House of a Thousand Lanterns How could I read about 1,000 lanterns and not 1,000 candles, right Besides, I like obscure books There s very few opinions out there so I don t feel swayed by popular opinion or shy of hurting an author s feelings Anyway, you can read it for free on Openlibrary so I decided to give it a go A NUTSHELL A young, irresponsible man inherits his grandfather s estate with stipulations He has to live there [...]


    I read this as an e book At first, I thought it was a well researched historical novel It wasn t until the second chapter that I realized it was actually written in 1905 It is the story of a wayward young man who inherits a house and estate from his eccentric grandfather The will stipulates that he must live in the house, in rural Indiana, for one full year When he arrives, he finds that the house has secrets, as do all of the main characters It is an engrossing detective story, that leaves the [...]

    Patrick S.

    It takes a bit for the story and characters to develop, but the book eventually offers an enjoyable mix of adventure, suspense, and romance Nicholson s style also makes it easy to get drawn into the story Despite being published in the very early part of the 20th century, this book holds up quite nicely today.


    Stellar mystery, of the kind without the guts and gore but will still give you goosebumps The tone is light and easy to read, and the characters are nuanced enough to give the story some texture.


    Surprising twists, well developed characters, some profanity d word , liked the unusual plot Well narrated by Eric Leach.


    3.5 stars 5 stars


    A capital adventure with a young gentleman banished to a house of mystery, with a reticent valet and a hated executor to look after him He expects to find himself bored until he realizes his life is in imminent danger Added to the mix is the saucy child Olivia, of the red tam o shanter his friend Larry Donovan, devotee of Ireland Reverend Stoddard, who preaches at the next door girls s school, and Sister Theresa, who heads that school And, of course, enemies Murphy and Fergusond is Bates, the va [...]


    There are several reasons why I grabbed up The House of a Thousand Candles by Meredith Nicholsoan from the local library Friends of the Library Bookstore a couple years ago it s a vintage mystery written in 1905 it takes place in Indiana that s where I m from and where I am and it promised a classic romantic thriller with all the elements of a good mystery story There were lots of reasons to read it now or at least this year my very own Vintage Mystery Challenge for the number in the title the W [...]


    This book was great, very suspenseful and entertaining, but I wanted to punch Nicholson for the way he wrote the end of the romance story It s elaborated nicely right up to the moment of climax, and then he skips over what should have been a gratifying conclusion, to give us a super lame epilogue instead.


    This is a fun book to read once, though it gets a bit bogged down in 19th century social conventions and occasionally with action that stretches plausibility Nicholson evidently had a case of kitchen sink syndrome common in inexperienced writers and tries to make this a book of high society international intrigue with quite a few mystery, adventure, and romance elements, culminating in a rather contrived shootout and an even contrived happy ending All of which, somehow, takes place in Indiana A [...]

    Cynthia Maddox

    Published in 1905, the book is a great example of the early 20th century mystery with the exception that it is actually a good book I read a Librivox audio version and found it quite entertaining Yes, the men are strong and dominate and the women are delicate, gentle people the men feel compelled to protect However, I don t get the feeling that Marion is a shrinking violet at all She just isn t a dominant character It is simplistic and the stereotypical elements for the period don t detract from [...]


    So, I really did enjoy the plot to this story, and several of the characters were brilliant and fascinating, if not a little dated The problem was that the main character is in fact a winy, spoiled, dolt He never ceases to be a winy, spoiled, dolt, and it can get very dreary some if you re reading it and not expecting him to be a winy, spoiled, dolt However, I didn t read this I listened to it on Librivox and the narrator saved it for me The obnoxious character from whose view point the book is [...]


    This free ebook from the Gutenberg Project is something of a period piece, reflecting the thoughts and s of the early 1900s It s also as much a romance as a mystery or adventure, and the novel doesn t end until the relationship between the hero and heroine has been finalized, a number of pages past the resolution of the mystery Modern readers may have trouble with the mystery s solution yes, I saw it coming at the halfway mark and the lack of realistic consequences for such situations as defianc [...]

    Jeff Miller

    Here is another Project Gutenberg Librivox gem.This novel written in 1905 tells the story of a young man who wastes his fathers inheritance in traveling the world gets notice that his rich grandfather has died and left him in his will The will is not without stipulations and the young man must live in the house for a year without leaving the area Apparently also his rich grandfather apparently had little assets at the time of his death and there are other odd stipulations.Sounds like a typical i [...]


    I needed to read a book written before 2006 by an author starting with N for an alphabetical Author Challenge, found this one in the search, and got a pleasant surprise I never heard of this book either, but It was a best seller 1905 It was a very pleasant mystery romance with an artfully developed plot, a house as one of the main characters, an anti hero hero who needs to grow up a lot during the course of the novel, loads of action but nobody gets killed only because everybody is a bad shot , [...]

    Julie Davis

    A young man who never got along with his grandfather suddenly gets word that his grandfather has died and left him his property, with a set of conditions Realizing his fondness for his deceased relative, the young man determines to fulfill the conditions, one of which is living for a year at the house his grandfather built Once there, attempts begin upon his life and he meets some interesting locals while trying to solve the mystery among whom is a precocious school girl from a nearby boarding s [...]


    So you re a rich entitled snob with an inheritance that entails you remain in a house in the middle of no where called the House of 1000 Candles, how could you resist getting involved in secret passages, missing gold, murderous intruders,mysterious girls from the school next door, and a butler who is not what he seems With all the joys of the time it was written in sexy women s hats, quaint by our standards flirtation, verbal servant abuse, lots of fisticuffs and gunfights without consequences, [...]


    This book was written in early 1900s and is set in Indiana A young man has returned from overseas travels when he finds out his grandfather is dead According to the will, the grandson has to stay in the house for one year and not leave or he will lose all the money As soon as he arrives, someone starts trying to kill him and the house is messed up Apparently, his grandfather was supposed to have hidden treasure and the whole town knows it Lots of action, romance, and mystery with a great twist i [...]


    I loved the adventure in this book, and the characters The Main Character is young and hot headed, leading him into problems he freely acknowledges The ending was predictable, but it was written in 1905, so perhaps this particular ending was invented here I shall have to see if they made a movie out of it I m very interested in the interplay between the male and female leads I like saucy girls and indignant men, and inevitable happy endings.


    I listened to the Librivox recording of The House Of A Thousand Candles and I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved the interesting characters although it did seem to me that Jack could have had an easier stay there had he was a bit less demanding I thought that the twists of the story were fun and fair It was a great book for me walking along my local trail, imagining that I was chasing rabbits with a local schoolgirl.


    I m going through my Kindle reading some of the free classics and mysteries that I ve amassed over time, to mixed results.I was pleasantly surprised by this Generally some things written in this era can be extraordinarily dated and while this wasn t quite the 21st century what was dated was charming And quite frankly I was surprised by the ending I never saw it coming This was funny, well written and enough mystery and romance for any cold winter night.


    Did you know there was a Golden Age of Literature in Indiana, circa 1880 1910 Well, this book is in it A remarkable combination of turn of the century propriety and estates, Indiana countryside, medieval chivalry with a western swashbuckling flair, mystery, and naturally, romance It was great fun

    April Rogers

    Mystery set in 1901 Indiana about a man who inherits an unfinished house in the middle of nowhere with the stipulation he stay for a year There are secret passages, intruders, rumors of hidden riches I enjoyed it but might not have come across it if it hadn t been my local Indiana library book club pick.

    Jay C

    Really enjoyable read for a book written about 100 years ago Some of the plot and character behavior was a little hard to believe at times, but I did admire Nicholson s writing style nonetheless I ll be reading by him I also recently bought a biography of the author that I ll hopefully be getting to soon.


    There is an excellent free audiobook of this read by a volunteer who is the perfect narrator available through LibriVox librivox the house of a thThis is a fun mystery that doesn t take itself too seriously and has delightful characters A nice light piece great for beach reading or long car rides.


    I found a recording of this novel on one of Librivox s recommendation lists and have been listening to it occasionally during walks It was mostly a traditional adventure novel however, as I never really fell in love with the main character, I didn t find it terribly diverting.

    • Unlimited The House of a Thousand Candles - by Meredith Nicholson
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    The House of a Thousand Candles