Apr 21, 2021
The Lightkeeper's Wife
Posted by Karen Viggers

A woman at the end of her life, a man unable to restart his, and a history of guilty secrets and things left unsaid this is a powerful, moving novel of love, loss, and family Elderly and in poor health, Mary fulfills her wish to herself to live out her last days on Bruny Island off of Tasmania, with only her regrets and memories for company Her late husband was the lighthA woman at the end of her life, a man unable to restart his, and a history of guilty secrets and things left unsaid this is a powerful, moving novel of love, loss, and family Elderly and in poor health, Mary fulfills her wish to herself to live out her last days on Bruny Island off of Tasmania, with only her regrets and memories for company Her late husband was the lighthousekeeper on Bruny, and she d raised a family on the wild windswept island, until terrible circumstances forced them back to civilization The long buried secret that has haunted her for decades now threatens to break free, and she hopes to banish it in the time she has left Mary s youngest son Tom loves Bruny as much as she does, and understands her primal connection to the island Years before he spent a winter working in Antarctica, and returned from that empty loneliness to find his marriage over and his life destroyed Still wounded, Tom lives a simple life, unable and unwilling to make real connections with people in case he gets hurt again but then he meets Emma, newly returned from Antarctica and as open and welcoming as Tom is not As Mary s time winds down, both she and Tom must face their pasts in ways they cannot even begin to imagine, and Mary finds that the script she s written to the end of her life has taken on a few twists of its own.

  • Title: The Lightkeeper's Wife
  • Author: Karen Viggers
  • ISBN: 9781741759143
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lightkeeper s Wife A woman at the end of her life a man unable to restart his and a history of guilty secrets and things left unsaid this is a powerful moving novel of love loss and family Elderly and in poor healt


    With the assistance of her granddaughter Jacinta dear old Mary, who is in poor health returns to Bruny Island Bruny Island is where Mary spent most of her life as a lighthouse keeper s wife and this is where she desired to spend the last of her days not stuck in some nursing home like her daughter wanted for her Of course when the remainder of the family finds out where Mary is they are far from happy especially her daughter Once Mary is settled into the cabin she instantly feels right at home B [...]


    Not sure this one was for me as I found it somewhat depressing It s the story of Mary Mason, an elderly woman, near the end of her life who wants to spend her final days on Bruny Island where her husband was the lightkeeper for over 20y She recalls her time living on the island, with their three children Her children have not turned out well, the oldest two being somewhat remote and selfish, involved in their own lives and the youngest, Tom recovering from the experience of spending over a year [...]

    Kate Maher

    I found this book incredibly moving and beautiful It showcased a magical part of the world and told the complex stories of some well developed characters What touched me most was the positive way in which the author wrote about Mary s end of life journey and that of her loved ones This subject is such a hard one for our society to contemplate and deal with and I think what Karen Viggers has done here it in a manner that allows the reader insight into the human spirit and how to allow loved ones [...]


    Quand on en commence la lecture, on n a pas envie de quitter les personnages de Mary et Tom J ai tout aim dans ce livre la vitalit des dialogues, la justesse des descriptions le froid y est tellement bien d peint qu on ressent le grand froid de l Antarctique jusque dans l chine la vie dans le phare est si bien cont e qu on a envie d y passer du temps L auteur nous brosse le portrait de solitude, en utilisant la fois la premi re personne du singulier pour Tom et la troisi me pour Mary J ai appr c [...]


    Une histoire tr s po tique, des destins li s, des secrets de familles, des trahisons et de nouvelles amiti s le tout sur fond de paysages de l le de Bruny et d escapades en Antarctique Des personnages tr s attachants Un beau roman captivant

    Kim Gosling

    I want to go to Bruny after reading this The author is so descriptive with the landscape loved her characters Would love to know what happened with Tom next though


    You can t always trust reviews Lots of readers gave this one or two stars I found it an interesting book The story is character driven and written from two viewpoints of mother and youngest son Seventy seven year old Mary Mason is in poor health, and a recently delivered letter motivates her to return to Bruny Island where she spent most of her life as a lighthouse keeper s wife The family is horrified when they find out what she has done her daughter has been planning to put her in a nursing ho [...]


    If you are feeling a bit down , don t read this novel It is as grey and morose as the Tasmanian weather where it is set.The book blurb states that The Lightkeeper s Wife is a moving story of love, loss and family Well, it s a theme that has been done to death, and a lot better too For a start it s about the Lightkeeper s son, not the wife, and there Viggers is totally unable to write a sympathetic New Age male character without him coming across as pathetic and feminine.I was completely bored w [...]


    OK holiday reading Predictable story line Dull and repetitive in places I didn t really connect with the characters No real twists in the plot except for a mixed up sort of relationship with the one of the main characters A slightly dysfunctional family elderly doddery parent and a handful of unfulfilled dreams and lifes disappointments All in all a bit too much like a normal life to be really entertaining The dog is the star.

    Elise McCune

    I loved this book It was beautifully written and the subject, end of life,is not an easy one to write about Karen Viggers conveyed Mary s journey and those around her with dignity and in a positive way Set in a lovely part of the world The Lightkeeper s Wife is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


    Cela m a pris un temps fou lire se livre que je reposais, lisais autre chose, puis y revenais, et ensuite de suite, pour finalement le terminer aujourd hui J en conserve une opinion tr s partag J ai ador l univers d peint, les paysages particuli rement et la beaut de l criture Par contre, le r cit est terriblement lent, trop lent, et cela rend difficile la lecture De plus les personnages, sans nous laisser indiff rent, nous accroche trop peu pour que nous puissions ressentir aussi intens ment qu [...]

    Lily Mulholland

    I m not quite sure what to make of this book It was two stories interwoven the story of a dying woman and her secrets intermeshed with the story of her youngest son, both tragics in love What I liked The settings Bruny Island is one of my favourite places in the world for the uninitiated, it s south of Hobart, the capital of Australia s island state, Tasmania Mary s story is set on Bruny and the descriptions of that wind swept, idyllic and wild place made me long to be there Tom s story alternat [...]

    Jennifer (JC-S)

    We are all just a breath away from memories Mary Mason is an elderly woman in poor health, living alone in Hobart, Tasmania The delivery of a letter acts as a catalyst she chooses to return to Bruny Island and to memories of her past Mary has a decision to make, about a secret she s kept for decades And while she s considering whether to destroy the letter or pass it on to the person it s addressed to, she d rather be on Bruny Island where she once lived as the lighthouse keeper s wife She feels [...]


    The star of this book is undoubtedly Bruny Island Viggers descriptions beautifully capture the bleak beauty and wildness of this small island off the south of Tasmania and the challenges of living there Unfortunately the plotting is predictable and has some serious flaws For example, I couldn t believe that the National Parks would accept responsibility for the care of an elderly woman The writing can become repetitive and characters motivation and behaviour are wordily described rather than dev [...]


    I really liked even though romance was a theme Extremely evocative description of time, and particularly place I am familiar with the setting but the powerful imagery provokes a desire to revisit Only problem with this novel is the relationship between Leon, the ranger, and Mary Finished this quickly which is also a recommendation This is better written than past the shadows by favel parrett, short listed for miles Franklin

    Tony Nielsen

    I am ambivalent about this book It had the potential to be very good and I nearly gave it a 2 star which is probably accurate The characters are sometimes wooden and the plot is rather predictable Amongst all of that it did engage me most of the way I am a sucker for Australioan novels which maybe is why I perservered.


    I didn t want this book to end I enjoyed the characters so much I could have kept following their life stories Set in Tasmania and Antartica this is beautiful story of a family with all its glories and imperfections I m glad I was introduced to this Canberra author by my mother, and look forward to her next book.


    I loved the layers in story and also the descriptions of Hobart and bruny island Highly recommend.


    Well written but terribly sad and depressing Not a happy tale But loved the location in Tasmania.

    Anne Laure

    matilda hermione et moisp


    Je m tais tr s peu renseign e sur le livre avant de l ouvrir pour tout vous dire, je ne me suis fi e qu son titre , et vrai dire, je ne m attendais pas vraiment cette histoire Un peu d rout e au d but, je suis finalement entr e assez rapidement dans le bouquin.L criture est assez in gale Certains passages, en particulier ceux qui parlent de l attachement des personnages l le Bruny ou l Antarctique, sont vraiment magnifiques, alors que d autres m ont sembl simplistes Au passage, le choix de la na [...]

    Robyn Gibson

    Mary favours the youngest of her three childrene other two are difficult in their own ways Jan, the eldest wants to put Mary in a nursing home but Mary has other ideas A letter was delivered to Mary where she lived after Bruny Island and this letter remains unopened most of the way through the book She keeps misplacing it and so many times she intends to destroy it Of course the reader can guess what s in the letter She intends to go back to the isolated Bruny Island where her husband Jack was t [...]

    Carinya Kappler

    The Lightkeeper s Wife Book Review by CarinyaThis is a pleasurable book to read, despite being somewhat brooding and dark, with complicated unresolved emotions and relationships.It is an Australian novel full of descriptive passages, set in modern day Hobart The Lightkeeper s Wife is Mary, retired, elderley, widowed and living out her final years in Hobart She is beset with regret and guilt about her life with her much loved husband Jack She feels compelled to return to the site of the lighthous [...]


    A quick and easy read, but you know there will be tears towards the end and there was But a good story, I could relate in parts and the grief most people know all too well I found the amount of tea everyone drank to be a bit disconcerting and there were moments that were skipped that you were to assume what had happened or maybe other people wouldn t notice, I am just pedantic But clearly it pulled me in, only taking a couple of days to get through it and was a lovely story Not the ending I was [...]


    Sur le pont, je plissais les yeux dans la lumi re blouissante pour regarder la horde mouvante de ces cr pes de glaces givr es que notre trave bousculait En l espace d une seule journ e, le monde s tait m tamorphos Les cr pes s largirent puis c d rent la place aux flocs et bient t nous f mes dans le cap.

    Sara Foley

    I enjoyed this book slow moving, but dense, descriptive and powerful, leaving me with crystal clear images of places I ve never been to and people I ve never met.

    Sarah Gardyne

    not my favorite book was interesting but somehow seemed a bit superficial and rushed


    Extremely long winded book, and a little depressing The synopsis of the book is better than the actual book itself sorry Ms Viggers

    Ginny Moore

    I found this book to be a very moving story, well worth a read

    Suzy Bess

    Tr s joli roman relatant le destin d une femme et de sa famille Les d cors sont tr s d taill s et r alistes, un beau voyage

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