Apr 20, 2021
The Associate
Posted by John Grisham

Kyle McAvoy, salah satu lulusan terbaik Yale, pemimpin redaksi Yale Law Journal, dengan karier cemerlang terbentang di hadapan Namun, ada setitik rahasia kelam di masa lalunya, rahasia yang dapat mengancam impian, karier, bahkan hidupnya.Pada suatu malam, seseorang menunjukkan semacam bukti keterlibatan Kyle yang dapat menjerumuskannya ke masalah pelik, kecuali dia bersedKyle McAvoy, salah satu lulusan terbaik Yale, pemimpin redaksi Yale Law Journal, dengan karier cemerlang terbentang di hadapan Namun, ada setitik rahasia kelam di masa lalunya, rahasia yang dapat mengancam impian, karier, bahkan hidupnya.Pada suatu malam, seseorang menunjukkan semacam bukti keterlibatan Kyle yang dapat menjerumuskannya ke masalah pelik, kecuali dia bersedia melakukan permintaan mereka Sesungguhnya mereka meminta Kyle melakukan apa yang diimpikan lulusan hukum mana pun bekerja di Manhattan sebagai pengacara di biro hukum terbesar di dunia Namun, Kyle harus mencuri informasi dalam suatu pertikaian hukum antara dua raksasa perusahaan teknologi.Kyle pun terjebak di antara kekuatan jahat yang mendesaknya, FBI, dan biro hukumnya sendiri, dalam konspirasi licik dan kejam yang dapat mengancam nyawanyaC 813

  • Title: The Associate
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9789792265859
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Associate Kyle McAvoy salah satu lulusan terbaik Yale pemimpin redaksi Yale Law Journal dengan karier cemerlang terbentang di hadapan Namun ada setitik rahasia kelam di masa lalunya rahasia yang dapat meng


    I was so disappointed in Grisham s latest work He took than half the book to create this wonderfully detailed plot and then three chapters to close the book Three chapters in which he untwisted some of the elements of the plot, didn t resolve anything, and quit to early I felt so unfulfilled at the end.It kills me that his latest books haven t been up to par with his earlier works In the beginning, his books were well crafted and well executed After he began seeing his books turn into movies, t [...]


    Good books don t necessarily have to provide all the answers to every plot thread introduced into them We want our characters to feel like they have lives beyond the confines of the printed page and that their story exists before, during and after the book we re reading But a good book should at least provide the reader with some sense of closure and not the feeling like an editor was standing over the writer, pointing out that he or she had x number of pages left or he or she was slowly reachin [...]


    I enjoyed this one quite a bit, but.I got into the intrigue, especially once Kyle started attempting to turn the tables on Bennie Nigel But then came the ending What is with Grisham these days I didn t like the ending I did not DESPISE the ending, as I did with Grisham s last book The Appeal , but I found it entirely unsatisfying Just give me a good, old fashioned, bad guys get their butts kicked ending anyday


    The most anti climactic book ever What happened to the Grisham I used to love

    Natalie Vellacott

    The consequences were horrifying The magnitude of the conspiracy caused Kyle s heart to hammer away His mouth became dry and he sipped lukewarm coffee He wanted to leap for the door, sprint down forty one flights of stairs, and run through the streets of New York like a madman Kyle McAvoy plans to finish law school, then work for the under privileged for a few years before heading for the big time and money However, Kyle has a dirty secret locked away in his past Only a handful of people know ab [...]


    I ll start this review by saying I LOVE KYLE MC AVOY He s an idealistic, brave, intelligent not to mention a good looking law student I wish I can find someone like him at the law school I m going to be accepted at HAHA Sorry, the girly side of my brain started to speak up lol Some people say that this is a suffice to John Grisham s highly acclaimed novel, The Firm And after reading this, I found out that it is real and adequate For the reason that in both novels, young lawyers are on the run ch [...]


    With every book, Grisham gets worse I keep telling myself I should stop reading the garbage he his dishing out, but I keep going back just to find out how bad it can get What can I say I give one star because for effort, just to type the words in Otherwise there is not much to recommend in this book The plot is weaker than Bud Lite, the ending is anti climactic.


    It was ok but no than that Young trainee lawyer blackmailed into working for an enormous law firm so as to steal information on a major case they are working As with all Grisham novels it is an exciting enough story which means you want to turn over the next page but unlike previous Grisham novels I have read I was quite able to put it down when normal life demanded I was interested to reach the denoument but not step over an injured puppy type interested Erik Singer narrated and he did a good [...]


    No spoiler alert needed because there are no spoilers Every aspect of this novel has been done in earlier works of legal fiction by Grisham, and sections bolted together for this new novel It was enjoyable and a prototypical Grisham read, but there was absolutely nothing new under this literary sunGrisham should parody the creation of the next Grisham novel, where a bright young legal graduate is coerced into a secretive law firm On his first day, he is spirited into a basement vault, where he a [...]


    In most circumstances, the quick reads or beach books are so lame brain and cornball that I skim the book in a half hour i.e James Patterson However, I have read really read, not skimmed every one of Grisham s books I enjoy Grisham because his stories are the same You have the same kind of characters, the same dialogue, but it s always suspenseful You always want to know what s going to happen next I am comforted by his predictability, for some odd reason.


    John Grisham is known for writing fast paced escapism novels consisting of entertainment value than of realism The Associate deals with Kyle McAvoy, an ambitious law student in his last semester who later becomes an associate with one of the largest law firms in the world However, not everything takes course as planned Kyle is confronted with an unsettling detail of his past, a girl who claims to have been raped by two of his friends while Kyle himself watched dead drunk A mysterious undercover [...]


    It seems like lately when I read Grisham, its a good story with some interesting twists and turns, but the climax is not really super exciting and there tends not to be all that much resolution That was the case again here A good book but not tons of excitement.


    I do not have law degree And I can related to the main character the brutal hours you have to work to make it to the top the politic you have to play to get recognition And yet there is always someone better than you But i think the moral story here is do the right thing even the right things sometimes hurt the most But it will set you free.


    I was thoroughly caught up in this book from page 1 and could barely put it down until the last page Very exciting even though at times I wanted to yell at Kyle, the main character, not to fall for the blackmail scheme laid out before him For anyone who has been to a few too many drinking parties in college, this will bring back those memories of regrets and situations that could have gotten out of hand Kyle was involved in the latter, and thought it was all behind him, until he is approached by [...]


    If you like Grisham s earliest works the Firm, the Pelican Brief, etc you ll probably like this one too It s fast paced, about a young lawyer in big firm who is in trouble However, I didn t like this one as well as some of the others because I thought the ending was VERY unsatisfying Grisham didn t tie up the ends the reader is dying to find out at the end of the novel Darn I ll be interested in what others say about it


    This is the slowest Grisham book I ve read and I ve read them all It s tedious It does not read like Grisham There s almost no action until the end of the book, and then there s not much What a disappointment.


    This novel is not precisely a reworking of Grisham s famous first huge bestseller The Firm , but some might jump to that conclusion because the setting is similar If you recall, in The Firm, the partners were mobsters In this novel, the firm in question is merely an oppressive giant New York law firm, probably no different in its treatment of first year associates than many of the giant white shoe firms in New York now As an aside, Grisham is sure to throw in his usual barbs about the law practi [...]


    NYT 1 list Sept 15, 2009 hawes 2009 2009 02 15.pdf Reread 2013 I had no review from 2009 Kyle McAvoy, graduates Yale Law with honors, the Yale Law Review editor, ready for his dream to be a public interest moral ethic lawyer Unfortunately, he meets Bennie Wright with a Yale Beta Fraternity party video with a girl Elaine Keenan He is blackmailed to work for one of the largest prestigious NY law firms Scully Persening The party video of Kyle, Baxtor Tate, Alan Strock Joey Bernardo were the 4 Broth [...]

    Rachel Elizabeth

    Boy, that John Grisham really can write By that, I mean that he is capable of putting nouns, verbs, and punctuation in order to form sentences, because that is what The Associate is basically just a lot of sentences Sentences describing parties, lunches, bed linens, apartment interiors, and hunting trips, with half assed attempts at intrigue and characterization thrown in here and there Of course that s what comfort fiction and beach reads are all about But I had it in my head from reading The C [...]


    Every couple of years, I like to remind myself why I stopped reading his books And this one was a really good reminder.I was a big fan back in the nineties, when he first came out I read all the books, watched most of the movies But the stuff he writes now is so different In the last couple of books of his I ve read, it seems like when the time comes for the crap to hit the fan, he just flushes the crap instead Sure, it s nice and clean, but not nearly as exciting Nowadays, he seems far interes [...]

    Stuart Fujisaki

    I grabbed this book off the shelf after coming across a blurb regarding this story s protagonist It said something like, if you thought Mitchell McDeere had problems in The Firm, wait til you see what happens to Kyle McAvoy in The Associate What a crock of well, you know what.I love The Firm the book, that is the movie was stupid I return to it every two to three years Somebody obviously grabbed me with the right hook to pick up this new Grisham story, but it sorely disappointed me It turned out [...]


    This one s ok I m pretty sure, however, that Grisham has a lot of much better things to offer in his popular books The thing that puts me off about this one is that things only stir up late only until the start of the book s last quarter, I think Before that, it s like he s just slowly making a big mound of anything and you see, that s the part that s a little too boring.


    As usual with Grisham, I can t put a book down for very long until I ve picked it up again I would hope that there might be a follow up to this one so I can learn about what happens to the bad guys.


    Any Grisham book is always a solid read This one was no different although I took major offense to how the author and protagonist handled the rape of Elaine This is the reason I m giving this book one star.I was having some serious issues with this as Grisham compares the case of college co ed Elaine who was in a compromising situation with our protagonist Kyle and his friends to the heavily publicized Duke lacrosse case Both cases were dropped, however, in the Duke scenario the plantiff was a s [...]

    Brittany Jedrzejewski

    It s Criminal I am a positive person and I feel bad about putting negativity out there, especially in a book review I must say, however, that The Associate by John Grisham was a terrible book I hadn t read anything by Grisham since The Firm and The Pelican Brief while in high school At the time, they seemed like somewhat smart novels I came across The Associate at Half Price Books and thought why not Boy, has time changed the author and not for the better My mom put it best, he has a formula to [...]


    Law student Kyle McAvoy is in a bit of trouble Some shady characters have got hold of a secret from his past that could drag him to court and get him thrown in jail He feels he has no choice but to go along with their demands Take a job at one of the biggest law firms in the world and spy, steal and generally do a bunch of things that could get him thrown in jail on behalf of his blackmailers.I always forget that with Grisham the blurb tends to be a lot thrilling than the actual book, potential [...]


    I m spending two weeks in a place on Sanibel Island stocked with Grisham booksat s the reason for three in a week I brought The Alienist by Caleb Carr but have found it s not very beachy and requires concentration than my brain has at the moment This book, The Associate, was oh so lame the weakest premise, an insufferable protagonist who is smarter at age 25 when everyone is still a bit of a moroneveryone except voice of reason Kyle than EVERYONE around him smarter than seasoned Ivy League lawy [...]

    Gerald Sinstadt

    With a big early hurdle to surmount and an ending that beggar s belief, this is far from vintage Grisham The page turning lure works but it does so by cheating The Associate simply has too many loose ends Building suspense and a sense of menace is not difficult if many of the suspenseful and menacing elements don t have to be explained When Kyle McAvoy, the eponymous Associate, is blackmailed in the opening pages over an incident in his past not that he was actually guilty of anything he decides [...]


    This is the first legal thriller I have ever read To be honest it did not really thrill me It took for me to get to the middle of the book for things to start picking up Even then I was still craving action I also feel if your going to use the name of a real town in your book then you should at least make an effort to do some fact checking There is no Main St in York, PA Yes, I am from there But hey,we appreciate the mention at least I did not however, factor that in to how many stars I gave th [...]


    I have now read most of John Grishams novels and I am finding hard not to keep repeating myself His novels are fast paced, great characters and you are instantly hooked This book was no different I was hooked from the first page and continued reading it at every opportunity although to be completely honest I felt that towards the end it did slow down a little Nevertheless another excellent read.

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