Apr 20, 2021
My Dearest Holmes
Posted by Rohase Piercy

The accounts of these cases are boo bound up with events in my personal life which, although they may provide a plausible commentary to much of my dealings with Mr Sherlock Holmes, can never be made public while he or I remain alive Although Dr Watson is known for recording some sixty of his adventures with the celebrated Sherlock Holmes, he also wrote other remin The accounts of these cases are boo bound up with events in my personal life which, although they may provide a plausible commentary to much of my dealings with Mr Sherlock Holmes, can never be made public while he or I remain alive Although Dr Watson is known for recording some sixty of his adventures with the celebrated Sherlock Holmes, he also wrote other reminiscences of their long friendship which were never intended for publication during their lifetimes Rescued from oblivion by Rohase Piercy, here are two previously unknown stories about the great detective and his companion, throwing a fresh light upon their famous partnership, and helping to explain much which has puzzled their devotees.Together, Holmes and Watson face disturbing revelations as they investigate the case of the Queen Bee and we finally learn what actually happened at the Reichenbach Falls and the real reasons which lay behind Holmes faked death and his subsequent return.

  • Title: My Dearest Holmes
  • Author: Rohase Piercy
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  • Page: 299
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  • My Dearest Holmes The accounts of these cases are boo bound up with events in my personal life which although they may provide a plausible commentary to much of my dealings with Mr Sherlock Holmes can never be made p


    My Dearest Holmes contains two stories, with the conceit that they re both stories Watson set aside as being impossible to publish given the social circumstances of his day, and that he left them to be published years after his death, when it couldn t possibly affect him or his associates The first deals with Watson s apparently unrequited love for Holmes, and provides background to his swift marriage to Mary, an arrangement of mutual benefit that allows both Watson and Mary to disguise their tr [...]

    Rebecca Tayles

    I was a little nervous about finally getting to read this it had the potential to be really bad fanfic But Piercy s writing actually fits right in with that of the Sherlock Holmes canon, making this feel very natural.Set shortly before The Sign of the Four, the first half of My Dearest Holmes deals with a woman worried about her housemate s disappearance I won t spoil that case, which in itself is rather interesting with plenty of the sorts of twists you expect from a Holmes case, but during the [...]


    This book is pure garbage I found the content tedious and needless.


    Well, I d say its for completists only, given that the premise is that Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are gay, and most of the book is about Watson pining in unrequited love for Holmes That s going to be a dealbreaker for a lot of readers, which is understandable The stories of the Sherlockian Canon are about the deep friendship between the two as much as they are about crime solving, and most fans don t like to see that friendship tampered with I happen to be a completist, and owner of such book [...]

    Elisa Rolle

    First of all you have to consider that this novel was released in 1988, so well ahead of the movie on Sherlock Holmes and James Watson that so openly suggested that the relationship between the two had a sexual undercurrent Actually I have two thoughts in mind upon finishing this book one is that both movie than book have to be very accurate to the original characters since they share so much in common that only having the same origins can explain that, or second hypothesis is that maybe the scr [...]


    I m only giving ANY stars to this because Piercy clearly did his homework within the canon Technically speaking, anything Sherlockian that s been written in the past 100 years is fan fic I ve come across some good interpretations, which manage to insert some feasible story lines into the existing canon, but this Well, it s similar to most modern fan fic, where the indignant fans just know there is a sexual undercurrent between certain characters, but the original author didn t do the story justi [...]

    Portia Costa

    I was intrigued by this item, a gay interpretation of the great friendship between Holmes and Watson, and I wasn t quite sure what I was going to make of it when I first started reading I ve always thought there was a deep and powerful bond between the two men, but I wasn t sure I liked the idea of it being than that.However, when I got into the story, I was very pleasantly surprised The writing is excellent, and despite the obvious differences from the canonical, the voice is believable and ve [...]


    A lesson worth learning it s often not worth paying for what the internet does better elsewhere for free Some exquisite pining and lovely gay Watson and asexual Holmes maybe the author seemed a bit unclear and mysteries revolving around unspoken sexuality, but you give me that much pining, that much devastation at Reichenbach, and all you leave me with is a single kiss and then we moved back into Baker Street and solved lots of mysteries and solved lots of mysteries isn t even a dodgy euphemism [...]




    A nice deceit, that Rohase Piercy found the manuscripts and has published them Watson s preface is rather sad as it talks of how he hopes that men of his type have things better than men of his generation.It s been a very long time since I read Holmes in canon I have the complete works and I hoovered them up all at once in my 20 s and haven t read them since, but from what I remember these two little novellas, each cataloguing a different case of the great detective, are written by a true Holmes [...]


    SPOILERS in case you still clicked.Many of the other reviews on this book give the impression that some readers assume that Holmes is cold and unfeeling in everything including this adaptation I actually found this Holmes to be quite an emotional chap who hides it very well Honestly I m unsure as to how he can be read any other way.The two parts make a wonderful frame for this love story It s not an easy love story, that much is obvious due to context but it is very well told Holmes and Watson m [...]


    This book will most likely remain unread by people who can t conceive of any other sort of relationship between Watson and Holmes other than platonic friendship and that s a pity, because they re missing out on a good book It s certainly better written than most of the pastiches I read, and with respect for the characters Indeed, it is very IN character, somehow Expect nothing terribly shocking like smut, ha but expect lots of angst The first part story is a very Conan Doyle esque case where th [...]

    Tanya Herig

    One of the best modern Sherlock Holmes interpretations I have ever read At times I was almost certain the words were Arthur Conan Doyles Beautiful style of writing The story draws you in from start to finish And the end was simply perfect.


    I said to Paul, This is the best book written in the history of literature, and I meant every word of it Every sentence is incredibly satisfying, if you love angst And my god do I love angst


    I m pretty sure I ve read this book before but I couldn t recall the plot So I read it again And thoroughly enjoyed 4.5 stars


    I m so, so happy this book exists Past time we allowed one of the gayest character in literature to live his fictional truth Everything about it is clever, beautiful and touching The gay and lesbian solidarity, the sadness, the longing, it all felt so very real and respectful I love that I can have this book as my truth adding to the original stories, I love that it exists, I loved the nods to Oscar Wilde, I loved the tastefulness of it all Sherlock Holmes gets to be gay and in love, ladies This [...]


    Tendr que escribir una rese a decente en alg n momento, pero de momento tengo que decir que, aunque el libro no es malo, malo, s que hay mucho potencial desperdiciado y los personajes de Holmes y Watson no parec an realmente ellos.


    Tr s bon livre, rien d explicite, part un chaste baiser qui ne donnera pas suite Un des meilleurs pastiches que j ai pu lire, voir m me le meilleur Je conseille ce livre tous les amateurs de Sherlock Holmes et John Watson


    Non sto dicendo che questo sia un brutto libro, anzi, l ho trovato carino, scorrevole, lo stile ricorda davvero quello di Conan Doyle e sembra davvero di star leggendo il suo John Watson Solo che non so, mi aspettavo di pi Specialmente nella seconda parte Non chiedevo e non volevo assolutamente niente di troppo esplicito, ma non so, mi sembra che manchi di qualcosa Forse sarebbe stato bello vedere un accenno della loro nuova vita insieme.Devo dire di aver letto fanfiction migliori, ecco Non che [...]

    Maria Teresa Zumbo

    I loved this book As simple as that I loved it probably than I should have, this book been written by someone different from Conan Doyle.I always thought reading Sherlock Holmes that the relationship between him and the good doctor was deeper than a normal relationship between friends would be It goes without saying that deeper doesn t mean necessarily romantic But it was nonetheless an idea that allowed me to read this book open minded and ready to discover the author point of view on these tw [...]

    La Stamberga dei Lettori

    Adoro i prequel sequel spin off e quant altro prolunghi il piacere di leggere i miei romanzi preferiti raccontandone retroscena o punti di vista alternativi, a patto che venga rispettato lo spirito del romanzo originale Per questo mi sono avvicinata con curiosit mista a diffidenza a questa rilettura delle avventure di Sherlock Holmes in chiave romantica Chiunque abbia una qualche familiarit con il grande detective, infatti, conosce la sua indole distaccata e la quasi totale indifferenza verso le [...]


    This is pretty much Harlequin Romance meets Sherlock Holmes, recorded in Doctor Watson s voice as so many of the original cases were The book is divided into two halves The first, a mystery worthy of Conan Doyle himself, in my opinion, but interwoven with an insight into the relationship, or lack thereof, between Holmes and Watson, and set shortly before the events of The Sign of the Four, which, devoted readers will know, is the case in which Watson meets the woman he will marry The second half [...]


    I absolutely loved this I might have a hard time going back to the Doyle books or other adaptions after this one, and not just because Watson was pining for Holmes This is the point of view that I was missing from House of Silk, even though both that and this were told by Watson I really felt like I was there with him, experiencing things with him, and I really felt my heart breaking for him at times.This book is split into two parts The suddenness that the first one ended took me a bit by surpr [...]


    This short but sweet book contains two stories based around the Holmes Watson relationship The first sets up the relationship and the barriers that the context poses by looking at a blackmail case I wasn t too happy about how that was resolved, considering the hatred Holmes showed towards Charles Augustus Milverton The second then re tells The Final Problem The Empty House through that lens After so much pining and grief, the ending does feel a little anti climatic and trails off, but I do like [...]


    This book is in two parts part one, a previously unpublished case, and part two, a rewriting of the Final Problem The Empty House The twist in the case was unique and fun, and I wish Piercy had given attention to the mystery my perennial complaint with Holmes pastiches likewise, the twist in her rewrite of Holmes s return was clever but underplayed.I liked her portrayals of Holmes and Watson, and the slash was central but never gratuitous Unless you think that sort of thing is gratuitous in the [...]


    This was a rather delightful little book Very much in the tone of Doyle, it touched on the heartbreak of John Watson s being in love with Sherlock Holmes and thinking the other man indifferent Since I ve been on a huge Sherlock Holmes kick or mainly Sherlock John, thanks to the new BBC show I was thrilled to find this in the library, and devoured it And it was adorable Not fanfiction y which is a concern , no crazy sex against a wall which was, perhaps, a bit disappointing, but stuck with the ti [...]


    I ve been a Sherlock Holmes Dr Watson fan since my mom bought me The Adventures of sherlock Holmes when I was in grade school I ve read and re read them and watched so many of the movie and tv adaptations that I can t even count them Currently re watching Sherlock the BBC series of a modern Holmes Watson duo LOVE IT.Anyway, I was totally impressed with the writing in My Dearest Holmes It has a wonderful wealth of feeling but still with clear and concise descriptions This allows this story to nea [...]


    Presented as memoirs found in a locked box, which Dr Watson instructed was not to be opened until 100 years after the events described, this book consists of two short stories that reveal the true, romantic nature of Watson s relationship with Sherlock Holmes This is as good as really good fanfiction that s a compliment, and than I can say of a lot of Sherlock Holmes pastiches I loved the romance and the angst, and how the author handled Mary Morstan, and the supporting cast of queer original c [...]


    This was amazing, I m so astonished by how well Rohase Piercy was able to capture Watson s style and tone I loved everything about this, it s super angsty which honestly I generally cannot stand but it was so well done and it somehow worked miraculously , warm and fluffy and beautifully gay All I need to be satisfied I know a lot of people don t like the idea of Holmes and Watson being together but if you do I DO or don t mind it and just enjoy their adventures and stories I d say definitely pic [...]


    Once I picked it up, I did not put this book down until it was finished This is a beautiful story in Holmesian tradition It casts a deeper look on the relationship between Holmes and Watson while keeping true to the original feel of Doyle s classics Piercy s Watson has soul and depth Her Holmes is right on the mark and shows a glimmer of tragic and poignant emotion I loved it pure and simple I wish there was books out there like this one Now to im patiently await the second Sherlock Holmes RDJu [...]

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