Apr 20, 2021
The Lawnmower Man: Stories from Night Shift
Posted by Stephen King JohnGlover

Five classic tales of terror from Stephen King s bone chilling and bestselling collection, Night Shift 4 cassettes.Contains The Lawnmower Man, The Ledge, Sometimes They Come Back, Quitters, Inc and The Mangler.

  • Title: The Lawnmower Man: Stories from Night Shift
  • Author: Stephen King JohnGlover
  • ISBN: 9780553476613
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • The Lawnmower Man Stories from Night Shift Five classic tales of terror from Stephen King s bone chilling and bestselling collection Night Shift cassettes Contains The Lawnmower Man The Ledge Sometimes They Come Back Quitters Inc and Th

    Reddy Katzy


    Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    John Glover makes a great job of narrating these four unsettling tales from the pen of Stephen King.So much so that I have just downloaded The Graveyard Shift.If you re a King fan, I can highly recommend these short stories After the last, you may never want to do laundry again

    Jessica Draewell

    I started to say, What the hell did I just read Then decided on, Oh yeah, It s Stephen Fing King


    Creepy as hell, so yeah Stephen King.

    Vladimir Rybalko



    Eating grassd that s supposed to be scary BOOO

    Gary Phelps

    Really creepy NOTE This story has absolutely nothing to do with the movie King had to sue to get his name taken off the title.

    Deyth Banger

    January 2, 2018 100.0%January 2, 2018 70.0% People like Stephen King Make my day in 2017 I read plenty books written by this well known author January 2, 2018 70.0% 54 43 January 2, 2018 70.0% Oh god he is alive January 2, 2018 70.0% This is like A.Ire than VR January 2, 2018 70.0% Here the things just happen January 2, 2018 70.0% 1 12 17 January 2, 2018 25.0% lawn mower and virtual reality the movie picture is quite damn good as for a movie out of 1992 also what happens in this movie in now in [...]

    Brian Holmes

    Quite a Creepshow Feel about this one.I quite like king but this is quite a bizarre set of stories ranging from great to What the heck was that Quit Inc was superb but the others were very mediocre.I would put this in the loo library It isn t something that will engross you but worth a read if just spending a few minutes a time reading it.

    Lance Lasalle

    Big ole meh.

    Yahaira Hernandez


    Scott Cook

    Loved it I might have read this when I was much younger and I recognized some of the story s from the movie The Cat s Eye but my favorite short story of the bunch and the one I thought was the creepiest and also the one I d never even heard of before was called The Mangler about a machine that gets possessed King seems to have a fascination with devil machines


    I listened to this audiobook while I was driving on vacation and really enjoyed it The Lawnmower Man was my favorite short story in the collection The story was very campy and enjoyable It s nothing like the movie adaption I would love to see King revisit Pastoral Greenery Lawn Care at some point 3.5 Sometimes They Come Back was the second best story of the collection I really wish that King would have made this a novel There is a lot potential in with the story and plenty of plot to explore 3 [...]

    Matt Smith

    I liked the build at the beginning, However, the Lawnmower man himself was just plain amusing The part I disliked most was the almost non sequitor of the attack on the protagonist it seems everything is copesetic, between the two, but then all of a sudden, it s not It seems that the phone call tipped off the Lawnmower Man, but he was talking about a sacrifice earlier, and indeed take a sacrifice, but I don t know It seemed too off for me.


    This was my my favorite collection so far The stories created a range of emotionduring lawnmower man I laughed and during quitters Inc I was on the edge of my seat I love Stephen King, and this is a great collection for anyone whose just getting started with him and doesn t want to commit to a 1000 page book, but still satisfy the hard core fans.

    Cat Ellington

    A terrifying and classic collection containing twenty of King s most legendary tales I reviewed Night Shift as a composed body, rating each short story therein individually.To read the actual review, search Night Shift


    The 2 star rating is strictly for the short story The Lawnmower Man I am rating and counting each short story in this book individually.The Lawnmower Man was very creative but silly It was just ok to me.


    The King Rocks


    The Ledge was scary for someone with edge height fears the wind noise in the background surely doesn t help Quitters, Inc is a weight loss plan that would surely work for me.


    What just happened I mean, really What WAS that


    Two words, Steven King I think that is all you need, right


    Classic Stephen King style short stories A must read for any of his fans, dare I say a great bathroom book


    This story kept me interested, it started out promising to be something very creepy and then turned comical for me.

    David Ronan

    The story was alright but a little bit disappointing considering I was expecting a fair bit from the book.


    Love SK books.


    Bizarre Sometimes They Come Back was probably the weakest of the bunch for me The others were at least decent, and I felt the titular short was probably comedy than anything.


    Divinely gross

    Snoozie Suzie

    Just not to my taste.

    Kimberly Jackson

    During this time period I couldn t get enough of Stephen Kings work.

    Ashley James

    far better than the crappy movie whoch was nothing look this story well worth reading the movie put me off a bit turns out i was missing a treat one of my favourites

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