Apr 21, 2021
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors
Posted by Peter J. Tomasi Fernando Pasarín Cam Smith

Green Lanterns Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia explore the unknown sectors of the galaxy, determined to shine their emerald light in the darkest corners of the uncharted to bring order to the universe But what is Guy s secret mission for the evil Red Lantern, Atrocitus, that brings him into conflict with Hal Jordan Collecting Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 1 7

  • Title: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors
  • Author: Peter J. Tomasi Fernando Pasarín Cam Smith
  • ISBN: 9781401230791
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Green Lantern Emerald Warriors Green Lanterns Guy Gardner Kilowog and Arisia explore the unknown sectors of the galaxy determined to shine their emerald light in the darkest corners of the uncharted to bring order to the universe


    If you haven t been reading Green Lantern for a while, this is going to be pretty confusing, so I m not sure why this is labeled as a perfect jumping on point for new readers Heck, parts of it had even me trying to remember what some of this stuff was about, and I m pretty up to date on the Green Lantern universe So if you re new to these guys, Don t Start Here.If you re not new, then I think this you will probably enjoy this.This story features Guy Gardner, who is my least favorite Lantern I ve [...]

    John Yelverton

    A great nail biter, as the Green Lanterns head off into a forbidden sector of space and each one has an agenda all their own The twists and turns this book takes makes it well worth the reader s time.

    Jesse A

    Nope Still don t love Green Lantern.

    Emmett Spain

    A tie in to DC s Brightest Day arc, this trade was sold as the perfect jumping on point for new readers before the New 52 was announced by DC As a long time reader, I can assuredly say that the claim is bollocks.There s a ton of assumed knowledge here, meaning it s not the world s greatest spot to jump on That said, if you re a long time fan of Green Lantern, this trade has tons to offer.It centres around Guy Gardner, the oft annoying ringslinger who s as famous for getting in people s faces as [...]

    C.J. Edmunds

    First off, I was never a Guy Gardner fan Kinda felt that he was the offbeat Lantern one who couldn t keep his cool and foam at the mouth whenever something or someone didn t agree with him But in the past 3 years of reading GL and all other tie ups I ve come to accept Guy and all his quirks And so it was in this spirit that I looked forward to reading this compilation and boy did I like it.Branching off from the events compiled in Brightest Day Green Lantern, this compilation centers on the pact [...]

    Gayle Francis Moffet

    This doesn t hold together as tightly as I remember, but the last time I read it, I did so directly after Blackest Night, which is where the book was born from Basically, Guy, Wog, and Arisia end up running to the Unknown Sectors together to track down some baddies They get sidetracked along the way a couple of times and end up picking up Bleeze as well It s a story that feels like Tomasi got handed a checklist of things that needed to happen before Green Lantern War which shows up in the next v [...]


    And now I want to read Don t know how the payoff will be, so the rating may go up or down Still, the art is great, the characters are interesting for once the focus isn t Hal, Carol or Sinestro and the plot is engaging I need to know how this will play out, despite the fact that the good guys usually win.


    Guy Gardner, Atrocitus and Ganthet together on a secret mission I put it in quotes cause they re allies but are working in different parts of the Universe Awesome This has been a great new series by Tomasi The writing has been really well done, and Pasarin provides some great art to go with it A definite read for any GL fan.Collects issues 1 7 of GL Emerald Warriors.

    Wing Kee

    Guy is no longer just a dumb sexist side bro, he s now a badass impulsive cop World The art is what you expect from a GL book, the rings look powerful and the sense of motion is great The facial expressions are also powerful and in your face, good art The would building had been great since Johns rebooted the GL books and it s just the same here Even with the world already so fully formed there are still parts and pieces of the world that get revisited and also new places and people to meet This [...]


    Not much of a fan of Guy Gardner, although this volume did show a few different sides to his personality, instead of his regular, angry snarky side Finally, Guy has decided to fulfill his side of the pact he made with Ganthet and Atrocitus The outcome of that pact isn t exactly clear, but it involves some three eyed, snake guts bad guy headquartered in the uncharted zone of the universe Along the way he gets side tracked by a trip to Daxam to discover what happened to Sodam and to learn why the [...]


    Oft annoying ringslinger Guy Gardner gets the spotlight in this volume, following up on his pact with Red Lantern leader Atrocitus and former Gardian turned Lantern Ganthet It would appear that a new threat to the Lantern Corps is arising in the uncharted sectors of space, and Guy s stubborn attitude is best suited for the task of finding it out Sidekicked by fellow GL members Kilowog and Arisa, Guy does his best to hide the truth of the mission only to run headlong into conflicts that he thoug [...]


    I really wish I could rate this higher But sadly, outside of the fact that Guy Gardner is written almost perfectly, there are just some real holes in the story that led to it being really entertaining to me instead of really awesome Red Lantern Guy Gardner is always going to be a bright spot for me in comics, but I really wish Arisa were written as than concern for her man It s really frustrating given she can be so much Killowog s growing stress at the low life expectancy of new lanterns is p [...]

    Guy Robinson

    Emerald Warriors is graphic novel that does what you expect but it is admittedly a rather strange things for anyone to expect.Guy Gardener is a dumb, chauvinistic and aggressive Green Lantern in a core of intergalactic boy scouts In this book he heads off to investigate space allegedly unknown to his immortal employers, leading rather incompetently a small team.You probably need to know your emotional colours in the DC Universe to follow this and have at least read about Sinestro s Yellow Lanter [...]

    Cameron Johnson

    After the events of Blackest Night, Guy Gardner is trying to get things back to green After discovering the difficulties ahead, he does what he thinks is right He discovers that the road ahead may have a red light for him.What makes this collection so unique in the Green Lantern series is that it is another example of good not being able to tackle evil and needing something bad to help out Granted the boost Guy gets comes at a price, but considering how other green lanterns have fared, it might [...]


    Whatever Peter Tomasi was doing right when he began writing the Green Lantern Corps title has definitely faded Yes, he gets Guy Gardner s characterization correct, but previously well defined characters such as Arisia and Kilowog are barely two dimensional The plot holes are just too big to ignore The Guardians permitted unexplored territories Since when, they re the one who divided the universe into 3600 sectors to be patrolled by the Corps Sodam is freed from Daxam s sun, and now he is being m [...]

    Mike McDevitt

    Pasarin s art is really good I love these characters, Tomasi picked just who I would have picked Guy Gardener, Kilowog, and Arisia on a secret mission in uncharted space it s fun to see Kilowog as the MOST reasonable one on the team Oh, the villian is quite the ghoul And Sodam Yat is back as well I was eager to see of the big baddie it ll be quite a War of the Lanterns.


    Guy Gardner forms and alliance with Ganthet and Atrocitus As they each take on different sectors to solve Some mystery One being the power drain on the green lantern rings.This book deals with some complicated plot involving Sodam Yat and new villain Zardor, before leading into the War of the Green Lanterns.


    If you haven t read the other Green Lantern Corps books, you may find yourself lost However, this is a great set up for what is to come in the Green Lantern universe The inclusion of my one of my favorite Red Lanterns Bleez was a welcome addition MORE BLEEZ


    These GL stories just aren t working for me I m beyond tired of the Red Lanterns, the space snakes were awful, and the the lame new villain added nothing They keep trying to match the epic nature of Blackest Night, but now it s just getting old.

    Shawn Williacy

    The entire run of Blackest Night Brightest Day was an amazing read that involved the entire DC universe The good thing about this book is that you do not need to have read all the other books to enjoy this series.


    could have done without this one, but it was a good read I like the Lanterns a lot and especially Guy is quite the special character, right D

    Alex Sarll


    Eric Mikols

    Not bad I like Guy as a character than the rest of the internet The story isn t great but the Gardner s quest is interesting.


    Brilliant art to complement Tomasi s driven Guy Gardner who is going to get the mission done come hell or high water A well written story about the Green Lantern universe.


    Now I have to find the War of the Green Lanterns, I guess a Comic Book readers work is never done.

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