Oct 23, 2021
Jane Eyre
Posted by Charlotte Brontë Michael Mason Rachel Joyce Arzu Altınanıt Amanda Hale Tom Burke

Free Read Jane Eyre - by Charlotte Brontë Michael Mason Rachel Joyce Arzu Altınanıt Amanda Hale Tom Burke - Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre Fiery love shocking twists of fate and tragic mysteries put a lonely governess in jeopardy in JANE EYRE Orphaned as a child Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life Her courage is tested once

  • Title: Jane Eyre
  • Author: Charlotte Brontë Michael Mason Rachel Joyce Arzu Altınanıt Amanda Hale Tom Burke
  • ISBN: 9780142437209
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Free Read Jane Eyre - by Charlotte Brontë Michael Mason Rachel Joyce Arzu Altınanıt Amanda Hale Tom Burke - Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre Fiery love shocking twists of fate and tragic mysteries put a lonely governess in jeopardy in JANE EYRE Orphaned as a child Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life Her courage is tested once


    Yes, I suppose you can view this book mostly as a love story That s what I did at age 13 but that s why I was left disappointed back then.Or you can view this as an story of formation of a strong and independent female protagonist, a nineteenth century feminist, light years ahead of its time And that s what left my now closer to thirty than twenty self very satisfied and, quite frankly, rather impressed view spoiler The guy kept his wife in the attic Seriously no Just no You don t get all the wa [...]


    FIVE REASONS WHY JANE EYRE WOULD NEVER BE A BESTSELLER IN OUR TIMES 5 Four hundred odd pages of purely descriptive writing4 Overt religious themes and moral preaching3 A plain Jane heroine who stays plain No makeovers to reveal a hitherto hidden prettiness that only needed an application of hydrogen peroxide and some eyebrow plucking to emerge full blown.2 The world is not well lost for love In the war between self respect and grand passion, principles win hands down Rousing, yet tender speeches [...]


    I could bang Mr Rochester like a screen door till next Tuesday That s not all I got from this book, honestly

    Bookdragon Sean

    Reader, I gave it five stars Please let me tell you why Jane Eyre is the quintessential Victorian novel It literally has everything that was typical of the period, but, unlike other novels, it has all the elements in one story At the centre is the romance between Jane and Rochester, which is enhanced by gothic elements such as the uncanniness of the doppleganger and the spectre like qualities of Bertha In addition, it is also a governess novel these were an incredibly popular type of storytellin [...]


    There is something deeply attractive about gothic romance Part of its appeal is the sense of intractable eroticism squirming to escape from just beneath the surface The tension in the genre is often generated by a virginal girl s attraction to a dangerous man The pitiful and helpless the heroine the better, but she must also be proud and virtuous, brave and idealistic Her attraction to the ominous hero must be based on pity, not fear He must deserve her idealism Charlotte s Bronte s Jane Eyre , [...]


    Child neglect, near death, a dash of magical realism, the power of love, the powerlessness of the poor, sexual rivalry, mystery, madness and It is as powerful as ever but is it really a love story, given Rochester s Svengali tendencies, or is it a life story His downfall and her inheritance make them equal, but is it really love on his part I m not sure, which is what makes it such a good book just not necessarily a love story I also like the tension between it being very Victorian in some obv [...]

    Hailey (HaileyinBookland)



    The picture disappeared which made the comments rather irrelevant Oh course, Rush Limbaugh is nuts.In December 2007, on a radio show with an audience of 14.5 million, Limbaugh asked this question about the former first lady s presidential prospects, after an incredibly unflattering picture of her had surfaced Will Americans want to watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis I want you to understand that I m talking about the evolution of American culture here, and not so much Mrs [...]

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    I m bumping Jane Eyre up to the full five stars on this reread It has its Victorian melodramatic moments horrible aunt and cousins view spoiler mad wife secretly hidden away in the attic heroine starving in the wilderness hide spoiler , but overall I found this story of a plain, obscure girl determined to maintain her self respect, and do what she feels is right even in the face of pressure, profoundly moving And I m a romantic, so yeah, that aspect totally sucked me in too And it really is a gr [...]

    Jeffrey Keeten

    Jane, be still don t struggle so like a wild, frantic bird, that is rending its own plumage in its desperation I am no bird and no net ensnares me I am a free human being, with an independent will which I now exert to leave you I am glad that in 1847 Charlotte Bronte made the decision to publish her novel under a male pseudonym Currer Bell had a much better chance of being published than Charlotte Bronte and, with reviewers and readers assuming that she was in fact a male writer, allowed the nov [...]


    I read this book back in High School I hated it I thought it was boring and stupid and all I wanted to do was spread the word that this book was terrible and no one should read it I had it marked one star on and it had a home on my least favorite shelf.Well, I have been waiting years to find the perfect place to use this gif I reread in late August, early September 2017 I have to say that I should probably reread everything I read bank in High School to get a better perspective I enjoyed the boo [...]

    Steph Sinclair

    I often think of classics as required reading, usually accompanied by a barely suppressed groan Because, surely, they can t actually be any good I m not sure why I ve always associated well known and well loved classics as such, but I suppose it must be the expectation to love it just as much as the world It s silly, I know A person can t be expected to love all books, classic status or not, but still, I wondered if I would enjoy it.Jane Eyre is one of those novels that proves me completely wron [...]

    Grace Tjan

    Now I know why Charlotte Bronte said this of Jane Austen The passions are perfectly unknown to her she rejects even a speaking acquaintance with that stormy sisterhood I love Jane, but Charlotte REALLY knows how to write about passion, romantic or otherwise If Jane s books are stately minuets in which the smallest gesture has its meaning, Charlotte s is a spirited, sweeping tango of duty and desire A perfect blend of passionate romance, gothic mystery, romantic description of nature, social comm [...]


    I, Ana, take you, Mr Rochester, to be my lawful wedded husband I m sure my boyfriend won t mind.Back off fangirls, he is mine.I needed something to make me stop thinking about Heathcliff and Catherine and theirhorrorlove story So, naturally, I chose Jane Eyre Yes, it s dark but nowhere nearly as scary as Wuthering Heights It s actually quite romantic Ok, he locked his wife in the attic In those days people didn t get divorced If you had a crazy spouse, you locked them in the attic That s how it [...]

    April (Aprilius Maximus)

    I think this may be my favourite book of all time.Video Review youtube watch v 2E8ysAround the Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes 11 A book from the Rory Gil Challenge


    SPOILER ALERT YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU PLAN ON READING JANE EYRE.I read Jane Eyre for the first time as an adult and I can t help but feel sorry for every junior high or high school student who was forced to read this book I thought getting through this book was very difficult I assumed I would love it since I generally love books by Jane Austen, but I didn t find many similarities at all Jane Eyre was boring and unbelievable I did enjoy the first half of the book because I ha [...]


    Jane Eyre makes me want to be a better person Her goodness, her humility, her frankness, her passion, her fierce will and her moral compass are all inspiring.And yet, I also love her faults Jane has a temper, she gets jealous, she fights back, and at times she is too obedient, especially when given orders by overbearing men.What is it about this gothic novel that still makes it a compelling read than 160 years after it was published I first came to this story, as I suspect many have, through th [...]


    EDIT 22 04 2015 The following review was written in paroxysms of adoration which I no longer feel hence a star is being ducked Now that I have read Wide Sargasso Sea and re read Wuthering Heights, Rochester and Jane s attraction as characters of high morals has waned in my eyes But until I write a balanced critique of this, I refrain from disowning my first impressions.____What do I write about you Jane Words fall short when I try to Jane, you are so much a part of me as I am yours.You are so m [...]

    Helene Jeppesen

    I just finished this book in the early hours of the morning, and I m left with a heavy but happy heart and a smile on my face I clung to those last pages like nothing else not wanting the story to end and this is even a reread for me This goes to show how much I love this book and this journey of Jane I think what I love the most is exactly the fact that it takes you on an amazing journey, and Jane changes so radically from beginning to end As a reader, you are rooting for her and your feelings [...]

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    It seems silly to say that a book can affect you on a profound level well I definitely believe in this power that a good book has Jane Eyre is one of them I cannot say that this was an easy book to read But it was a book that I was very enriched by reading Romance is a genre that is looked down on by many sophisticated readers Perhaps they would look down on Jane Eyre, but would probably get some eyebrows raised at them Well Jane Eyre is the archetype for the romance novel After having read thou [...]


    I get the feeling that Jane Eyre may have ruined future English classics for me I find it hard to imagine other classics topping this one This was actually a book that I had no interest in reading because I had been underwhelmed by a Jane Eyre miniseries I watched several years ago However, so many people have urged me to read this, saying it s an excellent book, and they weren t wrong.Jane Eyre is definitely cut from a different cloth from the other classic novel heroines I have come across She [...]


    Reader, she married him.

    Henry Avila

    One of the most beloved novels in history for many generations Jane Eyre , is set in England, in the 1800 s The story of a neglected girl orphan, of that name, who never gives up her dream of happiness, no matter how remote a possibility, that goal, can ever be reached Hated by her cruel Aunt Mrs Sarah Reed NOT A BLOOD RELATIVE , and cousins, Eliza, jealous of her beautiful, but spiteful sister Georgiana, and abused by them both They look down at the beggar, this little poor girl, this impositi [...]


    I just really love this book Jane is such a strong strong character who does what she believes is right no matter what and the SASS is so real I love it.As per usual, I loved it, though I feel like the older I get the I notice the seriously problematic things in it.But Jane is still the best.


    Classics are books which, the we think we know them through hearsay, the original, unexpected, and innovative we find them when we actually read them Italo Calvino, Why Read the Classics There is no second or third or nineteenth time for me This is the first time I have read Jane Eyre and this is the first time I ve read anyone like her Did I take forever to say hello to Jane Not at all There couldn t have been a better timing since at present, my mind is in perfect harmony with my heart and [...]


    A CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH REVIEW Hamlet vs Jane Eyre Setting A small town in the Old West Sheriff Hamlet is relaxing out in front of the General Store Suddenly Polonius comes running down the middle of the dirt road at the center of town, waving his hands in the air, shouting EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES JANE EYRE AND THE BRONTE POSSE IS COMING TO TOWN The townspeople all scramble out of sight Store owners pull the shades down Sheriff Hamlet remains cucumber cool with his legs crossed, reading in t [...]

    Mansuriah Hassan

    One of my reading goals is to read as much classic literature as I can And I am glad that I chose this book Jane Eyre tells a story of a very likable personage orphan girl Jane Eyre who, after her parents deaths lived with her aunt and three cousins who heartily hated her, then at the age of 10 she was sent to a special school orphanage where after spending 8 years she became a teacher and later a governess at a rich household As the story progresses we see Jane mature from a young rebellious th [...]

    Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

    Anyone else didn t love the romance in here


    The funny thing about this novel is not how enlightened it is for the time period, because it really isn t all that enlightened, right Mr Rochester How s that first wife hanging in the attic Or how closely aligned to modern ideas of equality between the sexes and finding an equitable arrangement between them it is, because it only happens to conform to the standards of romantic literature of the time, where happy endings happen Windfall out of nowhere Really Trope, much And how does that subvert [...]


    Jane Eyre is one of those books everyone says you have to read one day, often mentioned in one breath along with classics like Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights, and I agree This is an important novel about female independence, the development into an adult human being and the search for one s true destination in juxtaposition with traditional ideals and guidelines.But not only is it an important novel Charlotte Bront managed to include elements of humor, romance, gothic fiction and even [...]

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