Apr 20, 2021
Winter's Heat
Posted by Denise Domning

Her years in a nunnery taught Rowena of Benfield many things, but not how to be a wife to the powerful lord who claimed her as his bride She vows never to submit to this aloof and ruthless man who claims her.Rannulf of Graistan has been a woman s fool once before and has sworn to never be again, but he cannot refuse the rich estate that this marriage brings him.But a tideHer years in a nunnery taught Rowena of Benfield many things, but not how to be a wife to the powerful lord who claimed her as his bride She vows never to submit to this aloof and ruthless man who claims her.Rannulf of Graistan has been a woman s fool once before and has sworn to never be again, but he cannot refuse the rich estate that this marriage brings him.But a tide of treachery is rising around them and their only hope lays in daring to trust and to love unconditionally.

  • Title: Winter's Heat
  • Author: Denise Domning
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  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter s Heat Her years in a nunnery taught Rowena of Benfield many things but not how to be a wife to the powerful lord who claimed her as his bride She vows never to submit to this aloof and ruthless man who cla

    Mary B.

    Yay I love Medieval romances, and now that I ve gotten through most of Patricia Ryan s back list, I m happy to have found another author whose writing talents and historical knowledge I can appreciate I love this book and all of its characters, and it was a good introduction to the world of this series.I especially liked this heroine, because she was strong willed and intelligent, and yet still behaved in a manner that was realistic for her time period I knew I was going to like her early on in [...]

    Wendy,Lady Evelyn Quince

    Mini Review A medieval romance that takes medieval life seriously is usually one I enjoy, but Winter s Heat fell a bit flat for me Rowena is forced into marriage with Lord Rannulf of Graistan After a quick consummation, Rannulf leaves Rowena at his castle to deal with his surly servants, evil sister in law, Maeve, and young son After than 30% into the book, I realized that the hero was nowhere to be found, and I was ok with that I enjoyed reading about Rowena s attempts to turn Rannulf s pigsty [...]

    Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria

    This book was recommended by Mary from the group I spend most of my time in with , the Romance Refugees forum I m so glad she did I enjoyed it a lot This book was first published in 1994, so it s far from new, and I m thinking 1994 was a pretty good year as so many books I ve loved just happened to have been published in that year It s so hard to find a good medieval romance, so many of them set in that period don t follow life as it was then which takes away a lot of the enjoyment This book, as [...]


    Rowena and RannulfJohn of Benfield strikes a contract with Lord Rannulf FitzHenry of Graiston for the hand of his daughter, Rowena of Benfield, in marriage First Rannulf doesn t want to marry Then he sees Rowena and changes his mind Rowena s first weeks at Graiston Keep are not easy The Keep needs cleaning up and renovation Rannulf doesn t acknowledge Rowena as the Lady Graiston He treats her no better than a servant She is constantly hurt, shamed and embarrassed Rowena feels her marriage is doo [...]


    This was a hard book to rate There s so much about it that s really first rate The author is a very good writer and story teller And she has done her research The book is set in England at the end of the 12th Century, and feels very authentic I really love to see the history get equal time with romance in my historical romances, and I feel that here it certainly does.This is an arranged marriage between Rowena and Rannulf They re both nobility, and as is so typical of the period the marriage is [...]


    Genre Medieval RomanceI tend to avoid Medieval romances the main characters especially the heroine usually have modern attitudes that make me gag in a medieval setting This one was a very pleasant surprise Rowena is a 12th century noblewoman she may not want her marriage, and while she could refuse it, her father would only find someone else Once married she undertakes the tasks of the lady of the manner with a will The one sword wielding girl in the book is regarded as the social pariah she is [...]

    Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!

    This isn t realistic at all, but I enjoyed it for what it is.Feminism is a dirty word in this book There was one kick ass character named Nicola, who needs to call me throws panties Okay, I don t know what came over me there clears throat


    Don t be fooled by the cover this is a bodice riper I got to chapter 3 and had to put it down Not a clean read like I thought.Just writing this for those that care.


    This is the first in the Graistan Chronicles or Seasons series by Denise Domning Rowena of Benfield is taken from the convent where she spent the last fourteen years of her life by her father Circumstances have changed her fate and she is almost immediately married to Rannulf, Lord of Graistan He then sends her on to Graistan and leaves to serve the king I originally read this and the following three in the series back in the 1990s when they were first published and I loved them A few years ago [...]


    While I love historical fiction and appreciate that the author spent 12 years researching the period, her writing leaves something to be desired The plot was simple and predictable The number of grammatical and spelling errors was unacceptable.


    3 3 12 Kindle freebie today A redo of a 1997 romance.


    I guess in a way it was good The first part was really engaging Unfortunately I started reading the book at 11 00 pm night I couldn t stay past 3 00 am and during my sleep my entire thoughts was on waking up early and finishing the book Then came morning and there were times I just wanted to skip pages to get it with.Good things1 Historical details accurate or atleast I think it is2 Nice story build up3 Great heroine though unbelievable at times4 Great vampBad things1 A frustrating hero2 Overly [...]

    Regan Walker

    Classic Medieval RomanceDoming said she got the idea for this novel in a dream and then spent 12 years researching the medieval time period in which to set it and the novels that followed It is the first in the Graistan Chronicles see list below I really enjoyed it and think she captured the time, though there is a bit less history than in some romance novels of the period.It takes place in 1194, during the latter part of the reign of King Richard I It tells the story of Rowena of Benfield, who [...]

    ♥ Vonda M. Reid ♥

    Overall Rating 4.85 Action 3.5 Emotion 4.5 Romance 3 Sensuous 2 Intrigue 4 Medieval Flavor 5 Humor 3 Tears 2Readers of medieval romances will want to read Winter s Heat, the first book in Denise Domning s five book series, The Graistan Chronicles This book was so engaging and intriguing that it was almost impossible to put down Not only did Domning write a book filled with action, suspense, romance and emotion, but she did so while keeping the dialogue, descriptions and feelings true to the era [...]


    I picked this ebook up as a Kindle Unlimited offering, and as I read it reminded me so much of the richness of detail found in medieval romances popular a couple decades ago think Garwood, Deveraux, Lowell that I had to look up if it was a reissue Lo and behold, it was this novel was first published in 1994 The level of detail dates it, the unapologetic role of genders dates it, and the fully explored secondary characters date itd I loved every second of it It was good to get immersed in a medie [...]

    The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears

    There are times when I am in the mood for a good medieval romance and this did not disappoint Rannulf and Rowena are that couple I rooted for Both are strong willed and give as good as they get Both have scars and trust issues I love how Rowena, in spite of her not wanting to be married, manages to make Graistan both the residence and the man her own without giving up her autonomy And while Rannulf could be a total pigs arse at times not to the point of being an asshat jerkwad of an alpha which [...]


    I started this once, read one chapter and then DNF Should have left it at that Both of the main characters are so juvenile in their reactions to stress and disappointment, so ready to take offence at what the other was saying or doing that it was almost a wall banger for me except I read from a Kindle and there s no way I would kill that Ms Domning states in the end that this was her first book, first started in 1978 when she was seventeen and through fits and starts much due to her personal lif [...]


    I ve never read much romance, but I picked this because of the time period Denise drew wonderous pictures of life in the era 11 1200, and held a romantic tension throughout the book that continued to bring me back Ive known people who must have been some of their descendants The characters she developed resembled them so well, I could see their faces Though I had several books on my Kindle awaiting attention, I immediately bought Spring Fury and started it.


    First book in a 5 book series I got this as a freebie from Copyright 1994, so it s an oldie Set in 1192 England, I ve read this book before Not exactly THIS book, but it s so similar in plot to other Medievals Read Jude Deveraux s Velvet series for example Stupid hero Intelligent, but helpless heroine Evil woman who comes between them Brothers of the hero who act smarter than he does until they get their own story, then become just as stupid Oh, for once can t a writer have a hero that s smart T [...]

    Breena Williams

    I had a hard time rating this one I enjoyed the writing and dialogue between the main characters, but man oh man I could not stand the H and in some moments the h He was just to much in the way of pride and unchanged attitude, clear to the end And I know, the day and age of how they treated people, but I just couldn t see this H that his people loved and respected one moment and then he refuses to listen to council, supremely prideful, wasteful in money, it s all about people not leaving him not [...]

    The Book Worm

    I really wanted to like Winter s Heat, but in the end I found myself a bit disappointed The writing is good, although the book is not an easy one to read, because it s rough, dark and twisted, which, in my opinion, makes it much historically accurate than most other historical romances My problem with Winter s Heat were the characters, which I found too inconsistent One second Rowena hates her husband, to the point of being physically and verbally abusive, and on the next second she s draped al [...]

    Cindy Woods

    Truly enjoyedI enjoyed reading this book The plot is interesting, suspenseful and funny at times The story is set in 12th century England where a convent raised woman is taken home by a father she barely knows Her father bullies her into a quick and arranged marriage to a knight The young woman is a harridan with no desire to marry anyone ever Her world is turned upsidedown in flash as she is quickly married off Her new husband is an enigma to her and carries a lot a baggage from previous marria [...]


    In WH the hero does not put one foot right the entire story First he marries a woman she s been ripped from the nunnery to marry him he didn t intend to At first he likes her, then he remembers how badly his last wife treated him the reason he didn t want to remarry and is totally mean to the chit Then he forgets, then he remembers etc etc This goes on for 3 4 of the book In the exciting denouement they visit one of our hero s loyal vassals, who promptly tries to kill them, but ends up taking th [...]

    V SB

    What in hecks name happened here This was one of the worst books I have ever read the characters were so rude not only to each other but to others as well For someone who was in a convent for a long time, the heroine sure didn t act like it just the way she treated the servants left me scratching my head as for the hero, did he suffer from a split personality disorder or something He d be fine one minute, shouting the next then smiling and laughing right after Didn t even bother to finish it


    I often shy away from stories set in the Middle ages aside from Hunter I find many just tend to mangle them I started this on my kindle during a train journey, and had to finish it when I got home Often I just leave the book I ve started on the kindle for a later journey, but I was well caught up in this one and wanted to read it through I enjoyed it a lot and it seemed quite convincing to me I ll gladly read the second in this series if I can get my hands on it.


    LOVED IT Great read, though this book did keep me from getting some work done this weekend The story seemed impeccably researched even though I have read a lot of period pieces, I still learned a lot The story was plausible and well told I m looking forward to picking up the series, but first, I have some work to do

    Denise Dow

    Snowy dayThis book was pretty good I read it during a snowy day Parts were a little overwritten I think it would have better if there was about the two main characters I liked that Rowena was a strong character Will read the second book before I decide if I will finish the series.


    StrongI used to hate romance novels of any sort Why The women were so weak and weak willed So come with me to the current days of historical romance Strong women, strong men loving and surviving That s what I found here and it was lovely to read.

    Phil Ellenberger

    ExcellentThis book is an excellent story about the troubles people have with their pride The characters are welldrawn The dialogue is both subtle and witty It is just plain a fun read


    GreatReally enjoyed this book If I had Rannulf in front of me I would have knocked him on his ass Wonderful story and look forward to Temric and Gilliam s stories.

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