Apr 20, 2021
Watcher in the Woods
Posted by Robert Liparulo Joshua Swanson

It s not just the house that s keeping secrets Pretending everything is all right is harder than it sounds But the Kings know that even if they told the truth about the bizarre things happening in their house, no one would believe them Right now they re hyperfocused on rescuing their lost family member before anyone finds out what s going on But when a stranger shows uIt s not just the house that s keeping secrets Pretending everything is all right is harder than it sounds But the Kings know that even if they told the truth about the bizarre things happening in their house, no one would believe them Right now they re hyperfocused on rescuing their lost family member before anyone finds out what s going on But when a stranger shows up to take their house, their options start dwindling fast Why would he be so interested in a run down old place And what secret is he hiding just as he hides the scars that crisscross his body The mystery gets stranger with each passing day Will the Kings be able to find a way to harness the house s secrets and discover who is watching their every move before another gets snatched into an unknown world This second installment in the Dreamhouse Kings series is another whirlwind adventure.

  • Title: Watcher in the Woods
  • Author: Robert Liparulo Joshua Swanson
  • ISBN: 9781441777294
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Watcher in the Woods It s not just the house that s keeping secrets Pretending everything is all right is harder than it sounds But the Kings know that even if they told the truth about the bizarre things happening in the


    What if your house had secrets than you did That is exactly what our young heroes, Xander, David, and Toria, face in Watcher in the Woods by Robert Liparulo In this high action story you will be transported into a whole new world This is a brilliant sequel to House of Dark Shadows that will leave you wanting Just moments after their mother was kidnapped a mysterious man appears in their dining room He goes by the name of Taksidian He tells them that he wants to buy the house from the Kings, th [...]

    Mark Kipper

    Watcher in the Woods has everything I like action, adventure, suspense lots of all three , characters I totally like, a nasty bad guy, mystery, twists turns I only wish it continued I thought the writing was great, very visual, like a movie Honestly, I can t get enough of this guy and this story I started reading the first book in the series, House of Dark Shadows, again, just so I could continue reading I m finding cool little details I missed before I read one of Mr Liparulo s earlier books an [...]

    Shannon McCarter

    Okay so here s the thing this book did do a better job of hooking me in to the story So why did my rating go down half a star Well, the read was still rather dry and, honestly, so little happens that I almost jut think that it didn t need to be its own book House of Dark Shadows was intriguing because we didn t know what was up, but Watcher in the Woods was just tedious and repetitive which is truly unfortunate because I still find myself wanting to know what is going to happen next The story is [...]


    very proud of myself finishing this book in way day I love the idea of this story It a complete different idea of normal story s that are kinda horror

    Isabella Mancini

    The book Watcher in the Woods , by Robert Libarulo, is an action packed story, mainly written for teens It takes place in present day California in a town called Pinedale The main characters, David, Xander, and their father live in a house that is different than most It has portals which lead to different times in history The story started by explaining that the mother was taken from them and that it was their fathers fault because he knew that the house was dangerous I really enjoyed this book [...]

    Deidre(Dee) ~ Official Bookworm ~

    This was such a great read I m definitely going to read the next instalment.

    Melissa Van

    This book, Dreamhouse Kings Watcher in the Woods, is a book that is filled with mystery, suspense, and horror It is well written and is a good book to read if you like haunted houses, mysterious people, and unexplainable events The part of the book that captivated me was the very beginning In the first lines the middle child, David King, is too young to die, but is in a situation in which dying young is a very big possibility It tells you about how he is feeling, what is going through his head, [...]


    I saw a peer give three stars and exclaimed The covers are eerie and the description enticing How can they not receive fives I see what was lacking Those of us attracted to these covers want ghost stories but these aren t paranormal The tone resembles science fiction, the settings are often military or warlike plains not to my taste I have no interest in that ancient assassin living on Earth Legal matters threatening the family are irritants to an adventure I was managing to enjoy, outside expec [...]


    A good follow up to the first in this promising horror mystery series, though with not quite as much going on as the first book Xander and David now know that their house isn t just weird, it s dangerous and frightening Their mother has been kidnapped, and they and their father are absolutely determined to get her back But that will involve the appearance of dangerous new opponents, risky plans, and death defying adventures into the bizarre portals in the upstairs hallway that lead to other tim [...]

    Shelby Huff

    Watcher In The Woods, is the second book in the series by the best selling author of, House Of Dark Shadows, they are both written by Robert Liparulo This book is perfect for people who enjoy mystery, creepy, and or thrill seeking fictional novels This book is an interesting story of how love, hope, and sacrifice can help the Kings family escape their own house The story is told with rich detail and awe inspiring cliff hangers perfect for readers who like intense novels It s not just the house t [...]

    Melissa Araujo

    Melissa AraujoAB 2 Jan 30 17BR 5 Watcher In The WoodsThe story begin with a boy named David and when he was little David lost his mom and someone took her He doesn t know who did it so his machine is to save her until it s too late Plus he really wants to save his mom really bad so they can get back together as a family And David will have experience when he is going to save his mom When he was going to the next door it opened by itself An eye inspected him,then it swung wide and he was pulled i [...]


    The starting was kind of boring and I thought the conflict between Ed and Xander was over but it continued for a long time I noticed that in this book it didn t talk about Xander s perspective and it talked about David s perspective I think that the part when they start flying was a waste knowing about it cause it didn t match any of the problems going on and it also didn t seem like it helped the story Near the middle and end was the best, so thrilling and I can t wait to read the next book be [...]


    I actually have the first two Dreamhouse Kings books in one edition and it was a really quick read for me I could not put the book down A great mystery with a twist of fantasy I loved these stories so much that when I got to the end and realized I had to wait until January of 2009 for the next part of the story, I wanted to cry


    A Quickie ReviewAlmost like a video game in book form, this second book in a long series is full of excitement and suspense I m interested to see where the story goes from here hopefully, I can get my hands on the remaining volumesd soon.Score 4 5


    Excelente, estupendo, brillante y todo lo que termine en te Desde luego, mucho mejor que el anterior.Rese a completa


    Teen fiction has its place in my reading habits occasionally, but I do find that it can be a bit much Like now With Watcher in the Woods I don t know Maybe I hoped that it wouldn t be a book crammed into such a small amount of time The entire story takes place over 3 days time Plus, it s an extension of the 1st book in the series, House of Dark Shadows, which I really liked It picks right up where the 1st book left off, so really, I ve read 2 books and gone only about 5 days in the lives of thes [...]


    This book is by Robert Liparulo and Is a non fiction book This book is the second book in the series and is a decent book to read it wan t one of my favorite books but it also wasn t that bad This book is about a family that just moved into the house and then realize that their mom is gone and after that they realize that their mom has disappeared into one of the doors in the house and then they were like well how would that happen and then they opened the door up and they notice that the doors [...]


    Ok, so I m a little frustrated with this series I m interested in the story, but I just don t feel like it s very gripping Like I m interested enough to buy the next book read it, but I m annoyed that I m still not wrapped up in the story.For one thing, I think that book 1 2 should have been edited compiled into one book Things moved way too slow in the first book the second I think I would have felt that gripping momentum I m looking for if they would ve been combined all the major action that [...]


    So good Too good to be true This was an amazing story that I have read so far, the feels, just everything went so smoothly it was like page after page then, whoa your done Not even realizing how much you have read This Was Too Much To Handle Truly I am truly speechless all my emotions gone it s like they have been sucked out of my body and they haven t returned to me yet Can t wait for part 3 Oh, and the covers leave me breathless 5 stars


    I am hooked on this series The author really does a great job of writing descriptively to keep you on the edge of your seat The King s moved into a strange old house in the last book and Mom was kidnapped Now they have an outside evil trying to get them out of the house They are determined to stay to find their lost loved one.


    A house with doors that could lead you to anywhere at anytime A yard that defies gravity An evil that is always in pursuit Dreamhouse Kings is a series that is creepy and yet wonderful The book reminds me a little bit of the Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson, but with slightly darker overtones.

    Nikki Musselman

    I LOVED it I read it in less than 24 hours Amazing.


    Really enjoyed this series


    Scary new house haunted woods, not like the movie Another world, another dimension with youth dryads.

    Pearl Ann Curran

    An Interesting SeriesI went through the first two books of the six, like water Kept wanting to see what would happen next.

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook

    Book reviewTitle The Watcher in the WoodsAuthor Robert LiparuloGenre thriller family paranormalRating Review Watcher in the Woods picks up the eerie, engrossing story begun in House of Dark Shadows, which saw the King family move from Pasadena to the small town of Pinedale when their father Edward accepts the position of principal at the high school, and into a house with a dark history From the first page of this Christian published young adult novel we are plunged once again into the high inte [...]


    i loved it

    Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)

    The King family is new to the small town of Pine Dale, California, and they are definitely not getting off on the right foot Their new house, an old Victorian style that needs a lot of work, looks perfectly normal from the outside, albeit a little creepy In reality, the house is anything but normal Just a few days after moving in, the King children, Xander, David, and Toria, discovered the secret entrance to the third floor, a long hallway with lots of doors along either side Each door on this l [...]

    Leigha Mclaughlin

    Watcher in the Woods by Robert LiparuloReviewed by Leigha McLaughlin The book that I read was a mystery about the Kings family and the strange things that occur in their new home That s one of the reasons that I really enjoyed the book was because I like mysteries In the starting of Watcher in the woods Mrs King had already been taken away since this is the second book They had to go through portals in their house that lead back to the past In the first book a big man came in and took her throug [...]


    The first book was better I give this three stars because, despite this being a frustrating read in some ways, there were still a couple good twists and I still wanted to know what would happen So it s got a good plot overall, but I thought some of the characters actions were frustrating or unconvincing Why didn t they call the police the first time Taxidien walked into their house, before the town ever wanted them out of the house You can t just walk unannounced into someone s house and demand [...]

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