Apr 15, 2021
Taming the Scotsman
Posted by Kinley MacGregor

No one can tell the hot blooded Scottish lasswhom to marry But the much feared manNora runs to for protection may be perilous to her heart thanany unwanted groomAnd much difficult to tame Nora is a woman with a mission Rather than be forced to endure a loveless marriage, she has fled her home, bound for England There s one small problem, though she needs a gNo one can tell the hot blooded Scottish lasswhom to marry But the much feared manNora runs to for protection may be perilous to her heart thanany unwanted groomAnd much difficult to tame Nora is a woman with a mission Rather than be forced to endure a loveless marriage, she has fled her home, bound for England There s one small problem, though she needs a guide, and the best choice is Ewan MacAllister, the only man both her father and her fianc fear Beneath Ewan s rough and tumble exterior, however, she finds the heart of a loyal friend, and suddenly, than to be free, she yearns to tame the proud Highlander who protects his wounded heart.Tormented by his past, Ewan wants only to be left alone Until the fiery lass forces herself into his remote home and refuses to leave unless he escorts her far away from Scotland Ewan thinks her mad, especially given her claims to be none other than niece to the Queen of England, but he can t let her travel about the countryside unescorted In spite of her unorthodox ways and stubborn nature, she is rather fetching for a bold lass And to his deepest chagrin, he finds himself wishing for the one thing he never thought to have A brave Highland lady to call his own

  • Title: Taming the Scotsman
  • Author: Kinley MacGregor
  • ISBN: 9780061755200
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook
  • Taming the Scotsman No one can tell the hot blooded Scottish lasswhom to marry But the much feared manNora runs to for protection may be perilous to her heart thanany unwanted groomAnd much difficult to tame Nora is a wo


    Pero que bonito libro No soy dada a leer libros de escoceses HAHAHA aunque me fascinan sus historias nunca me han parecido tan buenas como las ambientadas en la regencia londinense pero este libro fue bonito Sin m s.Estuvo lleno de aventuras y diversi n pero tambi n con esa parte dura y emocional a la que nos tiene acostumbrados la autora Qued con la intriga sobre KM pero supongo que me tendr que leer los dem s para despejar dudas jaja


    I ve learned to appreciate Ms MacGregor s books for the fun they give me I don t expect historical accuracy, just a light read and pure entertainment This book was no exception.Ewan was a slightly tortured hero who, feeling guilty over his brother Kieran s suicide, had chosen to live in a cave apart from his family Everything was fine and dandy with his surly and solitary life, until Nora barged into his life I have to say, her reasons for running away from her family and seeking Ewan s help did [...]


    I love the MacAllisters I took a littel break before reading this one, not on purpose really, I just kind of trailed off Am I ever glad I got back into this series last night I ve been wanting to read Ewan s story since a few books back Ewan has been living in pain since his brothers death After fighting over a woman who they both lost because she truly didn t love either of them, but just wanted to use them to get to her real love, his brother and best friend killed himself and Ewan has been bl [...]


    3,5Nice historical story

    Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]

    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 2 parts.I was hoping for a fun read in Ewan s book and it is Ewan is such an adorable giant of a man, I don t know where to start about him I so love a man so surly, grumpy on the outside but sweet and intoxicating on the inside, Ewan is just that And the quite ones are always da bomb in bed, Ewan is just that, too I m not sure about Nora She s a fun read, her incessant prattling was funny but some [...]


    Ewan MacAllister is not the oldest, but the tallest of the handsome MacAllister brothers He is a giant of a man, gruff and always deep in his cups Once, when he was younger, he did something unforgivable He fell in love with Isobail, the girlfriend of his brother Kieran Isobail returned his love and asked him to elope with her to England But when they arrived there, she dropped him like a hot potato in favor of another man Heartbroken, feeling used and manipulated, he returned home only to find [...]


    I wanted to rate this book 3 stars because I liked it better than the first book which got a 2 star rating from me But honestly I also wasn t crazy about this book, a 2.5 star rating to be precise Then I remember my when in doubt, round it down personal rule, so round it down I did I think it s safe to say that I am not a fan of Ms MacGregor s writing Her style reads choppy to me and the characters act and talk childishly sometimes I winced when I read some of the cheesy parts When written well, [...]

    Sha Mslvoe

    The saying opposites attract is definitely true in some sense She talked too muchHe s the quiet manTheir differences make them seem like they would be a great couple Yes, I would definitely say that opposites make better couples.I found the story very entertaining and enjoyable to read However, the ending make me confused Did Kieran still alive or dead Who s Pagan The mystery left me unsatisfied

    Serena Miles

    Pues este es el ultimo libro de la saga MacAllister, el libro de Ewan Pues me ha gustado mucho, y el final esta genialLa unica pega, que Nora la prota me ha sacado de quicio en muchas ocasiones7.5 10


    Ewan MacAllister still feels guilt over his part in his brother s death years ago This year s wallow is interrupted when Nora Ingen Alexander of Can barges into his life like the north wind Nora is unfortunately promised to a man that she does not love and she is sure does not love her, family obligations won t let her out of the unwanted marriage Nora has plotted with her maid and manservant to help her take advantage of Ewan s reputation of helping ladies in need, she is hopeful Ewan will safe [...]


    3.5 starsEvery time I start one of these MacAllister books, I feel like it s just going to be too light and simple for my taste There s something that somehow feels almost unsophisticated about the initial writing.But without fail, I end up being completely sucked into the story and the writing style ceases to be relevant because I m just being entertained Pure and simple.These books may not be steeped in detail or history, but that s just fine with me I ve never been a reader to complain about [...]

    Lady Raven RAVE!

    Kinkey Macgregor is a masteroryteller her craftsmanship is pure delight This book was totally engagingA highly charged romance with memorable characters and a wild adventure I read this book in one day.


    3.75 for me So I hated the start of this book and it was almost a DNF for me It started out feeling so fake and unauthentic that I was rolling my eyes After a break I decided to try again, remembering that I had loved the other in this series that I had read The story definitely got better and I became entrenched I liked Ewan and Nora together and his weakness which she loved I look forward to reading about Kieran the big mystery Ended on a high note for sure.


    3.5 starsThis is a sweet story There s nothing that particularly stands out as extraordinary though in positive or negative way, but with the likeable characters, it makes for a cute and quick read Fun but predictable and I always have a hard time with heroes thst spend YEARS being one way, then a mere day or two after being with the heroine they re totally different.

    Nina Ivanova

    Full review click click , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , D , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , After read thoughts For me the beginning of Taming the Scotsman wasn t as good as that of Born in sin Actually, the scenes in the first pages, where Nora was eyeing naked Ewan, of made me sigh But, as the story went on, it was becoming and dinamic and richer than the previous books Maybe if I started counting the characters or the subplots in the books, it won t turn so but [...]


    My review was first posted HERE.I wonder if I ll end up really liking the fifth book in the series since the trend so far shows that I ve really liked the first and the third story and liked both the second and the fourth one So I should really like the fifth one, right But as to why I only liked this one.If you ve read the second and third book in the series, then you re already familiar with the ever broody and burnt in love Ewan MacAllister For me, he seemed a lot interesting in the previous [...]


    This is the story of Ewan McAllister, the third brother to wed all that remains is Lochlan.I enjoyed the first half of this story but then it started to drag on forever and I found myself skimming just to finish it Ewan has been living a life of self punishment as he blames himself for the death of his brother Kieran When Ewan was younger, he had believed the words of a faithless woman which had caused a rift with his brother When his brother commits suicide,Ewan blames himself This experience c [...]


    3 Loved Scottish romance Stars AFter Julie Garwood Maya Banks , if I enjoyed any author s highlander romance, its Kinley MacGregor.This book had all the elements I always try to find it The leads were polar opposite , Hero is sullen and very beastly in nature while heroine is very naive chatterbox, loves to talk pleasantly very optimistic AND I loved them bothI loved their sweet scenes Lifting her hand to his lips, he kissed it gently In that moment, she was beautiful to him Not just in her look [...]

    C Joy

    This isn t the first time I ve read a historical from Kinley MacGregor Sherrilyn Kenyon , but this is the first one I liked a lot I later learned this is the fourth book in The Macallisters, and it made me want to get my hands on the other books in the series.The simplicity of the story was very likable Early on is a sneak peek at Ewan s history, the setting slowly unfurled when Nora entered the picture and sought Ewan to evade an arranged marriage The initial attraction was there but I liked ho [...]

    Océano de libros

    No llega a las cinco estrellas pero se lleva cuatro porque mejora con respecto a los anteriores libros.La historia es bastante entretenida con un personaje masculino tormentoso, con un pasado doloroso como le gustan a la autora, jeje Nora Ingen Alexander quiere salir de Escocia para evitar casarse con un hombre al que no soporta para ello utilize a Ewan MacAllister Ewan no puede creer que todo esto le est sucediendo y de nuevo vuelva a vivir la misma situaci n, lo que ocurri con Isobail, la muje [...]


    Very simple, feel good love story The moral of the story was basically opposites attract or beauty is found in the eye of the beholder The heroine Nora although beautiful drives everyone insane because she never shuts up, I found it funny She is so inquisitive about everything, she doesn t want to be married to who her father promised her to so she runs to the feared and tormented hero, Ewan MacAllister Ewan was a fierce bear with a heart of a teddy once it is touched by Nora He lives in a cave [...]


    Kinley Macgregor returns with another MacAllister novel, featuring Ewan, as always still tormenting over causing his brother Kieran s death years ago He has such guilt and angst over it because he stole his brother s love of course this is the third story of this series so I recommend reading the other two books before this so you know why Ewan is the way he is For those who are fans of Macgregor, you know what to expect this series can be cheesy at times and the language and situations are too [...]

    Fangirl Musings

    Wow Indeed, another triumph I loved this book for many reasons one of which was the basic fact that while on the surface, the plot and story of Nora and Ewan looks to be excessively simplistic So not the case While the starting plot seems such, what with Nora wanting to escape a forced marriage and runs to Ewan in hopes of him guiding her to England, the plot changes up at least twice before the climax of the book While it seems like a fall in love while traveling story, that s not the case.Ewan [...]


    Not as good as the last book but better than the second Ewan was a gruff, mopey character that needed a good kick in the pants to push him on his way I liked watching Nora push him around and convince him he shouldn t still feel guilty over his brother Kieran s death While I liked the two of them, there was some stuff that made me a bit crazy By the end of the book I was so sick of the references to Nora s motor mouth How many times can the author say that Nora talks a lot That was so frustratin [...]


    Born in Sin seems to be everyone s favorite in this series but I enjoyed this one much It doesn t really make sense because I think Sin is a better hero but as a whole I think that this is a better book.Ewan is one of the MacAllister s brother A long time ago he stole his brother s fiance and took her to elope in England When they got there he found out she was just using him to get to England and left him When Ewan gets back home in Scotland he finds out that his brother and best friend drowne [...]

    NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews

    A jovial man can be happy with anyone, but when a sad one laughs, he treasurers the one who brings him the sunshine Ewan has been haunted by the death of his brother for years and has isolated himself from friends and family as penance Nora is fleeing a marriage from a man she is repulsed by, and runs into the arms of Ewan in hopes he will take her to her aunt Nora and Ewan are as opposite as two people can be, but together they make a perfect match Their story will leave you with questions at t [...]


    Not bad for smut There was even a plot.


    Evan s story, good hearted , tortured by his brothers death and his belief he had a hand in it finally meets his match Great book and wonderful story.


    her books are funny but I wish they were a little longer so that you can get a feel for the characters personality


    INHALTAls die junge Schottin Nora keinen Ausweg mehr sieht, der ungewollten Hochzeit mit dem ihr ungeliebten Verlobten zu entkommen, fl chtet sie Hals ber Kopf zu dem zweitj ngsten Bruder der MacAllisters Ewan, der ein Leben als Einsiedler f hrt, leidet stark unter seiner Vergangenheit Nachdem er und sein lterer Bruder Kieran sich einst um die bildh bsche Isobail ingen Kaid stritten, floh Ewan kurzerhand mit ihr nach England, wo sie ihn f r einen reichen Engl nder sitzen lie Seit er daraufhin ge [...]

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