Apr 20, 2021
Be Buried in the Rain
Posted by Barbara Michaels

There are terrible secrets from generations past buried at Maidenwood Medical student Julie Newcomb has returned to her family s decaying plantation the site of so many painful childhood memories to tend to her tyrannical grandmother, felled by a stroke The fire of malevolence still burns in the cruel, despotic matriarch s eyes yet, for Julie, a faint spark of redemptionThere are terrible secrets from generations past buried at Maidenwood Medical student Julie Newcomb has returned to her family s decaying plantation the site of so many painful childhood memories to tend to her tyrannical grandmother, felled by a stroke The fire of malevolence still burns in the cruel, despotic matriarch s eyes yet, for Julie, a faint spark of redemption and second chances flickers in this hated, haunted place But her hope and her life are seriously threatened by a nightmare reborn and by the grim discovery on the lonely road to Maidenwood of the earth browned skeletons of a mother and child.

  • Title: Be Buried in the Rain
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780061856174
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • Be Buried in the Rain There are terrible secrets from generations past buried at Maidenwood Medical student Julie Newcomb has returned to her family s decaying plantation the site of so many painful childhood memories to t


    I really enjoyed this Gothic suspense novel I was afraid it might be cheesy, especially since it was published in the 1980s, but it wasn t I also didn t know what I would think of a Gothic novel set in contemporary Virginia, but the old manor house, its occupants, and the surrounding woods were broken down, overgrown, and eerie enough for a mystery of old bones The atmosphere was all you could wish for in this kind of book It reminded me of Susanna Kearsley without the dual time periods, except [...]


    2.5 StarsBack roads Spanish moss dripping from old oak trees And guilty secrets Be Buried in the Rain mentioned food once too often and was top heavy with excessive family drama.I may have appreciated the story if I read it years ago Instead, I can t say I liked anyone but Elvis The dog.

    Laila (BigReadingLife)

    Good Gothic fun set in 1985 Virginia Family secrets and unearthed skeletons Feisty heroine and a dog named Elvis I used to read these back in high school and wanted to revisit Michaels for the RIP Challenge A fun Autumn read


    Another entertaining read from Michaels that reminded me of the V.C Andrews tales I used to gobble up as a teen You know, the big mansion occupied by an evil grandmother trying to bring misery to the young maiden shuddering under strict tortures This time its young medical student named Julie Newcomb who caves in under family pressure to spend a summer with the mean old grandmother Martha, who is paralyzed after a heart attack in a huge mansion overlooking the Virginia plantation, she reluctantl [...]


    After having read Here I Stay a couple of years ago the first and only other book I ve read by Michaels , I didn t expect much than a similarly light little read with this one but it was so much better There was a lot going on here the story was detailed and interesting, as were the characters The book starts out on a very creepy note within the first 3 4 pages I won t tell you what it is Then we switch to Julie, who is winding up her first year of med school when she is pressured into movin [...]


    One of my favorite Barbara Michaels Will have to find it in storage and read again.


    Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis was a very enjoyable Gothic Romance, and I found I liked this one than the first Barbara Michaels book I read, Ammie, Come Home link to my review Considering the fact that Be Buried in the Rain was written almost two decades after Ammie, Come Home, some of the actions and instances were a bit easy to relate to for me On top of that, I liked the inclusion of archaeological elements at play in the somewhat mystery behind this book s story line I had been told by a fri [...]


    Written well, reads fast but not the kind of fast pace thriller that I like Seemed like she was trying too hard Left a bunch of loose ends, forced ending Disappointed me.

    Edwina Callan

    Suspense, romance, a crumbling mansion, an evil Grandmother and a dog named Elvis.My idea of a good time

    Matthew Galloway

    This is exactly what I want when I experience a Barbara Michaels story a wry, real feeling main character, a bit of mystery, a bit of history archaeology, a touch of the supernatural I m not sure there s much to say beyond that It s a complete pleasure, particularly as an audiobook with Barbara Rosenblat narrating.

    Kathy Jackson

    When I started this book I did not expect to get so caught up in it that I needed to get it finished right away I thought it would be a nice leisurely read over several days I was wrong.n Seems like I have to admit that a lot.It is a sad tale of family violence all with the aim of keeping ones name in the right genteel circles and free of blemish The plantation of Maidenwood sounded so beautiful I would have restored it had I inherited such a lovely old Victorian However it was falling down arou [...]


    I read a lot of Michaels as a teen and thought it would be fun to revisit some of her books on audio I started with this one because I remembered liking it back then, and I still liked it 30 years later There s a lot of character development here and a lot of setting the stage, so it s a slower paced book But the way the author unfolds it all, and slow builds the tension is really excellent Also, I read Michaels as a teen because I liked the creepy Gothic suspenseful storylines The romances Were [...]

    Elizabeth Nesbit-comer

    I m always a fan of Barbara Michaels This one with the creepy old house and aging grandmother who she hates was just the gothic story that i needed i also love how she adopted the limping dog and had the vet take pity on her cause she didn t know how to care for him The romance was a bit rushed They hated each other and then all of a sudden the pastw as forgotten and they were back together without any sort of talk seemed a bit unrealistic and predictable at the same time But I dod love Barbara [...]


    For the genre, this was pretty good reading A lightweight distraction from everyday life.It seems I can t get through a single Barbara Michaels book without being irritated by something this time it was mostly some characters cast from the stereotypically ignorant, backward, religious Southerner mold or maybe the protagonist s tiresome stereotyping of so many fellow characters but perhaps a little irritation isn t such a bad thing in a book It keeps me on my toes Besides, if I don t have someth [...]


    Non capisco in questo libro succede veramente poco, la trama avrebbe potuto essere migliore viste le premesse, e il finale molto affrettato eppure la scrittura talmente avvincente che non ho mai pensato di abbandonarlo La Michaels riesce a rendere interessante anche il racconto di una tizia che va a fare la spesa Non me lo spiego Ma mi piace.


    Ah, how the genes pass down through generations Even madness can be explainedbut that doesn t stop the truth being told


    Damn, this book really gave me the creeps.

    Angela Hall

    I have read books that were scarier, but few have kept my interest as well as this one


    i thought this book was going to be different then what it was i was hoping it was on the supernatural side it wasn t but it was an ok mystery the book starts off with some1 finds the skeleton of a person and a baby in the road on a southern plantation plantation of which belongs to the once great carr family the old mansion on the plantation is owned by an ill mean old lady martha strokes leave her bedridden and she needs to be takin care off thats where her granddaughter julie cames in her cou [...]


    While this novel did lack a clear ending it s of a lady or the tiger sort of thing , this novel will probably end up as one of my favorites by Barbara Michaels I will admit that some of the reviews here put me off of reading it, but I finally gave it a try finished it within the span of a day Set in Virginia, the story follows a young med student named Julie as she is forced to go back and care for her ailing grandmother a woman who made her early years a living hell on earth As her frustration [...]

    Claire Gem

    This was my first exposure to the late Barbara Michaels, and I m so glad I discovered her work An eloquent writer, her ability to describe settings transports the reader into the book so completely, it s hard to come back to your own reality The story opens on the creepiest note a man driving an old pickup truck screeches to a halt to avoid running over what appears to be a woman lying in the middle of the road When he investigates, he discovers it is a skeleton dressed in an old fashioned dress [...]


    Another contemporary gothic from the eighties, but a page turner nevertheless as are most of Barbara Michaels books.Julie Newcombe goes to take care of her grandmother Martha Carr who has suffered two strokes and is supposed to be at death s door Out of family duty to her mother, Julie returns the family home, Maidenwood It certainly isn t love for her grandmother, who Julie actively despises.Recently a skeleton of a woman and a baby s skeleton where found in the woods near Maidenwood the sherif [...]


    Anyone who knows me, will tell you I LOVE these 60 s and 70 s Gothic Romance Mystery novels Barbara Michaels in incomparable However, this one, which was copyrighted in 1985, wasn t one of her best The last 100 pages or so were where the action was This story was set in Virginia, which gave this novel the feeling of Southern Gothic Set in the requisite old mansion, Julie is manipulated into spending the summer with her 85 year old grandmother, who is recovering from a massive stroke The Grandmot [...]


    I like to reread mysteries, if they re worth rereading, even after I ve lost the knack of forgetting who dunnit This is worth rereading if there isn t something better It s not Michaels best thing The setting is unpleasant, and the protagonist is a self pitying snob, but it is an interesting story with a nice dog in it, if you like dogs I get the idea from this one that Michaels is a bit of an urbanite Her main character spent years romping through the woods of the eastern U.S and what she is mo [...]

    Sharon K. Garner

    Every summer, I reread Be Buried in the Rain by Barbara Michaels I can feel the heat of a Virginia summer as I read It has a lovely mixture of history, suspense, romance, and a little paranormal thrown in for seasoning a decaying family plantation, a toxic, bedridden grandmother, a medical student enlisted against her will for a summer of tending, an old love affair fanned throughout, great secondary characters, including a hound called Elvis, all beginning with the discovery of the old skeleton [...]

    Boris Cesnik

    The word that comes to my mind in relation to this book is fluid Everything flows beautifully narrative, language, writing, story, descriptions It reads so effortlessly you would never stop doing it if it were that you must get to sleep sometimes I didn t know Barbara Michaels could write in such a way despite having read one of his booked years agowhich BTW I found boring.The story is so cleverly and easily written that no matter the lack of suspense or twists you still enjoy it like a good old [...]

    Sarah Sammis

    Be Buried in the Rain is a fairly typical Barbara Michaels book with a bachelor girl protagonist who has been estranged from her family but now forced to return home during a family crisis In this case, Julie Newcomb must return to the crumbling family plantation to care for her ailing grandmother.While there she must help her estranged boyfriend uncover the mystery of two skeletons found on the side of the road while Julie receives threats to her life from all fronts With a small cast of charac [...]


    The last of my Michael s mysteries which I have been rereading in the past few months in between other selections Very good story about 2 young cousins who are the last of the line and their disabled, old grandmother who is an awful person requires them to look after her and her old plantation house Meanwhile, the heroine s old boyfriend archeologist turns up working on an old, early settlement and cemetery on their land The heroine comes to grips with her terrible childhood in the house and wor [...]


    In theory this was a good book the concept of a mysterious skeleton and an old family mansion should have made for a good little gothic mystery For some reason I just had a lot of trouble getting invested in the story I think my biggest problem was that I thought it was obvious from very early on who was causing all the trouble, so there wasn t really any suspense I also never really connected to any of the characters Martha was the only character that really felt developed to me, and she wasn t [...]


    I loved every second of this book until the last two pages, when a supernatural element was suddenly, jarringly I thought, added in I won t spoil it for you, but I will say that it seemed as if it were an afterthought by the author, as the narrator mentioned nothing of the sort when the event was actually taking place I thought I had found a new writer to read, but was so disgusted by the ending of this book that I doubt I ll try another.

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