Apr 21, 2021
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
Posted by Kimberly Willis Holt

Nothing ever happens in Toby s small Texas town Nothing much until this summer that s full of big changes.It s tough for Toby when his mother leaves home to become a country singer And Toby takes it hard when his best friend Cal s older brother goes off to fight in Vietnam But now their sleepy town is about to get an even bigger jolt with the arrival of Zachary Beaver,Nothing ever happens in Toby s small Texas town Nothing much until this summer that s full of big changes.It s tough for Toby when his mother leaves home to become a country singer And Toby takes it hard when his best friend Cal s older brother goes off to fight in Vietnam But now their sleepy town is about to get an even bigger jolt with the arrival of Zachary Beaver, billed as the fattest boy in the world Toby is in for a summer unlike any other, a summer sure to change his life.

  • Title: When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
  • Author: Kimberly Willis Holt
  • ISBN: 9780440229049
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Nothing ever happens in Toby s small Texas town Nothing much until this summer that s full of big changes It s tough for Toby when his mother leaves home to become a country singer And Toby takes it h

    Andrew Torres

    This story is like the quiet indie film you watch after a marathon of Hollywood blockbusters So refreshing.Back during elementary school was probably the first time I picked up When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Unfortunately I never finished it because my attention span was that of a peanut Although surprisingly, the story itself always stood out to me, so I knew I had to check it out someday.The story is set during the Vietnam era and captures the portrait of a small Texas town and the abnormall [...]

    Carly Ullmer

    When Zachary Beaver Came to Town was not my favorite book It was a summer reading choice, and I had already read the others that seemed interesting I found the story to be repetitive because the main characters Toby and Cal would do the same things every day As a reader, I feel like I need variety and detail to really get into the story The plot didn t really have an overall problem that was big enough, so it made it somewhat boring to read I may suggest this novel to people who need a boost in [...]


    This is one of those books that I think deserves 20 stars I just spent the last half hour bawling as I read the end It was sad, but mainly touching Where I d heard other people call the story weird or bored, I thought it was beautiful It was touching how Toby dealt with these problems he had, and his character was true and believable Lately, I ve been craving this style of writing, too For some reason I find it much easier to relate to the characters when they re telling the story as its happeni [...]


    I taught this novel to a class of high intermediate level ESOL students The majority of them didn t really enjoy it We the ULL IEP try to choose books for them that have the right combination of appropriate inoffensive language and thematic content, challenging but reasonable vocabulary, and subjects or characters they can relate to.This novel was chosen because it deals with themes the students are familiar with being an outsider in an unfamiliar place, separation from family members, and perso [...]

    Carol Baldwin

    The place is the south, the Texas town of Antler, but the time period has moved up about 20 years This is a story of an unlikely friendship between three boys Toby, his best friend Cal whose brother, Wayne, is serving in Vietnam and the sideshow star, Zachary Beaver, who comes to town and is billed as the fattest boy in the world Ostensibly, Zachary is trying to eat his way into the Guinness Book of World Records and is hostile to the boys feeble attempts to befriend him It s not until Cal s old [...]

    Jen Bojkov

    Wow I ve had some good luck lately with good books This one comes highly recommended The story is interesting and well written Centers around a young boy in the early 1970s trying to understand his mother s leaving and the experience of his best friend s older brother in Vietnam This author reminds me of other great story tellers like Cynthia Lord, E.B White, Lauri Halse Anderson, etc Pick this one u if you want an entertaining read that has depth.

    Christian Locy

    This was a book that was about friend ship and differences and I would recommend this book because it was a heartwarming book that that brought tears to my eyes but made me feel good good about it and I think that if there could be a second book then I would probably be the first to by it.


    puke worthy only reading it beacause my school is making it

    Avery Johnson

    When Zachary Beaver Came to TownRealistic FictionKimberly Willis Holt of pages 227 When zachary Beaver Came to town, written by Kimberly Willis Holt is a great realistic fiction book because you can relate to the story and the characters feelings The main characters in When Zachary Beaver Came to Town are Toby, Cal, and Zachary Beaver This story starts out in a small town called Antler, Texas where Toby and Cal grew up Toby s Mom leaves to go to Nashville and become a singer Cal s brother, Wayne [...]


    This had the potential to be a really great book It did 13 year old boy s mom goes away to chase dream, he is left with his father and best friend for company To stir things up, the Fattest Boy in the World moves to his town Who wouldn t want to read that But the author I don t know what happened I hardly enjoyed it I liked the beginning, and I liked the end But everything in the middle kind of ruined it for me Over all, a mix of Eh with some OK.

    Aj Sterkel

    One of my childhood favorites Probably because we used to release ladybugs in our yard every summer Our ladybugs didn t waltz, though What they did was of a dazed scurry Waltz sounds so much poetic.


    Hey, do you think your town is boring It may seem so in the beginning of this amazing book but its just warming up for you This fantastic book is realistic fiction This book is sure to leave you satisfied that you checked it out It is an incredible story although there could have been a little excitement This book is about a teen boy who lives in Antler,Texas His life seems pretty boring until his mom goes away to Nashville for a singing competition and Zachary Beaver, the fattest kid in the wo [...]

    Kirah Marshall

    1 The summer of 71 was different than any other summer Toby had experienced When Zachary Beaver comes to town, Toby s life changes drastically This summer, Toby experiences great losses, deals with newly found emotions, and gains new friends Zachary is claimed to be the fattest boy in the world, and is also the biggest liar in the world Slowly, Toby and Cal befriend Zachary only to discover his life is very lonely Toby s mother leaves his father, and Cal s brother Wayne dies The whole town is af [...]


    Taylor Schulz2 2 088 1When Zachary Beaver came to town This book teaches us all a lesson It teaches us to not judge a book by its cover or how a person looks like their weight, clothes, style, and That s exactly what had happened to Zachary Beaver He had no friends because people judged him by his weight All he had was Polly, who drove him around the world so he could make a profit People picked on Zachary and took him for granted no body took the time to find out his personality except Toby an [...]

    Margaret Karry

    Clear as Crystal The novel, When Zachary Beaver came to town , was an enjoyable novel written by Kimberly Willis Her style is very particular and inspiring The direction of the story is indisputable as well as the argument The connection amid the intramural character progression and the exoteric behaviors organized to maintain the motion of the narrative is apparent Willis way of expressing thought and formation of the novel creates the desire for supplementary reading The tone of her books port [...]

    Tommy W

    When Zachary Beaver came to town is about the fattest boy came to a small town called Antler, Texas There are two boys named Cal and Toby They are really good friends and look after each other Toby s mom left him and his father to move to Nashville, Tennessee to be a country singer When Zachary first arrived in Antler, Toby and Cal were really interested to see what he looked like They found out that Zachary lied about where he went and that he isn t really the fattest person in the world I woul [...]

    Krista Stevens

    Toby lives in Texas with his best friend, Cal, whose older brother is fighting in Vietnam Toby s mom has travelled to Nashville to perform in a competition and doesn t seem keen on coming back Then Zachary Beaver, the fattest boy in the world, shows up in a trailer and charges money for people to walk through and gawk at him Toby, Cal, and Cal s sister find a way to meet Zachary and some of the best scenes in young adult literature ensue involving a man made lake that is off bounds to swimming a [...]


    I was forced to read this book for my english class This was really awful To quote one of my friends why are your eading that It sounds like a little kids book I felt like a little kid while reading it Then, the author came to our school to come and tlak to us about writing I think i knew about writing then she did It really was one of the 2 most boring hours of my life, and i ve been many of my grandmothers friends houese so i know what i m talking about when i say boring Sorry, to anyone who [...]


    I can see why the book earned an award It is a good coming of age story It touches on with issues like losing a loved one to war and feeling abandoned by parents It is very dated Everything takes place when there were bell bottoms and the Vietnam war Also issues like parents leaving their children aren t so rare any Its almost offensive how they talk about Zachary Beaver and not very PC any While slow to start, I liked where the book eventually ended up and think it is worth reading.


    The writing of this was crisp and clear, and easy to read, and seemed like an enjoyable novel However, as I think on it now, there are too many loose ends and sub plots that don t go anywhere the whole idea of Toby trying to gain the favor of a certain young girl, and then fixing her up again with her ex boyfriend seems pointless in retrospect.Some lofty themes and dealing with issues such as death and divorce make it easy to see why this is an award winner, but it is not a book that I would rec [...]

    O Williams

    I actually listened to the audiobook version of this, when I was feeling down and sad and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and listen to books So I popped in this disc and let the Southern feel of the book push all the other thoughts out of my mind This book was just so sad, and yet, so true It could be repetitive at times, and at some points I wondered umwas that part supposed to have an effect on the plot but overall a good read.

    Helen Thompson

    Kimberly Willis Holt recently visited our library We had chosen Zachary Beaver for our One Community, One Book project She was wonderful and this book is one of my all time favorites for anyone ages 10 to 99 It s set in the 60s and Zachary Beaver is a freak show When his manager abandons him, he is befriended by two boys This is a great story.


    This book was SO GOOD Won the Young People s Literature National Book Award in 1999 but I stumbled across it as a cheap download for my NOOK Now I discover a movie was made of it too but I don t think I ll bother with that I had a pretty suckish day today and reading this hit and miss throughout the day really helped me make it through Books do that for you.


    I enjoyed this one I m on a YA kick lately, and picked this up after it s been riding on my bookshelves for 12 years, ever since I picked it up from the Calvin College bookstore off of a recommended reading list for one of Gary Schmidt s classes I just finished reading two of his books, so this seemed like a good follow up And I can see why he liked it.


    Set in Antler, Texas it tells the story of how two young men s lives are impacted over one summer, when one of their mother s leaves to become a country singer in Nashville, one of their brothers is killed in Vietnam, and the fattest kid in the world gets stuck in Antler for a few days Very flowing and beautiful coming of age story Loved it


    Not what it appears to be Wonderful book Excellent narrator.


    Heart touching story.

    Ms. Pino-Kim

    Starting to enjoy and don t want to put it down.


    I really liked the second half of this book A worthy read.

    Morgan Hatfield

    Toby is in line to see the world s fattest boy with his best friend They get to see zachary but one little girl wets her pants and it kind of hurts zachary s feelings Also Toby s mom has left for good so his summer is already off to a bad start Toby decides that he wants to see zachary again so him and his friend Cail go to spy on zachary but get caught Cal got a letter from his brother a while back but hasn t wrote back and Toby thinks that something is wrong with Cail Toby and Cail try again t [...]

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