Apr 15, 2021
Rainbow Mars
Posted by Larry Niven Thomas Schichtel

Ein neuer Auftrag f r Hanville Svetz Er soll herausfinden, warum die Marskan le ausgetrocknet sind und was dies f r die Zukunft der Erde bedeutet Denn der Mars war einmal bewohnt Als Svetz erf hrt, wie die intelligenten Marsianer ausgel scht wurden, wird ihm klar, dass die Erde bald einem hnlichen Schicksal zum Opfer fallen k nnte Es bleibt ihm nicht viel Zeit, dies zEin neuer Auftrag f r Hanville Svetz Er soll herausfinden, warum die Marskan le ausgetrocknet sind und was dies f r die Zukunft der Erde bedeutet Denn der Mars war einmal bewohnt Als Svetz erf hrt, wie die intelligenten Marsianer ausgel scht wurden, wird ihm klar, dass die Erde bald einem hnlichen Schicksal zum Opfer fallen k nnte Es bleibt ihm nicht viel Zeit, dies zu verhindernDer f nfmalige Hugo Preistr ger Larry Niven verkn pft Zeitreise und Fantasy, um einen einzigartigen Roman ber den Ursprung der Marskan le zu schaffenBN 3 404 24290 4 DM 16,90

  • Title: Rainbow Mars
  • Author: Larry Niven Thomas Schichtel
  • ISBN: 9783404242900
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Rainbow Mars Ein neuer Auftrag f r Hanville Svetz Er soll herausfinden warum die Marskan le ausgetrocknet sind und was dies f r die Zukunft der Erde bedeutet Denn der Mars war einmal bewohnt Als Svetz erf hrt wi


    Supposed to be funny, and a tribute to classic Mars stories including Weinbaum s Odyssey.Ok, had to give up I did like the short stories If I d read them first, I wouldn t have struggled so with the novella And maybe I would have liked it Bad choice to put them at the end of the volume after all, they do take place earlier.I do like the theory that rocs were invented as an explorer s thought that ostriches were chicks of a larger bird, even though it makes no sense The short stories were funny [...]


    This was a really odd book.Larry Niven is great at creating very colorful worlds and creatures, and other of his science fiction books are quite addictive Rainbow Mars is an odd mix It contains a collection of short stories about a time traveler that goes back to retrieve extinct species in a futuristic earth too polluted and devoid of life other than humans It also has a newer novel, where time traveling is taken to Mars, exploring the reason behind the channels and the extinction of life in th [...]

    Richard Jacoby

    If you are a fan of the multitude of stories about Mars, this novel is a great tribute to them all I really did even realize it until about half way through the book when I started noticing elements of that great old short story, A Martian Odyssey I just thought Niven had gotten off another pretty good read until I realized what he was up too This book reminded me that I had always meant to go back and read Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books too.

    MB Taylor

    I finished reading Rainbow Mars last night I haven t read much Niven recently, but I was a big fan of his back in the late 70s Rainbow Mars is a collection of a short novel, Rainbow Mars and five short stories The short novel was new in 1999 when the book came out but the accompanying short stories were all over 25 years old, originally published between 1969 and 1973 All are about Svetz, a government employee from a bleak future, who travels in back time at government expense The future in whic [...]

    Andrew Dombrowski

    This was my first time reading Larry Niven after plowing through Ringworld on a plane a few years ago Rainbow Mars contains a short novel and several short stories involving the same characters that were written before the novel itself I enjoyed the stories a lot they were witty, imaginative, and surprisingly, the characters seemed vivid than in the much longer novel.I appreciate what Larry Niven did in this novel from a conceptual point of view, but it just did not work for me The time travel [...]


    A swing and a miss from Niven Time travel Space travel The fate of humanity hangs in the balance Martians from all along the wide span of fiction about Mars Sorns, Red Martians, Tripods World trees that reach to the edge of the atmosphere And I just literally could not have cared less This book was a slog and read like a chore To say the characters were one dimensional is to give them credit for a dimension they don t have There is no character backstory, their emotions seem to range from mad I [...]


    I ve listened to so many books on tape from the library that my choices are not as large as they once were Because of this, I decided to branch out and try different types of books This one was a failure The story held so many great possibilities Time travel, space travel, actual life on Mars, and an interesting story line But, that s all the book had a interesting story line that never took off.There was zero character development These characters had no dimension, personality, or even thoughts [...]


    This book makes some promising concepts, but there s no character development, and many things in the story could have been used as a complex part of the plot Fun to read, but nothing to think about.


    In this novel length sequel to The Flight of the Horse, time traveler Svetz continues his adventures Unfortunately the story is both confusing and unengagingokssboch p 1061


    I was really surprised that this book has received such low ratings here and on The time travel technology concept alone deserves high praise Based on the wormhole theories of the great Kip Thorne, which were themselves famously used by Carl Sagan in his science fiction novel, Contact, they are used to great effect in Niven s novel But there is a twist In the context of the Niven s story this moment when Kip Thorne put out his theory of time travel via wormholes was when time travel first becam [...]

    Curt Dukes

    good, but the flight of the horse, to which it is a sequel, is better.

    Rick English

    I liked the earlier short stories after the short novel better than the short novel Generally an entertaining read.

    Anne Wi

    This was a good compilation of short stories Most of them were really good but some were just mediocre.


    Hanville Svetz travels in time to bring back long extinct animals to his time period, and so what if they re somewhat different to those described in the history books maybe horses did have a single silver horn and maybe snakes did have feathers and wings But the Secretary General has died and his successor isn t interested in retrieving animals from history, but in exploring space This leads to an interesting collaboration between the Institute of Temporal Research and the Bureau of Space which [...]

    Peter Tillman

    Way back in the sixties, Niven started a series of humorous time travel stories Svetz the hero klutz is sent back from the 31st Century to capture extinct animals, but he never quite finds the right beastie I remembered these as throwaways, but they ve aged well Rainbow Mars is a novel length sequel, so you d be well advised to thumb over to the reprints first, to properly set the stage for the main event.Which involves hmm, how to say this without spoiling the fun a very fast paced visit to a M [...]

    Ian Duerden

    Niven succeeds best as an adventure writer in an epic environment ring worlds, integral trees floating in space, neutron stars and in this case a space born plant on such a vast scale that whole civilisations live on its bark He s never great on human characterisation but his aliens, which are usually exotic in the extreme, have personalities and often dominate the narrative And so it is here I m reviewing only the novel Rainbow Mars because the hardback I have appears to be BCA and strangely mi [...]


    This book was in my office lunchroom lending library and the author is award winning, so I thought I d give it a try It s a science fiction novella, followed by short stories with the same characters, written earlier in the 60 s or 70 s They re all about the future, where all the animals except dogs have died off, and the air is filled with toxic fumes They have a time machine, and it s used for things like going back to bring extinct animals to their future in the zoo The animals seem to often [...]

    D.L. Morrese

    Each of the stories in this book, some of which were previously published as shorts in magazines, centers on a xenophobic and somewhat reluctant time traveler being sent through time to find things to appease entertain the ruler and or encourage funding for the time travel agency he works for But unbeknownst to him or his agency, he is being sent not just backwards and forwards in time but sideways to parallel universes populated with creatures from myth and fiction.The concept is interesting an [...]

    Cameron Kunzelman

    This book is very much late period Niven in that there s a good idea but the writing is both bone simple and needlessly complex at the same time by some pure change of the violation of the principle of noncontradiction The hook of this book is that there are time travelers who go back in time to attempt to move a giant planet parasite tree from middle ages Mars to early Renaissance Earth It works It goes badly They have to time travel some The other hook is that the past these travelers go into [...]


    I suspect that this book was meant for people who d read enough fiction set on Mars to recognize most of the allusions to them For someone who d only read half of Kim Stanley Robinson s Mars trilogy and barely knew of War of the Worlds, the ending in which different Mars appeared to open into one another without explanation was confusing and disappointing All through Rainbow Mars, I felt as if I were missing out on inside jokes Though it was entertaining, I wonder if this was a work written most [...]


    Read this book on the trip out to North Carolina, not sure I would have finished it if I were just sitting at home Time travel is central to the story, and that always bothers me in a book I did enjoy the history of so many fairy tales, but often the actual scenes were weak Larry Niven is still one of my favorite authors, but this story suffers from a lack of passion He definitely had a good idea to build a story around, but missed on many of the little details that make a story truly special


    This gets three stars because I hope the title was intended as a slight on the ultra boring Kim Stanley Robinson terraforming Mars series, Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars.It helps to have read CS Lewis s Out of a Silent Planet, because a few of the Martians come from that as well as from Edgar Rice Burroghs s John Carter series and of course War of the Worlds Wells Like Mars in this novel, the novel itself is a bit of a mish mash The Svetz short stories work better and are easier to follow Still [...]


    I gave it five stars partly because I ve really been wanting to read a thoughtful, creative hard science fiction book again and not another war with aliens book and this fit that bill It involved time travel and the fantastical mechanics are at first hard to nail down, but the plot eventually emerged and completes before the book does He then knits together some related short stories that tie into the main theme Again, room for some confusion, however fun ideas and good writing.


    I love Niven s short fiction I plan on reading the Ringworld series when I get a chance, but this book didn t live up to my expectations Overall, a really entertaining story, but just odd I like odd, but this was off I guess because it seemed just a little too ridiculous I ll continue to read Niven s works, but this book only gets three stars because of it s entertainment value It would probably make a fantastic cartoon, but it comes off short as a novel to me.


    The story is not bad For some reason it just did not click I have tried to read his other book, Draco Tavern if I remember the title correctly I could not finish it for the same reason This one I was able to finish, but it was not that exiting even though lot of interesting things was going on in the story Go figure I probably will give another try for one of his book before giving up on the author.


    Niven missed I m a hardcore Niven fan and have been ever since I first read A Gift From Earth , but with that said this book is mediocre at best I suppose it is just a matter of taste, but I found this book to be tedious and confusing I usually appreciate his sense of humor, anyone who hasn t read Man Of Steel Woman of Kleenex is really missing out but this time I have to say I just don t get it.

    Leif Anderson

    This book was like a fragmented dream There were a lot of short stories stitched together, with sort of an overarching theme, but the transitions between stories were weak The whole thing left me with an impression that Niven had woken up one morning and tossed together a couple short stories about his dreams, then fired it off to the publisher without actually putting in the work to turn it into a book.


    Gah This is like reading Larry Niven s notes for a novel instead of a novel itself Technological things go unexplained Dialogue is never than a single sentence long Settings are so sparsely described as to be almost nonexistent And if you haven t read any of the previous stories featuring the main character Hanville Svetz , most of this book will probably make zero sense to you.At about 20% of the way through the book, I gave up on it.


    I found this book confusing, difficult to follow and messy After being frustrated reading the entire book I found out at the end that he wrote the book by stringing together a number of short stories he had written If the book had been advertised as such I would have enjoyed it , instead I kept searching for a solid story throughout the novel and couldn t find one


    Not a bad read But the main story Rainbow Mars is a little long in the tooth by the end The joke gets old after a while The short stories that should have been before the main story are really good and creative Having the short stories first would have made Rainbow Mars less confusing.The good and the bad of this collection cancel out so worth the read.

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