Apr 21, 2021
General System Theory: Foundations, Development, Applications
Posted by Ludwig Von Bertalanffy

An attempt to formulate common laws that apply to virtually every scientific field, this conceptual approach has had a profound impact on such widely diverse disciplines as biology, economics, psychology, and demography.

  • Title: General System Theory: Foundations, Development, Applications
  • Author: Ludwig Von Bertalanffy
  • ISBN: 9780807604533
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • General System Theory Foundations Development Applications An attempt to formulate common laws that apply to virtually every scientific field this conceptual approach has had a profound impact on such widely diverse disciplines as biology economics psychol


    I m usually a binary guy there are books I like and can t get enough of, there are books I hate and reading through them is a chore General System Theory by Ludwig von Bertalanffy was something in between.General System Theory is an attempt to formulate a new kind of branch of science One that focuses on analyzing systems i.e conglomerations of parts which cannot be understood by isolating its components , finding common characteristics of various systems e.g feedback, equifinality but also guar [...]


    The value of the work is twofold First, the presentation of General System Theory in and of itself and second, Bertalanffy himself providing a method of thinking by taking the reader through his own process of getting to General System Theory.I read this book knowing that some of it would be outdated, however since I was unfamiliar with the field I assumed that would be fine I think I was, there are obviously new developments in this field, but I think this works provides a good foundation.The c [...]

    Lisa Zirkle

    I read this book when I was first graduated from college and had been working with computer systems for a while I exhibited a natural ability for problem determination, but I did not have the ability to teach it This book and important, the people whom it influenced and who in turn influenced me, gave me that ability for which I will forever be grateful.


    useful knowledge about connectivity and relativism of every aspects of life


    Raccolta di saggi scritti lungo un arco di tempo piuttosto consistente Essendo testi indipendenti riguardanti tutti lo stesso pugno di argomenti, tende nel complesso a essere molto ripetitivo lo stesso concetto reintrodotto e rianalizzato pi e pi volte con variazioni dipendenti spesso solo dal target del saggio in questione.Nondimeno almeno i primi saggi sono meritevoli per formarsi una panoramica delle prime fasi della teoria dei sistemi l ultimo, poi, un eccellente manifesto di un sacrosanto r [...]

    Juichia Che

    Who needs philosophy when one has the systems perspective at one s disposal

    Christine Dantas

    This is a book about an original at least when most of the material was written , yet somewhat fuzzy idea, at least well illustrated through what it is and what it is not Many examples and interesting points will give you food for thought It is repetitive sometimes, perhaps due to its original editing from articles But it is well written and still up to date, although I believe many areas have been further developed, so the reader is adviced to look up the recent literature In any case, the fund [...]

    Carlos Oropeza

    Lo le en espa ol en la edici n del FCE Un libro dif cil de digerir pero, sin duda alguna, uno que realmente encierra un cambio de paradigma en el sentido del concepto adoptado por Thomas Kuhn y no en su versi n vulgarizada lectura obligada para quienes deseen entender la complejidad de la din mica en las organizaciones y en los sistemas en general.

    Jorge Rosas

    Not a friendly reading, its target market is a very specific one, scientist, mostly biologist with philosophy knowledge I was not part of that target market but I had to read it because of the essence of it, and it s applications in other areas From there he cites, critics and explains various authors and kind of explains his proposal somewhere in between.

    Juan Contreras

    Lo que este modelo pretende es que clientes sean participes de la formaci n y creaci n de las organizaciones recopilando los diferentes puntos de vista, para usarlos en la elaboraci n de productos que permitan a dicha organizaci n competir dentro del terreno mercantil y fungir como una empresa calificada para prestar servicios de calidad.


    I view this book as the original The first articulate cry for pattern recognition across disciplines, in a quest for a over arching theory of systems Major work, but kind of lost over the years.


    Arguably the most difficult read I have been through at the onset As one gets accustomed to his writing style, it all begins to make sense I ve been told you finally get the full jist on the third read through.

    Raghunath Nandyala

    Game changer.

    José Uría

    Es un cl sico, y est bastante bien, pero no profundiza los suficiente en algunos temas esenciales Tambi n hecho en falta una mayor profundidad filos fica, teniendo en cuenta el tema tratado.

    Juan ManuelCharry Urueña

    Muy ilustrativo.

    James Spada

    I read this book back in High School, seriously thought it was spectacular at the time.

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