Apr 21, 2021
Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel
Posted by Alan Loy McGinnis

Alan Loy McGinnis writes about twelve key principles gleaned from the lives of successful people past and present which can be used to motivate people to be and do their best.

  • Title: Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel
  • Author: Alan Loy McGinnis
  • ISBN: 9780806621517
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bringing Out the Best in People How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel Alan Loy McGinnis writes about twelve key principles gleaned from the lives of successful people past and present which can be used to motivate people to be and do their best


    You are a manipulator when you try to persuade people to do something that is not in their best interests but is in yours You are a motivator when you find goals that will be good for both sides, then weld together a high achieving, high morale partnership to achieve them 1 Expect the best from people you lead 2 Make a thorough study of the other person s needs 3 Establish high standards of excellence 4 Create an environment where failure is not fatal 5 Build inner drive 6 Employ models to encou [...]


    Lessons from the book.Real winners succeed by learning the needs of other people, than appealing to those needs Thomas Aquinas said, When you want to convert a man to your view, you go over to where he is standing, take him by the hand and guide him The art of motivation is the heighting of emotion It is appealing to the unconscious than the conscious The best way to appeal to emotions is by talking about people, their struggles, conflicts and eventual triumphs.Carl Jung said, When we uncover t [...]


    Great info The book was sectioned off in bite sized chunks, which helped me stay interested, and I was pleased to find the author applying a lot of his principles to parenting I rated it only 4 stars not 5 because it got a little dry at times But all in all it, I really liked the material the author s well placed ancidotes Good read for anyone in the workforce or the stay at home mom like me.

    Mirabella-Paulcia Peach

    its simply a faantastic book,i loved every bit of it,it helps u value people better

    Matt Gwynn

    Overall, I m really glad I read this book It was a little unfocused at times, but I got a lot out of it The twelve rules were fantastic


    I loved this book, possibly because I too believe in positive reinforcement Imagine people being so happy to go to work because they are treated kindly, with respect and recognized for the good they do, what an impact that would have I highly recommend this book for anyone who manages people Put the exercises into practice and enjoy watching the results.


    What a great book This was the 1985 version too THere is a 2004 printing but i dont know if theres any difference I think as a teacher and coach I will read this book once a year and i hope I can incorporate the book into practice A great book if anyone wants to learn how to become better at motivating others and one s self


    Although this was certainly an easy read, the book could probably be just as effective with half the text Each chapter presents sensible methods for leading, working with, and otherwise interacting with others successfully A book I will reference in the future but only for the chapter headings as a brief reminder.

    Sara W.

    This is very good to read Bringing out the Best in People How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel is one of the best books to help other people This includes great information about motivating and encouraging other people to excel their bests as they go on with their lives I highly recommend this book


    I read this author s book, The Friendship Factor, many years ago I found this on a discount table, and as a lifecoach and mentor am always interested in taking advantage of a bargain if it will hep me help others This book was filled with common sense, nothing flashy or trendy just good basic ideas for helping people succeed that never go out of style.

    Clayton Tune

    Wow The is the most helpful, influential book I ve read on management and people skills yet Motivation, Expectation, Excellence, Inner Drive, Failure and the power of servant leadership What a book Whether you re a CEO, minister, business owner, manager or just looking to better your skills with others, visit this book once a year Your confidence will be through the roof


    I enjoyed this book It is an easy read, and it give you good insight on how to be a better leader It is a book that would be good to read every couple of years to make sure that you are still the person you want to be.

    Barbara Lovejoy

    This isn t the same cover of the book I read by this author Maybe I have an earlier edition It is a WONDERFUL book containing ideas and principles that I want to use especially with those who are founding our charter school Esperanza.

    Philip Meinel

    Virtually everyone is a motivator in one way or another when we re persuading a friend to lose weight, or giving a pep talk to our kids, or trying to help a batter out of a slump The 12 guidelines in this book are quite simple, and they can be mastered by anyone Alan Loy McGinnis

    Thomas Hadley

    This book covers so many aspects of helping get the most out of people not for self, but to help them It gives the leader lots of tools as well as to how to keep themselves in the right place mentally to be an optimal leader.

    Derica Holden

    One of my favorite quotes from this book You do not have to be Pollyanna to succeed as a leader But you do have to have a powerful commitment to your goals and your group You must be able to keep going when others get fainthearted, to throw away the clock until the job is done pg 170

    Peter van Ginkel

    very practical

    Michael Coletta

    This book is really good for anyone who wants to motivate and lead others I ll be reading it over and over again I m sure A good one to study and learn.


    Great book even better second time around Challenge yourself to give that extra 10% it just maybe the difference that causes you to win Vince Lombardi


    Muy buen libro

    Anita Byrne

    Good for managers and leaders


    Great concept on how we should treat people, but I found it way too dry for my likingI just can t get through it.


    This book is great for business and family I ve read it twice and starting a third time

    J Crossley

    This book looks at ways that you can help to support others.

    Bjoern Rochel

    Some good ideas, but overall less than I expected


    This is what life is all about Helping others excel I loved this book

    Jessica Stafford

    What an amazing book to read right before a new school year There s so much applicable material in here It s also great to have on hand for quick a reference.


    A very easy read that is as helpful for being a manager as it is being a parent Great advice and ideas.

    Valenfore Alestreneon

    This book is priceless Truly an amazing work that demystifies helping others.


    I highly recommend this book not only for leaders, but for whoever want to influence and have a strong impact on the people around them to do better.

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