Apr 21, 2021
Mary, Mary
Posted by Julie Parsons

Dr Margaret Mitchell, a widow in her mid forties, having returned to Ireland from New Zealand after 20 years to nurse her dying mother, phones the police with a sense of dread and foreboding Her daughter, Mary, had gone out with some friends 24 hours ago She has not come home.Two days later, Margaret receives the first anonymous phone call Margaret is a psychiatrist whDr Margaret Mitchell, a widow in her mid forties, having returned to Ireland from New Zealand after 20 years to nurse her dying mother, phones the police with a sense of dread and foreboding Her daughter, Mary, had gone out with some friends 24 hours ago She has not come home.Two days later, Margaret receives the first anonymous phone call Margaret is a psychiatrist who has worked in an institution for the criminally insane She understands what she is hearing and is filled with terror.A week later an old man is walking his dog beside a canal and finds the body of Mary Mitchell half submerged in the water She has been raped, tortured, and beaten to death.Inspector Michael McLoughlin, who has a reputation as a drinker and a womanizer, is assigned to the case Although he was once a successful detective, there are now doubts about his stability He is immediately struck by Margaret s beauty and the force of her personality, and becomes obsessed He watches her constantly, hoping the killer will turn up.The killer, Jimmy Fitzsimmons, is arrested and transfers his desire to damage and kill to Margaret.Jimmy confesses and is charged with murder The first day of the trial arrives As Margaret watches the legal teams assembling, she realizes that her past is about to catch up with her The story unfolds with suspense and and a tremendous surprise.

  • Title: Mary, Mary
  • Author: Julie Parsons
  • ISBN: 9780333729885
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mary Mary Dr Margaret Mitchell a widow in her mid forties having returned to Ireland from New Zealand after years to nurse her dying mother phones the police with a sense of dread and foreboding Her daugh


    This is a story of a 20 year old girl who is viciously raped and murdered and how her mother tries to find justice and then revenge on the guilty man So many twists and turns made for a great mystery, but I thought the author was very wordy at times I never, ever saw the ending coming

    Anders Kermod

    I was too hard on this first novel, about how a mother deals with the brutal murder of her daughter, when I first read it, probably about 15 years ago There s a lot about it that s very well done in particular the mother s psychology and the all too believable action she ultimately takes But there was one plot point that put me off the whole story Towards the end, the killer goes on trial for his crime, and his lawyer does something that I found ridiculously implausible I found the book frustrat [...]


    Mary, Mary eh This is the second Mary, Mary I ve read this year, the first being the well known James Patterson novel Both crime thrillers, this particular one severely lacked the thrilling part of that pair.So, Margaret is a psychologist, she moved to New Zealand when she was pregnant with her daughter Mary, and has just recently moved back to Ireland to take care of her sick mother Mary has just gone missing and eventually her body is found dumped in a plastic sack in the canal The story isn [...]

    Jenny Smuts

    Gave up about half way through as I was bored with the story.

    Ian Anderson

    First half slow with abrupt changes in scenes without paragraph break markers Second half has a twist or two Not a bad read all in all.


    You could say it began with a phone call After all, that s the way most cases begin And you d wonder then, looking back, whether there was anything about it that warned you, that reached out and grabbed you, that said, Hold on a minute, this is serious.but at the time it was just another anxious mother Worried, embarrassed Not sure she should be phoning Not sure if she was doing the right thing Her fear turning to anger So begins MARY, MARY by Julie Parsons, a book that explores the bond between [...]


    This crime fiction book actually has a twist at the end that really surprised me It wasn t a violent unexpected twist like Minette Walters may throw at you though It is a slow realization of what certain people have done And it makes you smile even if you do not approve.The story is about a woman whose daughter is horribly murdered while they are both visiting the woman s mother as she is dying What this poor woman must have gone through with her daughter s murder and her mother s death sets the [...]


    Mary, Mary is quite an atypical thriller There is no classical murder investigation, no ultra clever detective in the spotlight who doggedly pursues the murderer Moreover, we catch glimpses of the murderer s thought processes, as it s never a question whether he is guilty or not we know he is I d say that the author concentrates on the other side of the medal the people who are usually marginal characters in usual detective stories In this case, the book focuses on Margaret Mitchell, a single mo [...]

    Jean Boobar

    Well, I came across this book on my own bookshelf and took it with me on a trip, but then ignored it for a few months It was a grim book, filled with passions of both love and hate It was pretty dark, but well written.


    A well written first novel for Julie Parsons about a mother s love a love filled with the need for justice when the daughter is murdered Some of the details of the story setting get a little redundant and hard to follow if the reader finds Irish countryside and peoples personalities hard to understand but still a great read Fast paced, makes the reader wonder what is going to happen next.

    Julieanne Thompson

    this book was so poorly researched I live in New Zealand, I ve never seen a picture of Queen Elizabeth up in a school hall, we don t have houses with mews, nobody would ever refer to the Maori language as a dark language and we rarely, if ever, call small towns villages our television production companies are highly unlikely to produce three series on mental health disorders in post partum women featuring one eminent psychiatrist either not a convincing story at all.

    David Linzee

    A woman psychiatrist beset by personal tragedy, a hard drinking detective, and an angelic looking sex murderer make a memorable trio Seldom in the mystery genre do you find an author who develops her characters in such psychological depth The characters solitary broodings are actually interesting than their interactions The plot twists late in the story are surprising but stretch credibility to the breaking point.

    Carla Nicolosi

    I didn t care for the writer s style She jumps between time and characters with no breaks to indicate the change which causes confusion It was a struggle to get into the story and I would have rated it even less than I did except for the fact that it did get very interesting in the second half and I really liked the ending.


    A fair first novel Interesting characters, but writing style was too obscure often had to re read to figure out just who was speaking, and whether events were current or flashback Psychiatrist mother wreaks revenge on the murderer of her only child aided by the conveniently re appearing father of the out of wedlock child, who just happens to be the defense attorney.

    Jennifer Jowsey

    the story just dragged on seemed like flashbacks to moments with her daughter or father than of the actual case murder there were some twists in the story, but they really weren t exciting not what i was expecting i was disappointed.


    A brutal murder, a hunt for a sadistic killer, success and then the trial There s no justice in a court room.Flawed characters all round but only one who is truly evil Too smug and sure of himself and a mother who could never let go A thriller right to the end.


    A little predictable but well written This was a first novel that captured my interest enough to make me want to check out Parsons other books.

    Johanne Burns

    Liked the twists.


    Set down the road from where I lived as a child added extra suspense.An excellent page turner.


    Set in Irelanda murder mystery But than that, explores family conflict I loved this book.

    Steffi Kegel

    Sehr wirr


    Excellent first story by the author.

    Melyssa Williams

    this was so violent and sad, but I had to finish it All about revenge Will stay with the reader FOREVER

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