Apr 15, 2021
Not Knowing Jack
Posted by K.A. Mitchell

When your lover becomes a stranger, trust is the weakest link of all Bartender Tony Gemetti has it all a rich, hot boyfriend, a McMansion in the burbs and unlimited sex in an expectation free zone He thought that was all he ever wanted out of any relationship until Jack begins making excuses for frequent disappearances Realizing he has than his libido and enoughWhen your lover becomes a stranger, trust is the weakest link of all Bartender Tony Gemetti has it all a rich, hot boyfriend, a McMansion in the burbs and unlimited sex in an expectation free zone He thought that was all he ever wanted out of any relationship until Jack begins making excuses for frequent disappearances Realizing he has than his libido and enough drawers for his T shirt collection riding on this relationship, Tony figures it s time to find out what s going on Jack Noble has spent his life hiding his real self behind a carefully created image With Tony, he finally knows real freedom, real happiness Now a past of buried secrets and lies is closing in, and no matter how hard he tries to stop it, the truth is tearing through Once Tony learns what kind of man Jack really is, he won t stay Jack s sure of it Suddenly the past shows up in a completely unexpected way, testing the boundaries of their old, coasting along on fun relationship Tony indeed finds that Jack isn t the man he went looking for, but it s too late There s too much at stake to just walk away First, though, he has to make sure there are no lies left for Jack to hide behind Warning Readers should be free of any heart condition that may be affected by a hero with an overactive imagination, painful back stories, and hot sex in a variety of athletic positions Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for any sudden or frequent urge

  • Title: Not Knowing Jack
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781609283131
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not Knowing Jack When your lover becomes a stranger trust is the weakest link of all Bartender Tony Gemetti has it all a rich hot boyfriend a McMansion in the burbs and unlimited sex in an expectation free zone He

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    Agent Hooker Slut s Case Portfolio The Assignment Cougar Claws Sharp Eyes SensitiveContact Cougar65Target Assingment Read this, Hooker Slut You will like this one and will LOVE Tonyomise Initial Thoughts It is a dark and dreary evening I could spend it staring at the davenport again, but I did that the dawn before last I guess I could try to read this book.Case Progression Reports Day One Wednesday, June 13th, 20122000 hours Buy the book2220 hours Book purchased 4.24 2226 hours Opened Book, 3,81 [...]


    Yep, I know that is one big fucking GIF, but this book SO DESERVES the extra space and bandwidth for the pretty boys kissing.This was my second read of Not Knowing Jack and it was absolutely glorious Emotional, heartbreaking, full of angst, ridiculously sexy and a beautiful love story This is a classic and really should be read by all M M romance lovers You don t have to take my word for it either The proof is in the GR ratings and reviews You can look it up on and BN and get of the same Fan fu [...]


    4 1 2 stars I adored the growth in this love story and the Tony Jack s struggles and obstacles nearly broke my heart but I can t give it a five It comes close but Jack keeps too many secrets and acts like a real SOB at times Still, he s perfect for Tony whom I adored and I truly felt all the reasons why they were both so desperately in love with each other Great realistic writing, this one is funny, infuriating, sexy and painful I m anxious to read the rest of this author s work.My favorite quot [...]


    AudibleI had mentioned it already than twice and I m not tired to repeat it again I prefer my contemporary romance rather in an audio book format Of course, if it has a proper narrator But honestly, it is pretty difficult to spoil a contemporary MM romance audio book if it s narrated by a pleasant male timbre with all these ahs and ohs at the right places , and Jason Winters HAS a pleasant and intensively sexy when the plot demands voice So, under these conditions it is easy to want to listen t [...]


    I didn t like this book very much, though it s certainly very well written, has excellent character they re not perfect flawed characters, what a concept and plot development, and a view spoiler nice, sappy ending hide spoiler So basically, all I ve ever asked for from a book, except I still didn t like it I would probably still recommend it, though Like I said, it has all the right bits and pieces, the details just ruined it for me.But anyway, a quick run down of what ruined it for me I couldn [...]


    Although written with K.A Mitchell s usual competence, Not Knowing Jack was not a pleasant book to read I started it with the assumption that it was a romance, but there was actually very little about it that could be considered romantic Instead, Not Knowing Jack was a prolonged angst fest with an uneasy HEA tacked onto the end.The book starts with the main characters, Tony and Jack, already in a relationship They seem pretty serious Tony is living in Jack s home but it soon becomes obvious that [...]

    MsMiz (Tina)

    Lent by KindleGotta give Tony kudos for sticking with Jack through this book man Jack was understandably going through a lot, but man sakes Jack, you were an ass


    Book 5 Stars and Audio 3 Stars reviews Review Book Not Knowing Jack is the second story in the Ohio series, and one of my all time favorite books Multiple reads naturally lead to an audio book listen, and even though the audio paled in comparison to the actual book, I still love this story as much as ever.Tony and Jack are introduced in Regularly Scheduled Life, book one of the Ohio series a book I loved even than this one , and I fell in love the with the flirtatious bartender, Tony, then and [...]

    Karen K

    I m not sure what took me so long to finally read this book because it was fabulous Tony is just the quirkiest, most endearing, funny character and to top it off, despite how immature he can be, he s emotional and grown up exactly when he needed to be Dare I say he acted mature and adult than Jack a lot of the time not that I didn t like Jack, I did and I really felt for him and his situation even though he caused a lot of it all by himself I loved the story and the settling in of the kids and [...]


    In the beginning I didn t feel attached to this story I don t know, in a way I didn t feel a connection Weird, because the characters were appealing and I was really curious to their journey So most of the time it was a steady three stars for me, but the end was so nice and beautiful that I can t give it less then four stars All the loose ends came together and the way it was done was incedibly smooth and good After finishing I was sad to left the MC s and I really hope to read about them The r [...]


    I ve purchased K.A.Mitchell previously and never been disappointed Not Knowing Jack is inspired Great story, great characters For me personally, the sex scenes become a little repetitive, but I see the point of them, in this novel s all about trust Wish I d realised that this was book 2 in the series.have now downloaded book 1, Regularly Scheduled Life Seem to be stand alone novels however, regardless of the fact that charcters from book 1 reappear in book 2 Definitely worth the money.


    I know from the blurb that Tony is supposed to be this carefree, superficial guy But that s all telling The showing is entirely different, right from page one So there is this strange disconnect with everybody, including Tony TELLING us that he is a commitment phobe and what I m reading, his inner thoughts, his actions, suggest the exact opposite.So, that s strange.On top of that, oh the melodrama With the subtlety of a sledge hammer It ended up being not believable for me.


    The book was a surprise It s a well written, emotional read Instant families that are all wounded always do something to me I love the way the kid s father and his boyfriend have to feel their way around to do what is right for the kids and each other Highly Recommended


    This sequel to Regularly Scheduled Life follows Jack and Tony who are friends of Kyle and Sean in the first book They ve been together a year and Tony is frustrated that he knows nothing about Jack s past When Jack finally tells Tony his secrets, Tony s life is turned upside down as he and Jack fight for custody of Jack s estranged children.Like the first book, there was a lot of emotional content in the book It hit a number of highs and lows as Tony helps Jack to get his kids back and then supp [...]

    Wendy Ann

    I d call this one 4.5 stars I really, really appreciate the depth of the storyline There was a lot going on that made it hard to take a break from this book I wanted to be able to read it in one sitting because I couldn t wait to find out what happens next, and then after that, and just a couple pages The author introduced some very challenging family issues and I was really impressed with the way the story developed around this.To get to that 5 star level, I ve really got to fall in love with [...]


    Well, I just can t get enough of what K.A Mitchell puts out This is the second in the Ohio series and yes, I ve read it out of sequence again.This is the story of Jack, a wealthy restaurant owner and Tony a bartender Tony is younger and cruder, to Jack s wealthy refined persona They have a fun, hot sex relationship going Neither wants to admit that they fit together like hand and glove Nor are they willing to admit that each wants from the relationship, because they don t quite trust each other [...]


    I liked this one WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than Regularly Scheduled Life I still wanted to wack Jack upside the head for most of the book but I didn t have such an annoyance for them with the whole established relationship thing I think because they were less solid at the start of the book so I got to see their sort of no questions asked live in f ck buddies to a loving family I appreciated that the kids were not just cookie cutter decorations for the story 4 stars.


    2.5 to 3 stars Good story but I really did not like Jack I had a hard time feeling any sympathy for him when he just acted like a selfish jerk most of the time.Also, he didn t treat Tony with respect my biggest pet peeve Tony started out kind of chilish and immature, but stepped up when needed Jack continued to treat him like a child and then accuse him of acting immature.Tony, on the other hand, was wonderful.


    3.5 StarsI enjoyed this book, although I felt there was an imbalance with the characters I loved Tony He sticks to his convictions and pushes through anything that s thrown at him Most of the time Tony felt like the star and Jack was a co star I just couldn t get into his character All and all a good book even though it suffered from the dreaded rushed ending syndrome.


    2 I ve had this book lurking in my kindle for eons Finally read it Ugh Tony aggravated me at the beginning so so much He was likable at the end.Jack wanker and a complete tosser plus any other UK slang that fits the situation Only redeeming quality the puppy Oh, yeah there is no puppy.


    3rd reread 4 9 13 not sure why I love this book so much but I do Actually, that s a lie, Tony is why I love this book so much

    Shira Anthony

    When we first meet Jack and Tony, they re shopping in a Bed, Bath Beyond They have been living together for a little while, dating for 2 years, but Tony, the rough and tumble bartender, really doesn t know anything about his lover, Jack, the chef They have a lovely home courtesy of Jack and Jack wants to give Tony everything including a car to replace his old, decrepit one They also have great, frequent sex But things start to fall apart when Jack starts disappearing to make phone calls or go to [...]

    Marte - Thunderella

    I have read several of K.A Mitchell s books, and have really enjoyed them This book, not so much It started well, the build up was good and I really liked Tony But then the sh stuff hit the fan and it turned into some heavy reading you ll get the shit stuff joke if you read the book I haven t written a review before, so I read some for this book after I finished to get me going in how to put my thoughts and feelings into words I came across a review by Hannah dated Apr 28,2012 and it said everyt [...]


    Some of K.A Mitchell s work I really really loved and re read frequently Collision Course, Bad Attitude some I really really didn t like No Souvernirs , others were ok Regularly Scheduled Life This one, I m not sure where to put.Not knowing Jack is the story of Tony, who we met back in the first installment of the Ohio Books as Sean s best friend, and Jack They ve been together for than a year, they live together yet They hadn t actually talked about whether or not blowing a hot twenty year old [...]

    Edina Rose

    Well, the book is good and I will probably reread it.It s a keeper However, I think I finished the book not really feeling why the two heroes are together, why they love each other OK, Tony says that he like how strong and dependable Jack is, and Jack likes how Tony s carpe diem attitude, his ability to enjoy life and just be happy But, that is what they say , and talk is cheap I would have liked to be able to see them feel what they say What they say was not emphasised by acts and thoughts, and [...]

    Emanuela ~plastic duck~

    Even if reading about people who don t communicate is usually frustrating, there wasn t a real misunderstanding issue in this book, the blame for all the mess is unfortunately easy to place Jack is a jerk and Tony is a saint Jack is keeping secrets from Tony for a lot of reasons because he thinks Tony will think less of him because he blames himself for everything that happened in his life because he doesn t want to make other people worry about him because he doesn t think he ll be able to face [...]

    Josephine Myles

    This is the second novel in a series after Regularly Scheduled Life, although you can read it as a standalone It deals with the turmoil caused in Jack and Tony s relationship when Jack s carefully hidden past erupts into their perfect existence.The novel is told primarily from Tony s point of view as he struggles to understand Jack s odd behaviour and come to terms with how little he really knows about the man While the physical chemistry between the two men remains red hot throughout the novel [...]

    Lisa J.

    3.5 stars This is a difficult book to rate In some ways, it s the best book of K.A Mitchell s I ve read Lots of story Complex characters Sex that doesn t overwhelm the plot And an extremely likable MC in Tony Then there s Jack He s such a jerk to Tony My list of grievances against Jack omitting crucial facts about his past telling Tony to shut up numerous times mocking Tony s intelligence And you became an expert on adolescent psychology during which repeat of twelfth grade kicking Tony out of t [...]


    4.5 starsThis was almost perfect I love the tag line in the blurb, it s so true Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for any sudden or frequent urges to have children with Tony Gemetti The writing and the dialogue are great, the hot scenes are HOT and just frequent enough There are kids in this story but they re realistic and not annoying I love how we meet Tony and his crazy imagination in the Bed, Bath and Beyond store I think the book does a good job of showing a relationship t [...]

    Sara Winters

    I liked this story Honestly, K.A Mitchell has been an auto buy for me for months But something about it just feels unfinished I enjoyed reading about the chemistry between Tony and Jack, but because the story takes place in such a short period of time, I felt like the way Tony forgave each lie and secret was almost rushed Yes, he did it partially for the kids, but he s willing to sacrifice so much and forgive easily for the sake of children he didn t know existed days before to live with a man h [...]

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