Apr 15, 2021
Barcelona Calling
Posted by Jane Kirkpatrick

From bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick comes this relational story about a close knit group of five women and their pursuit of life goals You ll be encouraged and entertained In the tradition of Neta Jackson s Yada Yada Prayer Group series, Kirkpatrick invites you into the lives of five women friends who promise to help each other achieve their life goals Annie Shaw sFrom bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick comes this relational story about a close knit group of five women and their pursuit of life goals You ll be encouraged and entertained In the tradition of Neta Jackson s Yada Yada Prayer Group series, Kirkpatrick invites you into the lives of five women friends who promise to help each other achieve their life goals Annie Shaw s goal is far from simple become famous But she s in trouble after quitting her day job to write full time Her second novel tanked, and her new editor wants her to re write the ending of her latest work to ensure this one is successful In order to pursue fame and an elusive bestseller, Annie travels to Chicago, acquires a rambunctious dog, and participates in antics better suited to a television reality show than real life Can Annie s best friends help her achieve her goals without destroying her future Award winning author Jane Kirkpatrick, known for her superb historical novels, writes this bold, fresh, contemporary story she always threatened she d one day put down on paper to make people laugh and consider the true treasures of their hearts.

  • Title: Barcelona Calling
  • Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
  • ISBN: 9780310293644
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barcelona Calling From bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick comes this relational story about a close knit group of five women and their pursuit of life goals You ll be encouraged and entertained In the tradition of Net


    A contemporary tale of women friends and family supporting each other in real life struggles of careers, relationships, diet, and romance And our protagonist on her writing journey to a bestseller.Filled with humour and humourous incidents Ms Kirkpatrick s wit lightened the seriousness of the lessons Annie learned along the way Goals of fame and notoriety may not be what she really wanted after all Wonderful descriptives of Spain took me there with romance and colour while adding the romantic en [...]


    Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite authors, but I could barely finish this book She tried to do it in the style of Yada books drawing on a group of friends, but I could never figure out the friends, none of them were unique and the setting as far as I could tell had very little to do with Barcelona, she should stick to historical fiction which she is really good at, because she does all the research and then weaves her story The only thing I found mildly interesting was her telling of some o [...]


    Although I have often found Jane Kirkpatrick s writing style difficult to read, I have always enjoyed the historical events narrated and the development of the characters in her books In this particular book, I did not find the plot line or characters interesting enough to get past her writing style.


    I generally like Jane Kirkpatrick, especially her historical novels But this one I could not even get into I tried and tried to finish it but I couldn t do it The characters were lacking


    I have long been a Jane Kirkpatrick fan When I picked up Barcelona Calling at a writers conference I was attending and Jane was co leading, the synopsis surprised me.Jane s underlying themes are usually strength, courage and compassion with a lovely sprinkling of faith and humanity Almost everything Jane has written to date has been written from the historical perspective of the Native Americans living in the Pacific Northwest, those people exploring and settling in the same region, strong women [...]

    Rachelle Sperling

    See my profile for my star rating system 2 stars I did not dislike it but it didn t impact me or stand out as special An average book Expectations are tricky things, in a job, a relationship or a book I didn t love Barcelona Calling, but I am sure that my expectations were the main culprit The marketing copy compared it to Neta Jackson s Yada Yada Prayer Group series It wasn t, not in my eyes anyway It s a reminder that in life, and in marketing, comparisons are seldom helpful.Barcelona Calling [...]

    Arletta Dawdy

    Review of BARCELONA CALLINGReading Jane Kirkpatrick has meant for many of her followers a certain expectation A sensitivity to historical context, matters of period speech, dress, daily life will be reliable Accuracy of fact and emotion will be grounded in a Christian base, but not overwhelmingly so.In BARCELONA CALLING, I met big surprises, starting with the fact that the settings, story and characters are contemporary d funny Annie Shaw, is the author of cozy romances the books without bedroom [...]


    One of the worst books I ve read Not sure how I managed to finish it, but I did, and it never got better Unrealistic characters that I didn t care about at all, incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing episodes in every chapter she gets sued a couple of times and sets fire to two different things, all in a futile attempt to meet Oprah ugh And then the ending is so rushed that when she finally gets together with Mr Right, we have no idea what the attraction between them is I rolled my eyes so ma [...]


    Jane Kirkpatrick is a good Historical Fiction writer, and I have enjoyed a book or two of hers in the past However, this foray into Contemporary Fiction is absolutely awful The characters are dreadful, the writing truly bad, and the storyline is lacking In addition, the fact that the main character is an author discussing the editing process while the text is riddled with errors Mrs Clause Really is unintentionally ironic.Thankfully, the wine should be good at Book Club.


    Didn t finish, got halfway through chapter three and did not hold a spark of interest for me Very blah.

    Deon Stonehouse

    Barcelona Calling had a working title of Oprah Doesn t Know My Name Trademark issues required a different title, but the talk show maven is still a presence in the book Annie Shaw is an author being published by a romance publisher Understandably her publisher expects the books to follow the program, boy meets girl, boy gets girl or vice versa Annie s books don t adhere to the format they tell stories of people facing conflict and the choices they make in overcoming the obstacles in their lives [...]


    So, this book is mainly about an author A female author of light romance novels with very low self esteem and a group of also female friends who love her and want to help her It portrayes her struggles during the editing of her latest book, her ambitions of seeing it promoted by Oprah Whinfrey, and her coming to grips with the past She is divorced, and quite scared of taking the next step into love There is quite a bit of romance in this book, as well as a comedy of errors.I really enjoyed being [...]

    Kathleen Ernst

    Since I m a fan of Jane Kirkpatrick s historical fiction, I wasn t sure what to expect from this contemporary I loved it Ms Kirkpatrick is stretching her creative wings and sharing a new type of story with her readers It takes some courage for a writer to do so, and I applaud her for it.Protagonist Annie is a novelist who finds herself struggling to meet the standards and sales that are expected by her publisher She and her friends hatch a plan to gain attention for her latest titles by gaining [...]


    Were I only Shakespeare I would write some pithy 1 liner about the irony this book is about a failed author who wrote a boring book no one liked At the time of this writing there are 9 5 star and 35 1 star ratings, with almost as many 2 s and few 3 s and 4 s Yep.Ah, maybe it s an Oscar Wilde quote Life imitates art Perhaps that works especially well when it s your life imitating your art.And if only I were a comedian, I could make a great routine around the guffaw of one of her fictional titles, [...]

    Mary E Trimble

    When writer Annie Shaw attempts to attract Oprah s attention to her book, her efforts become a charade of misadventures Annie recently had a romantic experience while visiting Spain, and her book is roughly based on that experience The problem is, real life gets in the way of fiction.Barcelona Calling A Novel is a departure from other works of Jane Kirkpatrick who is known for her award winning historical fiction It took a little adjustment on my part to settle in with this different Jane Kirkpa [...]

    Katelyn Bolds

    Where is the line between doing what it takes to become famous and trading what makes you you This is a question that aggravates artists, musicians, and writers, like our main character Annie Shaw Annie s first novel was a best seller, but since then nothing has come close in sales Now she is making revisions for her new editor and desperately trying to get on Oprah to market the book.Annie Shaw is a charming character She is relatable in her flaws and lovable in her unlucky life Readers will wa [...]


    I love Jane Kirkpatrick s books and when I saw this at the library I knew I had to read it too This book was a bit of a departure to Jane s historical fiction books that I have read prior to Barcelona Calling In the beginning I missed the historical part about it but soon was soon on the adventure with the main character Annie, who is a writer trying to finish her latest book while trying to help publicize her previous book For some reason, I found myself connecting this character to the author, [...]


    This was an interesting book to me An author writing about an author And how hard it is to be an author And yet , much It was a novel about self discovery, and writing your stories I didn t find it to be cliche at all, however I will admit there were times when I was losing patience with the story and the heroine, but it passed quickly enough Overall, I appreciated the take home message of this bookor at least what my own personal take home message was Worth readingd thinking about.

    Georgia Herod

    After reading many of Kirkpatrick s historical fiction works, I was excited about this newventure for her However, I was disappointed It was somewhat shallow what I d call a chick lit book The Oprah pursuit seemed very artificial The characters lacked depth while I felt as if the plot was contrived One aspect I really did like is the comments on the writing process, editing, revising, etc.


    The story begins quite slowly it took about 100 pages to really pique my interest The main character is whiny and a bit too pessimistic for my liking and while that in itself isn t completely unrealistic, she is also way to accident prone to be truly believable relatable The multiple grammar mistakes and fairly poor use of Spanish and Catalan whether referring to the language or other cultural bits was disappointing.


    Believe it or not, my dad recommended this book for me He was right I did enjoy it The adventures of an author who is desperate not to be a one hit wonder in the publishing world grasps on to some equally desperate plans to get Oprah to notice her Misadventures ensue The humor in this book was contagious and outrageous Even my husband and son listened to parts and wanted to know where this was going next I liked this one so much than The Daughter s Walk.


    Interesting quote from Willa Cather that the stories that engage us as adults are based on experiences we had before we turned 15 Started off like chick lit, but morphed into a profound literary novel about the tension between writing a best selling book to make one famous and integrity being true to one s own self Fascinating how the book is written in at least 4 voices that of the main character, her friends, the harpies, and the story.


    I thought this book had some potential However it got really boring to the point that I spent than 2 weeks just trying to finish it What really irritated me about this book was the use of adjectives in front of every name when Annie flies to her publisher such as Inspiring IrvingLively LouiseBig BillGentle GeorgeChipper ChandraAnd the list goes on and on I don t know about others who read this, but I thought it was really annoying.


    I would agree with other reviewers that Barcelona Calling isn t Jane Kirkpatrick s best work, but it s certainly entertaining and has its share of LOL moments Many of the antics are over the top and somewhat ridiculous, but that just adds to the charm A good airplane or beach read where you won t have to think too hard just take it for what it is and enjoy.


    It was a dry read and the characters were 2 dimensional and unrelatable I skipped several chapters out of boredom, and never felt like I missed any of the story The main characters are about my age but seemed like they were 40 50 year old women due to the tone of voice in the book I wouldn t recommend this at all.


    Jane Kirkpatrick is my favorite contemporary historical fiction author, but this modern day tale about a somewhat wacky and confused woman didn t resound with me Even when her character had small epiphanies regarding her life she continued to let her girlfriends lead her into one improbable situation after another Enough already


    This book was not very good It needed commas and the main character spent most of the book making terrible choices However, I really did enjoy it because even though I m a writer I had only vague ideas about what happens after a book gets written but before it gets published, and I have a better picture of that now.


    The message of the book spelled out in the last chapters and epilogue is very good The rest of the book wasn t that interesting to me I just couldn t get involved with the characters and their actions which just seemed stupid to me If you can get passed that, this isn t a bad story.


    This book is a very different one from what Jane usually writes I usually find tidbits of wisdom tucked in as I read her books For this one, I had to wait until page 301 for her wisdom I personally, prefer it when she writes historical or biographical fiction.


    I like almost everything Jane Kirkpatrick writes but not this book I tried to read it, even skipping parts and finally quit on page 120 I had to ask myself, Why are you still trying to read this It wasn t worth my time Thankfully it is a library book so I did not pay for it.

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