Apr 21, 2021
The Long Season
Posted by Jim Brosnan

The classic inside account of a baseball year by a major league pitcher It begins, appropriately, with the winter doldrums and sweating out a new contract, then follows the author and his family to spring training in Florida and through the full season s schedule to October One of the best baseball books ever written It is probably one of the best American diaries asThe classic inside account of a baseball year by a major league pitcher It begins, appropriately, with the winter doldrums and sweating out a new contract, then follows the author and his family to spring training in Florida and through the full season s schedule to October One of the best baseball books ever written It is probably one of the best American diaries as well New York Times Book Review The greatest baseball book ever written Jimmy Cannon.

  • Title: The Long Season
  • Author: Jim Brosnan
  • ISBN: 9781566634182
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Long Season The classic inside account of a baseball year by a major league pitcher It begins appropriately with the winter doldrums and sweating out a new contract then follows the author and his family to sp


    What a fabulous baseball book Well written, insightful, thoughtful, and down to earth To think that it was written about a season close to 60 years ago is amazing to me, as it still rings modern We can set aside the contractual issues over 20,000 a year, and no agents, and a few other things, but the core of the game comes to light Brosnan put together a great diary that ranks up there with the best diaries of any subject I would add that those looking for the kind of story that Jim Bouton wrote [...]

    James Klagge

    My annual pre season baseball book to get me in the mood The author is a highly literate baseball player, which is not common He began the book a memoir of his 1959 season as a pitcher with a glossary of terms Most were familiar to me, but it indicated his interest in the language of baseball Kathy and I have also commented on this when watching TV coverage of the Washington Nationals The color commentator seems to always come up with new phrases, like He s sittin dead red I think that means tha [...]


    Ah, the pernicious persistence of preconceived notions whether because of Ted Williams famously ventilated dicta regarding the stupidity of Major League pitchers, or from being exposed to BULL DURHAM at an impressionable age, I have always found myself surprised to find that my favorite Baseball memoirs have been written by pitchers rather than catchers Satchel Paige, Jim Bouton, and especially Bill Spaceman Lee have written the memoirs that have drawn me closest into the mysteries of the Nation [...]

    Matt Moran

    Catchers, of course have underdeveloped brains or they would never have chosen that particular job, but X rays of their heads would probably be useless Masochists are what they are A man must love to get banged up if he deliberately chooses to be a catcher Insightful at times and a fun book, an obvious precursor to Ball Four Unlike Bouton who I think really was a social outcast Brosnan comes across as cerebral for a baseball player but still personable, and without a ghostwriter or an ax to grin [...]


    I was torn whether to rate this as a 2 or a 3 It is definitely an interesting look into mid 20th century baseball, from an insider s perspective, but it often gets bogged down in unnecessary details What I found most surprising was the way that baseball was portrayed as a fairly unathletic endeavor Most of the players are concerned with chewing tobacco, drinking, and fooling around There rarely any instances where players exercise or train In the end though, I found myself struggling to finish [...]

    Shay Caroline

    Very entertaining behind the scenes look at the 1959 baseball season written by a middling relief pitcher named Jim Brosnan Brosnan sounds to me like a cross between Ring Lardner and the back of a bubble gum card, if the bubble gum card were being used as a book mark inside a volume of Twain It s less about scores and all the usual Joe Shlobotnik Story stuff than it is about the way players look at the world, spend their time, and experience the ups and downs of their profession which is surpris [...]


    An enjoyable book I first started getting interested in MLB about this time and many of the players mentioned in the book brought back memories of that time.

    Jim Gold

    The Long Season is pitcher Jim Brosnan s diary of the 1959 season that he started with St Louis before being traded midseason to the Redlegs The focus is less on the games and on the interactions with teammates, coaches, the manager, and trainer The book is candid in its unflattering portrayal of, among others, the Cardinal manager Solly Hemus and broadcaster Harry Caray My dad took me to my first baseball game in September 1958 when I was almost 7 years old and I had a lot of baseball cards by [...]


    I had a baseball card of Jim Brosnan in a Cincinnati Reds uniform He was a spectacled fellow with horn rim glasses His teammates called him the professor He was always talking about words and their meanings Turns out he was a fair baseball pitcher and a pretty good writer He starts the season with the St Louis Cardinals and is eventually traded to the Reds This book is his diary of the 1959 baseball season and paints a very realistic picture of what it was to be a ball player in that era Bros wa [...]


    This is a remarkable book I was than a little surprised I had not heard of this book somehow I thought Ball Four by Jim Bouton, published in 1970, was the first tell all first person memoir by a starting major league pitcher but no, there is this Bouton was much criticized at the name for revealing certain truths about specific players and baseball players generally, which is why there is a article about the book Brosnan s revelations were of a much lesser level but apparently he was also some [...]


    This must be about the seventh or eighth time I ve read this book along with Brosnan s other book, Pennant Race since my childhood, but it s probably been about 10 years since the last time.The Long Season and Pennant Race are wonderful memoirs of Brosnan s 1959 and 1961 seasons, respectively Really the first of the true, insider s diary, it pre dates and undoubtedly inspired Jim Bouton s Ball Four, but it isn t a seamy tell all like Bouton s book.Even without the scandalous stories that Bouton [...]

    Richard Agemo

    Brosnan is a rare bird an intellectual who was a professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, St Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds His teammates called him professor The book, which chronicles his 1959 season, is funny throughout I thought it was humorous, for instance, how his team was struggling to end up in fourth place Just two quibbles there s no big finish here, and there s a lot of detailed description about how he s going to pitch certain hitters, which becomes a bit repetitive [...]


    I had never heard about this book until the author passed away in the last year It s an enjoyable read for baseball fans it really is Ball Four written 10 years earlier, although rated PG, perhaps appropriate to the time It s remarkable to see how unscientific the approach to managing pitchers as starters vs relievers is compared to the approach utilized today, but that s of a side light to what s generally the story of a life in the year of a guy who happened to play baseball for a living for [...]

    Brian Dempsey

    Clearly paved the way for Jim Bouton and Ball Four The descriptions of Brosnan s interactions with fellow players, managers and coaches are fascinating His honesty in how quickly confidence comes and goes sometimes from batter to batter is something that anyone who has played at any level can relate to I wish the book did not come to such an abrupt end It would have been nice if there was some sort of conclusion or post mortem on the season The writing is very literary It rightly takes its place [...]


    Brosnan s diary of his 59 season with the Cards and then the Reds is breezy, candid, conversational Players like Musial and Aaron and Torre, among many others, breeze in and out, but the most distinctive impression made other than by Brosnan himself, of course was then pitching coach Clyde King Baseball fans will find this an appealing read it was a forerunner to Bounton s Ball Four , others may not find it terribly involving.

    Paul Miller

    A genuine first of its kind at the time a major league pitcher s candid diary of the 1959 season Gives a fascinating look at the basic day by day existence of a ballplayer in the days when they were just like us , working for a living Focuses on the feelings and experience of a player, not so much game details or the like Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys baseball and history.


    Reminiscent of Jim Bouton s Ball Four, which I read many years ago The latter is irreverent, but this one, which preceded Bouton s book, is also good for providing an insider look into baseball The main entertainment of this one for me was the era Brosnan played with many great players whom I remember from my childhood Mays, Musial, Robinson Recommended for baseball fans.

    Chris Gager

    I don t remember reading it but I m sure I must have Brosnan was Bouton before Bouton came along I m not sure I read his second book Interesting that the two pitcher writers have such similar names Brosnan was definitely contemplative and serious than Bouton Date read is a guess.


    Widely considered one of the all time classic baseball books and deservedly so The book provides a unique glimpse into baseball at mid point of the 20th century It is a valuable addition to the rich history of the game and of the country.

    Gary Geiger

    Bouton before Bouton and better than Bouton.


    Best Baseball memoir of all time


    A classic older baseball book I curled up and read it on a cold winter weekend Was not disappointed.


    I know a lot of people love this book but I couldn t stand the author s odd writing style Didn t finish.


    Ball Four before Ball Four and a baseball book that was actually written by the athlete Highly recommended.

    Steve Shilstone

    A really fine baseball memoir by an actual major league pitcher.


    Just not very interesting.


    Good insider view of major league baseball in 1959 Jim Brosnan s wit struck Joe Garagiola as subversive, an indication that it is better than the average ballplayer s.

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