Oct 23, 2021
Numerology and the Divine Triangle
Posted by Dusty Bunker

´ Numerology and the Divine Triangle Ê Dusty Bunker - Numerology and the Divine Triangle, Numerology and the Divine Triangle NA

  • Title: Numerology and the Divine Triangle
  • Author: Dusty Bunker
  • ISBN: 9780914918103
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • ´ Numerology and the Divine Triangle Ê Dusty Bunker - Numerology and the Divine Triangle, Numerology and the Divine Triangle NA

    Frank Snapp

    Exquisitely written I found it on a shelf while in a trance state in my late teens I m now ordering my third copy Have used it often to enhance my professional astrology readings for clients and have been an astrologer since the age of 12 This is early cutting edge interdiscplinary work in transformational occult not mystic though sciences at its best Amazing content in terms of accuracy, depth and ability to spot generate quickenings and open doors to transformation A magical book beating back [...]


    This book is an excellent reference source and also contains info on the correlation between numerology, astrology and the tarot.

    Amanda Bucan

    This book is a fascinating and comprehensive book on numerolgy Highly recommended for anyone interested in this subject.


    This book is a must have for anyone exploring numerology or tarot.

    Laneth Sffarlenn

    Out of all the Numerology books I own, this is my go to for not only the in depth number details, but also the method for which to draw deep details for people and their lives Cannot recommend it enough.


    The best esoteric and New Age books are the ones where 1 it s not necessary to believe in the author s personal philosophy to understand the content and 2 everything is thoroughly explained without relying too much on woo woo or the author s own personal experiences NUMEROLOGY AND THE DIVINE TRIANGLE excels in both regards.What sets NUMEROLOGY apart from other books in the New Age occult sphere is the quality of writing It manages to be both straightforward enough for beginners while engaging en [...]


    This book is fantastic in so many ways Some of the parts of the book I love and refer to are the authors descriptions of the different archetypes of the numbers, numbers in the Bible, and numbers in the tarot These sections are all excellent and worth the price of the book on their own To me, the divine triangle is a great concept, but it is illogical If I can t put it into practice for my own birth name, how would I use it for a client or teach it to anyone else The goal of the divine triangle [...]

    Cher Green

    While I m still working on my own Divine Triangle, following the suggested steps, I find this concept incredibly intriguing The diagram and process gives you two views of your life, past, present and future One view is on a wide perspective, while the other is of a specific delineation Is it accurate I m not sure yet, as I m still going through the process.But, there s a whole section which reviews Edgar Cayce s Divine Triangle and his life There s some very interesting information in this sect [...]

    Kevin Cain

    Interesting subject I m always fascinated by this and astrology the human belief in unexplained influences When trying to decide on our son s name we actually ran the ideas through to see if certain names had favorable numerological significance Shortly after watching an interview of Ethan Hawke, we struck upon the very favorable name Ethan Steward Cain.


    Excellent, excellent, excellent study into the numbers and some tarot correspondence Insightful and well thought out It s a bit academic however if you want a good numbers resource, this is highly recommended.


    I bought my copy a few years ago and although I really like it, I m not entirely sure I get it.

    Quinn Albertina

    it s truly amazing book explore people through number and find out yourself through this book, it s very interesting u re gonna find that it s weird that we set up by number juz take a look


    A constant go to book


    I read this 15 years ago, but I still refer to it occasionally when I once again get curious about numerology It is the defining text from my viewpoint.

    Pattie Welek Hall

    Best numerology book on the market.

    Angela Paolantonio

    Found Numerology the Divine Triangle on a used shelf at The Bodhi Tree in LA, oh say 15 years ago Or maybe it found me I m never without it


    great takes some work but complete goes great with others


    A most intriguing book especially as it combines the Pythagorean triangle with aspects of the Tarot now that has to be unique

    my numerologist

    Widely regarded as the bible of Numerology Numerology by Ed Peterson is the ultimate companion book.


    Invaluable I am on my second copy in 20 years.


    Best Astrology numerology book ever So fun to read and do the whole reports I have read a couple other astrology numerology but this is the best Love it

    • ´ Numerology and the Divine Triangle Ê Dusty Bunker
      102 Dusty Bunker
    Numerology and the Divine Triangle