Apr 20, 2021
Art Geeks and Prom Queens
Posted by Alyson Noel

Being the new girl is tough just ask sixteen year old Rio Jones A New York transplant, Rio has no clue how she s going to fit in at her fancy new private school in Southern California Plus, being late, overdressed, and named after a Duran Duran song doesn t make the first day any easier.Then, Rio meets Kristi Beautiful, rich, and a cheerleader, Kristi is the queen bee oBeing the new girl is tough just ask sixteen year old Rio Jones A New York transplant, Rio has no clue how she s going to fit in at her fancy new private school in Southern California Plus, being late, overdressed, and named after a Duran Duran song doesn t make the first day any easier.Then, Rio meets Kristi Beautiful, rich, and a cheerleader, Kristi is the queen bee of Newport Beach, and she isn t friends with just anyone, so Rio is thrilled when she s invited to be part of the most exclusive, popular clique At first, Rio is having a great time, but as she becomes immersed in the jet set crowd, she discovers an unwritten rule that her new friends forgot to mention don t cross Kristi in Alyson No l s Art Geeks and Prom Queens.

  • Title: Art Geeks and Prom Queens
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9780312619220
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Art Geeks and Prom Queens Being the new girl is tough just ask sixteen year old Rio Jones A New York transplant Rio has no clue how she s going to fit in at her fancy new private school in Southern California Plus being late


    When I was seventeen, I was given a gift card to BN for Christmas I d always loved to read, but had fallen out of the habit ever since I d hit high school at most, I was reading a few books per year I just didn t seem to have enough time for it But what eventually got me back into reading was that gift card, fifty dollars of pure sweetness One of the books I ended up buying with my little slice of heaven was Alyson Noel s Ever While I didn t exactly love it, seventeen year old me was definitely [...]


    Reconozco que despu s de inhalar dos l neas de coca me siento muy hiperactiva, consciente y algo poderosa, y estoy vagando de un lado a otro hasta que termino de pie fuera de la peque a caba a al lado a la piscina puede haber alg n que otro mini mini mini spoilerCreo que esta es la primera vez que leo un libro juvenil con una portada tan infantil y un contenido tan turbio.Esta historia es una monta a rusa impresionante No paran de pasar cosas y, a medida que avanzamos, es todo m s complicado emp [...]

    Charlize Diedericks

    Firstly this book was a big doze of reality I am kind of a naive person and don t like reading about drugs, because it has never played a role in my life in any way, so I really don t relate to the character As soon as it comes up I feel disconnected But I have mixed feelings about this one I really enjoyed the style of writing, although there were a few things I think that I would like to change about the story to make it loveable Like Jas I loved everything about him, except the pot bit, and [...]


    77 pages in and I m really not enjoying this any It starts out ok Rio Jones is the new girl at her school having just moved to California from New York Rio s never been all that noticeable, but she gets her braces removed, shoots up a few inches, and, suddenly, in the new wardrobe her former model mother has purchased for her, she s a knock out Rio falls in with a group of art geek stoners her first day of school and develops a crush on Jas hot surfer boy material But she s not sure where her lo [...]


    Okay, so let me start off by saying that this book is essentially the movie Mean Girls in written form therefore, I can t say I hated this book entirely because I do like that movie That being said, I also can t say I enjoyed this book, either It was very predictable, and not just because of the geeky girl becomes popular and realizes she should stay true to herself storyline, but because it s a little too much like mean girls Seriously, there s even a part where the queen bee mean girl accuses [...]


    Art Geeks and Prom QueensBy Alyson NoelSt.Martin s GriffinISBN 0312336365 She holds up the denim mini skirt and sparkly tanktop she gave me right after she broke the news about moving, as if it were no than a simple costume change and that they weren t really wrecking my life Noel 1 Not everyone has to start over, to leave one place and go to another New school, new house, no friends, and a mom who wants only what s best for her daughter Rio and her mom have moved from the fast pace of New York [...]

    Izzy Naveda

    Ni siquiera puedo empezar a describir todo lo que no me gust de este libro Tuvo un final aburrido y algo apresurado, sumado a que la protagonista no solo se vuelve una perra Queen Bee, sino que es peor que eso, simplemente llegu al punto en el que no soportaba ni leer sus estupideces, tsskk Por lo menos reconoce cuando tiene que cambiar.


    This book was a fun change of pace It was a quick entertaining read If you are nerdy like me you ll appreciate it.


    Book Title Art Geeks and Prom QueensAuthor Alyson Noel Published By St Martin s Griffin First Edition edition April 1, 2010 Genre Young AdultRecommended Age 13Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 5 RavensI m a sucker for Young Adult books especially some of the ones that have that good moral behind the story With todays Youth seeming to loose their innocence younger and younger each year or having to deal with the brutality of b [...]


    New girl who starts off pretty smart and confident, but at her initiation into the popular clique, she fizzles to weak, bitchy and a complete follower.Irritating.There s no other way around reviewing Art Geeks and Prom Queens than getting nasty Halfway through, I d rolled my eyes a few times, wondering if I was reading a cheesy diary of someone who is actually in high school, giving writing a go.The tone of writing, the voice of the main character, all the brand name dropping and fancy living ha [...]


    What was this book I swear this is the ultimate fantasy of every girl, to somehow be magically pretty enough to be noticed by the popular girl and welcomed into the folds.Yes, this was a story about Mean Girls a twist on it.It was so BAD I can t tell you how many times the protagonist made NO sense She stopped caring about her crush and started caring about the popular girls so fast it was unbelievable Although what she did at the end was cool, she was just the most insufferable person I ve ever [...]


    Alyson Noel s form of writing really captures my attention I loved alot of things about Rio First of all heart the name Second I love how everyone seems to be against her but if she just open her mouth, she can bring them to their senses And Third I LOVED how she was clumsy and screwed everything up No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, I m just happy this character made so much than I have well Rio is fun to chill with and i m glad Alyson introduced me to her This one is a win.


    Not a bad story Lots of drug use, random hookups Trying to reach teens on their level to teach how to be yourself ButI m not quite sure it made the connection In the end after being tortured school wide on the word of one person, she quickly and decisively turns it around by confronting this one person Hmm Then the story gets wrapped up into a tidy happy ending One questionwhy not just ask if the guy has a girlfriend Stop chasing other girls guys Makes the heroine feel unredeemable from the begi [...]

    Sandra Strange

    Rio, named for her mom s favorite Duran Duran hit, has moved from New York to a fancy private school in Southern California Almost immediately she has to choose between the jet set popular kids and the art geeks she meets in AP art class Though the novel is positive, it includes short references assuming casual acceptance of recreational marijuana use, drinking with negative consequences , and a relatively graphic near rape.


    Actual Rating 3.5 5 I like this book It isn t amazing, but it isn t terrible It s a very fast paced read, and that s one reason I like it I found the story to be a bit repetitive at times, but it didn t bother me too much The concept of the story is pretty good, and in some parts, the main character conveys a good message If you re looking for a fast paced read, I d recommend this book to you


    I am a big fan of Alyson Noel, So I was really looking forward to reading Art Geeks and Prom Queens especially because it s not fantasy and paranormal like her other books I have read I really enjoyed this book and the story was great and I couldn t put it down If you like Meg Cabot then I would highly recommend this book.


    Alyson Noel really brought out the emotion in the characters As I was reading it, I definitely felt like I was the main character I would take a break from reading and come back to reality and find myself feeling exactly as the main character did and felt like I was living her life It took awhile to realize that nothing was wrong and I managed to separate reality from fiction.

    Hallela Hinton-williams

    A book that was perfect for listening to while trying to fall asleep It did make me question my future in school administration And why anybody would name their character, over the age of 10, Jen Jen un ironically is beyond me, it was an okay, at times infuriating, book.

    Eve Muratore

    Great book, kind of short and shallow at some points but still a good light read for before bed


    haven t read it since I was 12 It was better back then ahahhaha


    It really got me thinking about what I should be careful about when I go into high school and to always stay true to myself no matter what.

    Kimberly Cayton

    NO REAL SPOILERS BUT JUST BEING SAFEFrom the first page of this book, it was painfully obvious that it was intended for someone a few years younger than me, although I am pretty sure my response would have been the same had I read it before now.Immediately, I was struck by how entitled and whiny the main character, Rio, is She complains about every aspect of her life, which gets annoying just about as quickly as you would think.There were also several instances in the book where wild use of drug [...]


    When you compare between this and Mean Girls, this brings nothing new to the table I can t think of a single thing that s different here To me, that s a big problem I don t know why I have this book I think I somehow remembered it would be about gay couples This really influenced my reading because I kept thinking Rio would come out and date someone else I feel like Rio should have apologized to JC and it s not fair that just because he s a jock, Rio assumes he doesn t have feelings There s so m [...]

    Keisha Simpson-Baker

    Most of the way through I kept thinking I was reading the movie Mean Girls It was strikingly similar, girl hangs out with a male and female pair of outcasts, then gets sucked into the popular girl crowd She then finds out the popular crowd isn t so nice It would have been a good story if it hadn t been done before Also as of late I ve been reading a lot of books that have a young female main character move to LA or SoCal, this particular book, the main character moved from NY to Orange County I [...]


    For a common genre, possibly overdone theme this was enjoyable to listen to than I thought it would be Enough current stuff to make it real I would not recommend it to everyone, nevertheless

    Megan Kinderman

    Really glad I wasn t popular in high school I mean not that its always like this But it would suck.




    Essentially a book version of Mean Girls but with drugs Sometimes you need a junk book to get ready for epically long high fantasy

    Keli burris

    This book was pretty good at some points it was slow and you could tell it was a little outdated but still a good read that kepted my attention I enjoy this authors writing alot


    I m not entirely sure what to say about this book It was good but not what I was expecting I really liked the way the author wrote the story but not how the story happened, if that makes any sense I ve always liked the writing style that Alyson has, it s very easy to read and understand, like the characters real and you know them But now how the story happened is going to take some explainingHow I thought the story was gonna go Okay, Rio sounds pretty awesome and I was like I m gonna like her ri [...]

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