Apr 15, 2021
Mortal Prey
Posted by John Sandford

Years ago, Lucas Davenport almost died at the hands of Clara Rinker, a pleasant, soft spoken, low key Southerner, and the best hitwoman in the business Now retired and living in Mexico, she nearly dies herself when a sniper kills her boyfriend, the son of a local druglord, and while the boy s father vows vengeance, Rinker knows something he doesn t The boy wasn t the tarYears ago, Lucas Davenport almost died at the hands of Clara Rinker, a pleasant, soft spoken, low key Southerner, and the best hitwoman in the business Now retired and living in Mexico, she nearly dies herself when a sniper kills her boyfriend, the son of a local druglord, and while the boy s father vows vengeance, Rinker knows something he doesn t The boy wasn t the target she was and now she is going to have to disappear to find the killer herself The FBI and DEA draft Davenport to help track her down, and with his fianc e deep in wedding preparations, he s really just as happy to go but he has no idea what he s getting into For Rinker is as unpredictable as ever, and between her, her old bosses in the St Louis mob, the Mexican druglord, and the combined, sometimes warring, forces of U.S law enforcement, this is one case that will get dangerous as it goes along And when the crossfire comes, anyone standing in the middle won t stand a chance Filled with the rich characterization and exceptional drama that are his hallmarks, Mortal Prey proves that John Sandford just keeps getting better.

  • Title: Mortal Prey
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780399148637
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mortal Prey Years ago Lucas Davenport almost died at the hands of Clara Rinker a pleasant soft spoken low key Southerner and the best hitwoman in the business Now retired and living in Mexico she nearly die


    Lucas Davenport is one busy fellow with an upcoming wedding to his pregnant girlfriend, a new house in the final phases of construction and a lot of political scheming to be done that makes sure that the top positions within the Minneapolis police get filled by people he trusts as he gets ready to leave the department for a position with state law enforcement Even though Lucas plate is pretty damn full, when he gets a call from the FBI about Clara Rinker he drops everything else to give chase.Cl [...]

    John Culuris

    There seems to be considerable debate as to whether discussing the identity of the killer in this novel constitutes the spoiling of a previous entry in the series I ve come down on the side that it is not so if you personally have any doubt, please exit now with my 5 Star Rating and hearty recommendation because I have two reasons for going forward First of all, both her assumed identity and real name are the focus of the first chapter, so any previously issued blurb, synopsis and or review woul [...]

    James Thane

    The thirteenth entry in John Sandford s Prey series finds the protagonist, Assistant Minneapolis Police Chief Lucas Davenport, with his life in an uproar His long time boss, Chief Rose Marie Roux, is about to lose her job as a new mayor takes over This means that Lucas will be out of a job as well But Rose Marie is angling for a state job and, if she can pull off the scheme, she promises to take Davenport with her.On the home front, Lucas s girlfriend, surgeon Weather Karkinnen, is with child Sh [...]


    Murder mysteries typically climax with the apprehension of the murderer, or murderers but at the conclusion of the 10th Prey series novel, one of the two culprits, Clara Rinker who s been a professional hired killer ever since she was 16 , made a clean getaway When I finished that book, I was sure that readers hadn t seen the last of her Sure enough, three years later, this installment picks up her story and I knew it was a story I couldn t leave hanging.The book description gives a good basic s [...]

    Kathy Davie

    Thirteenth in the Lucas Davenport thriller mystery series and revolving around a cop with a very sharp mind who s interested in justice than legalities.My TakeThis is a good un Rinker is amazing with the different ways she takes her enemies out.I know this is a serious story with serious mayhem, but it s fun, too Sandford tosses the humor around, and it relieves the tension and horror of what the bad guys are up to Lucas finds all sort of useful facts and impresses the heck out of the FBI The o [...]


    2nd reading Lucas is enlisted by the FBI to infiltrate the mind of previous antagonist Clara Rinker Living a new life in Mexico under an assumed name and with child by the son of a former drug cartel boss, she is tracked down by St Louis associates who want her dead.After a double tragedy, Clara is back in the states and has her sights set on four criminal bad guys who contributed to the failed assassination attempt Mallard, Malone and Davenport use the baddies as bait for the larger prize of Ri [...]


    When the FBI calls wanting his help with a hired killer that he tangled with in a previous book, Lucas drops everything to go to St Louis and join in on the chase While I missed the Minneapolis crew, this was a fast paced thriller with a very good plot Listened to the audio which was read by Richard Ferrone.

    aPriL does feral sometimes

    Sometimes illogic rules the human heart In Mortal Prey, we meet again a previously introduced fictional criminal who is awesome, but someone who despite her awesomeness should totally die However, readers may feel conflicted because this serial killer, Clara Rinker, is so smart, professional and honorable with a backstory which is heartbreaking So, there you are, victory fist pumping away at the end of another chapter as the horrible killer for hire escapes from yet another trap Giving a serious [...]


    This is officially my favorite Prey book It s a very good thriller, I think all of the Davenport series are pretty good but this one is the best I thoroghly enjoyed Clara s character as well as the detailed scenery of St Louis my hometown You should read it go on go find it


    Clara Rinker is back Clara s put a target squarely on Lucas Davenport s back in author John Sandford s thirteen Davenport thriller, Mortal Prey Hit man Woman Clara Rinker was first featured in Sandford s tenth Davenport series book, Certain Prey Clara never misses and is a master at leaving no evidence to follow in each of her contracts She is also able to kill in several types of ways Davenport well knows that if he s ever to come across Clara Rinker it would get ugly and probably end with the [...]


    There s an area of Hell reserved for authors who introduce wonderful characters only to kill them And in this area, there is a small, particularly scalding, pitchfork poking, and spider infested corner where the authors who not only have a wonderful character killed, but have the dirty deed done by another wonderful character are sentenced to eternal torment What I m talking about, folks, is good guy on good guy violence Which brings me to John Sandford s novel, Mortal Prey Sandford typically bu [...]


    Each of the books in John Sandford s Prey series all 21 or so can stand alone, in large part because he does a great job with exposition so readers can learn what s happened before as it relates to the current book That said, I ll continue to suggest reading them in order from the beginning, simply because it gives even insight into the happenings in the one you re currently reading In this one, for instance, Minneapolis Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport bumps up against one who got away a deadly ki [...]

    Ellen Keim

    One of the best I ve read


    This book has killer for hire, Clara, return from book 10 Lucas is contacted by the FBI and goes to St Louis to help track her down, despite being in the middle of building a new house and planning a wedding to Weather Clara is a nuanced character, and you ll be rooting for her again, as you were in Certain Prey One of the best Prey books.

    Sheila Myers

    Everything you d expect from a novel in the prey series If I could give a higher rating, I d add a half star because there isn t as much cussing in the dialogue and the sex talk is also kept to a minimum I know that s a personal preference, but that preference would add to my rating.

    Dusti Connelley

    This was pretty standard Lucas DavenportI only didn t love it because it brought back my favorite bad guy Clara Rinker, and I wanted her to have a happy ending.


    I ve heard about this author character over the years but this is the first book I ve read by him I quite enjoyed it Through the early chapters I much preferred the parts featuring Rinker but Davenport grew on me, although I still don t feel that I got to know his character very well Will be happy to read in the series if I come across them would especially like to read of Rinker Davenport s earlier encounter.


    Absolutely amazing Rinker is definitely my favorite character I accidentally picked up Certain Prey, which was my very first Prey book and I have been hooked on this series I started from Rules of Prey and work my way through in order, unless there is a current book out Certain Prey and Mortal Prey are definitely my favoritSe, with Golden Prey a close third I think I love these three because I love the villains in these three books I was cheering for Rinker, hoping her, not willing her to get ou [...]

    Betty Day

    You know it s a good story when you get up at 5 o clock to turn on the whole house fan and grab the book to finish the tale bad girl this time along with a raft of bad guys family abuse twisting her development father and brother Lucas doing his usual thing with local ex cops to gather intel while the FBI who knows how they really work does it by the book lots of dead people on both sides always another twist .

    William Howle

    It was a good read with a mix of characters tied together well One of the few Prey where I felt sympathetic about the killer As usual Lucas Davenport is in the mix of things with local St Louis police, retired police and the FBI As most of these books, a real page turner.

    Shane Phillips

    Really enjoyed this one It s a continuation of Certain Prey and it s really a good cat and mouse story with a surprising ending I did not see coming.

    D.E. Heil

    This novel only shows that Sandford continues to get better However, a new character is introduced that I thought should have been developed in later novels but he never was except for a minor mention I was slightly disappointed by that but it certainly does not reduce the impact this book had on the Lucas Davenport series.

    Jerry B

    One of best books of the year, Lucas Rinker s back Clara Rinker shares almost all the great qualities of many leading ladies we re fond of except one she s the villain Rinker is back from Certain Prey and this time is out for total revenge for the single bullet that killed her lover, her unborn baby, and laid her up for a month or two It doesn t take her long to return from Mexico to St Louis where she systematically and cleverly, amidst a huge FBI team watching her every movement, proceeds to k [...]


    No Fakes, No Fillers, No Phonies, No Foolin No gimmicks No half cocked inexperienced bounty hunters or flippant wisecracks that exist in books from my other favorite authors John Sandford brings it down to the gritty earth and rises above the rest It s grounding to come back to a John Sandford novel MAN, I LOVE BOOKS I say it every time John Sandford s style is unpretentious making his writing effortless He doesn t try to force another action scene, crack another joke to evoke nonchalance in his [...]

    Brent Soderstrum

    This is the 13th book in Sandford s Lucas Davenport series.I am a big fan of the villain Clara Rinker We first saw her in Certain Prey Well she is back and is very angry Since we last saw her she has moved to Cancun and has a boyfriend who is the son of a Mexican drug lord She is also pregnant with his child While cuddling with her hunk, an assassination attempt is made The results hunk and no baby Clara is injured and very mad As we have learned it isn t good to make Clara mad.Clara knows who [...]


    In this thirteenth Prey book, Lucas is contacted by the FBI because they finally have news about the whereabouts of Clara Rinker, the hit woman who came to Minneapolis in Certain Prey book 10 and left some bodies in her wake Lucas couldn t catch her then but he s never given up.After being shot together with her fianc in Cancun, Clara recovers and returns to St Louis, the town where she used to work for several mafia bosses for a long time Clara suspects that they put a hit on her when she was [...]

    Dotti Elrick

    Our favorite assassin has returned We first meet Clara Rinker in Certain Prey She barely escapes a shoot out with Lucas and disappears At the start of Mortal Prey we learn Clara has escaped to Mexico, she has a boring job, a handsome and attentive lover whose father is a Mexican drug lord , and they are expecting a child Her life of happy retirement comes crashing down around her with one well placed bullet that kills her lover, her unborn child and seriously wounds Clara Upon learning the name [...]


    Hit woman Clara Rinker book 10 is back with a vengeance, methodically doling out revenge on old contacts in St Louis, MO, for the murder of her Latino boyfriend and unborn baby The change of venue was good like the Murder, She Wrote TV series, you can have only so many big crimes in one metropolitan area And, like a typical Sandford Davenport book, the criminal is one step ahead of the FBI and Lucas for 2 3 of the book She knows not to get caught on a phone trace, she slips through surveillance [...]

    Deana M

    Good book Clara Rinker is back and she is out for the kill Rinker is a woman who fled the US after being identified as a hit woman who killed several people Clara was in Cancun, Mexico when her lover was shot to death she too was shot, but recovered In the shooting, she lost her unborn baby also Clara heads back to the US to go after four men she thought were responsible for the hit on her, and for the death of her boyfriend and baby In comes Lucas Davenport Lucas was on the case in MN where Cla [...]


    Find my blog at reviewingshelf.wordpressNow, this was a great book It started off as a thriller and had elements of mystery thrown in here and there I loved the character of Rinker, a really strong woman, both physically and mentally It was fascinating to read through her plans and moves It was a very well developed character Then Lucas, as is multiply referred to in the book, is a lucky chap He keeps on throwing himself in Rinker s path.The book is about Rinker, a killer, whose fiancee and unbo [...]

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