Apr 15, 2021
Good Christian Bitches
Posted by Kim Gatlin

Amanda Vaughn needs some heaven sent help Her husband has betrayed her in the worst possible way, and, newly divorced, she s fled with her pre teen children to her hometown of Hillside Park, an upper class Dallas suburb She s happy to leave behind the shallow, Godless life she lived in California and return to the welcoming, Christian world where she grow up But thingsAmanda Vaughn needs some heaven sent help Her husband has betrayed her in the worst possible way, and, newly divorced, she s fled with her pre teen children to her hometown of Hillside Park, an upper class Dallas suburb She s happy to leave behind the shallow, Godless life she lived in California and return to the welcoming, Christian world where she grow up But things aren t that simple When Amanda returns to the town and church she remembers so fondly, nothing is as she remembers it She encounters a cast of old friends, neighbors and fellow church members who are sweet and pious as can be until Amanda s back is turned Then the claws come out Amanda realizes she s encountered a group of Good Christian Bitches, or GCBs Sharon, Heather, and Darlene are as fake as their costume jewelry.In the whirling midst of salacious rumors, Botox, and fraud, Amanda realizes that her so called friends are out to destroy her reputation And what s worse, it s all under the guise of old fashioned Christian caring Will the Good Christian Bitches get the best of her, or will Amanda find a way to rise above the drama and triumph

  • Title: Good Christian Bitches
  • Author: Kim Gatlin
  • ISBN: 9781401310707
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Good Christian Bitches Amanda Vaughn needs some heaven sent help Her husband has betrayed her in the worst possible way and newly divorced she s fled with her pre teen children to her hometown of Hillside Park an upper


    More like 3 and 3 4 stars.


    There are so many things wrong with this book Grammar for one thing the main character, Amanda, insists the word children be used rather than kids but in the very next breath she says things like I ve gotta hand it to you The overuse of the word got is, in my opinion, astonishing considering the many creative ways one might choose to articulate an idea The author tries to portray Amanda as well educated, wholesome and the all together sweet girl next door type and who was brought up in, what is [...]

    Amber Freeland

    I just finished reading GCB and found it hilarious and all too familiar Since I m born and raised in Dallas, I knew exactly what neighborhood she was referring to and every single landmark mentioned directly or through a pseudonym This town really is as she described it and I have even found myself on the both sides of the prayer request at various points in my life which is why I have a difficult time being a part of any bible study now While most of us don t have the disposable income and luxu [...]


    1.25 stars That s right A quarter of a star And even there, I feel like I m being generous Maybe it s really me who s the GCB.I decided to read this for 2 reasons 1 the new ABC show and 2 I was mildly intrigued by the premise because, as we all learn by about, ohhhh, 1st grade, there are hypocrites everywhere Now, obviously, we don t know the exact word for these people who act two faced unless your 6 year old has very advanced language skills which could be a possibility but we do know they exi [...]


    Naturally the premise of this book has the potential to tick off two particular groups of individuals Christians and the general population of Dallas, TX I can understand the sentiment but I don t have much sympathy.Perhaps it is because I ve come in contact with one or two individuals who hide behind the cross while promoting their own selfishness, but I see nothing wrong with exploiting this idea for the sake of entertainment Most of the Christians I know are wonderful individuals but the fact [...]


    I m surprised how much I enjoyed thisI think that it might have a lot to do with how I grew upin a church environment very much like this one and I loved, loved, loved these quotes You can be a good Christian, Amanda said slowly, thinking it through Or you can be a bitch But you can t be a good Christian bitch I love the expression and I m sure I ve known a few, but why don t you give me your definition of a good Christian bitch It s pretty self explanatory, Amanda said, as a matter of fact If y [...]


    Wow, this book is poorly written Unbelievably awful writing That being said, just one chapter into the book and I have a whole new take on my new southern city I ve never understood the overtly churchiness of this area coupled with the most materialistic and gossipy women I have ever met Thankfully, this book lays it all out so clearly No need to worry about insignificant earthly transgressions if you are Saved Eureka And, it s not gossip if the purpose of airing out a friend s dirty laundry is [...]

    Liv Moreno

    I grew up in this area of Dallas, and I could not stop laughing At one point, I was laughing so hard I had to put the book down and walk away just to catch my breath.The characters are spot on caricatures of the types of people who live in that area of Dallas The writing is wonderful, the dialogue witty, and I m sure you ll have a hard time putting the book down once you pick it up.If you re thinking about reading this book because you saw the show GCB, be warned that the show is, naturally, not [...]

    Melissa Higgins

    This was a terrible book, with some of the worst writing I have ever read I bought it because I was looking for another good chick lit book, but this was so fluffy and inane that it s insulting Amanda Vaughn is forced to return home to the affluent Dallas neighborhood where she grew up after leaving her chronically unfaithful husband The news of Amanda s arrival back home does not sit well with some of the other single ladies in the neighborhood, and they set out to destroy Amanda on the social [...]


    while I recognize this book did not get glowing reviews, and I am only 13 pages in I can not help but sadly closely identify with the discomfort that comes from good Christian women or men asking for and sharing sordid details all in the name of prayer Currently being the one black balled from my life long Christian friends and having the same people that profess to love everyone and pass no judgement weighing in on the very state of my soul and my life without knowing many details as I will not [...]


    So, living in Dallas made this book interesting of course But the writing itself was subpar, and many of the situations seemed somewhat implausible It s always funny to hear someone say aloud or put down on paper what most people think but don t dare say On the other side Christian hypocrisy is evident everywhere It s certainly not unique to Dallas Again, Gatlin just called it out thanks I would recommend it only to someone who wants a giggle about the HP bubble Apparently there s much specualti [...]


    I wanted to read this book before the sitcom on ABC airs.It was a quick read.However,I don t see how they will make a season or two out of this meager 288 page book.That coupled with the fact that this book has a catchy title Bible Belters will NOT like.But,the contents EXPOSE the women of Dallas in the Hillside Park area as money hungry,gossiping Bible in one hand,Vodka Diet Pill in the other or a Dagger,praying at Wednesday s Bible Study for the downfall of another human being for what they re [...]


    I am so embarrassed that I actually read this book, but let s just say a free kindle download, a delayed flight, and a terminal that didn t contain a bookstore were involved I had been told over and over again that I HAAAAADDD to read GCB, and after watching the show last spring, I thought it would be a funny, light summer read Also, since I used to live in the Park Cities I was a rentersp , worked at a Venture Capital firm, and interacted with some of the real people that these characters are r [...]


    r Heaven s sake, don t let Jesus get in the way of a good agenda I wonder how much of this book came from personal experience I am sure some of you know the hypocrites, the group that during Bible Study Prayer Group find time to gossip through the prayer requests than actually learn something This is a great tongue in cheek book that brings the prayer room into light.Amanda Vaughn has returned to her hometown, divorce papers in hand, and two children in tow Her presence is noted by each and all [...]


    This story I picked up because I had started watching the series on ABC and then it was cancelled so I wanted to have some closure The story is not as similar to the television series as you would think Yes, Amanda Vaughn comes back home to Dallas after her husband cheats all over on her She is awarded presents from a mysterious stranger but the television series only vaguely resembles the book Amanda is made Chair of the Longhorn Ball and the story then follows Amanda as she is shunned by the s [...]

    Georgiana Huizenga

    This was a quick and easy read that will soon be forgotten I will be interested in how it compares to the new TV show it inspired Not particularly well written, but it passed the time There were some pretty funny parts in the book, and I did enjoy it for the most part.OK I saw the first episode of the TV show Really not much like the book at all For one thing, in the show, Amanda had been a mean girl in high school and that s why the others are out to get her Also, the other women in the book ar [...]


    Well, I received this book as a gift from a friend of the author In all honesty the fact that it was about Dallas social climbing and by a true Texas girl, I was interested first The beginning is dead on with the accuracy of inside protocol it made me laugh out loud at times that it was all actually in print However, towards the middle of the book it appeared to be on a deadline or Gatlin was just ready to get it over with The second half of the book lacked the movement and truth that the first [...]


    I m not a fan of the Christian fiction genre except for Francine Rivers but when I realized that the TV show GCBs was based on a book, and that various conservative groups had railed against the TV show, I decided to read it out of curiosity The dedications were impressive to me to anyone who has ever had their faith in God challenged by the maneuverings of hypocrites and to Christians everywhere who take the responsibility of declaring themselves ambassadors for Christ seriously enough to be mi [...]


    I could go on for days about this book I started watching the TV show that is named after this book, but that s the only similarity they have They share a name as do the characters But nothing in this book is in the TV show, and that s a good thing I liked the show, so I assumed I would like the book No The book is horrible The women are annoying and the main character is TOO holier than thou, but can be rough because she s from Texas The daughter is from California, Newport Beach, I believe And [...]


    It definitely says bad things about me that I just gave 3 stars to a smart person book and 4 to this one But, what can I say, I like to be entertained I can laugh at myself and my culture Women are horrible to each other and Christian Women can be the worst Wolves in sheep s clothing will get you every time This book doesn t tell you anything you didn t already know and won t change your life But, it is an entertaining way to pass a couple of hours when you should be getting ready for a new baby [...]

    Carole Bellacera

    OMG I can t believe this book ever got published And I can t believe it was actually optioned for a TV show One I actually loved that s why I read the book But most of all, I can t believe I stuck with this book until the end I guess I kept hoping the GCB s would get what they deserved in the end But NO The whole resolution deflated like a helium balloon that s been floating in your house for a few days, until you finally find it lying on the floor, dead That s how I d describe the end of this b [...]


    I have watched a couple of the shows from the GCB series, it is totally different in pretty much every way from the circumstances of Amanda s return, to the ages of the children to the main female characters etcd pretty much all of the happenings in both And no Boobylicious The show is definitely entertaining, likely because of the vast differences.I still enjoyed the book a lot Although I must admit I really wanted Amanda to kick the crap out of the ladies instead of the taking the high road


    This book is terrible It is poorly written and the story line is meh I can t believe they are bringing it to televsion to portray Dallas yet again as such a tacky place I realize some of these types of people exist here but it is not the majority I really can t believe I read this book I knew two pages in that it would be terrible but for some reason decided I must read it anyway I blame my book club

    Christine Ho

    another fast, mindless read that was made enjoyable by trying to figure out who s who probably not worth reading if you do not live in dallas poor editing in the book, though if you are an english major, your brain will explode with the numerous errors.


    This book is so horribly written I have to force myself to read Cannot understand how it got published when my second novel, a similar, but of higher literary quality IMO book, has not Do not waste your time on it.


    A friend I worked with told me to pick this book up and read it because it reminded her of people in our small town, Bible beatin hypocrites Oh my was she right This book was funny I enjoyed reading it

    Stephanie Eder

    I loved it It was wildly entertaining and I love the main characters

    Evin Elizabeth

    I haven t been reading a lot lately because I have been so busy, but I needed a lightweight book to carry on a plane with me and Good Christian Bitches won the coveted spot in my backpack I wanted a quick read and this definitely was one Seriously, I read it in two days, mostly on a flight from Texas to California.I watched the ABC remake of this book a few years ago and I loved it in a trashy, guilty pleasure viewing kind of way I mean Kristin Chenoweth in a television show it can t be bad It m [...]


    Presumably, like many who picked up Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin, I was first drawn to the book because of the short lived ABC TV show which I must note was, in my opinion, hiliarious I happened to check over a few reviews on before I read the book so I was prepared than some readers, I expect, for discrepencies between the TV show and the book.I must say though that instead of being disappointed because of the differences I was quite intriqued I found Gatlin s novel to be unique and en [...]

    Angie Fehl

    I picked this up mainly because I had seen a few episodes from the short lived tv adaptation starring Kristin Chenowith love her I also had some interest in it because the main character grows up in Texas, moves to Southern California, then back to Texas while I was born and raised in Southern California but lived in Texas for 2 years so I m pretty familiar with both places So yeah, my hopes were high, but it ended up just being alright for me Wasn t the worst, but my attention was definitely st [...]

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