Apr 15, 2021
Admission Of Love
Posted by Niobia Bryant

Chloe Bolton, top supermodel, returns to the rural South to settle down with her mother As soon as she arrives in the small South Carolina town she clashes with the handsome, reserved Devon Jamison.

  • Title: Admission Of Love
  • Author: Niobia Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781583141649
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Admission Of Love Chloe Bolton top supermodel returns to the rural South to settle down with her mother As soon as she arrives in the small South Carolina town she clashes with the handsome reserved Devon Jamison


    Although this is a great story, the numerous editing issues slowed the pacing of the story way down Supermodel Chloe is a city girl looking forward to retiring to North Carolina She certainly has enough millions to do so But then she meets country contractor, Devon Jamison, who not only builds her new home but a stairway to her heart But do long distance romances ever end happily ever after


    TOTALLY enjoyed Chloe and Devon s combative and MAGNETIC attractioney TRULY put up a good fightI found Chloe and her LOVE for the small town that her mother and grandparents grew up in to be quite sincere despite her SUPERSTAR model statusd the relationships she built with townspeople and Devon s family is quite ENDEARINGd I definitely had to grab a couple tissues at the bittersweet endingAdmission of Love is another ENJOYABLE romance by Niobia Bryantdly, once AGAIN IMHO the author should have t [...]

    Lena Neely

    LoveLove is found in the strangest places It s awesome when its found with someone you think is your sworn enemy Devon and Chloe are perfect for each other And now I see how delusional Alicia fit in with a later book Too bad she still didn t know how to cook well.

    Shaquida Booker

    Just simply great A emotional ride but still a great ride to be on You got great laughs and passion, and a little sadness No other way to describe the beautiful love story I enjoy every aspect of the story The characters were great and you really connect with them.


    I think I saw on FB that this was the first book written by Niobia Bryant While this book was well done, I can definitely say that she s grown a lot as a writer since publishing this book I love all of her romance novels and her sex scenes are always HOT In this book, Chloe and Devin, who don t look like a good match on paper, were just what the other needed There were a lot of crazy fights and misunderstandings between them, but they were meant to be I loved all the characters well, except for [...]


    This was a very well written story The last few pages had me crying both tears of sadness and of joy Devon was as stubborn as a mule but I guess given his previous relationship drama, his actions were understandable I just wish he and Chloe hadn t had so many misunderstandings in their relationship But overall I really enjoyed it.

    M.J. Friday

    I just recently revisited this book and I still love it This is one of my favorite romances I bought this in paper back years ago.Devon and Chloe are great so is Deshawn and Nana Lil I love love love this book I just wish it was available for my Kindle

    Fatmata Sankoh

    Great author and her books never fail Will recommend always.

    Nicole Samuels

    EnjoyedAt first the male character drove me crazy but all the characters started growing on me I truly enjoyed this book.

    Lady Raven RAVE!

    I really did love this book She made you want to be apart of the family Nana Lil love that woman The love scenes and the story it went there for me, its a keeper.

    Deborah C. Fidderman

    Admission of LoveThis was an amazing story Please read the story of Devon and Chloe and I hope it touches you as much as it touched me Great writing I loved the ending GREAT.


    Love it


    Pretty good.

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