Apr 20, 2021
The River Queen
Posted by Gilbert Morris

Julienne Ashby, 24, must change her pampered ways after her father, a prominent businessman in Natchez, Mississippi, loses their fortune and family home to a bad gambling habit in 1850 Like a fish out of water, she aims to refit their one remaining possession, an old riverboat, in hopes of making a profit and restoring the Cuvier name along the mighty Mississippi.DesperatJulienne Ashby, 24, must change her pampered ways after her father, a prominent businessman in Natchez, Mississippi, loses their fortune and family home to a bad gambling habit in 1850 Like a fish out of water, she aims to refit their one remaining possession, an old riverboat, in hopes of making a profit and restoring the Cuvier name along the mighty Mississippi.Desperate for help in doing the restoration work, prideful Julienne hires Dallas Bronte, a humiliated captain whose drinking problem stopped his water ways many years ago Despite initial success, the struggles they will face with other ship owners are almost as challenging as the fiery feelings of love and hate that they must sort out for each other When the riverboat and all aboard meet what looks like certain destruction, God shows Julienne and Dallas only one of those emotions is unsinkable.Acclaim for The River Queen I have read a lot of Gilbert Morris books but I think this one is the best of them all My Favorite Things

  • Title: The River Queen
  • Author: Gilbert Morris
  • ISBN: 9781433673207
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • The River Queen Julienne Ashby must change her pampered ways after her father a prominent businessman in Natchez Mississippi loses their fortune and family home to a bad gambling habit in Like a fish out


    This is an excellent book and what a joy to read If you are into Civil War novels that has a little romance, this is great book to read I would highly recommend this book Thank you Mr Morris

    Tiffany Jones

    Julienne Ashby must change her spoiled, pampered ways after her father s death causes the bank to foreclose on the family s plantation Her family s only hope financially is if she manages to get their one remaining possession, an old riverboat, to turn a profit.I really enjoyed reading this book, like all of Gilbert Morris s books It was well written and caught my attention from page one Gilbert Morris had a talent for writing well rounded characters, no one was fully evil or fully good He has a [...]

    Mandy J. Hoffman

    MOM S REVIEW Book One in Gilbert Morris new Water Wheel Series takes place in the mid 1800 s along the Mississippi River during the river boat era Julienne Ashby has been raised in a wealthy lifestyle, but when her father dies, the family is left with nothing but a run down river boat She finds a man to restore the boat and hopes to also restore the family fortune When they face losing the boat to the mortgage holder, they take desperate measures to win a race and the prize money.The gospel shin [...]


    Good historical perspective about protected women who are clueless about the real world and finances, a romance, plus still timely subjects of today, prostitution, human tracking and how a spoiled daughter comes to the forefront in her family to overcome the loss of the family home and the loss of her friends who were only friends when she had wealth I chose to read this book about the Mississippi River.


    Really enjoyed novel and its messages.

    Pauline J

    What a neat book this was I really got into this storyline with the author I really enjoyed the characters, with all the energy they put forth It was great seeing God weaved throughout this book.

    Julie Graves

    Julienne Cuvier has only known prosperity When her father dies the family finds that he has left them only debts The only thing that Julienne can think to do is to get a river boat that her father purchased years ago in working order.Dallas Bronte is a washed up river boat captain that has drowned his problems in the bottle After saving Julienne s life he is the one that she turns to to help her get The Natchez Queen up and running What the two of them don t count on is the sparks that fly betwe [...]


    Another great book from one of the most successful Christian authors of the last years Julienne Ashby is a rich socialite in the 1850 s, with every thing she could ever wish for at her fingertips But as a consequence of Julienne and her family s extravagant ways, they soon find themselves nearly broke with only a run down riverboat in their possession Julienne is determined to make it a profitable enterprise, along with the help of her aunt and Dallas Bronte, river pilot with a troubled past Wil [...]


    Julienne Ashby and Dallas Bronte are from totally different backgrounds and social classes, but both of them change dramatically during this griping novel set on the Natchez river in the 1850 s Hardship, danger, romance, sacrifice, spiritual growth, and personal triumph over dire circumstances make it a story that is well worth reading, especially if you enjoy historical fiction and or riverboats The life of a riverboat pilot must have been fascinating, yet difficult, and I enjoyed the many deta [...]


    I absolutely loved this book Julienne and her siblings Darcy her brother and little sister Carly are spoiled rotten rich kids who their Dad doesn t say no to when he should The family are in dire financial straights and he keeps telling them all to curb their spending Finally he has to mortgage the house and plantation to the bank to be able to get the money to run the place and do the planting As he has realized that they may not be able to pay the mortgage he dies with a heart attack Leaving t [...]


    Destitute but determined Set in the 1850 s, The River Queen could be played out in today s society When a fortune is lost and family members are left to pick up the pieces it is never an easy task Julianne Ashby is out of her comfort zone and then some Their only hope lies in an old steamboat she trusts can be restored However, the man recommended for the job is not to her liking but for the survival of her family she hires Dallas Bronte, a man of questionable character, to be the captain They l [...]


    Some fiction writers say that you shouldn t use words in fiction novels that the average person is not accustomed to, but I have enjoyed looking up words that Gilbert Morris used in this story that I wasn t sure of the meaning Julienne Ashby s father is deceased and the family had no idea that they would become actually poor Her brother took it the hardest, but with the help of her aunt and mother they all became creative when they moved on board a steamer, remodeled it, hired a captain and atte [...]

    Sherry Ledet

    Gilbert Morris always tells a good story and this one was no different Julianne s days as a wealthy spoiled socialite are over when her father dies deeply in debt and the family looses their home and fortune until she finds papers showing there is an old broken down paddle boat that wasn t mortgaged with the rest of the family property Julianne plots a plan to make it their home and livelihood She, her mother, aunt, little sister and drunken dandy of a brother move aboard the filthy ship with it [...]


    This was my first novel by Gilbert Morris, but the historic riverboat setting attracted me Plus I love plot lines where the proper lady falls for the rogue who demonstrates true strength of character Morris is obviously a fantastic storyteller, but some elements of the story just set me a bit on edge Hence, once again a 5 star novel was marked down I did appreciate the growth in both Julienne and Dallas throughout the story Hence, Morris was able to present the gospel in such a way that it rang [...]


    I loved this book Although one scene or part of the book that I didn t like was the part where they met one the river boat and it wrecked It s really similar to another one of Gilbert Morris books that I have read In fact, i believe it s the same scene with different names Still, I loved it, and it s going in my favorites list


    This was a good one Gilbert Morris usually doesn t let me down He weaves a great stories, develops characters, and teaches me a few historical things along the way The characters have their flaws, but experience God s grace through the pages of the book and someone always becomes a believer Love that

    Judith Mullett

    Gilbert Morris is fastly becoming one of my favorite authors Just loved the River Queen Characters and situations are very real and believable He has a way of making the south, and especially pre Civil War Era come to life Also, all of his books are inspriational and full of God and Jesus Highly recommend it.

    Leeanna Stamm

    This was a really lovely book it would be a great book for someone who is into steamboats This book is about hard work, God, and romance I really enjoyed reading this book because when the main character fell in love so did you The descriptions were very vivid and intriguing.


    I give it a 2 1 2 stars The character was a bit too snooty for my tastes She got on my nerves and it s kind of hard for me to believe that she changed that quickly Sorry but I can t stand uppity characters.


    Enjoyed this book by Morris good book but will never be considered a classic Interesting to learn about steamboats and navigation on the Mississippi Debating if I will read the next book in the series.

    Jean Sheffield

    Excellent ReadingThe River Queen is a fabulous book, once you start reading, you will not want to put it down A great life lesson for us all Can t wait to start on book two in this series.


    The first book I discovered by this author for a male author he writes from a female perspective pretty well Enjoyed the story of the river boats, being on the river Nothing heavy or deep, just another good, basic historical fiction with Christian theme.


    It starts out real slow but it picks up speed and gets really good Gilbert Morris has written another great book He has you rooting for the main characters and keeps you on pins n needles A great and quick read

    Florence Primrose

    A quick read set in the 1850s A plantation family loses the plantation and is forced to renovate and live on their riverboat The problems involved in renovating the river boat and paying for the work are somewhat minimized by the power of prayer.

    Dianne Christner

    Morris knows how to combine adventure and romance I ve never been on a riverboat, but the author brought it to life for me It was an exciting story with interesting characters Another great read from one of my favorite authors.

    Julie Holdsworth

    Holds your interestAnother book by Gilbert Morris that keeps you reading until the end I love his clear way of presenting the good news, too.


    A great read.I have always thought Gilbert Morris is one fine story teller, and this is one of his best I can t wait to read the rest.

    Cassie Bliss

    Great book One of my favorite authors and he did it again A book of love, faith and endurance Highly recommended to read.

    Margaret Chind

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    Sarah May

    Slow start, but great from the middle to the end.

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