Apr 20, 2021
The Punisher MAX, Vol. 3: Mother Russia
Posted by Garth Ennis Doug Braithwaite

Nick Fury s got a job that needs doing in Russia The kind of suicide mission any sane man wouldn t ponder for a second And that s exactly why he needs the Punisher Searching for a deadly retrovirus whose sale on the black market could bring the world to its knees, Frank Castle penetrates a Russian nuclear silod comes face to face with the Mongolian Collects PunisNick Fury s got a job that needs doing in Russia The kind of suicide mission any sane man wouldn t ponder for a second And that s exactly why he needs the Punisher Searching for a deadly retrovirus whose sale on the black market could bring the world to its knees, Frank Castle penetrates a Russian nuclear silod comes face to face with the Mongolian Collects Punisher 13 18.

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 3: Mother Russia
  • Author: Garth Ennis Doug Braithwaite
  • ISBN: 9780785116035
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Punisher MAX Vol Mother Russia Nick Fury s got a job that needs doing in Russia The kind of suicide mission any sane man wouldn t ponder for a second And that s exactly why he needs the Punisher Searching for a deadly retrovirus wh

    Murat Dural

    Punisher 3 cilt, yani Rusya Ana bask olarak Marmara izgi ok g zel, evirisi Egemen G r ek gayet iyi.Kan g vdeyi g t r yor yle b yle de il Fakat, fakat zellikle yazar Garth Ennis in senaryosunu neredeyse be enmedim desem yeridir izer Dougie Braithwaite a hi bir ey s yleyemem Ancak Punisher Rusya ya g t r p b y k harflerle MKANSIZ bir yere sokmak ve basit e karmak fazla ans, tesad f bar nd r yor Paral bir asker olarak Rus f ze ss ne bir ve Neyse Bana ok zay f bir metin olarak geldi Dedi im gibi bu [...]

    Javier Muñoz

    En esta ocasi n Nick Furia recluta a Frank Castle para realizar una misi n suicida dentro de las fronteras de Rusia, se trata de infiltrarse en una base de misiles nucleares para hacerse con un peligros virus por supuesto la cosa se complica, no iba a ser tan sencillo como entrar y salir la actuaci n de Castle m s que la suya la de un delta force que le acompa a en la misi n hace que haya un riesgo de un gran conflicto diplom tico y pone al mundo al borde de la guerra nuclear.


    Given away to Craig The Punisher seems to be his own worst enemy His own badassitude, and the book s insistence on reminding us of it makes the outcome of every fight completely predictable, and given that fighting is pretty much all that he s capable of, that s a pretty big problem Ennis seems to revel in his ability to curse and throw gore all over every panel, but after a while, it s horribly repetitive There are only so many times that you can have a character say fuck or blow huge chunks of [...]

    Juan Carlos

    Frank Castle tiene un encuentro con Nick Furia para una misi n suicida infiltrarse en un arsenal de misiles ruso donde tienen prisionera a una ni a que porta un extra o virus, el cual descompone la carne humana en segundos.Conscientes del potencial militar para la guerra biol gica que tiene dicha infecci n, los generales norteamericanos no lo quieren en manos rusas ni por asomo.Dosis de violencia, disparos y conflicto internacional entre EEUU y Rusia, que puede desencadenar una segunda guerra fr [...]

    Steven Montano

    After two Punisher vs the Mob stories, Ennis wisely decided to mix things up by sending Frank on a mission to Russia Nick Fury the old, Cold War era White Nick Fury, not Samuel Motherfucking Jackson Nick Fury, though Jackson would just chew up some of Fury s bitter and scathing dialogue in this story offers Castle major access to the entire U.S law enforcement intelligence network in exchange for doing a job for a cadre of Army Air Force Generals Frank and walking action figure Vanheim out of De [...]

    Craig Williams

    Garth Ennis scores again with yet another great Punisher story This one sees Frank working with General Nick Fury on a secret mission to rescue a little girl, who has been injected with a super virus, from a Russian military base I enjoyed this story much than the previous one The pace was a lot better, and the whole thing felt like an episode of 24 I liked that Garth used this moment to give frank a touch of humanity, too, as he so rarely shows it, being a merciless killing machine Interacting [...]


    This highly regarded run proves to be better than the majority of Garth Ennis comic works, but ultimately feels like watching Die Hard with as many unnecessary, shock mongering uses of ethnic pejoratives Garth Ennis LOVES any chance to include the n word in his works

    Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    Well this was interesting, tense and action packed but interesting.


    Holy Shit, Batman, these ain t yer grandpappy s comics Powerful stuff in here.

    Shawn Birss

    Mother Russia After expecting from the last story to see this series begin to go downhill, Mother Russia pulls it right out of the fire It isn t without flaws But it is still my favourite so far The interior art is excellent, though the covers chapter breaks aren t as good as previous stories But the story is fantastic This one is worth reading alone, without any of the others I was skeptical at first, because of the portrayal of Nick Fury and Frank Castle s characters They are established at th [...]


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    Camilo Guerra

    Nick Fury tiene entre manos una misi n suicida, que requiere de alguien que pueda infiltrarse en una base rusa,salvar una ni a, traer un veneno, barrer con lo que se cruce y quien mejor que Frank Castle Ac habr un monton de referencias a la guerra fria, al terrorismo, a la politica, a lo correcto y la chungueria habitual de Ennis ese enano, por dios y con arte precioso de Doug Braithwaite,que es detallado,oscuro y muy efectivo contandote la historia,adem s ayuda un mont n las tintas de Bill Rein [...]


    More badass then i was expecting but dark and dirty for no reason Fight as a distraction to start Never seems to be in real danger Don t get why Fury is such a dick and sleeping around like an 80 s villain than anything But the jumping out of a launched nuke was fucking fantastic, same with charging the tank Leaving the delta boy to die seemed odd.

    Furkan Erkan

    Tansiyonu ok y ksek hikaye Son iki b l m okurken daha da gerildim Spoiler vermeyeyim ama Punisher bu yapar m yapar yani Garth Ennis, Punisher n yine bol kanl ve iddet dolu Rusya maceras nda hem ABD hem de Rusya n n ikiy zl sava politikalar n da sert bir ekilde ele tiriyor Nitekim ikisinin de uygulamalar na bak ld nda birbirlerinden fark yok.


    This is Ennis firing on all cylinders It depicts Frank at his fundamental core and drops him in a situation that s perfectly within Ennis wheelhouse as a writer It feels, in some ways, like a hardcore companion piece to Brubaker s Winter Soldier showing how post Cold War politics in the Marvel universe can really be fertile soil for epic storytelling.




    Ennis really gets the punisher character and once again writes a story that showcases the punisher s brilliance especially in the theater of war.

    Luke Sims-Jenkins

    My Max Punisher re read continues with Mother Russia This one shifts gears again to tell another kind of dark grim tale involving a Russian missile silo, a super virus, terrorist attacks and some amazing new characters.In volume one, Frank was offered a job to hit terrorists for a currupt CIA black ops guy and said, no This time Nick Fury offers Frank a job and the scene is wonderful, theres no bullshit, no lies, just two old soldiers who know the hard realities of life Ennis version of a Max Ni [...]

    Sam Quixote

    A girl with a deadly virus in her blood which could be used by the Russians to wipe out the Western world is being held in an underground nuclear silo and it s up to the Punisher to go in, get the girl, and get out Garth Ennis has come up with an excellent, action packed story for Castle to get involved in The book ticks over nicely and the scenes speed up as things go from bad to worse and Castle is backed into a corner It s a gripping read with plenty of bloodshed, some cool action including a [...]


    4.5 5In terms of Punisher MAX, it s a slight step down from the two volumes prior, but The Punisher is tied for my favourite superhero and I only expect certain things from any story involving him Mind you, some of this is violence, but a good Pun story is still going to have a heart beating underneath the gore.Mother Russia does have that in the form of a little girl that Castle has to save I got invested in the character, and while I agree that it s rather predictable because we know Castle is [...]

    Mark Desrosiers

    Nick Fury violates several smoking ordinances before enticing Frank Castle into an impossible Siberian mission, with a promise of many hours sitting in front of a computer for some black hat hacking Many exploded bodies and one parachute dive with a little girl strapped to his chest later, both of them end up getting duped For whatever reason I totally forgot to crank up some Slayer when reading this Thus three stars instead of five.


    I actually really enjoyed this title MORE then some of the previous titles It to be felt like a 007 James Bond film, IF all James Bond did was sit and massacre squad after squad of soldiers Best part of the story though, Nick Fury as this hard drinking, hooker lovin , hard ass old school merc The most exposure I ve had to Nick Fury is from film mind you So to see him in this light was enjoyable.

    Feather Mista

    Al principio mucho pero mucho tiro y pi a y quilombo por quilombo Despu s se pone demasiado conspiranoide y deriva un poco Pero el final se redime con su conclusi n, tomada, casi calcada, del mundo real los milicos yanquis son una basura sin escr pulos Salvo Nick Fury, claro, porque ese no existe.

    Gayle Francis Moffet

    A good arc Watching Frank deal with a tiny human is equally hilarious and very, very sad given there s a clear PTSD moment at one point Ennis love of military narratives is used to its very best advantage, and the Hail Mary getaway at the end was top notch It s as foul mouthed and intestine strewed as you would expect, and really, for a Max title, that is always a compliment.

    CJ Louis

    This is amazingly written and drawn, the story is well thought out and put together I really respect that the story follows a timeline and does not change to allow things in Once I picked the first issue up I could not put it back down, I had to keep reading This was time well spent and I recommend this series to all comic book fans and non fans.


    I love Ennis Frank Castle This book takes a miliary twist with Nick Fury recruiting Castle to save a biological weapon in Siberia Despite leaving NYC, Castle can t leave the image of his dyaing daughter behind Read to find out whyI like Kitchen Irish better, but this one was a good read too.


    This story is just crazy, I may have to bump it up to the 5th star Wow, crazy Punisher doing what he does best Lots of violence, lots of punishment, and plenty of Nick Fury, I m happy My only issue was with the Russian super smarty I just found it hard to believe this guy was an Admiral Thrall wannabe who is always 5 steps ahead of everyone and is essentially omniscient.


    The best comic book I have ever read I must have read this 20 times Something I just love about it But be warned, it is very, VERY bloody I m not a big blood and guts guy but it just seems to fit here.


    I love the Punisher Max series This is where Punisher belongs, not with the spandex crowd the reason this one is so near and dear is that Nick Fury is in it Nick also clearly belongs with this crowd he s freakin awesome in this one.


    Great writing, as usual, if i had my way, Garth Ennis would write all Punisher books but I m not a fan of Dougie Braithwaite s art Too rough I also don t dig the presence of Nick Fury I want the Punisher to live in a realistic world with no acknowledgment of the Marvel universe.

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