Apr 20, 2021
The Punisher MAX, Vol. 5: The Slavers
Posted by Garth Ennis Leandro Fernández

On a pitch black Brooklyn night, in a dead end alley, Frank Castle brutally dispatches a crew of Albanian thugs menacing a young woman Her name is Viorica, she s from Moldavia, and when she tells Frank her story, that s when the real killing starts Collects Punisher 25 30.

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 5: The Slavers
  • Author: Garth Ennis Leandro Fernández
  • ISBN: 9780785118992
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Punisher MAX Vol The Slavers On a pitch black Brooklyn night in a dead end alley Frank Castle brutally dispatches a crew of Albanian thugs menacing a young woman Her name is Viorica she s from Moldavia and when she tells Fran

    Steven Montano

    If I could give this 6 stars, I would.Frank Castle, aka The Punisher , rescues a girl from a band of Eastern European mobsters after she irrationally attacks them with a pistol Turns out she s pining for revenge, because the girl was a sex slave for a ruthless human trafficking outfit The Frank learns, the he knows he needs to destroy the outfit, but it won t be easy far than common thugs, these men are former Serbian mercenaries turned organized criminals, conducting their business in a ruth [...]


    Nobody does The Punisher better than Garth Ennis.


    Oh man, I enjoyed this far than such a bleak and heartbreaking subject warrants, even for a comic book But if there is anything cathartic than the Punisher methodically hunting down and slaughtering a ring of sex traffickers, it is probably illegal I don t think I ve ever been so thrilled by a solid gory wave of KILL EM ALL.


    Garth Ennis and Fernendez delivers a classic punisher story that will haunt the reader forever.Just like Steig Larsson did with the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


    This arc was the most emotional so far and tackled an issue that is hidden well, but growing advanced with time human traficking Even victories in this field are short lived as the men who organize these things never stop.Frank rescues a young woman, Viorica, from a bunch of mobsters he takes out He then escapes from two cops with the girl in tow The police captain, at lieutenant Westin s recommendation, wants to start a media campaign against the Punisher based on those two cops while Frank ta [...]


    Whatever he was jabbering, it wasn t English Pavla was Albanian maybe he was too.But I d know the Lord s Prayer in any language.Gave him a moment To just before the line about forgiveness.Originally read 5 25 16, reread today to refresh my memory for an actual review.My first exposure to the Punisher was via the Netflix series and I ended up with a totally predictable Situation about Frank Castle as a result, so I sought out the books that are popularly regarded as his best And lo, this one is g [...]

    Sam Quixote

    The sad tale of women trafficking women They re taken as children and these women being raped, beaten, and sold into a life of prostitution is told here with sympathetic characters Why these tragedies can be tolerated in a mainstream comic book is because of the presence of Frank Castle we know the horrors will be avenged and the monsters will be killed It s cathartic in a way you wouldn t get from real life as there isn t anyone like the Punisher out there though most of us wish there was What [...]


    Que burrada m s cojonuda Necesito m s


    The Punisher MAX titles are always a bloody, horrific, and violent experience, but this is the first time that I have been cheering for the awful death scenes Ennis takes the story away from the usual drug dealer Mafia field and throws the Punisher against a human trafficking ring and it is a wonderful change of pace Even Castle knows this is a special vengeance as he says, It has been a long time since he hated anyone that much.


    Re read this for probably the third time, and this is a gritty, dark and solid story with superb art and writing

    Dave Antoine

    Holyiggin ap If there s any evidence that Marvel markets exclusively to kids, anyone who pushes that belief is an idiot Marvel s MAX imprint removes the kid friendly vibe of its library to make a hardcore, violent take with their characters What better vehicle than none other than the Man Without Mercy himself Frank Castle, aka The Punisher This super dark, super violent and super well told story has him destroying a sex slave ring in NYC run by an Eastern European mob Frank rightfully destroys [...]


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    Really dark Like how the punisher knows taking down one outfit won t make a difference and the little epilogue at the end shows the cost on the victims even after they are rescued But dark with the interrogation scene Transitions from one issue to another are also great Not plot cliffhangers but character ones Eg I knew when she was done that a lot of people had to die


    I know this one gets thrown around as the tip top of the Max Punisher canon, but I just can t get on board with that The villains here, as much as they are vile and worthy of hatred, don t get the depth that others in Ennis run do There is some interesting moral thematic work here to be sure, but the character work keeps it from hitting the peaks it could.

    Bre V.

    Review forthcoming but basically be warned that this is graphic as all get out and the main crux of the story is human trafficking, so expect Frank to be on his worst behavior when he gets ahold of our antagonists.

    Jose Rodriguez

    Sin duda uno de los mejores c mics le dos hasta la fecha Una obra maestra

    Sierra Dean

    Read for TLP


    This book was so satisfying I hope that it makes it to TV at some point Ennis run on punisher has been spectacular and this one might just be the best volume so far.


    And so ends possibly the most brutal, most gutwrenching take on the Punisher I have ever read Ennis has been building to this conclusion for five years, and it is worth it Ennis Punisher is a brutal, soul killed monster born in Vietnam and unleashed by the murder of his family This entire series has explored Frank Castle as that damaged, psychopathic killer, culminating in two stories in this volume that uphold the tragic malevolence of this character.In the first story, Barracuda returns to exa [...]

    Luke Sims-Jenkins

    I read the first 4 volumes of Max Punisher in excited anticipation for the new Netflix show and I had time to read the Slavers, but I held off If the show was great I d want to read the greatest Punisher story every written to celebrate If it was bad, I wanted this to redeem things.I found the Netflix show not only to be boring, but it had no balls, it lacked power, and the Punisher barely punished.So here I am reading once again the greatest Punisher story of all time A story that is dark, prof [...]


    Garth Ennis has honed his career to write articulate, interesting violence I have mixed feelings about this there s something compelling about his action, and unsettling about the gore It s all the effective because it is well written, with vivid and convincing characters.The two amazing artists here Leandro Fernandez in The Slavers and Goran Parlov in Barracuda made the stories very engrossing And jarring to the senses.The first story is about Romanian gangsters who traffick in women and Frank [...]

    Craig Williams

    This is the best arc of The Punisher MAX series yet The Punisher is always best when you take some kind of real life injustice, and pretend, Now, what would happen if The Punisher were real Then you just go to town In this case, Ennis has the Punisher up against a Eastern European sex slave trade in Brooklyn Now, there are few things that boil my blood, but cruelty to women in any form just about does it I have what most people may consider an outdated sense of chivalry, which may or may not be [...]

    Mark Desrosiers

    I love it when Garth Ennis steers his Punisher plots into moments where Frank Castle actually has to be tender and sensitive Of course, the Punisher style of tender and sensitive involves grimly allowing the teen prostitute he s rescued to draw blood while clutching his hand during one of her many writhing nightmares Is should be noted that our anti hero was not moved that she was forced into prostitution, but that they killed her infant son in order to bring her back to work after an escape att [...]


    I haven t read much Pun, but I have to say I really enjoy seeing him give the bad guys what s coming to him I went into the story a little too hyped, and I think that hurt my enjoyment over all, but this is definitely good stuff It also has me wanting to do a little research on human trafficking I want to believe that the facts this book put forth about forced prostitution aren t true, but I fear they are.


    Frank gets involved in a European sex trafficking ringor rather, putting a stop to it, in this volume Ennis never ceases to remind us of Frank s humanity and sense of justice despite being labeled nothing than a vigilante killer though as expected, all the brutality and graphic violence is still left very much intact One of his engrossing Punisher stories, to be sure.


    I love The Punisher bound comic books anyway but the Ennis Punisher much better than any other Punisher writer I ve read In fact, Ennis made me change my opinion of other Punisher books Some of the Punisher books that I read before Ennis started writing, I considered great but now that I ve read the Ennis Punisher, the pre Ennis Punisher is good.

    CJ Louis

    This is amazingly written and drawn, the story is well thought out and put together I really respect that the story follows a timeline and does not change to allow things in Once I picked the first issue up I could not put it back down, I had to keep reading This was time well spent and I recommend this series to all comic book fans and non fans.

    Alfonso Junquera perez

    Una puta obra maestra, entretiene y te hace pensar a la vez Y mira que Garth Ennis me suele parecer un autor que no deja poso, es decir, que sus historias son de una sola lectura Pero en este volumen y en casi toda esta etapa del personaje ha logrado crear una obra que deja una buena impresi n a la segunda o tercera lectura Muy recomendable.


    I liked it, BUT it just seemed like a sidestep for ole Frank Castle Like it was just one of those sets where he was like Ehh well I don t have anything better to do I mean yes its based in human sex trafficking from Eastern Europe BUT I don t know, it just didn t feel right.

    AssemA. Hendawi

    The MAX print is doing good to Frank Castle, giving him as much bloodshed as he wants.The story is okay although I was expecting something powerful, the artwork is great and the Ennis was successful in creating a very punishing atmosphere.

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