Apr 21, 2021
The Punisher MAX, Vol. 2: Kitchen Irish
Posted by Garth Ennis Leandro Fernández

When a bomb explodes in a Hell s Kitchen pub, Frank Castle embarks on a deadly mission that pits him against two rival gangs One thing is certain The Punisher won t be pulling his punches Collects Punisher MAX 7 12.

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 2: Kitchen Irish
  • Author: Garth Ennis Leandro Fernández
  • ISBN: 9780785115397
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Punisher MAX Vol Kitchen Irish When a bomb explodes in a Hell s Kitchen pub Frank Castle embarks on a deadly mission that pits him against two rival gangs One thing is certain The Punisher won t be pulling his punches Collects Pun


    Ah crap salad This Garth Ennis offering left my disappointment level nestled somewhere between that s it, really and how could you do this to me Ennis is among my favorite comicers and he has scripted some of the best such work I ve ever read the Preacher series being a prime example The man has got skills and I don t mean to attaint his rep with my unenthused missing the pointment for this particular story arc It didn t work for me and I didn t particularly care for it, but it also wasn t dread [...]

    Murat Dural

    Garth Ennis in yazarl n , Leandro Fernandez in izerli ini ve Dean White n renklendirmesini yapt , edit rl n Egemen G r ek evirisini ise Emre Yavuz un stlendi i serinin ikinci kitab rlanda Mutfa Hell s Kitchen tam bir serseri mermi Okuyunca ne demek istedi imi anlayacaks n z Kur unlar havada arp yor Bu aksiyon, h zl ve ak c okunurlu un haricinde, kurgudan dolay y ld z verdi im bir kitap oldu eviride edit r ile konu tu umuzda k c k bir hatadan bahsetti s k nt yok ama rlanda ngiltere meselesi, I.R. [...]

    Jonathan Maas

    Wow good even for Garth Ennis standards Warning though this one is not for the faint of hear.Tim Bradstreet s cover brings you in Ennis and co take you through 5 Stars

    Steven Montano

    Frank Castle is trying to take down the Irish Mob, but he may not have to bother Old Man Nesbitt, a cruel and uncompromising founder of The Westies, is dead, and his 10 million dollar fortune is up for grabs After a bomb goes off in an Irish cafe and leaves a dozen people dead, The Punisher teams up with an old friend from MI6 to try and put an end to the perpetrators, only to learn that no fewer than four different groups are trying to eliminate each other in order to get at Nesbitt s money.Whi [...]


    Not bad So this series comes from Garth Ennis, the writer behind Preacher So of course this book is very provocative, but not as much as Preacher The Story is that three Irish gangs are fighting over territory, a restaurant gets blown up and that gets The Punishers attention The book however mostly focuses on the Irish gangs and hardly focuses on Frank, which is a deduction in points Overall this a fun read, i hope the other volumes focus on Frank.


    Mejor que el primer volumen Un 10.


    One of Ennis true masterworks with the character Carefully interwoven plot threads pared with some truly bleak and gruesome linework by artist Leandro Fernandez create one of the memorable Punisher stories of the last two decades Influences from spy thrillers as well as boilerplate noir inform a whirlwind of a narrative that delivers on every level.


    Better and better


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    Shawn Birss

    Kitchen Irish Hm This story wasn t nearly as good as the first two It was of a pulp crime novel than a Punisher book, really Frank Castle was in it But he was not the protagonist In truth, he wasn t really important to the story The art was, unfortunately, not as good as the first two, either While the first two were among the best of how the medium can look, this one started weak, and worked its way up to competent I found it ugly to even look at until halfway through, and never good enough to [...]


    Ya en las primeras p ginas tenemos la primera matanza, con un atentado donde vemos a un Punisher impotente ante las v ctimas Por primera vez en mi vida me doy cuenta de que no se qu hacer Cuando ella vomita sangre y cristales y cae muerta, estoy agradecido Ante esa violencia no puede haber otra reacci n para Punisher que desatar la destrucci n y el caos sobre todos los responsables Quienes son Irlandeses pro IRA, pero no por ello Punisher acabar con el resto de mafiosos irlandeses para limpiar l [...]


    Everything works well in this book The characters are top notch and the punisher is the right person to mete out justice.


    This one was okay Story was a bit weak, but the art was pretty great Couple brutal moments.

    Joe Young

    Garth Ennis writerLeandro Fernandez artist4 5 starsA bomb explodes in a Hell s Kichen cafe that is one of the last remaining criminal hangouts for Irish gangsters who, before being muscled out by the Italian mafia, controlled all the criminal activities in the New York neighborhood Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, is on a stakeout in the cafe when the bomb explodes and narrowly escapes the blast The fracas that follows is straight out of a Guy Ritchie movie as three different Irish gangs, the New [...]


    Garth Ennis s dark and gritty run on The Punisher continues with a story involving warring Irish gangs in the Hell s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan hence the Kitchen Irish label The Punisher becomes involved when a bomb intended to wipe out an enemy gang detonates prematurely, killing or injuring a dozen citizens Looking to avenge those casualties, he comes into contact with an old ally from MI 6 and a British soldier, both searching for Irish terrorists involved in the bombing.While the plot [...]

    Sam Quixote

    An old Irish mobster dies leaving behind warring Irish related factions in New York s Hells Kitchen, a ragtag bunch of former IRA terrorists and new world gangsters, intent on tearing each other apart for unimagined riches Caught in the crossfire is Frank Castle who gets roped in by Scotland Yard undercover ops whom he owes a favour Let the bloodbath begin The book features a mainstay of Garth Ennis villains the man with the horribly disfigured face In Preacher it was the boy who failed to commi [...]

    Craig Williams

    Let me begin by saying I fucking love the Punisher Rather, I love Garth Ennis s version of the Punisher Under Ennis s stead, this book has been such an incredibly fun read Garth Ennis perfectly understands the elements that make a Punisher story awesome slow build up to a crazy, cathartic ending, where all the bad guys are slaughtered in creative, gory ways I still can t understand why Hollywood has been unable to make a halfway decent movie the formula is so simple.Anyway, this volume was prett [...]


    Given away to Craig Stupid sales I only got started on this series because it was on sale, and while I can t say that it s bad enough not to want to know where the story goes, it s also not really interesting enough to want to buy the entire series.The opening sequence, in which Frank barely survives a bomb explosion, is the book s and so far, the series strongest You get to see a side of Frank other than the indestructible scourge of the criminal underworld, and for a character who seems to hav [...]

    Gayle Francis Moffet

    I love a good treasure hunt, and it turns out it s loads of fun when you take a bunch of warring gangs and make them try and do it together This arc of Punisher is basically a world build, showing the modern world Frank is clearly inhabiting He s up against a quartet of Irish gangs in Hell s Kitchen, and it s a treasure hunt caper gone swearing and bloody Being Ennis, he gets a Brit into the middle of things to explain some history of British and Irish relations, and it all ends up as an engagin [...]

    Mark Desrosiers

    The Punisher goes against several nasty Irish gangs in Hell s kitchen One of them is led by a genuine IRA terrorist whose face was blown off, another is led by the baddest nigger ever came outta Dublin Town , and the other two are led by ballsy women equivalents of Flidais and Queen Medb I m guessing Sounds confusing Yes, it is, and I didn t enjoy the presence of a dull Brit copper to help out the Punisher in his battles, especially with his occasional pronunciamento about how the genius Brits m [...]

    Luke Sims-Jenkins

    My Max Punisher re read continues with Kitchen Irish, an arc thats completely different to the first volume and maybe not quite as good, its still wonderfully told.Frank gets caught in an explosion and survives and goes looking for the people behind it This brings him find out about the Westies, the River Rats, Macginty and Finn Cooley Four factions fighting for an old bastards money.There are a lot of great characters in this one, none of them nice, but all pretty interesting There is a lot goi [...]

    Arron Tierney

    Was a bit disappointed by the illustrator change from book 1 to book 2 I preferred the gritty style of Lewis Larosa but once I d gotten into the book I started to forget about that As cartoony as the second book is in comparison, it doesn t spoil the story I loved the introduction of Maginty and other irish characters, referencing the IRA and the British struggles brought it home and helped add a sense of realism to the story I felt that it didn t delve as deep into Frank Castle s personal mora [...]


    I read part of this story before and I dug it A real ultra violent treat that only The weird mind of Garth Ennis could deliver Also features that weird villain Maginty from the 2008 movie Punisher Warzone in it and much crazier than portrayed on film but isn t that always the case.This one was a very cool sinister crime drama focused around gang warfare which I found funny, offensive, and graphic which is what I ve come to expect from Ennis s work Looking forward to reading Vol 3 when I get the [...]

    Steven Gaskin

    The Punisher is always a hard character for me to stick with through his trials, as he s an inherently unsympathetic character, and time spent in his company isn t usually pleasant The first book in Ennis s run had the complexity of Frank Castle s relationship with Micro to sustain the human interest, but in this arc, Castle s surrounded by a collection of opponents so terminally abhorrent, it s hard to find a way in to this story I ve been assured that book 5 The Slavers is amazing, so I m stic [...]


    A decent second entry in this run of the Punisher It deals with the struggles between three rival Irish gangs in Hell s Kitchen, with the Punisher himself almost a side character compared to these characterful gangsters.Compared to the first volume in this series, the plot suffers from being a little predictable The inevitable twist was not in the least bit surprising, which was a bit of a disappointment.


    Good story with a fun ending that I should have seen coming but didn t Old man Nesbit for you The Punisher is always awesome My favorite scene is where an entire group of thugs who out number Frank 20 to 1 and their leader tells them to run away because it s the F n punisher That s notoriety for you, and it s awesome.

    CJ Louis

    This is amazingly written and drawn, the story is well thought out and put together I really respect that the story follows a timeline and does not change to allow things in Once I picked the first issue up I could not put it back down, I had to keep reading This was time well spent and I recommend this series to all comic book fans and non fans.


    Oh, I like this very much Factional violence, jaded criminals, McGinty, torture, mayhem, politics, greed, bombs, and Frank Castle kicking arse because that s what he does Ennis and Fernandez are a great team even if Frank is essentially drawn as a mountain of muscle at times , and Dean White on colours gives it real clout MORE PLEASE

    Rafael Ribeiro

    IRA, gang feuds, pirates, Hell s Kitchen, Frank Castle, and, of course, a lot of bloody violence What is there not to like Well, besides the fact that one can pretty much predict the ending once they learn a bit about the treasure hunt, nothing A very enjoyable read, perhaps it deserved a better rating, but, given all the awesome elements, I just expected much from it.


    Ya kitab n ismi Punisher ama bu rlanda Mutfa nda Punisher d nda herkesi okuduk denebilir Yine de olay rg s g zeldi, zellikle sonunda m thi ve bir o kadar da haince bir kahkaha att m Okurken e lendim, ayn bir aksiyon filmi niteli indeydi.

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