Apr 15, 2021
The Punisher MAX, Vol. 6: Barracuda
Posted by Garth Ennis Goran Parlov

Jigsaw, Ma Gnucci, the Russian Frank Castle s faced some fearsome foes in his day, but none as stone cold rotten to the bone as the Barracuda He s big, he s mean, and the last thing on earth you want is to see him smile Collects Punisher Max 31 36.

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 6: Barracuda
  • Author: Garth Ennis Goran Parlov
  • ISBN: 9780785120230
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Punisher MAX Vol Barracuda Jigsaw Ma Gnucci the Russian Frank Castle s faced some fearsome foes in his day but none as stone cold rotten to the bone as the Barracuda He s big he s mean and the last thing on earth you want


    FINALLY Frank found another kid tough enouth to play with him in his psycho sandbox Ellis finally delivered the antagonist character we have wanted for for years, maybe decades.

    Mike Wevanne

    Apesar da fase hist rica do Ennis nas p ginas do Justiceiro Punisher , eu n o aprecio muito as hist rias mais bem humoradas No caso de Barracuda , o que me atraiu mais foi a arte do Parlov Um excelente trabalho visual que combinou muito bem com uma hist ria do Justiceiro

    Steven Montano

    To be fair, anything after The Slavers was bound to be a disappointment Barracuda certainly has some things going for it, but in the grand scope of the Garth Ennis run this was one of his less memorable outings.Frank stumbles upon a Wall Street broker who was left in the care of a band of drug dealers as punishment for threatening to blow the whistle on a crooked scheme being hatched by mega energy conglomerate Dynaco, who plans to black out the power all over Florida as a way of making their ow [...]




    Barracuda is one of the most successful attempts to create a worthy foe for Frank Castle in recent memory, but this volume is a comparative letdown when held up against the rest of Ennis work on the character The story simply has no weight to it and ultimately feels inconsequential as a result A fun read, to be sure, but not much .

    Kevin Hull

    A bit cheesy and cliched at times, but still overall a solid Punisher tale from the always excellent Garth Ennis.


    The barracuda is a great character and hopefully a nemesis for the punisher moving forward

    Michal Vámoš

    Zat m nejlep book ze s rie, hlavn d ky hlavn m hajzl m.



    Sam Quixote

    Frank learns of a dastardly plot to take out Florida s power supply by an evil corporation called Dynaco in order to raise their stock But Dynaco know that Frank is out to get them so their CEO hires the brutal Barracuda to take him out What follows is schlocky violence at its best I loved the fight between Frank and Barracuda, just because it s so over the top and, yes, strangely funny, kind of like a very gory episode of Tom Jerry Barracuda s a great match for Frank, mostly because they re bot [...]


    After the gut punch and groin kick combination that was the last two The Punisher MAX arcs Volume 4 Up is Down, Black is White Volume 5 The Slavers , Garth Ennis tries to lighten things up with Volume 6 Barracuda Of course, this being Punisher MAX, lighten things up equates with some of the most violent moments in a series defined by its violence Introduced in this series is the giant hulking psychopath Barracuda, a veritable cartoon character who matches Frank Castle physically while providing [...]


    Ennis has certainly developed a pattern for his recent Punisher stories, with each arc following the same pattern while trying to up the ante slightly from the previous arc In other words, each arc has slightly sex and extreme violence than the one that came before.He really upped the violence here and Parlov does a good job translating this violence to the page And while the story delivers on the promise of another ultra violent Punisher story, I think Ennis forgot to lost his grip on The Puni [...]

    Brian Rosenberger

    Dynaco Incorporated plan to hatch a get rich quick scheme at the suffering of others They plan to shut off Florida s power, no electricity on a rolling pattern Anything to see the stock rise and keep their shareholders happy The Punisher learns of the plan and decides a Southern vacation is in order Enter Barracuda The seven feet tall, three hundred and fifty pound hitman for hire is just trying to make a buck in today s struggling economy and ensure the Punisher does not interfere with his empl [...]

    Seizure Romero

    I gotta stop reading these things Yeah, I like comic books, yeah, I like the idea of the Punisher a force of nature enacting a no bullshit takedown of the badguys But simply finding new ways to commit violence and mayhem in the name of justice is unworthy of Ennis ability to tell a story evoke an emotion through that story see volume 5, Punisher MAX Vol 5 The Slavers I know, they can t all be winners, and this one definitely isn t.


    A visually slick comic of vigilante justice Had picked up the volume at a flea market and am glad my son never picked it up to read A good dose of violence and sex and adult themes This time the hero goes after corporate bullies in the energy field and a scary corporate enforcer who likes to feed his victims to the sharks off of Miami I loved THE EXECUTIONER novel series when I was young I probably read than a dozen, which followed an outline closely paralleled in this volume.

    AssemA. Hendawi

    I don t think I ve ever seen somebody miss up with Frank Castle the way Barracuda did.However, good plot and action, but it s just misses something that turns metal to gold I mean Sandman, The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, V for Vendetta THESE ARE GOLD Maybe Frank will just have to wait till some writer comes to him with his own philosopher s stone.


    I m a fan of Frank Castle One of my favorite anti hero s AND Barracuda is his sorta equal BUT after reading it I was kinda ehh Graphically its a great novel Guns, explosions, people being fed to sharks, etc BUT the story was just not there I mean why would Frank take down a company ripping people off in Florida It just wasn t the Frank I know and love.

    CJ Louis

    This is amazingly written and drawn, the story is well thought out and put together I really respect that the story follows a timeline and does not change to allow things in Once I picked the first issue up I could not put it back down, I had to keep reading This was time well spent and I recommend this series to all comic book fans and non fans.


    Now I know what the previous volumes were missing , a villan , and a damn taught one which really send chills just by looking at him Damn, these teeth , this muscular body , this crazy mind hell i dont even know how some of the characters in this vol just felt confident on confronting such a force.Frank castle you ve just met your equal 9 10

    Jonathan Barnett

    The Punisher vs Barracuda The title spells it all Barracuda is a formidable foe for the Punisher Things get bloody A very thrilling read pulpy and adult in the best way that this can be for hat is essentially a collection of comic books Its difficult to elaborate, just read and enjoy.


    Good, straightforward crime story You know what you re in for with every Ennis Punisher story a hard edged story of awful people doing gruesome things to people but then getting their come uppance.


    Not the brightest spot in Ennis Punisher run.Although he brought up a worthy enemy to Punisher, the whole thing with him was over too easily.Great art, loads of sex and sharks maiming people But still, the last punch was missing.


    Not the best in the series, but it has Frank take a knock at white collar criminals and faces off a killer equal to himself so it makes for nice change and all around decent set up with plenty of mordant humor.


    This volume allows Ennis an excuse to introduce the Barracuda Sadly, the Wall Street white collar crime used to get Frank to Florida fails miserably as a plot, as does the over the top Barracuda Ennis is often revered for moves like this, but I cannot sanction this one.


    Heads up to anyone with shark phobias there are many, many images of menacing sharks in this book They are drawn but scary.


    Good story and a different head villain than usual Money from pyramid games instead of drugs Refreshing.

    Paul Cathcart

    Loved it.


    Punisher vs white collar criminals.


    Meh The nemesis is very stereotypical Pretty disappointing

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