Apr 20, 2021
My Life as a Chicken
Posted by Ellen A. Kelley Michael Slack

When Pauline Poulet learns she ll be the next special of the day at Cock a Doodle Doo Caf , she flies the coop faster than you can say Chicken pie, delicious Thus begins her journey of peril and catastrophe, courage and chance She is chased She is dunked She is tossed tail over beak But can Pauline escape the dinner plate Kids everywhere will love clucking aloWhen Pauline Poulet learns she ll be the next special of the day at Cock a Doodle Doo Caf , she flies the coop faster than you can say Chicken pie, delicious Thus begins her journey of peril and catastrophe, courage and chance She is chased She is dunked She is tossed tail over beak But can Pauline escape the dinner plate Kids everywhere will love clucking along with this chicken s battle cry Pauline, prevail

  • Title: My Life as a Chicken
  • Author: Ellen A. Kelley Michael Slack
  • ISBN: 9780152053062
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Life as a Chicken When Pauline Poulet learns she ll be the next special of the day at Cock a Doodle Doo Caf she flies the coop faster than you can say Chicken pie delicious Thus begins her journey of peril and catas


    Although there isn t much to this book plot wise, it is a hilarious read aloud and the illustrations are terrific My kids couldn t follow the story, but they were highly entertained by my goofy reading Fun language, offbeat meter and a refrain you will hear from your kids for days afterward Pauline prevail even though they still don t know what it means


    When Pauline the hen discovers she is going to be eaten, she escapes from the farm in search of a better life Her adventures take her to the forest, the ocean and the sky before happily settling down in a petting zoo.The rhyming in this book is fun and enjoyable to read The illustrations, however, are what make the book they are hilarious.I would recommend this as independent reading for primary students, and even as a read aloud for intermediates.


    This is an excellent book for rhyming words and playful fun words that describe the chickens situation The situations in this book are very outrageous and fun for kids to read This would be a great book to read during down time or to transition from a rowdy activity to something calm.


    I thought this book was a fun read with my 6 year old I especially loved reading Pauline Prevail in a chicken voice You had to be here to appreciate itbut my son enjoyed it.

    Heather Bailey

    This was a hilarious read with my 8 year old son Some of the words went a bit over his head, but that was good, because it presented an opportunity for me to expand his vocabulary My favorite By sneaking off this shifty ship,I ll give these scalawags the slip.Hours pass atop the mast.I wait.The sea cats snooze at last Lots of action and funny pictures.


    Bit of a strange story but I liked the poetic rhythm.

    Dena (Batch of Books)

    Read reviews on my blog Books for KidsHumor oozes from every page of this delightful picture book It was funny, witty, and engaging Wildly entertaining, My Life as a Chicken will have children and adults laughing at the long string of misfortunes that befall Pauline as she tries to escape one hungry creature after another The writing is well done and there are just enough words to every page that the story moves forward nicely I am giving this book four stars The only reason it is not getting f [...]

    Jessica Vu

    This book may be hard for younger children to follow even though they will be laughing really hard at the chicken s adventure I would use this book with a 3 5th grade class to illistrate how I might go about looking up words I wasn t sure the meaning of I would model it first, but using the dictionary, an online resource or asking a friend, etc to help me find out the meaning of the word I would then give each student a word and ask that they bring me a definition in their own words, and a sente [...]


    Our youngest borrowed this book from her elementary school library We just had to read it right away and we really liked it The sing song rhyming narrative and the hilarious and colorful cartoonish illustrations really make this a fun book to read aloud The plot really reminded us a lot of Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken by Kate DiCamillo, but it was a much sillier story.

    Megan Mccormick

    this book was cute but not my favorite It was too long for me and the words were difficult i felt If i was a child trying to read this then i would have struggled The illustration is nice however i just did not like this book and was waiting for it to be over the only reason i had to finish this book was because i was reading this to my friend and i could stop had i been reading it lone i would have stopped simply because i did not like this book.

    April Thompson

    I realize this is supposed to be a story of an adventurous chicken that is trying to escape the inevitable in her mind , but it just didn t float my boat Although there were pirates, and I just love pirates, it fell short for me Poor Pauline has quite a few issues to deal with before ending up where she feels she belongs Overall I think kids would enjoy the story, but again, didn t do it for me.


    The perils of Pauline wasn t that a bad b movie Anyway, the book about the perils of Pauline chicken is as far fetched as the movie It s just one thing after another Kids love it though.I just re read it and it s grown on me a bit It s better the second time around I change it to a three star book.


    Read this to my almost 3 year old tonight The pictures are great and tell the story better than the words The story is told in prose and uses quite a few large words that are too much for kids to really get the story They get the pictures, but they won t get the story by listening to it Bottom line Great illustrations.

    The Brothers

    Asher 4yo rates this five stars because he found the illustrations pretty funny The story itself is about the catastrophes that befall this chicken who s escaping from her coop to keep from being turned into dinner I loved the rhymes and how the chicken would declare throughout the book, Pauline prevail Nice, fun illustrations.

    Mitchell Ary

    i liked the rhyme scheme within the book and i liked how the author made the book humorous and the humor kept me intrigues while reading the book i laughed out loud at this outlandish chicken because her adventures were so ridiculous i like this book but not enough to give it 5 stars unfortunately.


    I so wanted to give this 5 stars, but had to knock it down to 4 1 2 because of one small line the last which is unfortunate because it is a wonderfully written book I just couldn t abide the author intrusion at the end.But, I will probably buy this book for my collection as it is full of wonderful verse and it is a nice companion book with Sailor Moo Cow At Sea Well done

    Mike Stucka

    Possibly the finest children s book ever written The rhymes, the color, the action are all among the best out there Heck, we had this book memorized before the kid was born, because the parents just liked reading it so much to the belly.


    Kind of a fun story I liked the style of the rhymes, and I liked the Pauline Prevail refrain, it seemed to embody girl power if that makes any sense Was disappointed that the human cast was all White, but the main characters were the animals, and the wacky, convoluted scenery.


    Think Perils of Pauline, but Pauline is a chicken Lots of texts, so not really for the yougest set, but older children will enjoy the story of a chicken who gets into greater and greater scrapes trying to escape being a pie.

    Shelly Lindsey

    This book has numerous rhyming words The chicken is searching for a place to fit in and this is a topic that many children are expereincing There are various words that would be great for vocabulary building.

    Jennifer Heise

    My five year old son brought this home from the school library, loved it, and giggled insanely over Pauline s perils even if he didn t quite get her battle cry, Pauline, Prevail A fun book for reading together that gave him good fodder for the what was this book about questions.


    This was a neat short story, I think we ve read it 10 times now The chicken Pauline doesn t like her life so she decides to change thingse goes through many adversities and finally ends up with the life she always wanted Pauline Prevail


    Personally, I LOVE this book But it may be just a bit too long and over their heads for storytime The vocab is a challenge Might be great for a one on one especially if your kid loves disaster after disaster type books.

    Carol Royce Owen

    Pauline has learned that the owner of the egg hatchery where she is employed has developed a taste for chicken So off she goes to save herself As she runs, though she finds herself in several situations, and each seems worse than the last.

    Monalisa Johnson-brown

    It is about a chicken who lived on a farm whose master was talking about killing him to make pie He did not want to be eaten so he fled On his journey he was chased by other animals, pushed over board, and finally his journey ended at a petty zoo where he felt comfortable.


    Pauline Poulet has had an unusual life for a chicken and is quite possibly the most well traveled chicken I ve ever read about Like any fair explorer, Pauline is happy to settle down once she finds a place that pleases her.Story in rhyme, older child like to get humor.


    This book is obnoxious The ryhming is too much Distracting The illustrations are decent, but unfortunately not good enough to make this book worth reading all the way through Especially not aloud.

    Meg McGregor

    I really wanted to like this book than I did I do enjoy the illustrations and the ending of this book is just wonderful I read the book twice and just thought the plot was a little convoluted for a children s book.


    The illustrations that support the charming text are great

    Kirsten Murphy

    Great read aloud and great mentor text for writing

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