Apr 21, 2021
The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion
Posted by Ford Madox Ford

First published in 1915, Ford Madox Ford s The Good Soldier begins, famously and ominously, This is the saddest story I have ever heard The book then proceeds to confute this pronouncement at every turn, exposing a world less sad than pathetic, and shot through with hypocrisy and deceit than its incredulous narrator, John Dowell, cares to imagine Somewhat forgotteFirst published in 1915, Ford Madox Ford s The Good Soldier begins, famously and ominously, This is the saddest story I have ever heard The book then proceeds to confute this pronouncement at every turn, exposing a world less sad than pathetic, and shot through with hypocrisy and deceit than its incredulous narrator, John Dowell, cares to imagine Somewhat forgotten as a classic, The Good Soldier has been called everything from the consummate novelist s novel to one of the greatest English works of the century And although its narrative hook the philandering of an otherwise noble man no longer shocks, its unerring cadences and doleful inevitabilities proclaim an enduring appeal Ford s novel revolves around two couples Edward Ashburnham the title s soldier and his capable if off putting wife, Leonora and long transplanted Americans John and Florence Dowell The foursome s ostensible amiability, on display as they pass parts of a dozen pre World War I summers together in Germany, conceals the fissures in each marriage John is miserably mismatched with the garrulous, cuckolding Florence and Edward, dashing and sentimental, can t refrain from falling in love with women whose charms exceed Leonora s Predictably, Edward and Florence conduct their affair, an indiscretion only John seems not to notice After the deaths of the two lovers, and after Leonora explains much of the truth to John, he recounts the events of their

  • Title: The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion
  • Author: Ford Madox Ford
  • ISBN: 9780140283310
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Good Soldier A Tale of Passion First published in Ford Madox Ford s The Good Soldier begins famously and ominously This is the saddest story I have ever heard The book then proceeds to confute this pronouncement at every tu


    I don t know what anyone has to be proud of Ford Madox Ford, The Good SoldierWhat You mean this novel isn t about war Is it possible to hate a book and love it at the same time This is one of those books where it immediately becomes obvious you aren t going to read this novel for the strict pleasure of it This book ain t ice cream on the beach folks I don t think I ve run across a amoral, unsympathetic cast of characters since I visited Kehlsteinhaus But, Ford Madox Ford is absolutely brilliant [...]


    What a sick, rotten, depraved society we re treated to, populated by liars and knaves, and yet I found myself heartbroken by the end, wondering what kind of magic spell Ford had cast on me Ford is an absolute master of technique in this case the use of flashbacks and an unreliable narrator and I found myself riveted throughout The novel begins with one of the most famous opening lines in literature This is the saddest story I have ever heard That may well be true.

    Jr Bacdayan

    Storytelling is about as much an art as is writing Any piece of paper can have beautifully constructed sentences, impeccable prose, dazzling verses, yet when there simply is nothing to tell all those words are moot The alarming strength of the Good Soldier can be found in its maze like narration that starts off with an innocent consciousness that through the pages, like a survivor seeing a massacre unfold as a blinding mist slowly recedes, realizes one by one the sins of the world he once though [...]


    The Good Soldier I found to be a difficult book to grasp, at least to begin with I felt the need to go back over the first 40 pages or so, just to try and accustom myself to it Things paid of in the end, but it really did require patience, a quiet room, and reading big chunks at a time, rather than just picking off a few pages here and there The theme is a strong one, that being marriage and adultery, with a narrator who you feel in the dark about, going over the events of two couples, one Ameri [...]


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    Oh Propriety Nowadays there s a word for Edward Ashburnham And I don t mean some modern vulgarity, unavailable to the Edwardians, something like emotional fuck up, appropriate as that may be or not No, I m thinking serial monogamist The term is new, because the concept is new At the turn of the 20th century there was monogamy Or there was promiscuity casual couplings with seamstresses, milliners, laundresses or the convenient and pliable housemaid A taboo subject, to be spoken of in hushed tones [...]


    Today s special from the bill of fare Crow Market Price Served with a complimentary slice of stale pumpernickel and a glass of river water.I really did not think I was going to enjoy this book one bit I also erroneously believed it was included in the collection of crap known as Time s 100 Best 20th Century Novels , and the fact it isn t is probably why it was actually enjoyable This is, however, included on several other hits lists , such as the ridiculous 1001 Books to Read Before You Die whic [...]


    Wow, was this well done I almost wrote fantastic , but that didn t seem appropriate to the mood of the piece It is also throughly soul crushing, of course, but that shouldn t affect your reading plans in favor of it It really is a must read, I think The book is a thorough condemnation of the principles of Edwardian society and the Victorian society that came before it, made all the effective by the fact that it comes from the most unlikely source, a timid, quiet American man who has happened to [...]


    This is a story of two marriages, a philandering husband, a controlling wife, living lies, keeping up appearances, misusing religion and pursuing happiness in all the wrong places It is told by an unreliable narrator who scarcely seems to understand the import of the story himself It is wonderfully constructed, gloriously convoluted, and amazingly misdirected The narrator tells us, I have stuck to my idea of being in a country cottage with a silent listener, hearing between the gusts of the wind [...]


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    K.D. Absolutely

    He is found lying in the pool of his own blood at the entrance of his bakery He has slit his throat with a sharp knife Have you seen how a chicken is killed in the kitchen The butcher or the cook does not fully decapitate the chicken right away He first slits the chicken s neck and collects the blood in a saucer with raw rice This blood in rice can be added to the viand later together with the rest of the chicken meat The man, likened to the chicken, was the husband of my paternal grandfather s [...]


    The Good Soldier is so heartbreakingly beautiful I wonder if I have ever felt so conflicted when a book came to an end, on the one hand I didn t want the experience to end I unearthed gems on every page, gems of solemnity, disappointment, angst, and insight on the other, each page filled me with renewed heartbreak The saddest story is about two couples, the upright up class English Ashburnhams Edward the eponymous, ironic good soldier and Leonora and the American Dowells John our tragically naiv [...]


    Why is this titled the Good Soldier Edward was a soldier, for a spell Edward of the nefarious quadratic epicentre where, after the music stopped everyone sat on the wrong chair Is narrator John Dowell where only Dowell seems to appear in the text and you have to read FMF s intro to gather it was prefixed by a John, a man insignificant enough to not have a name in love with him And did said John ever consummate his twelve year marriage to Florence And, do lets dig some dirt did Edward ever consu [...]


    We are all so afraid, we are all so alone, we all so need from the outside the assurance of our own worthiness to exist This novel is so stunning Oh my god I did not expect this and that And that, too So many unexpected things.Anyway, I will write a detailed and less confusing reviewas soon as we ve discussed it in class.But let me tell you, I ve never read anything like this before.Find of my books on Instagram

    Teresa Proença

    Ford Madox Fordnasceu em Inglaterra em 1873 e morreu em Fran a em 1939 Foi grande amigo de Joseph Conrad tendo escrito, em colabora o com ele, um romance de fic o cient fica Os Herdeiros Uma Hist ria Extravagante O Bom Soldado considerada a sua melhor obra, fazendo as del cias dos leitores, pela surpresa e pelo divertimento, desde a sua publica o em 1915 considerado um dos cl ssicos do s culo XX e aparece em muitas listas The Best Books.O Bom Soldado Uma Hist ria de Paix o Esta a hist ria mais t [...]


    This is indeed a sad story, where no one gets what they want.Based on a true story and revolving around two couples, one English the other American, and narrated by the American husband, this novel is told in an experimental style When I mean told, there is very little dialogue and most of the incidents come out in dribs and drabs, out of sequence, and from a rather unreliable narrator who constantly contradicts his statements The narrator goes over old ground frequently, mostly trying to reconc [...]

    Victoria Young

    The Good Soldier is an amazing feat of plot construction This is the best example of how an unreliable narrator John Dowell and fragmentary plot can be used to reveal intricacies of character that could never be as effectively expressed through simple description Not only is this brilliantly done, but I was amazed to realise how early a piece of modernist work The Good Soldier is published in 1915 It must have created quite a stir when it was published as its main interest is the destructive pot [...]


    Lots of books novels and otherwise attempt to mix the chilling and the blas for that extra cold banality of evil effect Among novels, American Psycho comes to mind as a possible least favorite and The Good Soldier as a certain favorite It would be too much to call any of these characters evil but as you ponder who among the morally vacuous cast is the worst , you ll discover that your gaze turns inward, which is Ford s real achievement here.


    I read Parades End last year and really enjoyed it, Rather expected this to be in a similar vein so was a bit taken aback on reading Strangely enough it s not a war story but is about an American and English couple whose lives entwine over nine seasons in the early 1900 s.I didn t mind so much the unreliable narrator Dowell as it happens, but I did have some trouble accepting his naivety towards his wife Florence A story of unhappy, destructive, obtuse people who are tied to each other by religi [...]

    Oziel Bispo

    Um livro pra se ler devagar, com cuidado Contado por John Dowell ,relata as infidelidades em s rie de sua esposa Florence e de um casal ,Leonora e Edward Ashburnham , de quem ele sua esposa tornam se amigos ntimos O livro se desenvolve a conta gotas com o narrador ,John Dowell , buscando arrancar qualquer coisa que possa dar lhe pista do que realmente aconteceu.Uma narrativa onde impera a trai o, n o poderia deixar de ter suas consequ ncias 2 suic dios um personagem loucoUm livro dif cil de se l [...]


    Some questions arise when reading The Good Soldier Is it an impressionistic masterpiece Is it a tragedy or a comedy Published in 1915, from the pen of Ford Madox Ford, it is unique enough to have been described by its critics as all of the preceding and Subtitled A Tale of Passion , it is unique both in my experience and within the author s total work The story is narrated by an American, John Dowell, who invites the reader to sit down with him beside the fire of his study to listen to the sadd [...]


    Reading Hemingway s A Moveable Feast brought me back to Ford, an author whose most well known piece of fiction has been on my perpetual to read list Hemingway s less than flattering portrayal of Ford was the tipping point, and I finally decided to read this novel while Papa s well depicted portrait of Ford was fresh in my head.After the first 50 pages I was convinced that I had read this story Tropes tried and true seemed to drip from the pages I found myself sighing and noting frequently how mu [...]


    The evidence that I am a complete Philistine continues to accumulate, as yet another acknowledged classic sails right over my head I did not like The Good Soldier , for various reasons Here are a few The plot was an awkward mixture of implausible contrivance and overwrought melodrama, and seemed fundamentally not credible, from start to finish The basic setup Serial philanderer Edward cheats on controlling Leonora and cavorts with Florence, the slutty wife of the book s narrator John was OK this [...]


    Decepcionante a palavra Talvez porque as excelentes refer ncias acerca deste livro, me tenham criado expectativas que acabaram por provocar essa decep o relativamente sua leitura.O Bom Soldado conta a hist ria de dois casais e mais alguns intervenientes que se relacionam atrav s de uma s rie de infidelidades conjugais, narrada por um marido enganado Pelo meio h quem morra, quem se suicide e quem enlouque a Os acontecimentos s o narrados de uma forma propositadamente desconexa, sem um fio tempora [...]


    Embarrassed to say that I somehow missed this one I know it is highly acclaimed and my fellow readers here seem to love it, but i must be missing something The narrator is frustratingly stupid and naive and the good soldier is simply a bastard Social constructs doomed the characters but their adherence to society s rules borders on foolishness, particularly when they clearly dont really care for these rules The point of view aspect is intersting and I wonder if I didnt miss something there Are t [...]


    Deeply hated everyone is this book But a really fast and enjoyable read If you like mystery, passion, people with blue eyes, and modern classics then give this a go Also the writing is kind of gorgeous.

    Mientras Leo

    Me ha gustado mucho, y me gusta saber su t tulo original, proque se le da sentido al final del libroYo tuve muy claro cu l era la historia m s triste Aquella que se vive sin pasionesentremontonesdelibros


    I waffled a bit between 3.5 and 4 stars for this classic While there were things about it that didn t appeal to me some Catholic bashing for example , it made an impression on me made me think Two different but equally dysfunctional marriages are laid bare throughout the course of the book It is written in an unusual style that I am not sure that I liked but worked well here the narrator writes as if the reader knew some fact or event that had not been revealed yet and then later explains it For [...]


    I liked it Mostly To be precise, up to two thirds after that, the subject matter, the narrator for it is largely a retrospective, first person narrative by a middle aged white male , and the style increasingly exalted think schoolgirls, not nobility began to tire me I think it was partly because I started to dislike the narrator and his manner of self presentation what made the first two thirds of the book enjoyable for me was waiting for some sign that he is, in fact, unreliable it was hard for [...]


    The Good Soldier is a southern European opera masquerading as Fitzgerald s Tender is the Night It s that nuts I have no idea what these people think they are doing Isn t it supposed to be the twentieth century Aren t most of them supposed to be English America is represented by an effete narrator and his slutty wife I was reminded of something Junichiro Tanizaki had someone think in Some Prefer Nettles Surely, he may say to himself, the problem, no matter what strong emotions it stirs up, can be [...]

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