Apr 15, 2021
Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules
Posted by Tom Moldvay


  • Title: Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules
  • Author: Tom Moldvay
  • ISBN: 9780935696486
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
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    Jason Koivu

    HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY DD Glory Glory Hallelujah I was given the basic set aka the red box set for my 9th birthday and I couldn t have been happier It was the early 80s and Dungeons and Dragons was the game everyone was talking about, for better or worse My two older cousins, who I idolized, already owned it and had been talking up big time this crazy new kind of game So it s not a board game How does that work I remember asking where you could be a wizard, warrior, elf, halfling What s a halfling [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)

    Back in autumn of.I think 1978 I bought the boxed basic set of Dungeons and Dragons later referred to as DD First Edition I was a long time fan addict of fantasy books and stories About a year before I d seen mention on a talk type TV show of a game called Dungeons and Dragons Since I lived in a fairly small city or large town at the time finding the books or the boxed game wasn t in the cards at home The next year I was out of town and.daa,daat, ta, DA found it I bought the boxed set and also t [...]


    I ve said it before, and I ll say it again I m a geek.When I was seven years old my Dad got me this book in a boxed set or accurately, the one with the Larry El warrior versus dragon cover It came with a player s book, Dungeon Master s book, and a set of pale blue dice with a little white crayon that I had to color in myself.Gary Gygax passed away several months before this writing, and I attended his services including Garycon that took place in Legion Hall I only hope that upon my passing tha [...]

    Beau Johnston

    This is where it all began This is where my imagination was encouraged to run wild I loved playing this game in my teens Amongst my group of friends most of our mums not mine, she believed the evil DD nonsense being spouted by the media , liked us to play because they knew we were inside the house, behaving ourselves.I loved that fact that every player had to think on their feet As long as you remained within the framework of the rules, anything could happen, and unfortunately for our poor DM us [...]

    K. Carters

    I m not sure if it s even this version I m rating, but I got bought a starter set for Xmas and just got around to going through it.Sometimes an idea is so perfect it just fits I don t know why I never went this way before We used to do Warhammer and stuff growing up, and this is cheaper and advanced in terms of imagination etc.The rules can be as simple or as complex as you like and I loved the Mines of Phandelver campaign idea for getting you started It s lasted 40 years and that s a testament [...]


    When I was a kid I started playing with the 1989 Advanced Dungeons Dragons 2nd Edition but over the years I tried lots of new editions and tried and complicated, simulationist rules I have decided to go back to the basics, the 1st Edition circa about 1983 I m surprised to find that I hardly miss any of the advanced rules Simple is way fun.

    Rashad Pharaon

    Ahhh the good old days

    Russell Hooper

    This book made me a gamer.

    Seth Kenlon

    You hear a lot about how an RPG is old school , but what does that mean The best way to find out is to read the original I read this book about 34 years after its release I d had experience with 5e and 3.5 well, Pathfinder , so my experience with DD proper is very modern I m used to amazing artwork, full colour glossy pages, hardcover rulebooks that are about 33.3% lore and 66.6% mechanics I m used to DD being about the world and the characters within it, and not really about dungeons OR dragons [...]


    Not quite as amazing a read than the Holmes version of DD, but still a great accomplishment The organization is better, there s advice for the referee, and the core of the game is about as clear as it can be in this edition In retrospect it s surprising how much time is spent on balancing the game, something most old school gamers consider a no no In any case, this one is tied with BECMI is my favorite version of the game And I love the old school art here much than the polished El we get in B [...]


    After randomly finding this in my parents attic, I began a long wonderful journey that still continues to this day Say what you will about these proto DD versions, the Moldvay rules were easy to learn and subsequently teach your friends I plan on introducing my nephew to the game via this rule set and B2 Keep on the Borderlands.


    My rating is based on my views when I read it than my opinion on it today, although I have had the opportunity to browse a PDF of it recently, and I think it s still a game worth playing This was my first ever RPG, and it was a good one I think it was probably the best RPG ever put out by TSR, especially when combined with the Expert Rules.


    This is a classic This is where it all began with Dungeons Dragons The game has come a long way since this rule book If you are wanting to start playing and only want the very basics, this is the book.

    Matt Rouse

    The original DD Basic Set literally changed my life It gave me a chance to be creative, learn leadership, teamwork, learn creative writing, story telling and math The things I learned playing tabletop games are still used in my day to day life, than 30 years later.

    Eric F Knox

    I have been into role playing games for nearly 30 years and honestly think this is the best I have ever played Easy, imaginative and old school Small investment and years of fun here.

    James West

    I think this is the best edition of the game It is simple and well organized and easy to run and house rule Wonderful game.

    Kurt Vosper

    The original starter s kit for DD.assic.


    The game that got me into gaming Remember the wonderful blue dice I still have some.

    Brad Trnavsky

    The original red box Its the first RPG I ever played and I still love it


    The red box that started it all Sure, the later editions improved on it but this is where RPG began Thank you Gary and Dave.

    David Winston

    This was the first book I read it started my 30 year so far love affair with Role playing Games What could I say


    Ah, Dungeons and Dragons I will never forget how my dad screwed me over by letting me and my younger siblings and nephews choose a mysterious drink when we came across a rare pub that was tucked away in the catacombs in which the waiters were actually Dalmatians walking on their hind legs, but that aside I was the only one choosing the potion resembling a coke instead of the ones resembling chocolate milk as the evil bastard knew I would , and its magic powers just so happened to prevent me from [...]

    An Odd1

    I don t have this particular book I have to put a review somewhere to say I used to play and use the reference books we did have way back then And stayed friends as much as possible with elfs and such as we grew up older DD was fun for boys and girls alike, and some still play.


    Positively life changing.


    Where it all began for me A classic in my mind, I will never forget the Red Basic Set of rules Garyyou are sorely missed.

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