Apr 21, 2021
Pobby and Dingan
Posted by Ben Rice

Pobby and Dingan live in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, the opal capital of Australia They are friends with Kellyanne Williamson, the daughter of a miner indeed only she can see them Pobby and Dingan are imaginary Ashmol Williamson, Kellyanne s brother thinks his sister should grow up and stop being such a fruit loop until the day when Pobby and Dingan disappear.Pobby and Dingan live in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, the opal capital of Australia They are friends with Kellyanne Williamson, the daughter of a miner indeed only she can see them Pobby and Dingan are imaginary Ashmol Williamson, Kellyanne s brother thinks his sister should grow up and stop being such a fruit loop until the day when Pobby and Dingan disappear As Kellyanne, grief stricken, begins to fade away, Ashmol recruits the whole town in the search for Pobby and Dingan In the end, however, he discovers that only he can find them, and he can only find them if he too begins to believe they are real.

  • Title: Pobby and Dingan
  • Author: Ben Rice
  • ISBN: 9780099285625
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pobby and Dingan Pobby and Dingan live in Lightning Ridge New South Wales the opal capital of Australia They are friends with Kellyanne Williamson the daughter of a miner indeed only she can see them Pobby and Ding


    In the opal mining region of Australia, little Kellyanne lives with her dad, her big brother Ashmol, and her imaginary friends, Pobby and Dingan Ashmol is constantly teasing his little sister about how Pobby and Dingan aren t real and telling her to grow up He is convinced that his sister is just being a baby who refuses to grow out of her imaginary friend stage However one day, when Ashmol and Kellyanne s father is suspected of a crime that he didn t commit, and Pobby and Dingan go missing, Ash [...]

    Diane S ☔

    Came across this book on a list, I think it was on Kirkus, detailing the small books one should not miss I loved this little story, about a 8 yr old girl who lives with her family in New South Wales, Australia Her father was digging for opals and the little girl had two imaginary friends called Pobby and Dingan Reminded me of the saying that if a tree falls and no one is near does it still make a sound If not everyone can see the imaginary friends does this mean they do not exist This is a story [...]


    When was the last time that you read a book in a single evening and kept thinking about the characters for weeks afterwards


    What an utterly delightful little book I had an imaginary friend as a child His name was Rudi and he was my husband I was 3 He only showed up when I was in the bathtub My brothers used to tease me.Now I have an imaginary friend I m 53 Her name is Ruthe or bumma She s my mom and she s still teaching me how to live a good life.


    This book was recommended by a friend I had never heard of this book and decided to go ahead and read it What I found was a heartbreaking story of a brother and sister Of a town in search of the brilliant opals Of imagination and believing in the unseen Bringing the town together in a belief of a young girl And a brother fighting for his sister s life by finally believing in her imaginary friends The ending brought me to tears and I will never forget Kellyanne, Ashmol, Pobby and Dingan.


    This was novella than novel, and really a long short story than a novella But it was a VERY good long short story, and it reminded me and at least one other reviewer a lot of a Down Under To Kill A Mockingbird, with both Scout and Jem characters although in reversed roles , and a dissolute Atticus it even ends with a trial From the very first line Kellyanne opened the car door and crawled into my bedroom Rice really conveys the sound, feel and overall oddness of outback Australia without goin [...]


    A novella with imagination, set in the opal mining country of Australia A young girl has two imaginary friends, and everyone around her supports her, except her brother When her father is accused of ratting, or poaching someone else s land, she can t find her friends any and becomes very very ill Her brother decides to help her find her friends even though he thinks she s crazy Poignant and authentic I am happy I found this lying on the shelves in the library.

    Jonathan Manheim

    Gem Beautiful and sad Unique voice What happened to Ben Rice


    3.5 Stars for Pobby Dingan 4 Stars for Specks in the Sky.

    Laura Hoffman Brauman

    3.5 stars Pobby and Dingan is a touching novella about a boy that has to set aside his disbelief in his sister s imaginary friends and find a way to get others to help find them when they go missing Sweet without being overwrought.


    I am not a big fan of short stories as I am always wanting , so for me to say anything about this book probably isn t fair It was a beautiful story but I have many questions which leaves me feeling cheated out of a longer book.Heartbreaking but in a very good way

    April Klasen

    Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice yeah, I read it I think the only reason why I even finished this story was the length, 90 pages, big print I started it and felt like I could force myself to finish it if I just shut up and pushed on Not that I regret it, just that I don t like it.Set in opal mining country Lightning Ridge we follow Ashmol s account of how his little sister, Kellyanne, loses her two imaginary friends, Pobby and Dingan, which sets off some very real life issues The only way that Ashmo [...]


    Pobby and Dingan is only 94 pages long, and it feels like it s filled me with than 100 pages of things I want to say about this amazing book Let me start by saying it is easily the best book I ve read this decade won t let you rank something 6 stars so I guess I m going to have to go back to all the previous books I gave five stars too and dock them at least one star I want to buy every copy of this book I can find and give them out to people saying You have to read this Just trust me like I di [...]


    Friends, please read this novella Kellyanne has two imaginary friends who live with her family in rural Australia One day Pobby and Dingan go missing and her brother Ashmol goes to find them which sets in motion the events of the story.I purchased this book a few months ago at Russell s recommendation but I haven t gotten around to it yet I read this in practically one sitting This is one of the sweetest, most charming readable books that I have encountered in a long time The book has an air of [...]


    Pobby and Dingan are just Kellyanne s imaginary friends It s kind of annoying how everyone humors her, but whatever Or so thinks Ashmol, Kellyanne s older brother, at the outset of this short and charming novel.Set in an Australian outback mining town, Pobby and Dingan takes a dark turn when the children s dad pretends to take the imaginary friends down into his opal mine one day He forgets to bring them back, and Kellyanne becomes frantic, stops eating, grows ill and begins to fade away.Ashmol [...]

    Andreea Obreja

    The book was kind of cute, very detailed and full of imagination I only have a problem with the way it was written It reminds me of Nicholas Spark s novels great story line ideas ideal for movies but no talent for actually writing them This wasn t so bad It was understandable somehow the narrator is a young boy, maybe at the beginning of his teens you cannot ask for so much depth It could also be the translation maybe I ll try reading it in English next time Still, I believe this story deserved [...]


    I would never have heard of this book if I hadn t gone to a fancy pants lunch at The Ivy s sister restaurant Sheekey s in 2001 with author David Lodge, a literary agent, a PR guy and a website guy It was my prize for winning a First Chapter competition judged by the brilliant author David Lodge although I hadn t heard of him before, so as my friend pointed out when I was nervous beforehand, he liked me before I heard of him ergo I win quite a surreal experience but the literary agent from Curtis [...]


    Kellyanne has two imaginary friends, Pobby and Dingnan Ashmol, Kellanne s brother, thinks she should just grow up and forget about her friends One day Kellyanne s father takes her friends to work in his opal mine with him When he returns home, she asks where they are Horrors They are lost and presumed dead.Kellyanne starts to wither away from heart sickness and worry Ashmol concerned for his sister rounds up the whole town to look and try to find his sister s imaginary friends Ashmol turns his w [...]

    Nurture Waratah

    This is a charming and heartbreaking story set in the opal fields of Lightning Ridge The author uses words with skill We feel the hot, dusty air in our lungs, we experience the ostracism and community of spirit of small town Australia and our hearts tear in two for the unhappy little girl who has lost her friends This book may be short, but it is potent I highly recommend it.There is another short story included at the end of the book entitled Specks in the Sky It is strange and confusing and wo [...]


    I just couldn t relate to it, though I know that behind finding a child s imaginary friends there s an entire life philosophy if it s hard to see smth, it doesn t mean that thing doesn t exist or if you don t find smth it doesn t mean you should stop looking for it OK, so the story is simple, innocent, childish a.s.o Anyone can spare an hour or so to read it.P.S Dear author, Ashmol tries too hard to sound like Holden.


    Awesome little story When I read it I passed it around the office It got thru about 15 people and then lost How do people do that Just take a book and never return it It is about a little girl in Australia who has imaginary friends She becomes quite ill and her brother must learn to believe in her imaginary friends in order for her to get better Lovely


    read this in a couple of hours less over the weekend Kid s book really, and a good one, if all a little too neat for me Set in a tough opal mining community in Australia with a dying sister and her imaginary titular friends.


    This book is an absolute treasure Do not miss.Also check out the movie based on this novella, Opal Dreams Exquisite.


    This book ponders the question, What is real Set in Australia, Pobby Dingan is about a brother and his sister and her imaginary friends A quick, easy, sometimes sad, othertimes amusing story.


    I found out about this book in The Novel Cure the book that claims to have a novel that will cure whatever it is that ails you Unless it s cancer Or diabetes, or really any other ailment or sickness that is real and not strictly an emotional or imagined affliction So I can t even remember what this book promised to cure now that I think about it, it must ve been something like Believing in magic or Losing the faith something along those lines And technically, the book is so short I think it s ac [...]

    Dayna Smith

    This charming little novella is set in an opal mining town in Australia Ashmol Williamson and his sister live with their parents their dad has a claim where he mines for opals not very successfully Ashmol s sister Kellyanne has two invisible friends named Pobby and Dingan No except Kellyanne believes they exist One day, to humor her, her father takes Pobby and Dingan to his mine and comes home without them Kellyanne insists they are lost and that everyone search for them, as her health steadily [...]


    Este lo le hace a os, cuando leer no era muy de mi gusto La gracia es que leer este libro hizo que leer me empezase a gustar m s Creo que por eso lo recuerdo con tanto cari o y con m s molla de la que ha tenido ahora que lo he rele do No est mal, y me gusta la voz de Ashmol y que siga pareciendo la voz de un ni o, pero no es tan impresionante como recordaba En su d a, me cost d as le rmelo, y esta vez me lo he le do en unas dos o tres horas Tambi n, en su d a, llor como una magdalena, y esta vez [...]


    This book is what I call great literature I have no complaints about it This story was short, but it was told perfectly As an American, I loved the Australian slang, and it was easy to pick up, so that was a good thing It was also different and made the story a bit entertaining.Anyway, I loved this book I didn t want to put it down once I started I normally wouldn t pick up a book like this because I am of a fantasy and fiction with romance kind of reader, but this book was one of those things [...]


    This is a simple little book, set in a small opal mining town in Australia The title characters are the imaginary friends of Kellyanne Williamson, and the narrator is Kellyanne s brother The family is poor, living on the dream of finding that opal which will make them rich The parents are fighting, and all of them kind of want to believe in Pobby and Dingan with Kellyanne As her mother points out, they believe in opals, and haven t seen one of them either It finally appears that the only member [...]


    It was like the beer was going in his mouth and coming out of his eyes In the blanket that everybody calls night was tucked in all snuggly over Lightning Ridge I stayed in my room and hang my head out the window and said a sort of a prayer I remember dad telling me that for each star in the sky there was an opal in the earth, and that opals are hidden from view because they re even prettier than stars in the sight of a whole lot of them would break peoples hearts They are all just fruit loops yo [...]

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