Apr 20, 2021
Someone in the House
Posted by Barbara Michaels

Grayhaven Manor was a remarkable architectural achievement an English Gothic mansion, transplated stone by ancient stone to the isolated hills of Pennsylvania Anne and Kevin had planned to write a book there that summer Yet something lured them away from their work Something elusive and powerful, beautiful and seductive, beckoning from behind locked doors of human desGrayhaven Manor was a remarkable architectural achievement an English Gothic mansion, transplated stone by ancient stone to the isolated hills of Pennsylvania Anne and Kevin had planned to write a book there that summer Yet something lured them away from their work Something elusive and powerful, beautiful and seductive, beckoning from behind locked doors of human desire and unearthly passion Somethingmewhere.

  • Title: Someone in the House
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780425113899
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone in the House Grayhaven Manor was a remarkable architectural achievement an English Gothic mansion transplated stone by ancient stone to the isolated hills of Pennsylvania Anne and Kevin had planned to write a boo


    Hooray A Barbara Michaels book I actually liked better upon rereading than I did as a teen Barbara Michaels s books generally fall into the category of romantic suspense, although some of the earlier books are pure Gothic in tone In Someone in the House, the two genres are well blended the novel is set in present day which, when it was written, was 1981 , but takes place in a transplanted Gothic mansion, where the heroine Anne has come to write an English textbook with her friend Kevin Evidence [...]

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    There are some authors who have a special something that s hard to put your finger on, an indefinable quality that s impossible to deny yet just as difficult to describe Barbara Michaels is one of those authors, not necessarily a horror writer, but one who possesses instead a gothic style that s rich with mystery, legend, and history I have read most of her books, and am ashamed to say I haven t reviewed one until now Turning over a new leaf, I figured I d start with my recent re read there s [...]


    Barbara Michaels who also writes as Elizabeth Peters is a writer of consistently entertaining romantic thrillers, usually with supernatural overtones After reading Someone in the House several times over the years since it was published, I ve come to think that it s one of her best Anne and Kevin are English professors, planning to write a textbook together when Kevin s parents win the lottery and buy a country manor transported intact from England at the beginning of World War II , he and Anne [...]


    This spooky story is told in first person from Anne s perspective and she had spunk I enjoyed her intelligence and identified with her insecurity about her looks She felt very real to me and if Anne saw a ghost then I believed her Kevin was a hot guy who everyone woman desired, maybe even Anne, to her disgust I liked Kevin and his easy going nature, but did find him a bit shallow.There was a considerable amount of history and I did love the way the three differing opinions were shown This book w [...]

    Lisa Greer

    I just got this through ILL I like all of Barbara Michaels books, and there are only a few I haven t read, so I m trying to find them all and read them Some are better than others, but her wit and good characters are always part of her novels This one is set in rural PA in a transplanted castle It is good so far and will probably be a fairly quick read for me I m done with it I really enjoyed the intellectual depth of this book lots of theology and history in a romantic suspense novel No one doe [...]


    I liked this book but the ending was disappointing It almost felt like she was tired of writing so she just wrapped it up really quickly I don t feel like the haunting was resolved or we ever figured out what was going on there I am now reading Black Rainbow which is about Grayhaven Manor back when it was in England I ve read it before but I don t remember the details I m hoping that reading this will help clear some things up from Someone in the House.


    A trama deste livro, apesar de ter sido escrita antes, uma sequ ncia de Black Rainbow A hist ria, escrita em 1981, se passa na mesma poca A protagonista a jovem professora Anne, que, em parceria com o amigo Kevin, pretende escrever um livro sobre literatura.Os dois acabam em Grayhaven Manor porque os pais de Kevin, ap s ganharem na loteria, haviam comprado a mans o e sa do de viagem, deixando o filho como respons vel pelo lugar e pelos animais Fazendo companhia a eles est Tia Bea tia de Kevin um [...]


    Barbara Michaels is a favorite of mine for suspense stories It s easy to be caught up in her stories, which at the time, 20 30 years ago, were probably modern suspense.The story is written from the point of view of Anne, a graduate student who is writing her about experiences during a summer spent at Greyhaven, a house that was moved brick by brick from England to Pennsylvania during the Roaring Twenties by a very rich man Sixty years later, lottery winners are now the owners and they ve left th [...]

    V.R. Barkowski

    Barbara Michaels is one of the nom de plumes of Barbara Mertz alias Elizabeth Peters, author of the Amelia Peabody mysteries I m not quite sure what to say about this book It boasts the author s usual combination of humor and spunky female protagonist, but university instructor Anne is considerably reflective than most of Peter s heroines and parts of the book are powerfully written Not what I was expecting Moreover the ending well I d better not tell you that Let s just say, along with an old [...]


    I ran hot and cold on this one At times, it seemed to be a mystery, at times a stupid romance It also seemed very dated to me with issues that seem so irrelevant or settled today After leading up to some very otherworldly, fantastic possible solutions, the storyline just stops and the book ends very unsatisfactory.


    Alternately creepy and cozy, this was a fascinating read What, exactly, is going on at Grayhaven Ghosts Worship of an ancient religion A bizarre psychic phenomenon Or are the residents all losing their minds It s a compelling mystery, in a fascinating location, with a nice mix of history and literature.


    Another Barbara Michaels mystery set in the VA countryside an ancient mansion transported from England with strange happenings Two young academics and 2 middle aged people find they each have a different version of the specters at night Perhaps one could be possessed It was a very good story with a different ending than I anticipated.


    My latest audio download Barbara Michaels is one of the pen names for Barbara Mertz She also writes as Elizabeth Peters the Amelia Peabody series.I enjoyed the story, even though it was a little outside my genre I thought it was a gothic romance, but it was a little light horror.


    I have read better Barbara Michael s books, but when it is cold outside there is no one better to read while under a blanket, fireplace going with a cup of tea close by Sometimes it is cold out here in the big wide world Barbara Michaels Someone in the House

    Tera Marie

    This book was very intellectual and fun to read for its historical and literary mentions, however I was disappointed by the overall plot and expected a little horror out of this acclaimed horror novel.


    I listened to the audiobook and the person reading was very good with the voices so that you could also tell who was speaking Very creepy story, even though it starts out very ordinary slice of life.


    After an engaging tale it seemed at the end that the author just ran out of gas and ended it I thought the ending very unsatisfactory.

    Lena Miller-tungate

    I really liked it The ending was a disappointment.


    I was disappointed with the ending of this book but I still really enjoyed reading it I would recommend it to anyone who likes supernatural mixed in with history.

    Jaime Contreras

    I really liked this creepy mansion novel with a heroine n peril There is a good tie in to Ms Michaels background in archeology and passion for mystery.


    I m on a mission to read all the books by this author I ve loved them all so far.

    Jenn Estepp

    I found the ending a little abrupt, but was pretty on board for 95% of the book, so.


    This book got off to a great start immediately It was almost instantly obvious that this was not going to be a typical book, and although I have always loved Barbara Michaels writing style, I was relieved that she could be original and unpredictable There was humor, suspense and the story built as it went Just when you thought you couldn t possibly be shocked any further, Ms Michaels threw a curve at the ending.The characters of Bea, Roger, Father Stevens, Kevin, were all very real, likeable, an [...]

    Melissa Arenson

    Entertaining for the first half Then dissolves into repetitiveness that is concluded both abruptly and unsatisfactorily.


    The ending is the most important part of any story In this case it s the ending that saves it For the most part it appears to be just a simple ghost story The haunted house in one of its many variations It never gets scary, though.Anne joins a fellow teacher, Kevin, for a summer holiday at his parents recently acquired manor house, hoping to get some work done on a novel they plan to write together The parents are on vacation themselves and Kevin is asked to be the housesitter It s an amazing ho [...]


    This is a Michaels book I think I skipped during my Teenage Barbara Michaels Reading Binge because the book is pretty heavily into paranormal supernatural nothing wrong with that it s just not my usual jam This is a companion book to Black Rainbow, and takes place in the present day well, present day 1980 something when it was first published Second wave feminist heroine and a nice juxtaposition between young people s the hero and heroine and older folks the hero s aunt especially.The story itse [...]


    Very fun premise for a book It s a haunted house story that sort of turns the concept on its head, making from some good creeping unease Anne, a feminist English professor, spends the summer at a giant old house imported stone by stone from England no less that her co worker s parents recently bought The two of them, plus a newly divorced aunt and a local guy who soon becomes her beau, move in Things are scary, but mostly they reeasant Maybe too pleasant.It s kind of the opposite of the Overlook [...]


    Barbara Michaels heroines are usually from an interesting cusp of time They are part of the feminist revolution and are trying to figure out how to be independent and have equality both professionally and romantically With the latter, sometimes over compensating At least from a point of 30 years later, it feels that way This story is a meta of that theme, in a way Is it okay to be happy without being independent Can one be happy without having independence For me there were elements ofLost Horiz [...]


    Someone in the House defies the typical genre headings one gives Michaels s books It isn t the romantic suspense gothic romance that she usually writes There s no way to explain how the book differs without giving away the thrills of discovery Michaels has created a gentle horror worthy of Manly Wade Wellman s Silver John stories In hindsight there were hints throughout the book that the ending was possible, but I didn t expect it And drat you Kindle I had to keep reading just one chapter and o [...]


    It took me a while to get into this book, but once I was about a third of the way into the story I got invested for a while But then there were just so many theories being thrown around that I got un invested again I also though the ending was weird and not terribly satisfying I might have liked the book better if I had liked any of the characters, but I basically disliked all of them Some of that probably had to do with how the atmosphere of the house was affecting them, but it s tough for me t [...]

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